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  1. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    I could definitely see this shaking out. As you know, I was already worried the NYG would go LT at #4. You brought up a very good point about Solder's dead money. But, if he can't stay healthy enough to be or play like a starter - lyrics remind us "it's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." They have a 1st round QB investment they have to protect so I can see them eating that Solder contract. The good thing about drafting a guy vrs paying FA prices - the rookie contract is usually cap friendlier. That is, unless you're the NYG that could be railroading themselves into pay both of these contracts. This is a good lesson to all those thinking we need to pay big FA money for the worn and torn. Washington is asking way too much for a Trent Williams trade for a player who is close to the age Joe Thomas was when NFL wear and tear = retirement. FA Jason Peters is about 6 years older than that. I've also recently mentioned in various threads I could see TB trading up since my drive into work every day has a lot of radio discussion hopes of them trading up to protect the blind side of Brady. One caller said "they didn't protect the blindside of Jameis." And the host asked "Which blind side are you talking about? Jameis has a lot of them." Seeing how much they wanted Brady - the trade up in the mock draft makes a lot of sense especially for a team that gave up a lot of sacks and QB pressures in 2019. If it gets to this we can either trade back or draft Josh Jones instead of Kinlaw. I've read 2 different draft pubs stating Kinlaw has a tendency to play with a high pad height; and has trouble seeing the ball. 2 things that wouldn't match up well vrs OGs in our division like Yanda or DeCastro. I wouldn't just reach for Jones here if there's no trade-back option - I'd pull a muscle to do it. Having said that, I'm starting to think he might be less of a reach than Kinlaw anyway. We already have 2 FA DTs we invested money in with too many bare cupboards to blow off for a boom or bust DT. Lindy's Draft Guide lists Kinlaw as a prototypical pass rusher. But they also list him as the DT that "Could Disappoint" stating "Among the most obvious boom-or-bust prospects of the 2020 Draft. Kinlaw alternately wows with his explosiveness or finds himself on his back, relying on his tools and losing technique too often."
  2. Flugel

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    I actually replied to this in the LT Thread and it ended up here. I'm having a flashback to watching Alf ending up in a Gilligan's Island episode. That same night when I asked my brother's pregnant girlfriend if she should be smoking and she said "Don't worry Butch, these aren't the kind that cause low birth weight." The problem was I was already too distracted worrying about what was in my beverage or spaghetti sauce to explain the Alf episode. Even worse, I am now talking to myself. The good news is there is no arguing...
  3. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Unfortunately, we can go even crazier watching the Doctors and Nurses on the front lines of the fight against the Corona Virus in major cities remaining massively under-supplied. Scary times.... To get our minds off of that for a little bit, I see NYG at #4, Arizona at #8, Cleveland at #10, NYJ at #11 and Tampa at #14 with ideal chances to draft a LT. The NYG were very disappointed with the results of their FA Nate Solder last year to the extent they should be looking to add a LT early on in this draft. 2 major wild cards I see in this (and you already mentioned the 1st one but I'll add additional trade bait): Miami could also package picks #18 and 26 to move up for a LT after they draft their QB at #5; especially knowing how active they've been in FA in filling holes. Not for nothing, they also have a young QB Josh Rosen that they should try to get some exchange value for if they are going to draft another QB with Fitzpatrick as the veteran backup/tutor. The FO War of the Roses divorce with Trent Williams in Washington makes LT a bigger need than edge rusher IMO. This is especially considering they've drafted Montez Sweat OLB/Edge Rusher in round 1 and DE Jonathan Allen DE in round 1 in recent years while Ryan Kerrigan is still playing at a high level (13 sacks in 2018, he had 3.5 sacks in just 5 games interrupted by IR in 2019). It is an NFL Body by Daniel Snyder so prepare for anything here including shocking the world to go best LT over best pass rusher at #2 overall. Aside from that, there's gotta be 1 of 32 teams that will trade for Williams before/during the draft. LT is an important enough position to challenge some of the mindsets that usually cling to the BPA; especially when we factor in this is the position that protects the blindside of the franchise QB investment. It's going to be interesting - that's for sure.
  4. Flugel

