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Coach Banned From School for calling thugs....thugs

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12 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

you have no clue, you are an ignorant butt. A lot of special ed kids could kick your feeble minded butt in chess.

or other games. Just because a kid is dyslexic/can't read/can't learn math well/....

doesn't mean he can't play sports. One example is Michael Oher - drafted by the ratbirds, you dumb butt.


"He had a lack of comprehension skills that made it hard for him to learn but still had the knowledge. of any of the other kids. "


Michael Oher struggled with written tests and assignments but when asked to give his answers verbally, his success greatly increased.

He was a first round draft pick of the ratbirds.


And nobody would have made it a point to say "my special needs son(who is a 300lb monstet) was jumped". The fact that special needs was brought up implies they picked on a kid who was somehow functionally deficient. Not some dumb 400 lb benching monster u dipshit.

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6 hours ago, Westside Steve said:

Of course Cal is exactly right here when he points out that there are plenty of special education low IQ kids that are big and strong capable of functioning in society working jobs Etc. I know a couple people who have kids like that IQs somewhere in the 80s but larger than most kids their age and violent enough that they often have to be separated from the other kids.

But chasing that rabbit actually has nothing to do with the point of the story which is that a coach was screwed over by calling a thug a thug. Really nothing else about the story makes any difference. Even if you do fancy yourself a social justice Warrior.



The issue is neither kid has ever beein in one iota of trouble and may have responded to something the 16 yr old did, The coach weighed in publically on somethin that was nonya business. And given that this coach isnt affiliated with the HS exept when he rents their shower facilities, tbey told him to stfu until the facts are out. And had nothing to do with voting u ninny

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nowhere in the story is it talked about 400 lb anything. and the running kick to the back of a kid is sickening, regardless

of whether he's learning disabled or not. Stop being a cleveasswhole, or leave the board, I suggest.

However, Steve is right - the story is about how a coach is in trouble because he called a couple of cheapshot punk thugs...

"thugs". Very strange, probably a corrupt superintendent.

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Cal, ive been talking about that running drop kick for two pages. It may be a compketely seperate incident with two seperate individuals. Ive stated in how many posts now that the altercation in question happened in a lockerroom. Now do u inderstand what i meant by "inconsistencies"? Whoever runs up and drop kicks soneone in the back line that oughta be in jail, period. But thats not the altercation between the 16 yr old and two 18 yr olds thats described in the articles about the coach. 

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On 10/12/2017 at 1:09 PM, Clevfan4life said:

We have to have a serious talk about ur literacy level steve, and ur overall general intelligence..ability to rationalize etc,etc. I mean just the basics here u missed that these were hs school kids? So what ur thinking these goons are heavy i to local politics are they? Besides the fact ofc that THEY'RE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS U STUPID OLD DULLARD DOTARD!! Shmuck u are so so stupid on so many levels im sometimes awful curious how u managed to access the internet. Im like when did they install wifi at the primate enclosure ?

here is your stupidass reply to Steve - you made excuses for the assaulters, because they were just hs kids. Apparently, the

super is also white, a woman, and is afraid of the black community or something. Oh, she's also a democrat.

and, per another article:


Doug Conroy is facing accusations of being racist, but he says the situation has been blown out of proportion.

“The woman who claims to be the aunt of the man I was speaking of, said I had come up with a creative way to call her nephew the ‘N’ word,” Conroy said."

and, the Coach made those comments AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO.

Conroy says the letter is a result of a comment he made on Facebook after watching a video. It shows two 18-year-old students in the district allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old student with special learning needs. The video shows the student being kicked in the back.

“I said that the two men that assaulted the other man were thugs and they deserve what punishment was coming their way,” said Conroy.

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