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Here are the trivia questions not answered earlier under "Browns QB trivia:


I have to get away from thinking about this current disgusting situation....but I can't get too far away from it....so here is trivia about Browns QBs. Note: unless otherwise noted all questions pertain to a QBs career with the Browns only.

2. Which Browns QB has had the most attempts and completions in history.

3. Which Browns QB has the highest career completion percentage? (over 5 starts)

4. Which Browns QB has the highest career TD pct. (over 5 starts)

5. Which Browns QB has the highest interception pct. (over 5 starts)

6. Which Browns QB has the highest yards per game passing average in a career? (over 5 starts)

7. Which Browns QB has the highest passer rating in a career (over 10 starts)

8. Which Browns QB was sacked the most times?

9. Which Browns QB has the highest "net yards gained per pass attempt" average?

12. Name those Browns QBs who lead (or tied for the lead) the league in TD passes in a year.

13. Which Browns QB completed the most passes in a single game?

14. Of the Top Ten Postseason games in most yards gained passing Browns QBs hold two of those. Name the QB, the approx. year and the opponent.

15. The following are the middle names (or in one case his first name..not used) of various Browns QBs....listed here in alphabetical order. Name the QB that these middle names belong to:















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