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Quiet on the sites?

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Anyone notice how Quiet its been on the browns rumor mills?...


All the major reporting sites are without updates for days..and when they do update is specualtion on how Lerner hired these guys.


So games are where my grades come out and i know its usually slow news around this time of year but so far The Mangini way of cutting down the BS sources and stories has worked...that is pretty impressive because it was like TMZ or Perez Hilton (pop culture medial blogs) around these parts for a long time..


Loose links sink ships.



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News reports are always toned down around the Super Bowl. Sort of a unwritten rule. It's like nothing is suppose to interfere with or upstage the Super Bowl.


I would imagine that the news will start in a day or so about coaching changes and hires. Also, you will start to here from some of the teams signing their Free Agents or Free Agents that are trying to increase their market value.


Everything now about players are rumors until the combine and Free Agency starts.

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