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***Official Browns @ Titans Game Day Thread***

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We had three timeouts and the two minute warning. You don't have to onside kick if you know you only need a touchdown and extra point.


Edit to include time. We scored with I believe 2:07 left. If two point converted kick off through end zone which every kicker can do. No time.

Run play average 4 seconds call timeout 2:02 left (taking a second off for refs to acknowledge t.o.) next play 4 seconds. Two minute warning 1:58 left. Third down if it's not incomplete pass 1:52 second timeout used. 4th down punt for shits and gigs let's give it 15 seconds which is insanely, long. We have the ball with 1:37 left and a timeout to go give or take 70 yards.


One factual correction... we had only 2 time-outs. We used our first at the 3:07 mark. Nonetheless I agree that kicking deep is an option... where we disagree is that it is only an option in your scenario.


I'd love to hear your take on my thoughts about how the failed 2-pt changed Titans defensive approach.


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Hue is going to have a rough postgame presser...





You'd think so but he'll talk about "it's my fault, I've got to coach better" and move towards, "the guys are competing, I'm seeing good things out there"



Standard presser

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