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The Gipper

Practice tickets

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The Gipper    1,169

My daughter is home from school in Texas for a couple of weeks She is a sports management and marketing major. I had thought about taking her to a game while she is home....she returns Aug. 19. But neither preseason game is a home game, and she will be gone by the time the Browns play a game here.

Also, I thought in lieu of that that I would take her to a practice. She has friends in Texas that are from A&M and I thought seeing JFF at a practice would be a treat for her......but apparently all the practices are sold out and I cannot get tickets there either. So I guess I am screwed altogether, unless I want to drive to Detroit tonight, right?

Of course a lot of this is the result of last minute thinking. I just got the idea like yesterday.

So, is there any event that involves the Browns that I can take her to in the next 10 days?

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TopDawg31    75

make the drive you wont regret it get ticks from stub hub print instantly

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