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Bernie Kosar #19, our beloved but clallenged star, the real story...

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Our favorite and justly beloved number 19 Cleveland NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar but read his real story before making any more jokes and snide comments about him.


He like many other current and former NFL players has struggled with the effects of many concussions and other painful and grueling injuries which unfortunately last a lifetime.


Read this and tell me if it influences your feelings and opinions about Bernie and other former NFL players many who have chosen to take their own lives painful and grueling post NFL careers. From Cleveland.com.....




Plain Dealer file photoOnce upon a time, Bernie Kosar was the biggest star for the most cherished sports team in Ohio.


But 16 years since he left the Browns and 13 season after retiring from the NFL, Kosar's life is saddled with defeats both personal and professional. "I'm great at making money," he said after his recent application for backruptcy amidst a messy divorce. "And, as we've found out, I'm great at spending it. What I'm not great at is managing it."

Marvin Fong/PDLife away from football isn't nearly as much fun as life once was between the white lines for Kosar.


(Editor's note: In the days following Bernie Kosar's application for backruptcy in June, he agreed to an interview with Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald.)

MIAMI -- The IRS and the creditors and an angry ex-wife and an avalanche of attorneys are circling the chaos that used to be Bernie Kosar's glamorous life, but that's not the source of his anxiety at the moment.


He is doing a labored lap inside his Weston mansion, the one on the lake near the equestrian playpen for horses, because he wants to be sure there are no teenage boys hiding, attempting to get too close to his three daughters. He shattered a Kid Rock-autographed guitar the other day while chasing one teenager out of his house because he doesn't mind all of the other boys within the area code thinking the Kosar girls have an unhinged Dad......


And.....Kosar holds up his left arm and points to the scar on his elbow.


"Have a cadaver's ligament in there," he says.


And that's the good arm. He bends over and lets both arms hang in front of him. His throwing arm is as crooked as a boomerang.


"I can't straighten it," he says. "I started breaking at 30 years old. Once you start breaking, you keep breaking."........READ THE WHOLE STORY IN THE ABOVE LINK.......

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Also I was always glad that our #19 finally got his Super Bowl ring as #18 with the often hated Dallas Cowboys, good for him!


And yes it was Bernie who put in that famous play in practice where Dan Marino in Miami did the head gesture and threw the TD instead of kneeling down to stop the clock on the goal line.


Nice when you know the real story..... ;)



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