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I Trust In Kizer

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4 minutes ago, hoorta said:

If Hue thought he'd win more games, Hogan would be starting, and Kizer sitting and learning. There's also this little factoid- we HAVE to see if Kizer shows enough to be the long term answer at QB, with the boatload of picks we have in 2018 in what looks to be a loaded QB class.

Your "factoid" trumps any reasonable number of "more wins"... which I personally think is zero, but PoG probably thinks is 15. Truth is likely between our estimates (but much closer to mine).

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9 hours ago, The Gipper said:

Well then, lets just cut him now and put in Hogan or Kessler or go get some scrub off the street.. 

Of course, if you were right....then probably John Elway, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Ben R.  Eli Manning, Drew Brees....all these guys should have been cut since they all each held the ball too long in their rookie seasons.

Of course that's one of the go-to arguments. How many other quarterbacks have a shity few games and are dumped immediately?

How much time would anybody think he should have, an entire season with the full backing of the coaching staff?

2 seasons? Less?


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Does anybody else wish we played the Colts, and THEN the Ravens in Baltimore?  LOL.  Obviously our division is where we need to win, but damn...cmon NFL schedule makers.  You REALLY did the worst team in the league a huge favor by starting with the Steelers and then traveling to Baltimore, didn't ya?  :-)

You guys remember that Cincy game last year when Hogan started and we actually fought tooth and nail?  It was one of the best coaching feats of the year, and Hue implemented a game plan of Hogan run plays and really trying to keep 3rd down manageable.  I'm not saying Hue will have a similar game plan this week, but for us to win, I think Hue will have to come up with something special that finds SOME weakness in the Ravens' defense and somehow makes the game a bit easier for Kizer.  Maybe it's a "WildDawg" type formation for Peppers, or more I-Formation running attacks (we mainly ran out of the shotgun last week), or a bevy of screen passes we haven't seen...or whatever.  Hue will REALLY have to coach the guys up this week because I'm telling ya, that Ravens' defense seemed to be EVERYWHERE.  It was a pretty awesome spectacle.  If you didn't see the game, go back and watch it if able.  I know many on this board aren't fond of Andy Dalton, but the bottom line on him is he has a crap-ton of wins in this league, and you don't get those by accident.  

God would I love to beat those a-holes in front of their obnoxious fans...

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