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IN THE HOSPITAL AGAIN , going home 8/30/17!

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On 8/28/2017 at 10:31 PM, mjp28 said:

Hi everyone,  Day 63.

Finally some good news, going home Wednesday 8/30 at 2 pm. Saw my ID MD today he was pleased with all of my labs and other things I asked about the P.I.C.C. line in my chest and arm and the miserable Vancomyacin and he said I was done with them, I was shocked. I thought I was going home with them he then took the line out right there in the office, NO IV and after 7+ weeks no vanco.
No need to stay longer so we moved up the date to Wednesday. Only 3 months of oral antibiotics and see him in November. Time for a good home rest and recuperation.....and a big rib eye steak on the grill! Catch you all later, mjp.

I was getting ready to drive up there an bust you out. 

Glad to hear and lets see the Browns win some games.


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On 8/12/2017 at 7:08 AM, DieHardBrownsFan said:

My brother has been in the hospital since July 22. First Congestive Heart Failure. They were going to do cardioversion (shock the heart) to slow it down and stop the afib, but his lungs were too weak (COPD). After almost two weeks they sent him to Regency but after 4 days he developed a serious GI bleed and was back in ICU. Had something injected into his duodenal and it stopped the bleed. (had to be on a ventilator). Yesterday, he had catheter oblation with they stick a wire through an artery in your groin, up into your heart and destroy the part of the heart that is causing the afib. They then installed a heart pace maker in his chest. His heart rate went from 176 to the low 80's. If it had stayed high much longer he would have had a stroke or complete heart failure. Not sure how much longer before he will be able to go home. He will have to quit all is bad habits (smoking and drinking).

Hope he pulls through.


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It's official after 65 really tough days I'm home.......and better wifi!

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