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  1. Ghoolie Goes To London

    wearing mine proudly up here in minny - THANK you - love it!!
  2. Vietnam Documentary

    The US ground war was just a disaster plus the people of the region, didnt seem to have the will ( North and South) to fight and rightly so! except the bravery of the ARVN when the North got pissed at America stockpiling its weaponry / supplies in the South provinces EVEN after the declared US troop pullout, the ARVN defended its ground and won back territory with the help of yet another huge bombing campaign in the north on Christmas 1972 (was it?) who except the powers that be would agree to fight in this war? for Nixon it was all about the election both times... makes me understand the protests a little more although a muddled mess of its own...
  3. Vietnam Documentary

    watching it too when I get a chance - so much behind the scenes stuff that makes more sense to me - although I was only 15yo when it ended. regarding Jane Fonda - I heard it from her own mouth and it was to say the least dispicable... thought of John Kerry to a lesser extent with his "testimony" and its being based on second hand conversation
  4. Wind River review

    while Kenyon sounded vaguely familiar I had to map it.... found it to be slightly to the southeast of Mansfield, but I recognized Perrysville and Loudenville close by the two towns that have a canoe livery that our Boy Scout troop used when canoeing the Mohican river. great memories of that week way back when...
  5. Jacksons catch was incredible - heres my choice for (one of many) best defensive play ...
  6. Wind River review

    If the actress (Elizabeth Olsen) that played the FBI agent from Las Vegas looked familiar to you too - I asked my wife if it was one of those Olsen twins from that tv show years ago... turns out that she is the older sister of the twins Mary-Kate & Ashley
  7. Happy trails Don Williams RIP

    but I cant google shit right? I can only pull out scant stats from 1970 time frames of Cleveland sports... back when it was fun to do. but really - you gotta relax a bit!
  8. Kizer

    didnt see much pass rush either - although run stopping was real good take the punt block td away and .....
  9. It Review

  10. Same old dirty Squeelers

    that Gay shot on Louis was brutal - but he was back in for a good gainer later on
  11. Kizer

    throw the damn ball away... hopefully gets drilled into him but very impressive kid and throws
  12. Wind River review

    once again my wife recommended it (she picks the good ones..) and you are right, a very good movie.
  13. I still support my president even though he goes through these upheavals- whereas the usual cast of characters reveal their true nature in the way they gauge themselves with what the media or the opposition wants to portray. Crazy as it sounds, it makes Trump more honest and real. The Bannon 60 minutes thing tonight I think will shed what loyalty really is.
  14. #whentherealdealisrejected but its all about looks right?
  15. http://www.dailywire.com/news/20732/2016-flashback-cruz-predicts-trump-will-cut-deal-james-barrett?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=062316-news&utm_campaign=dwbrand# "Ted wont go along to get along"