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You Decide Week 5.

You Decide.  

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  1. 1. You are - Hue Jackson. Which Quarterback do you choose to be starter this week verses the Jets?

    • DeShone Kizer
    • Kevin Hogan
    • Cody Kessler
  2. 2. Do you believe that Hue has made the QB position "personal" and is putting "his interests" aka. Kizer, ahead of the team?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. You are - Jimmy Haslam. You are feeling the heat from the fans and you're hearing the boos in the stands... it's time to make a decision. Who goes?

    • Hue Jackson
    • Greg Williams
    • Sashi Brown/DePodesto
    • All of the above.
    • None of the above.

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On 10/9/2017 at 4:39 PM, Dutch Oven said:

Hue's hard-headiness regarding the QB position is baffling. I get it, Kizer has the highest ceiling. He's got the physical tools, but right now he's a mess. He needs to reset his proverbial batteries.

Remember, Hue did the same thing with RGIII. For reasons only he knows, he forced the starting job on RGIII when the rest of the NFL seemed to think he was washed up.

Also remember, however, that RG played decently in his last three starts. I think his ultimate downfall was two-fold:

  1. He could not be trusted to keep himself out of harm's way on a football field.
  2. He neither hit nor took enough deep shots to suit Hue... and his YPA showed it.

Agree on Hue... and his focus on deep balls regardless of talent... regardless of everything.

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