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Found 6 results

  1. Westside Steve


    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-jets-land-sam-darnold-after-all-49ers-pick-saquon-barkley/ Joe can show the new kid the ropes. WSS
  2. BillsFanSayingHi

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    I'm sure the last couple days have been unexpectedly exciting for Browns fans and you're wondering just how good your newly acquired players can be. As a Bills fan, I've watched every game Tyrod has played in the NFL and I think you just got one hell of a player at a pretty fair price. Here's a couple of my thoughts on Tyrod: Tyrod is currently the most athletic quarterback in the NFL (though Lamar Jackson could challenge him for that spot soon). He evades pressure and make plays with his legs when his receivers are covered, but he doesn't always keep his eyes downfield. There will be times when a sack seems iminent, but Tyrod will duck under the tackle, roll out and deliver a strike for a first down. He has an excellent deep ball, but has had no viable deep threats with Marquise Goodwin and Sammie Watkins gone. Last year he had the worst receiving corps in the entire league. An injured Jordan Matthews was our most dependable wr and they only had Kelvin Benjamin for six games. With receivers constantly struggling to get open he performed well enough for us to win games and rarely turns the ball over. Tyrod is only about 6'0 and may struggle to see the middle of the field while in the pocket. He has fairly good accuracy, but his ball placement isn't great. He plays best when surrounded by speed receivers who can get separation and run under deep balls. He runs the play action very well and is a threat to run on every play. He will not pass for 300 yards every game and it won't always be pretty, but he can grind out wins. I'm Hue Jackson can work with his limitations better than our coaching staff has. I assume that the Browns front office plans to take a quarterback at #1 or #4 and have Tyrod simply be a stop-gap, but he can thrive with talent around him and an offensive coordinator who is willing to design the offense around his skill-set.
  3. I just wondered if any team might be desperate enough to give up this year's first plus the next 3 years first round picks if they loved one particular guy?
  4. Smith will be available and for a team like Cleveland, he'd be a good bridge to whoever your next franchise QB is. Let me tell you now, he isn't more than that. You will look at his sparkling stat sheet and see that he throws for a high completion percentage, doesn't turn the ball over, and this season, his YPA was pretty good as he did go downfield more than his career numbers would suggest. He's tough, smart and a good locker room and community guy. You'd think by all this he is everything you could want in a QB...and for the Bills or the Browns, Jags...he CAN do what he did for us...and that is bring stability and good play to the quarterback position. DO NOT think you are getting a guy who elevates the roster around him and makes a key play when it matters most. He isn't that guy. The thing about Smith that doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and you don't see it just watching a game unless you are looking for it, is that Smith will make "nothing out of something" several times a game and especially at crucial moments. His pocket presence is awful. Let me explain this. When Smith takes a snap, stays in the pocket, does his reads, sets and throughs...he can throw a beautiful NFL pass...even downfield. The problem is, Smith often will take a snap and with the slightest bit of percieved pocket getting a little tight...takes off and runs...and not aiming to throw, just to run. He misses guys breaking open all the time because of this. It doesn't go down as an interception, it doesn't go down as a sack. It doesn't go down as an incomplete pass. It looks like a two yard run on the stat sheet and keeps his other numbers from looking bad. A fan just watching the game will get the impression that Smith is "improvising" or "buying time" when actually he has abandoned a perfectly good NFL pocket and taken a good play and made it into something completely unproductive. He does this at various points of a football game, but the more crucial the situation, the worse his tendency to do this becomes. You don't see Brady or Brees do this...they "win" in the pocket. This alone is why Alex Smith is good and not great. Just understand that is what you'd be getting...good but not great...a stablizing player at QB, but not a guy who elevates the talent around him. We've seen enough of Mahomes to beleive the kid is a rare talent and looking forward to that era here. If you get Smith, you'll be happy for a while. He will get you to the next franchise QB..but he IS NOT a franchise QB. As far as Mahomes goes....having been a Kansas City fan since 86 or so and watching the long parade of mediocre game managers that have come through here....this is different and exciting. The bad footwork knock on him coming out of college was correct, and they've made great progress on that....but just the incredible arm....He can throw to anywhere on the field from anywhere, and he can do it with zip and accuracy while moving left or right...he also has show great touch on the ball. The thought that big arm guys can't loft a soft touch pass does not apply to Mahomes..he can make those throws too. He is for real. As far as the Browns situation....I don't believe Smith will be in Cleveland. Alex isn't going to sign an extension to or be happy while the guy you draft 1/1 starts or will soon be starting. You guys need a bridge QB, but no reason to trade for Smith unless you inexplicably do not draft a QB high. You can sign one of the many cheaper veterans out there to bridge and backup your new QB...and you won't have to trade anything for them. Last observation...the latest mocks showing Allen going 1/1 ......would scare the $hit out of me if I was a Browns fan....that guy has a Mahomes type arm with none of the Mahomes accuracy. He's Paxton Lynch 2.0. I sincerely hope you long suffering Browns fans get things turned around, and that you get your QB situation setelled...I'll be watching on draft day to see what ya'all do since we basically used our first last year to get Mahomes. Best of Luck.
  5. Don't you remember how bad Aikman and Bradshaw were their first year and until they were surrounded by talented skill players? Wouldn't it be smart to simply draft your first choice at 1, but still let Kizer have a half year or more if necessary surrounded by talent. Still bringing in an experienced older qb to teach both of your young qbs. You then have hopefully 2 young qbs starter and backup on the cheap for 4 years. The older experienced guy to mentor will come cheap since he won't be coming to actually be a starter ..... ie. Maybe a Josh McCown type.
  6. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/browns/2013/10/10/cleveland-browns-brandon-weeden-second-chance/2957331/ Well, here's hoping that translates to a W at the weekend - if ever there was a game where a quick release was needed, it's against the lions front 4, with their weak secondary. Hoyer would have had a very real chance to win this game. Expect to see lots of quick read screens and slants. Almost like last year...