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Good stuff! For some reason I keep thinking of the band that calls themselves "Better than Ezra." Anyway, I've read some mentions of him kicking inside to OG. In fact, Lindy's Draft Guide rated him as the 2nd best OG. Meanwhile, Athlon's Draft rated him as the 10th best OT but noted as a weak point "Cleveland is a bit fringy for the outside when it comes to athleticism. He struggles to anchor if forced to range to fit in pass protection; he'll have issues with speed-to-power at the next level." The summary read "he might have some limitations in pass protection and ultimately could kick inside, but Cleveland has a good chance to be a long term NFL starter."
  5. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Tell you what, about the pad height thing. Another impressive thing about Jones was the pad height and effort didn't change late in the game. 1 year at a football camp I went to a coach brought a game film of his team. He did this because he didn't have a big line on either side of the ball. His team got down early to a bigger team but they kept the score close. As it got into the 2nd half, he started to point out some guys that looked like studs in the 1st half now had their hands on their hips. Then he told us what else happens when players get tired. They're not only sucking gas but their pad heights get higher to the extent some guys are standing straight up. Then he showed his entire line had superior leverage (pad heights) on both sides of the ball throughout the 4th quarter. They ended up erasing a deficit and winning by 17 points. He said that's why we condition our athletes because when they invest what we ask of them - losing isn't an option. He said the film you just saw showed you heart beating talent where the better conditioned team was able to stay fundamentally sharp and continue doing all the little things that were escaping the other team via fatigue. When I saw all this with a big guy like Jones late in that Oklahoma, Washington and Cincy Games with the better pad height, hustling to the next level or with trapping and pulling - he's shines as the type of guy you want on your team.
  6. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Sounds like you did pretty goodsies Cal. The Jets just signed George Fant to a 3 year $30 million contract with $13.7 million guaranteed. Right now he's slated to be their LT with talk he could play RT; but if we decide to trade back from #10 - we could be giving the Jets and Tampa an ideal opportunity to jump in front of us to take higher rated LTs for their investments at QB. Just my opinion, I don't think we should get cute with this need if there's a stud LT on our doorstep at #10. Glad Tour encouraged me to take another look at Jones.
  7. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Those highlights still showed us what he can do so I appreciated you sharing them. And thanks for adding in the other highlights. I just watched those as well. He's an impressive prospect. My main goal in starting a thread like this is for you and others to share your research, highlights and expertise about promising prospects at a very important position we need to upgrade this off-season. Aside from what I mentioned earlier, his coach had a great deal of confidence in pulling/trapping him from 1 side of formation to the other as the frequency of doing so reflected - and rightfully so. He's very smooth for a guy that big.
  8. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    The only nit-pick I have is the first highlight cluster vrs Oklahoma didn't begin until after the game was out of hand in the 4th quarter with Houston down 35-10. That said, he looked really good. The rest of the highlights looked very good vrs Cincy and Washington State (both opponents that were beating his team). I may not word this well here; but this guy has the type of football IQ and discipline I like in an OL (especially a LT). There's a time to kill and a time to finesse often dictated by formation advantage or disadvantage. As an offensive linemen, 2 advantages you always have over your opponent is the snap count and where the play is going; and film shows Jones gets to the location he needs to be at first (regardless if the formation has him at an advantage or disadvantage). I saw him getting to the 2nd tiers when the formation gave him the advantage to do so - where he just give a quick initial hit at the LOS prior to getting to the next level to seal/shield or finish that defender. That requires smarts and self control not to kill/finish the first guy who was almost already out of the play just via formation anyway. Other times, you're not going to have favorable position in formation so you just have to hightail yourself to that spot at the snap because, again, you know the count and where the play is going to help you get to the spot first (so all you need to do to be effective is seal/shield the defender from the ball carrier). For example, being a RG (backside) when the play is going left vrs a 5-2 and there's a LBer across from you that can jet. Sometimes your best case scenario is a finesse block like I just described. OL will get enough chances to drive block their opponent into another area code so you gotta make these finesse blocks I speak of to be elite. I think the IQ and discipline to know when to devour and when to finesse and when to hit and get to the next level - separates the dime a dozen from the elite. Why all that? The film you shared of Josh shows me a guy that looks like he can do the things I speak of. He also stayed with and finished some fellers when that was an ideal time to do it. Like I told Darren, I definitely short changed this guy by about a half a round or so.
  9. Flugel

