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  1. These players can be coached up. The decision to have Crowell on the field for so many plays, as he has become a waste of skin, is on the HC- not on the other 10 offensive guys. The decision to have Gregg Williams as your DC (another waste of skin) is on the HC, not on a roster that really needs leadership. Does this team need better players? Yes. Are these current players talented enough to win more than 0 games with competent coaches? Absolutely.
  2. roach

    Cut kizer after the game

    Guys, relax about the QB. He may or may not be our guy. Time will tell. What we do know know is that our QB (whoever he is) gives us a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter, we should be able to chalk that one up as as a W. We couldn’t. Let’s not blame this one on the QB (whoever he was).
  3. roach

    Our D are Pussies

    Yawn.... I'm happy for you guys that think this D is good
  4. roach

    Our D

    Nice start today D
  5. roach

    Our D

    No Charger punts in the 1st half (just like last week against the Bengals). Greg Williams is a joke and this defense is putrid.
  6. roach

    Our D are Pussies

    I'm freezing my butt off here watching this dog crap D again. We're awful.
  7. roach

    Our D

    Do you the Phillip Rivers that is 5-6? Our standards for good football are quite different my friend.
  8. roach

    Our D

    No Charger punts in the 1st half (just like last week against the Bengals). Greg Williams is a joke and this defense is putrid.
  9. roach

    Our D

    I’ve been watching crappy defenses since 1999. Yes. I guess that makes me a cranky old motherfuhucker.
  10. roach

    Our D

    Maybe. I don’t know what a codger is. i know this. My memory goes back to Johnson, Kanicki, Houston, Beach , Parish, Fiss Kellerman, and others. i know that in 1999 I bought 12 PSL’s and my buddies bought their season ticket from me. i’m down to 2. Myself and my son. He drives in from Milwaukee to sit with me every game. I know this. Frank Minnifield is the best CB that I’ve ever seen play the game. i know this. This defense is awful. I know this. This is not an emotional response, but one based on my observations. I know this. This is a lot of typing for an old codger (whatever that is)
  11. roach

    Our D

    Thank you. Agreed. I just don’t type that much anymore.
  12. roach

    Our D

    Dude, admit it. This defense stinks. There is NO team this week that had to score more than 30 points to win their football game. NO team. This D is awful and Greg Williams is a joke.
  13. roach

    Our D

    Well that’s just goofy. Of course a D just can. But how many teams would have won today that gave up 30 points? none. there is no team today that gave up 30 points and would have won. zero. nada. Gregg Williams is a farse.
  14. roach

    Our D

    Williams is a knucklehead. I agree that Horton was bad, but he had less talent than our current coach. Offensive Coordinators don’t need to game plan against us. They look past the Browns and just make a few game day adjustments after the first series or two. Shameful.