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Cleveland in Arizona 4/7 - 9 at 9, 8, 4 pm

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Great start!


4/7 - 9:40 pm Tomlin v Miller

4/8 - 8 pm Bauer v Greinke

4/9 - 4 pm Kluber v Corbin


4/10 - OFF


4/11 - 4 pm CSX v CLE - HOME OPENER



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Hello baseball fans, welcome to the nightmare known as West Coast start times as the Cleveland Indians travel west to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Luckily only one game takes place in the Wacky World of West Coast-y Times, which is tonight’s 9:40 p.m. start.




The Indians are coming off of a... let’s just call it pretty good series. Similarly, but not as dramatically, the Diamondbacks are also coming off a pretty good series against a great team, the San Francisco Giants, having won three of the four games at home to start their 2017 campaign.


We’re still in early April, so try not to get too emotional over this series, no matter what happens. Games still count, but nothing is over if things go south. Unless of course Lindor cracks another epic grand slam to win, then by all means cry like a baby in excitement — I sure will be.


The weather in Phoenix (home of Chase Field [home of the Diamdbacks (the team the Indians will be playing)]) will be sunny and in the 80s to 90s throughout the weekend, because of course it will be. Until nature finds a way to rain fire, don’t expect much else out of Arizona.


Pitching matchups

Friday, 9:40 p.m. ET: Josh Tomlin (RHP) vs. Shelby Miller (RHP)


Shelby Miller will make his 2017 debut tonight against the Tribe after a, uh, disappointing 2016. “Disappointing” is a bit of an undersell given just how bad Miller was last season after everything the former front office members of the Diamondbacks gave up to acquire him — including top shortstop prospect Dansby Swanson.


In his inaugural season with the Diamondbacks, Miller had a 6.15 ERA and 4.87 FIP in just 20 starts. His start to the season was so bad that it warranted a demotion in June and several more throughout the season. He had a few more rough starts in the second half of the season, but he did finish with two strong starts against the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. In those final outings, combined, he threw for 11 innings with eight strikeouts, four walks, and no earned runs — his only shutouts of the season.


The potential is certainly still there with Miller, but he’s not going to have an easy 2017 debut against this Indians lineup.


Cleveland will open the series with Josh Tomlin, who had basically the exact opposite 2016 as Miller. Not many people expect Tomlin to be an ace, but he almost looked like one at times last season if you squinted really hard.......CONTINUED IN LINK. .........

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Great start again, Lindor a HR in 1st, Santana 2 RBI in 2nd.

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WTF? Getting swept in 3 games by the Snakes?

Well the D BACKS are the very early on best team out there AND it was the end of a 6 game road trip, 3-3.....but it would have been better at 4-2. :huh:

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