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RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

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Sorry for your loss. You are in prayers

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8 hours ago, boo fagley said:

The Browns are getting better. You cannot see it in the win column, but they are.

I believe that when a fan passes on that they are now in Heaven shining down on their beloved team. Good things are coming for the Browns and when they win the Super Bowl, Ghoolie will be right in the middle of it all celebrating his axx off. His mother will be up there smiling.

Red Sox fans put ball caps on the tombstones of loved ones when the Sox finally won the World Series after almost 100 years of heart break.


I hear you and this shouldn't be a thread where fans turn each other considering the topic....

you say Browns are getting better, I call bullshite.

when is our turn the team around in a year feel good story gonna happen? This team has done squadoosh since we got embarrassed twice by the broncs in the 80s.

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1 hour ago, boo fagley said:

1 The Browns defense is ranked 3rd vs the run per Football Outsiders. They held the Jets to 34 rushing yards. It does not get much better than that. The passing defense has been hurt by the QB play. In 3 games thus far, the Browns defense has been on the field 8 minutes, 8 minutes and 10 minutes longer than the opponent.

2 Collins and Garret have been missing so I would expect the passing defense to improve.

3 The Browns offense led in almost every category in the Jets game. 419 in total offense and Hogan passed for 84% completion percentage. I would have loved to see what would have happened if the Browns had taken the 3 and tied it up at 10 - 10.

4 I did not know who was going to win vs Pittsburgh and I will bet you did not either. Only after the Antonio Brown circus catch in triple coverage did things start looking bleak. 3 games that were lost by a FG. A couple of plays go the Browns way vs Pittsburgh, Indy and NYJ and youre looking at 3 - 2.

5 Sashi Brown is good GM. Smart.  3 payers are keepers from the 2017 draft - Garret, Peppers and Njoku. The more that I think about it, the more I am convinced that he will take a QB high in this coming draft. The reason why he took Kizer in the 2nd round is because the Browns are going to pay a 1st round QB contract this 2018 draft. The old Browns would have taken a QB in a weak QB draft like last year and paid him like a 1st rounder and then been  stuck with him for a few years. They will keep Kizer and let him compete next season, but if they have to let him go its less painful for what the Browns have invested.

The Browns are a QB and HC away from being a serious contender to challenge the division.

yeah and if you rub an old lamp a genie will pop out and give you 3 wishes. GTFO. we are this on D and we are that....snore...

you know what 'we' ARE??? 0 and flippin 5.

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14 minutes ago, boo fagley said:

Because of BAD QB play in a QB driven league.

That changes next draft.

rosen? another big 12 guy ala manziel? our timing to put things in place by drafting key positions at right time is sickening.

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bless man

lost mine just over 3 years ago thank god it went quick I flew back on a Tuesday  and she was gone that friday

had a lot of fun in the old days some times I curse myself for moving so far away

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In Youngstown at Mom's house. Looking at old pictures. Jesus was I a goofy looking bastoord in the 70s, LMAO @ me. Lot of old Steel mill pictures in the background- walking distance to work for my Dad..........amazing we didn't all die of lung problems. FOund a couple pics of my childhood best pal, Ritchie,,,,,such a gentle giant of a kid. Got it head on by a drunk crossing he yellow when he was about 30, spend 2 stints in a body cast, never walked without assistance after. Passed away when he was 40.

Saw my old dogs, great pictures of Geneva on the Lake, Cedar Point, Lake Milton, Conneaut Lake Park, Muni Stadium, my old church, and all kinds of crap.

And get this weird tidbit.......When in Y town I always drive by my childhood home, It's always home in my heart. Saw it 6 weeks ago, and decided to drive by today. Boom.......it was razed to the dirt............on the very same day my Mom passed.

Sunday, I will have three of my best friends watching the Browns with me, on a 105 inch screen with surround sound. Wings, Pizza and an apple pie I am going to bake. Been killing it with losing weight, but not Sunday. Win, lose or draw...............I am thinking of all you guys. Ohio is one phenomenal state, and love it or hate it, even V 2.0 as I call it, there really is nothing like Browns football. Nothing. We stay true, long after every other teams fans would take a knee.

Have a great weekend guys. I'm toasting you all this weekend.

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On 10/10/2017 at 11:14 PM, Ghoolie said:

At roughly 7 am today, my Mom passed away in Youngstown. She battled COPD, and brain and bone cancer thrown in to make the end of her days even more fun. Her and my Dad were Browns fans back to the days of PB and Otto. I remember the young Monte Clark, Ray Renfro, JB, Warfield, Fiss, Gain, Wooten and a ton of old, great Browns. During the summer of 62, my Dad faced a long layoff from US Steel, so we went to Hiram at least 3 days a week to watch the Browns practice. The picture I attached is me and the greatest that ever lived. This was I believe, 1964. Jim's last hurrah. Defensive back Paul Warfield had only just begun to convince Blanton Collier to let him play receiver.

That was the team I loved. That was the team my Mom loved. As ill as she was, she found a way to get up this past week for the Jet's Game, she was motivated and awake enough to watch her Brownies, cuss at Hue, and convince me that one day they would be winners again. I think about her, bones contorted from arthritis, and aching from cancer' her consciousness gradually being sapped from her by a brain mass, Lack of breath from COPD, unable to swallow or defecate under control, refusing the soothe of morphine, so she could stay with us, and watch football,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Browns.

Kizer had a migrane, did he? Garrett hurt his toe? Hue is trying. The FO is doing their best. "Ghoolie, you are a bully, you are too mean and relentless on these heroes."

Then, on top of this, ... truly, this team, this sport, this league, and the idiots supporting them, cause it to it dawns on me...........the Browns team and culture that I am passionate about is dead. 

I hope you guys get your win. Enjoy you team. I....................................am done.

Sorry to hear about your mom passing Tom!   

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