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  1. FairHooker11

    Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

    I like what Nesmith and Tork said about the "private enterprise" being the group getting to pick and choose. I like how they seem to not give a rip ( well maybe Tork does) in light of being passed over. in a related theme and in the light of the passing of RUSH drummer Neil Peart who was quoted in 2012 - (well before the bands induction into the hall) when asked if they would like to be in the HOF, he said "yes if only for the fans" individually we kind of take our feelings seriously over who should be in.... while the guys who perform, ( the down to earth ones at least) arent so bothered by this. I
  2. FairHooker11

    Thoughrs? Kneeling teacher

    yea really "rights being denied" - is more about not liking the POTUS than it is about her virtue signaling, who cares anyway she can have it both ways for all i care... thankfully -sinead o'conner / sinbad - ex teacher will be forgotten
  3. FairHooker11

    The Bird is The Word

    I was thinking the Trashmen... then Ghoulardi....
  4. FairHooker11

    Another actual question.

    the charges ( Durham investigations) that are hiding behind what the left is doing to deflect with the "impeachment" are criminal in my opinion yes, much bigger than clintons blow job and certainly WAY bigger than watergate
  5. FairHooker11

    Another actual question.

    when you say option 2 are you including the witnesses that the POTUS can call too? because either way the articles of impeachment from the house on its face doesnt have any weight - like OBF said political theater all because they dont like Trump... and dragging this out will work both ways in keeping the status (voters) the same - love him or hate him
  6. FairHooker11

    Neal Peart Rush Drummer dead at 67

    because the professor loved a good laugh... RIP Mr Peart
  7. FairHooker11

    Actual question (really)

    "those Democrats have found some Republican libertarian-leaning allies." Levin so there it is - and could maybe even spell trouble for an upcoming Senate trial in which the Rs may not ALL be unified against having witnesses? (just starting to see some cracks thats all)
  8. FairHooker11

    Gee-No Uranium One Followup?

    "Help us John Durham... you're our only hope..."
  9. FairHooker11

    Actual question (really)

    what grabbed my attention was the reactions of Sen Mike Lee and Rand Paul after the WH briefing. you know, when you are representing the republican side of the debate - you are allowed to disagree even say so - not unlike those on the left and now maybe even from the WH team that ran this briefing.? so Lee and Paul support "reigning in" military powers of the POTUS https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/477424-rand-paul-mike-lee-rip-administration-over-insulting-and-demeaning-iran
  10. FairHooker11

    I have no problem with this teacher

    these "news" agencies werent in my catholic school kindergarten class when sister mary magdeline wreaked havoc on us... if those walls could talk like a cell phone camera my oh my...
  11. FairHooker11

    Before Iran was a hell hole

    I admit not fully understanding the times in which this all went down - the Shah and the Ayatollah events of the 70s being a switch from a secular govt to a islamic / cleric one? wasnt that the same thing that the "good people" of Iran wanted to switch back from in 2009 EVEN in the efforts to hold "fair" elections? saw corruption at the hands of AMA-NUTJOB (sp) stealing it to remain its leader? Plus Im not sure now what Obama admin couldve done about helping see a fair election then, but still his was do nothing policy anyway... but I digress (hehe) They were close to a full out revolution in 2009 and couldnt seal the deal.
  12. FairHooker11

    Gee-No Uranium One Followup?

    yes I saw the Uranium one / HRC news offered up by the usual progressive er self proclaimed "legit" but wannabe sources eager to blurt out this story - like Yahoo, Daily Mail and USA today... SO this is the result of Sessions and Huber's efforts? cant help but think that this is only a pony show news report of a TOTALLY impotent investigation only to "get out in front of" what will be damning evidence by Durham if he gets his hands on the missing HRC emails that are still coming into daylight ? AND apart from a deep state / FBI shell game? (see Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton reports of the same)
  13. FairHooker11

    Ok, Boomer Pizza

    "OK Boomer " - NOT offended & proud to be its perfect example lol
  14. FairHooker11

    WW3 Memes