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Where do these finals rank all time?

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bbedward    448

It'd have been the best ever to me if the cavs won regardless.


But regardless they're the best finals of all time in my mind. 3-1 comeback, an epic game 7, 73-9 best regular season record ever team (72-10 has a better ring to it, though), featuring the best player in the world and another guy who's pretty good.

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The Gipper    1,168

Factors for it being one of the best: A. The presence of two transcendant players. B. The comeback from a 3-1 deficit.


Esoterically we consider it one of the best ever because WE WON....for what that's worth.


But....it may not go down as that because except for game 7, none of the games were close. There was some head scratching play on both sides from what I understand. 33 point losses?


I guess the question must be asked: what are considered the best finals up to this point for purposes of comparison?


Here is one ranking from a few years back:




It ranks the Spurs/Heat 2013 Finals as the best ever.

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The Cysko Kid    757

Best I've seen. Hard to find something with a higher level of Drama or a better storyline. We shall see but I can see cavs vs warriors becoming the new Celtics vs lakers

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