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    You are probably correct Darren. Tour added some highlights that probably confirm a lot of what you like about him. Keep in mind, a lot of fans, scouts and draft analysts will disagree with my round 2 projection (even I'm thinking I short changed him by about a half a round or so). That being the case, we could trade back to land him - but that could conceivably hand him to a team like Tampa if it's too far back. Another option is if the guy our FO wants goes before #10 we could go BPA and trade back up into round 1 for him (possibly parting with a Kareem Hunt and/or David Njoku to do so). Even though it's a deep draft for LTs, it seems like the demand for them this year is just as deep.
  10. Warning: this has a disturbing blend of too much caffeine and too many run-on sentences that remind me Alice Cooper almost had to re-lyric once upon a time to "School's Out for Summer except for Flugel." Key word in that sentence is "almost" now let's tackle the rest. 1) Andrew Thomas, Georgia - If he's still available at #10 - I'd like to thank God for putting blinders in all the right places. I worry Tampa Bay will trade up in front of us somewhere to land this guy. IMO, this guy exemplifies everything you want in an NFL LT whether it's in pass pro or run blocking. When he was a freshman, he was so good they had to get him on the field even if RT wasn't the place they wanted him to be at for most of his scholarship. That year, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb both had ideal final seasons running the ball quite often right off the fanny of Thomas. After acing that gig, he moved over to LT for the final 2 years of his college career looking the part of a prototypical NFL LT. Like Nick Chubb, people are frequent and quick to compliment his character and maturity which probably explains why his teammates selected him to be 1 of their 4 team captains last year. Definitely not a Dorsey type which makes him even more irresistible. The last time we had a LT with 2 first names ending with Thomas - we had a guy that earned 10 consecutive Pro Bowl honors. 2) Tristan Wirfs, Iowa - I don't see the 2nd coming of Robert Gallery in this guy in the sense he'll have to kick in to OG. FWIW, Gallery became a productive Guard on a Superbowl Team but that didn't mean he needed to be drafted up as high in round 1 as the Raiders went for him. The Head Coach he learned from at an Iowa program that that has produced a lot of reliable starting/Pro Bowl OL is our former OL Coach Kirk Ferentz. The last time this franchise won a playoff game following 11 wins - he had an OL that put Leroy Hoard in the Pro Bowl at a position he didn't even play FB. Part of that process, involved running through impressive NFC East fronts like Dallas and Philly and beating those teams. We ended up with 2 undrafted guys starting at Tackle (Tony/T-Bone Jones at LT and Orlando Brown at RT). We also Vinny Testaverde trying to overcome a turbulent past getting protected the guys Ferentz was coaching up-front. Needless to say, I've learned to trust the guys Ferentz believes in. This is especially so when we look at how this guy has competed in spite of the recruiting attraction of Cornfields USA. Once upon a time, Nebraska was the program that dominated this area/type of recruiting attraction - but that was before Ferentz arrived to become the type of program that NFL teams looking for the right OL pedigrees have become comfortable looking to. Another guy that the teachings of Ferentz to play OT, C and OG for Cincy was Eric Steinbach - who came here to play LG which was extremely helpful to expediting the learning curve of Joe Thomas as a rookie in 2007. Wirfs is the only OL that Ferentz ever started as a true freshman, which speaks volumes on his behalf. Aside from that, this guy aced a lot of the important fitness tests at the Underwear Olympics in Indy. 3) Jedrick Wills Jr, Alabama - Another impressive candidate playing for yet another one of our assistant coaches from the last team in Cleveland that won a playoff game. This guy is a bad asss! He has the lower torso power and strength to bully; while the action from his football IQ says the FAW-Q his voice never has to. Yes, he's been a RT but much of that has been for a left handed QB where he showcased the athleticism to be an elite blind side pass protector. The long arms don't suck either. While it's a strong LT class - I don't think anyone else merits our 10th overall pick. I may end up snacking on Nikes again; but I don't think the 40 yard dash defines Mekhi Becton any more than bench presses defined the starting RT (Orlando Brown) in Baltimore. In saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as a RT somewhere. Here's some guys I've mostly only read about that interest me later in RDs 2 or 3. Lucas Niang, TCU Josh Jones, Houston Austin Jackson, USC Matthew Peart, UConn Saahdiq Charles, LSU Ben Bartch, St John's-Minnesota I found it difficult to leave off Washington's Trey Adams with a resume of 1st Team All Pac 12 honors at the book ends of his career in 2016 and 2019. The career threatening injuries in between gave me more heebee geebees than need to draftsies...
  11. 😆 I haven't seen pushups that bad since Biloxi Blues! As long as he saves the good push-ups and bedroom gymnastics for the wife, AND ONLY HIS WIFE from here on out...
  12. Flugel

