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  1. More Obama deep state corruption uncovered.

    it has been said that Congress has referred the following individuals to the DOJ for criminal investigations: Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Yates, Clinton, Strzok and Page, among others. ehem JEFF SESSIONS???
  2. Are the lefties serious about this one?

    like when WSS says "slip and fall " lawyers.. comes slip of the lip litigation
  3. We just attacked Syria

    tangible proof that this hurts Iran would be for an uprising of its people to overthrow the corrupt mullahs , cleric asshats that are in power they are there, question is when will they fight for it?
  4. haha I have to laugh while Mueller and his team cites "probable cause" as to the extreme precise reason the juridical review justifies the raid.... cmon fellas, we barely just forgot about the warrants by the fisa court regarding the dossier..... the reason? to hopefully turn Cohen into a key witness against Trump. Hey Mueller, Manafort didnt work out?
  5. Democrats Furious about Syrian bombing

    uhm - but its ok when obama did?
  6. We just attacked Syria

    the info you bring is somewhat fascinating in its own right - only because it focuses on what I think we agree on I cannot take in the whole of the tweets, FB / deep state subjects because it fails to confirm to my satisfaction that they are reliable. so yea - Im not watching closely enough, but I really do want the truth to condemn those in that last corrupt administration brought to light still waiting ehem Jeff Sessions?
  7. We just attacked Syria

  8. We just attacked Syria

    you are definetly right about this- it also was mostly about the debate over the last 8 years too but I still have a wish that our current POTUS will rise to and even eclipse the work that Ronald Reagan had accomplished in the worse environment a president can have -opposition from the establishment
  9. We just attacked Syria

    I feel just as trapped in not believing the major news sources like I used to think republican politicians had my best interests in mind fake news is on both sides now...
  10. The rapture may be coming on April 23, 2018

    this story surrounding the alignment of certain stars - planets was first told last fall 2017 during the advent of the Feast of Tabernackles which was an assumption something significant was to take place as it relates to the Jewish calendar... Now the same fake story is trudged up by fake fox logo driven article and smears the Christians as having a date for the rapture of the church. I am a bible believing christian waiting for the blessed hope of such a day - but even I ( a fallen sin filled man but forgiven by faith in the Grace of God) can see a bad precedent take place. NOBODY knows the hour of such a time! I stand here along with other fellow believers to say that there is still time to change your hearts... Jesus loves you
  11. We just attacked Syria

    Im with woody on this one - who else but OP would go out ahead of the story and conflate it to say that it (US, UK France mission) was a smokescreen (no pun) and allow the "true" mission of Russia weeding and eliminating remaining ISIS cells??? Surprising EVEN more, is that woody called foul even though it is widely known that he doesnt like to read in the first place !
  12. It's the Indians but it's political too

    anyone remember Sam McDowell "pitching" ads for Cherikee Red soda?
  13. It's the Indians but it's political too

    I love the tribe - and as far back as I can remember, Wahoo was a part of the team mascot in the newspapers much like the elf was for the Browns - not as visible on the uniforms that said - I think that one can check their own "PC progressivism" a lefty thing ... and gauge it against how you feel about it - like these fans who are clearly not having any changes regarding Wahoo... which includes me but without anger or spite... So the team will remove the lil offender off the uniforms (like the old days - the 60s for me) and I say SO WHAT!! Wahoo lives on in your memories!
  14. Outstanding speech on gun rights

    heard it on Limbaugh -
  15. Vegas Shooting

    as always....