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  1. "He does seem rather pleased in that B&W photo."
  2. FairHooker11


    whatever happens, its been great
  3. FairHooker11

    Uncalled for insult from TO

    too bad TO... couldve shared the spotlight with the person who will now overshadow you anyways, Randy Moss
  4. FairHooker11

    Bad Food Day? Mine was today.

    i dont mind a hot dog now and then - 🤢
  5. FairHooker11

    Dwight Clark passes away, 61

    unlike Matt Millen
  6. well there you go..... hey Sen Merkley - kind of looks like typical social work done in every US city huh? if you are a bad parent guess what happens to your kids? they go to a shelter of some sort if you are caught breaking US immigration laws by entering in ILLEGALLY, guess what happens to the kids? when their parents enter criminal proceedings, has been criticized in recent weeks for increasing the proseuctions of illegal immigrants under a "zero-tolerance" policy that critics say leads to those separations.
  7. When the justices heard arguments in December, Kennedy was plainly bothered by certain comments by a commission member. The commissioner seemed "neither tolerant nor respectful of Mr. Phillips' religious beliefs," Kennedy said in December. Ginzburg and Sotomayor notwithstanding .... ( It mustve pained Kagen but she ruled in favor of Phillips too) while the "broader issue" of the gay couples rights are being looked at in time it would do those militant leftist / activists well to check their anger at conservatives here? isnt it refreshing to those of us on the right - that the SCOTUS justices also heard the "voters" last election? (remember John Roberts splitting the tie on the ACA calling it a tax - and largely because the country ( back then) had voted for it - by re-electing the phony)
  8. FairHooker11

    Roseanne now in the crosshairs

    at this point its a hair on fire story that is just about burned out... but carry on prog
  9. FairHooker11

    ZTE Accusations

    private business deal implicates Trump? more likely his sons? yawn now if you consider this actionable offense and nothing happened... pretty glaring double standard (again)
  10. FairHooker11

    ZTE Accusations

    Vox valid? hell no
  11. FairHooker11


  12. FairHooker11


  13. FairHooker11

    How ridiculous

    yea, this young female is wrecking her body with extra doses of testosterone the future effects of which are unknowable all because of a confused mind telling her that she is a guy as a parent this makes me wonder about quality of her life down the road...
  14. FairHooker11


    game 7 tonight and Im like - dont know about the Cavs winning this.... (no Love) but I agree with you on LBJ greatness still hoping... GO CAVS!
  15. FairHooker11

    Survey, Memorial Day