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Glenville Begins Season 0-2

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Hats off to Glenville for scheduling a few powerhouses among their typical cream puff schedule of inner-city programs, but ya gotta win one to be mentioned with the best of the best. However, great showing in taking St. Ed's (the area's top power) to double over-time before losing 14-17. When will Ted Ginn Sr. realize that the kicking game is needed in Big time match-ups?


I caught a bit of the Glenville/Camden County (GA) game on ESPN, WOW that Georgia team was huge. I thought Glenville could have passed the ball on them a bit more. It seemed like they had a lot of success passing or were real close to breaking or completing a few (more), but kept to a ground game that just wasn't going to move the chains enough for them. Again, a 45-yard field goal by the opponent, and multiple touchbacks on kick-offs iced Glenville down the stretch as Glenville has no kicking game. Could be the difference in both of their big games.


The Ville has only one more game left on the schedule among the East Tech's, Rhodes, Collinwood, JFK, Lincoln West, John Adams, and John Hays filler ... and that's a week #6 showdown with St. Ignatius, who may be a bit down this season by early predictions.



Three-time Defending D-5 Champion Youngstown Ursuline Fighting Irish also has begun the season 0-2, having gotten crushed by Red Lion Christian Academy (DE) 54-18. The Delaware team is ranked #1 in D-5 in Delaware, but I don't think they are ranked all that high in the Nation. The Fighting Irish then traveled into Mentor Ohio and played the D-1 Cardinals tough, but two long (80+ yard) drives by Mentor in their hurry-up offense and two big key stops by Mentor after having to make needed adjustments on the D-line put the Mentor Cardinals up over Ursuline 38-27 after the Fighting Irish lead 27-24 in the third quarter. Ursuline has a hell of a schedule remaining;

9/10 A Lake Catholic (2-0) [3:9]

9/16 A Zanesville (2-0) [2:7]

9/23 H Steubenville (2-0) [3:11]

9/30 H St Edward (2-0) [1:1]

10/8 N St Peter's Prep (NJ) (0-0)

10/14 H East Technical (0-2) [1:1]

10/21 A Cardinal Mooney (2-0) [3:11]

10/28 H St Vincent-St Mary (2-0) [3:9]


Now that's a schedule!


Here is a nother Big Time Schedule:


St Edward 2011

8/27 H Glenville (0-2) [1:1] W 17-14 ot

9/2 A Penn Hills (PA) (0-1) [1:0] W 47-6

9/10 H Cardinal Mooney (2-0) [3:11]

9/17 H Elder (2-0) [1:4]

9/24 H Jefferson (FL) (0-1)

9/30 A Ursuline (0-2) [5:17]

10/8 A Don Bosco Prep (NJ) (0-0)

10/15 A St Xavier (2-0) [1:4]

10/22 H Archbishop Moeller (2-0) [1:4]

10/29 H St Ignatius (2-0) [1:1]


The St. Edwards Eagles should be battled tested and have played who's-who in the State before stepping into the playoffs. If they can master that schedule, just crown them Champs and save the formality of the playoff system.


Mentor who usually has a tough schedule, has opted out of the Lake Erie league this season and doesn't have the Moeller's, St. Ed's, Cardinal Moonies, or even Glenville on the schedule this season, and instead will face tweeners in Mayfield, Parma, Brunswick, Medina, Strongsville, and Twinsburg. Sorry to knock on those programs, but they are not the State's best as Mentor had honed themselves on in the last decade. The Cardinals still have St. Ignatius to get past this weekend and Solon still looms on the horizon. The Cards are off to a good start with a 49-21 dismantling of Euclid in week #1 and handling Ursuline in week #2. The Cards graduated their tandum running backs and will operate mostly with an empty backfield and 5 wide-outs. Their QB, Mitch Trubisky (6'3", 185#, Junior) is a hell of a player and will make plays with his arms and his legs. He's a real threat (see highlights from his Sophomore season).



Rounding out Northeast Ohio Power houses are St. Ignatius & Solon (schedules below):


St Ignatius 2011

8/27 H Detroit Cody (MI) (0-2) [1:0] W 40-20

9/3 H Bedford (1-1) [2:6] W 51-13

9/9 A Mentor (2-0) [1:1]

9/17 H Centerville (0-2) [1:4]

9/24 H John Adams (0-2) [1:1]

10/1 H Glenville (0-2) [1:1]

10/7 A Cathedral Prep (PA) (0-1)

10/15 A St Francis (NY) (1-0)

10/22 H St Xavier (2-0) [1:4]

10/29 A St Edward (2-0) [1:1]


Solon 2011

8/27 A Shaker Heights (0-2) [1:1] W 34-13

9/2 A Worthington Kilbourne (1-1) [2:7] W 34-0

9/9 H Buchtel (0-2) [3:9]

9/16 H North Royalton (1-1) [1:1]

9/22 A Normandy (1-1) [2:6]

9/30 A Medina (1-1) [1:2]

10/6 H Mentor (2-0) [1:1]

10/14 A Twinsburg (1-1) [1:2]

10/21 H Brunswick (2-0) [1:2]

10/28 H Strongsville (0-2) [1:1]


Solon has no one on their schedule except Mentor ... C'mon Coach, get that weak stuff outta here!

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Who do like so far this season?


Mentor looks for real. St. Edwards has huge o-line.


Moeller should contend. What do you think?


Well, I'm a Mentor Homer, but although they have taken care of every test in front of them, I still won't be sure until they get by Solon. Solon has looked pretty good in the box scores as well. Ed's may have to power in the lines though to take down everyone. I haven't been following all of the Southern Ohio teams as close, hoping they weed through one another and we will see who represents.


Mentor vs Ed's would be a great ticket, but we shall see.


I will be heading to Mentor on Friday as the Cardinals battle Brunswick, then buckle-in for the short week where Mentor travels to Solon on Thursday Night (Oct 6th). We should know a lot in the next 9 days.

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We may see Eds vs. Mentor in the playoffs.


Definately be a battle of different offensive styles.


As you said though Solon didn't do much to toughen up their schedule, nor did Mentor.

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No school I care much about is likely to make it: Wadsworth, Norton, Barberton, StVStM....maybe the latter.

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