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  1. Plum

    Mark Sanchez and the NFL INT recordbooks

    atenears 6 games in 3 years is not enough time.Anderson keeps maken the same stupid plays over and over.he does not move forword in his game as a qb.Least find out what brady will do with a season of playing time under his belt.Im not saying brady is are answer,but at least u know what u got after a year.We already know what anderson is going to give you.Why draft a guy in the 1st round to let him sit on the bench.
  2. Plum

    So DA fans, what's the excuse now?

    maybe u should stop watchen ur buddy girlfriend and rewatch the game urself.He was outside the pocket on a roll when he lost the fumble casue harris let his block run right up the middle
  3. Plum

    So DA fans, what's the excuse now?

    How do u step up in a pocket when there is none.Harrison who weighs 200 pounds was trying to block lbs that weigh 250s pounds and was getting run over.The out side rushers where also getting into.I want to see brady get in and play.But u cant blame everything on DA today.
  4. Plum

    So DA fans, what's the excuse now?

    Im not DA fan, but the 3 turn overs were not 100 percent his fault.Throwing into double coverage was his fault ,Piss poor blocking by his backs to pick up blitzers was a big part of the other 2.No running game and dropped balls hurt this team.And the defense cant stop anybody cause they cant cover the pass.Bottom line it a team effort and the team played horrible.
  5. Plum

    Mark Sanchez and the NFL INT recordbooks

    Its his first year and hes going to make mistakes.Unlike the browns the jets will play there 1st round qb.
  6. Plum

    BRING BACK BQ............PLEASE!!!!

    This season is already over.Play all the young players you can to get experince.Brady quinn should be in to get all the time he can.Other wise to me, it will be anther wasted season.
  7. Plum

    Browns defense needs talent

    Yes they do.They need so much in fact, that its going to take alot of drafts.Its sad really how bad the team has been run over the last few years
  8. Plum


    I wouldnt mind a change but the running backs cant block on the browns and harrison missed his block big time on the last fumble.
  9. Plum


    speaking of butterfingers parker does it again
  10. Plum


    the chains showed it was short.I dont know how they got a first down
  11. Plum

    Cribbs at QB

    I agree pay him.He loves playing here.
  12. Plum

    Dropped passes

    Anderson needs to learn a touch for the backs and tight ends for sure.But half the catchs droped where catchable.
  13. defense- will they be able to get off the field,this will be a huge step if they can.offence will they be able to move the ball with the passing game.
  14. defense 1 Rogers, Shaun 2 D'Qwell Jackson 3 Adams, Mike 4 Eric Wright 5 Kamerion Wimbley offense 1 Joe thomas 2 Alex Mack 3 Eric Steinbach 4 James Davis 5 Jerome Harrison
  15. Plum

    What is Everyone doing for the Game

    Will watch it with my dad at home.We both yell at the tv so its alot of fun.Wives wont watch it with us they go shoppen.