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Don't forget we signed FA Jack Conklin to start at RT for the next few years here (edit: looks like Browns149 said this before me). That would make Hubbard a backup/fill-in starter like he was in Pittsburgh (back when they were a good offensive team). Clint Eastwood once said "A man's got to know his limitations" and Hubbard's new reduced contract reflects this. This isn't a bad backup to have IMO especially with his willingness/desire to stay here. The last 2 knuckleheads we had starting at LT will probably be competing against each other for the Mean Machine's starting LT job against the Prison Guards. Their new GM John Dorsey was unavailable for comment; but rumor has it one of his go-fors is trying to get Kareem Hunt to hang with Pac Man Jones for a weekend. Head Coach and Former Altar Boy with Tourette's Syndrome (Andrew Dice Clay) is in love with the idea. Stay Tuned??? As far as RG goes, I thought we saw a drastic improvement when Wyatt Teller took over the starting job last year. Having said that, drastic improvement still included some chemistry/continuity glitches as well as learning experiences. Sometimes he overextends when his feet come to close together underneath in the running game, which makes it easier for the DT to toss him aside. That should improve with film and experience - very easy teaching points for Callahan.
  13. Flugel

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    Legit question and a perfect distraction from Gipper wasting everyone's time on what he wants Moneyball to mean. It's going to be his 11th year so he'll be a 1 year contract. Think of him as a player coach until we get a young feller in there we can get up to speed. Might not be a bad signing when it all plays out. After trading for Tyrod Taylor, we did this with Drew Stanton for Baker Mayfield the year we drafted Baker #1 overall. Here's what Berry added in FA this year: TE Austin Hooper, RT Jake Conklin, QB Case Keenum, ILB/MLB B.J. Goodson, DT Andrew Billings, CK Kevin Johnson, S Karl Joseph, and S Andrew Sendejo. I think only the first 3 guys received contracts longer than 1 year. Outside of Keenum and Senjejo - most of theese guys are only about 26 years old. It's a different approach than Dorsey (who traded for a lot of players by giving up draft picks and/or veterans as well as the cap space). It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
  14. Flugel

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    It's about a guy that can't handle the truth when it should be about the subject heading.
  15. Flugel

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    If the topic was about Moneyball - that would be a decent idea. But, it's not so why hi-jack the thread? Therefore, are we Yo quiero Sendejo or No quiero Sendejo?