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Garrett Hurt Already

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12 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

Just be quiet about garrett already. We get it u dont like him. U maybend up beingbright about his durability but u torpedo ur cred when u go after his skillset. It shows u dont know the nuances of the game. Bosa's stats here "might" be better but not by a whole lot because we know who's on the opp side of bosa. In response to that you've made the assertion that basically having ogbah opp garrett is the same situation as bosa has with ingram. Which utterly showcases ur lack of knowledge about the defensive side of the ball.

I dont know why u cant just stfu about garrett for a season or two. If he ir's his way out of the league than fine, u suspicions were right and u can say "i was right". People who said "the exact same sht" about clowney, who'svinjury was FAR worse....now have to eat sht

I agree with you, and I love your point about Clowney.  Even if Clowney doesn't have the gaudy "sack numbers", anyone that knows football and watches him play understands how much of a disruptive force he's become.  Clowney was SEVERELY hurt his first year and even went through the dreaded "micro-fracture surgery" which some believed would ultimately cost him his career.  It makes me happy to see the guy doing well and living up to his billing.  There's not much more that breaks my heart than wasted potential.

Myles Garrett will be fine, and perhaps "great".  It's fair to say that he hasn't had the type of season many of us (including me) envisioned for him, but he has been injured, and he's played THROUGH those injuries for the most part.  Even when that a-hole for the Chargers held him and almost broke his ankle, Myles came back in.  Before the season started, I predicted Garrett would have 8 sacks this season.  Technically, there's still a chance he could get there, but I think he WOULD'VE been there if not for some freak injury a couple dang days before our season opener.  Then you add in Ogbah's injury, and it just didn't work out for him.  That being said, I believe he's still terrific against the run (I don't have the stats to back this up, so I could be wrong.  Just going by my eyes).

This is not to say that Myles doesn't deserve SOME level of criticism.  The best pass rushers in the game almost always get chipped, double-teamed, chop-blocked, and schemed around, yet THEY figure out ways to make the plays when they matter at times.  Myles hasn't made "that" play yet.  Like when Bosa sacked Kizer, or Clay Matthews hitting Kizer's arm to win the game (essentially).  But here's something else to consider:  Myles Garrett doesn't get to PLAY AGAINST KIZER.  Garrett doesn't get to rush a 21 year-old kid who holds onto the ball way to long and has the situational awareness of a cucumber.  Again, I'm not making excuses for the guy, as I said he deserves SOME level of criticism (perhaps), but Bosa shouldn't have gotten that sack-fumble.  Kizer had ample time to tuck and run out of bounds, throw it to Devalve, or just toss it out of bounds.  Clay Matthews shouldn't have hit Kizer's arm because Kizer had MORE than enough time to throw it away.  You see what I mean?  Case Keenum isn't going to make that mistake.  Joe Flacco isn't going to make that mistake, etc, etc.  

Now, next game Myles DOES get to play against a rookie QB.  The difference is, Mitch Trubisky isn't known to hold the ball too long, throw constant picks in the red zone, or make as many awful plays.  Has Mitch screwed up some?  Oh yeah, he definitely has, and maybe...just maybe...Myles can make "that play" this week against the Bears.  Myles was close against the Ravens...believe it or not.  Remember that pass he deflected on the quick WR screen?  All he needed was a little luck and for the ball to pop up in the air closer to him, and nobody would catch Myles Garrett, that I can promise you.  Yeah I know those plays are rare, but we've seen them happen.  He was close, maybe it happens Sunday.  

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One of the best things I have going in racquetball is excellent peripheral vision that allows me to be aware of what opponents are doing AFTER I have made a shot that they are getting to. It helps me get a jump on their returns and get to balls no one ever expects a closing in on 71 y.o. to reach let alone do something with. If you watched Flacco in Sunday's game you could see him using that peripheral vision to keep track of exactly where Myles was so that he could unload the ball before any potential sack. Multiple times he got rid of it "just in time".  That's what old pro players do that keep them on someones team. Myles was very close several times, but Flacco was just too "pocket aware" with him.

BTW that is exactly what I like about Rosen so much. He is that pure pocket aware passer, everything that Kizer is not.

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