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TBS mocks cleveland

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Not sure where the best place to respond would be.....but TBS is stupid, as , correct me if I am wrong.....but aren't they headquartered in Atlanta?


And do they not recall what a guy from Ohio did to that city? It wasn't just a river that caught on fire. We Ohioans torched the whole goddamn city:



Three words is all one needs to respond to these Asshats:


William Tecumseh Sherman.

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TBS treated the Boston loss as a freakin' funeral with the announcers and worse yet studio talking heads as chief pallbearers, pitiful.


I guess the CLEVELAND INDIANS ruined their papi-a-thon coronation in the world series :lol:


Oh sorry about that but the beaners got swept, not even lost 2-3.....so who really got the last laugh afterall? ;)

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