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  1. If the Playoffs started today 10/25

    Who gets 1st overall if you guys and the 49rs both go 0-16?
  2. Don't worry, I'll set him straight in the comfort of his own board. While we all love Big Al in Pittsburgh it's EXTREMELY apparent who the weak link is in our line. And Al and Joe Thomas are not even in the same universe as far as talent at the LT position goes. It's laughable to even mention them in the same sentence when talking ability. Joe Thomas is the STANDARD at LT. Big Al isn't even as good as our former LT Kelvin Beachum. If you believe they're the same..........well you probably work for the Clowns scouting department....... would explain alot.
  3. Haden a Steeler

    Gipper you must be the one smoking rocks...... As of prior to the bungles game the Steelers had the topped ranked pass defense. "Could have been" should be the motto for the Clowns. hx214....... I love that he was able to come in and instantly improve our secondary. I love the fact that your organization is still paying Haden too.
  4. Haden a Steeler

    Well guess it's one of those rare moments when it works out equally well for both teams. Yeah, Haden wasn't a all pro his first game on his new team. And he's been pretty rock solid since. He has contributed positively to our team, is not regularly picked on or targeted all game like some of our previous CBs. Our pass defense went from something that was a obvious weakness that teams could exploit to LITERALLY the best in the league. He was exactly what the Steelers needed....especially since Cleveland is picking up 3,000,000 of his salary....... and is partly responsible for us being 5-2. Just for comparison.......how many games has McCourty helped the Clowns win? Asking for a friend.
  5. Browns Take on the Titans

    Somebody wrote the title of this thread wrong..... "The Clowns find new and interesting ways to lose to the Titans" Fixed it for you.
  6. A few wins or higher draft pick?

    Lol, does it matter? We've all seen what the Clowns do with high draft picks.
  7. Garrett Hurt Already

    When internet burns go horribly wrong
  8. My Last Post For the Football Weekend

    You cut me with your wit sir, you cut me deeply.
  9. My Last Post For the Football Weekend

    At least one person around here knows the difference between chicken soup and...........the Browns.
  10. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Damnit Chikello looking like Lawrence Taylor against you guys today
  11. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Agreed. My thread was also deleted as to the fact that an opposing team's QB is about to be the winningest QB in your own stadium. Maybe years of impotence is replacing the "tough as nails Stain fans" with more of a millennial "I need a safe space so I don't get triggered" type of fan. Pathetic. And that wasn't, for once, referring to your team.
  12. Haden a Steeler

    Not sure. Trying to look at objectively, but the Steelers typically don't put out "fluff" or false stories just to generate hype. And I haven't heard anything about zone, I've heard about him going 1vs1 without looking mismatched or outclassed. Maybe the Stains WRs are just secretly the fastest in the league? Don't know, but I do know multiple sources from the Pittsburgh sports media have confirmed this.
  13. Haden a Steeler

    I think the Clowns may have well and truly f*cked up. By all accounts Haden is having no speed or quickness issues and is in no way overmatched on either AB or Bryant. Also reported that he was able to match step for step with DHB.... arguably the fastest player on our team. http://pit.247sports.com/Bolt/LOOK-Joe-Haden-takes-on-Martavis-Bryant-in-practice-107052846
  14. Garrett Hurt Already

    If he's out now..... And his status won't change for a couple weeks.... I'll let you connect the dots
  15. Garrett Hurt Already

    Damn. Musta slipped on all that shit he was talking.