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Just finished watching the first season of Riverdale.    If that name sounds familiar it is because that is the name of the town in which the Archie Comic books is set.   Yes, I said Archie.....and this series is based on the Archie comic Books.......but it is a whole HELL of a lot different than you may have seen in the Archie Comic Books.

This series is more of a cross between like  Twin Peaks and old Film Noir.   All the familiar characters on in this:   Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica, Lodge,  Jughead Jones,  Sheryl Blossom, Josie and the Pussycats.....and while you might say that they are somewhat the "wholesome" characters you might expect from the comics....that is way too simple, if not inaccurate.

The show revolves around Murder.  The Murder of  Jason Blossom, the brother of Cheryl.  Other important characters include  the parents of all these kids.

Plus, and of course you knew this would be coming...there is a new kid in the 'gang'.....and of course he is gay.    But there is also a biker gang, whom Jughead's Dad may be the leader of. 

There is homicide, suicide, arson,  hints at incest, homosexuality, lies, deceit deception, sex, drugs, rock n roll, dirty business deals, sexual harassment if not outright rape etc. etc.   (Even in the beginning, Archie is banging one of his teachers)

There are a few well known actors in this:  Luke Perry plays Archie's Dad,  Molly Ringwald plays his Mom.  Robin Givens plays the town's Mayor and Josie's Mom.

At times it has a bit of a sense of humor.   Example:   Betty Cooper's mother's name is Alice.   Yes,  Alice Cooper!     I don't know if that was her name in the comics. 

It was actually surprising how they turned and twisted the old   "Golly Gee Whiz" Archie comics into a totally noir situation.   (and, oh, yea, Josie and the Pussycats did do a rocking version of Sugar Sugar in there.)

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