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The Gipper

If the playoffs started today 9/10/2013

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If the playoffs started today, this is how they would look:



ALE: Boston 87-58

ALW: Oakland 83-60

ALC: Detroit 82-62 (would play WC game winner)

Wildcards: Texas 81-62, Tampa Bay 78-64


In the hunt: Cleveland 77-66...1.5 back, Baltimore 77-66 1.5 back, NYYankees 76-68 3 games back, Kansas City 75-69 4 games back



NLE: Atlanta 86-57

NLW: LA Dodgers 84-59

NLC: St. Louis 83-60 (would play WC winner)

Wildcards: Pittsburgh 82-61, Cincinnati 82-63


In the hunt: No one. Arizona at 72-71 is 9 games in back of Cinci.



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