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  1. FairHooker11

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    your really rich you protest at the satire being closer to the truth in a selection of memes or whatever, and want an accredited approach to the comments gathered here. if we have to put up with the vulgar keystrokes off your fat fingered phone or even woodys penchant to give us a SNL or late night show video, well then you can put up with the entertainment value of how really bad the political left puts themselves in..... constantly
  2. FairHooker11

    Looking back on Bill

    The fans outside the practice facility, waving their anti-Belichick placards feverishly, wondered why Kosar fits in with Dallas but isn't good enough for the Browns. Belichick offered no answer. Instead, he wondered if the fans "spelled my name right." pretty good article - the 11-5 season ( 1 year or so before the announced move to Baltimore) wondering if Fart Modell even cared? then there is this BS the Belichick firing was now a baltimore decision
  3. FairHooker11

    Where is the outrage?

    During the February 6 meeting Porterfield called the bill, which would include LGBT people as a protected class under the state's Human Rights Act, "bigoted," "intolerant" and "discriminatory." "The LGBT is the most socialist group in this country," he continued, according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail. "They do not protect gays. There are many gays they persecute if they do not line up with their social ideology." this is a statement lost in the rush to quickly get the "looker" outta there but will be revisited in the future when it is proven to be true....
  4. FairHooker11

    Unitary Executive Theory

    why not we wasted 2 years + over the "collusion" its Trumps turn now cmon....
  5. FairHooker11

    Kavanaugh yes or no?

    and like you said in the other post - not without repercussions especially if the mid terms dont bring in more reasonable people
  6. FairHooker11

    Kavanaugh yes or no?

    like the 2016 election (and the upcoming midterms) Ill still hold to my disbelief in the confirmation until it is officially announced today... 51-49 you guys watch Browns games right?
  7. FairHooker11

    Christine "Fake" Ford - heroine of the left ?

    way back we went to St Pius X Church in Bedford - K-6 some rooms featured a paddle on display hanging above the black board one room had ole swifty - the kind with holes in it
  8. FairHooker11

    If they had any balls

    Roseanne show was getting traction when it started off - MAGA elements to it I too would like to see Fox take it
  9. hag 2 feinstiens assertion this morning saying Judge Kavanaughs demeanor seemed "angry" Glenn Beck CORRECTLY said that it was righteous indignation clearly the Judge won the day in believability much to the chagrin of the seething rats on the left more than the phoniness from perfesser garth
  10. FairHooker11


    remember Crime Story? the frustration as Mike Torello (Denis Farina RIP ) and his Chicago Major Crime Unit had in trying to pin down and convict Ray Luca ( Anthony Denison) and his bunch of hoodlums (read democRATS) at every turn by managing to either dodge legal process to move on more crime sprees and its move towards taking over Las Vegas. giving the left this latest "extension" in the name of "fairness" will come back to bite the r's IF they do not vote on Kavanaugh THIS time next Friday.... ONE WEEK ONLY
  11. FairHooker11


    very well said! thanks
  12. FairHooker11

    Short of cash?

    the cascading failure of this guys law firm as well as his "craft" along with the increasingly OBVIOUS sleaze and contempt that todays left represents and its eventual demise into nothingness is the porn that I like watching