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  1. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Damnit Chikello looking like Lawrence Taylor against you guys today
  2. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Agreed. My thread was also deleted as to the fact that an opposing team's QB is about to be the winningest QB in your own stadium. Maybe years of impotence is replacing the "tough as nails Stain fans" with more of a millennial "I need a safe space so I don't get triggered" type of fan. Pathetic. And that wasn't, for once, referring to your team.
  3. Haden a Steeler

    Not sure. Trying to look at objectively, but the Steelers typically don't put out "fluff" or false stories just to generate hype. And I haven't heard anything about zone, I've heard about him going 1vs1 without looking mismatched or outclassed. Maybe the Stains WRs are just secretly the fastest in the league? Don't know, but I do know multiple sources from the Pittsburgh sports media have confirmed this.
  4. Haden a Steeler

    I think the Clowns may have well and truly f*cked up. By all accounts Haden is having no speed or quickness issues and is in no way overmatched on either AB or Bryant. Also reported that he was able to match step for step with DHB.... arguably the fastest player on our team. http://pit.247sports.com/Bolt/LOOK-Joe-Haden-takes-on-Martavis-Bryant-in-practice-107052846
  5. Garrett Hurt Already

    If he's out now..... And his status won't change for a couple weeks.... I'll let you connect the dots
  6. Garrett Hurt Already

    Damn. Musta slipped on all that shit he was talking.
  7. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    So are you saying there are no other"contenders" for the Superbowl except the Pats? Or are you admitting that we are contenders? Or that the Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, Dolphins, Texans, and Broncos are all contenders in your opinion? Not sure where you were going with that.
  8. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    I would consider any team predicted to be in the conference championship game a Superbowl contender. Try and not let your hate for the team get in the way and give me a afc team (besides the Pats) that would be favored against us. No one in our division, no one else in the Pats division, and I don't see a legit Superbowl contender in the South or West divisions. You could make a argument for Houston, Kansas City, or the Raiders.....but it would be a stretch.
  9. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Sorry.. Just ain't gonna happen. You might be building for the future but the Steelers are legit Superbowl contenders right now.
  10. Browns trade for WR Sammie Coates

    Somewhat surprising. He wasn't bad until he mangled his hand. After that it was drop city. Maybe he makes an adjustment and regains his previous form? Worth the risk for you guys
  11. Haden a Steeler

    Yes, but do you understand that whether it was a new contract or restructuring of a old one....... they were STILL willing to pay him 7mill a year. That's just not something you do for someone who isn't starter capable or is (as one of your posters said) the 4th or 5th best CB on the team. Know what every other team in the NFL pays CBs that aren't starter capable or are the 4th or 5th best CB on their team? Me neither, but I guarantee it isn't 7 million dollars. So must be something left in the tank if you guys were willing to part with that type of money.
  12. Haden a Steeler

  13. Haden a Steeler

    Fake news.
  14. Haden a Steeler

    Again though, if soooo bad that he was a liability and this is actually addition by subtraction for the Clowns..... Then why were they offering him 7mill to stay? I understand what we're getting. He won't even be the best on our team, but he's a starting caliber CB in the NFL and the browns, the Steelers, the cowgirls, and at least 3 other teams tried to retain/obtain his services. Maybe he's not the dumpster fire people here are trying to make him out to be?
  15. Haden a Steeler

    Oh, I freely admit our defensive backs aren't very good. Anyone with eyeballs and any football IQ is able to easily identify that....in todays NFL you're never going to be strong everywhere and Pittsburgh has taken the road of "we're going to hang 30+ points on everyone.....we don't need great CBs, just ones that aren't awful. And as I said, he'd still be in Cleveland if he would have taken a pay cut and would have been the starter. Every report out there was that the Clowns offered him around 7 million (that's not sh*tty CB money, that's solid but no longer elite money). I mean if you're telling me that the Clowns are offering 7mill per year contract to a player that they don't even think can play anymore then I think I've already identified the organization's problems.... No Haden isn't what he was but he isn't garbage either and makes a position of obvious weakness on our team stronger. The only other thing I hope is that he hangs a pick 6 on whatever jaggoff yinz have playing QB