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Ravens open @ 7.5 point favorites

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12 hours ago, Ghoolie said:

I agree 100%, the Browns have a potential to win 4-5 games. THey will not likely win 4 -5 games because they are a shit team with a chance against shit teams. They are not good enough to win 100% of the games they have a chance in. Before the draft I pegged them at 2 - 14 +/- 1 win and you couldn't find anyone to argue against my logic. 

The COlts and Bengals will not likely lost toe the Browns because they have better QBs and better WRs. That is 90% of what makes a football team. THe Browns just don't have anyone to score touchdowns.

Last time I looked, Kizer scored a TD on a QB sneak.  Coleman scored a TD.  We know that Crowell can score TDs.  Are there question marks? Absolutely.  But with experience they can do some damage. Can they use more firepower? Absolutely. 

But, I may be more worried about our defensive backfield. It was their failures against A. Brown that undid the Browns. (aside from a fucked up ST play...which they have to correct)

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