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  1. It was good to see Nick Chubb reminding people they might want to give him more than part of 1 preseason game to prove himself. If Mike Pruitt never got that, he would've never earned 2 Pro Bowls in about 4-5 years into a career that started in park. I thought Chubb looked a lot more like the guy that succeeded in the SEC... There's still a lot to learn for all our rookies. I loved the coaching I saw Callaway getting in Hardknocks when he didn't adjust his route to the give-me the coverage leverage handed him in the 1st half of the Giants game. The 2nd half went a whole lot better for him that night.
  2. Me too Aggies! Guess who caused the QB to step forward into Ogunjobi? Myles Garrett's pressure off the edge. If that didn't exist, that sack probably doesn't either. Like Gregg Williams said last year, if we could just COVER somebody for another second or so - Garrett would have had a lot more sacks the 28 times he was about 1 step from the QB. The better our team around Garrett gets - the more we'll notice how helpful he is at hurrying passers or pressuring them into other teammates in pursuit. If he keeps the ankle healthy, what's not to like here? I hope we don't play him too much next week. There's nothing he needs to prove...
  3. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    How thoughtful of Callaway not to complain about hustling for 4 quarters in his audition for a starting job. Any other Pro Football WRs in our division that have ever considered hustling for 4 quarters of football without complaining? I'm just busting your balls Clevs. But you do realize he's put himself just 1 brain fart away from Roger Goodfella playing God with a suspension that won't be very merciful. WR is the position group we could least afford losing another talented guy to off the field issues. When we're already working around the Josh Gordon thing all this time - the next guy threatening his own playing time off the field isn't going to get sympathy or kid gloves here. Like you said, you can't be stupid and play at the NFL level. If he's going to be stupid again, he's not going to be playing again. All that's left here is tough love...
  4. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Classic stuff! That rates right up there with the "Stiffler's Mom" reply you treated us to you sick bastard! Here I was all concerned about Landry's audience in the WR Room. For some reason, I always thought Nassib was a modern day Richie Cunningham that hit the weight room after someone kicked sand in his face in life without Fonzi. WRONG! Now, that version of him lining up offsides twice in the Bears' game comes much more into focus. In a world of sic em, sock em and sack em - Lawrence Taylor reminded us you don't have to be the brightest apple in the orchard... The 2nd episode takes it to another level when OG-G Fabiano from Harvard actually questions the interest percentages Nassib was using from Little's formula. It reminds me of the time my older brother was all buzzed and bragging he bought some land in Florida through a classified ad and my dad said "Congratulations assshole you just bought a swamp!"
  5. Flugel

    Cory Coleman Traded

    And some years we had 2 first round picks that bad or worse. The head scratcher is the HC and guys playing gridiron chess exclusively with pawns always seem to get fired before the front office setting the table. When something like this came up in Pittsburgh in 1999 - their owner had to choose between keeping HC Bill Cowher or GM Tom Donahoe. The GM got fired in 1999. Cowher went on to lead Pitt to 2 SBs and multiple playoff appearances. Meanwhile Donahue went to Buffalo and led them to 31-49 football which also began their long streak of missing playoffs from 2000-2016 ended in 2017. Donahoe got fired in his 6th season while a some HCs got scapegoated for his inability.
  6. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Good post Stills! Cancer not only spreads quickly but it can return and/or spread even quicker. When we see what Landry brings - we see everything that's been missing from our WR Group throughout 0-16. That can spread quickly too if we have the right guys here. There was an article in www.clevelandbrowns.com that said Higgins responded well enough to the wake up call of getting cut to warrant the reasons for cutting him for part of last season. If memory serves me right, he had a big day for us not too long after he got another chance. In part time duty last Thursday, he not only had 4 rec for 66 yards but #81 had a real nice solo tackle covering the kickoff in the first quarter. Hue has 2 Coordinators and a credible Vet like Landry that are willing to cuss like a Pittsburgh Trailer Park as Bad Cops if/when necessary. Hue gets to be the Good Cop. He can fanny pat the Jimmys and Joes while the Coordinators handle the Xs and Os.
  7. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Thanks Clevs - I appreciate the clarification! And it looks like we totally agree about the need for Landry's speech. There's definitely a lot of bottled up frustration about the WR Corps here last year that got released the day Landry was brought here to instill a new level of professionalism. You are RIGHT that the day of the dumb professional football player is over. I just want it to also be over in Cleveland as we try to forget 0-16 football. That's where I'm coming from. And as we've learned, you can have all the talent in the world but if you make bad decisions off the field (drug use, credit card fraud, driving with a suspended license) it can keep you off the field college and pro. Callaway and Gordon are about as talented as it gets but they can't help us if they're wearing blue jeans on Sundays. Both guys got suspended throughout college and found trouble early on in Cleveland. I like Gordon's off season for the first time of his career; but through our experience I'm reluctant to get all excited about Callaway in the sense he still can't stop breaking the law. It would be nice if he can prove that feeling wrong but this IS Cleveland we're talking about. I even agree if anyone is KKK recruit material then following the NFL is a huge conflict of interest. My hope is Landry transcends the level of professionalism in a significant portion of our passing game. It's up to his peers to get it or get out... I think most of us agree on that.
  8. Flugel

    Honest thoughts

    Nice job with that Tia - thanks! One of the matchups I zeroed in on since Hernandez was the OG we didn't draft - was when Meder lined across from Hernandez. Meder had the winning pad height a few times where he jolted Hernandez backward and won position when the Giants were trying to run the ball. I'll go as far as saying I thought he Meder ragdolled Hernandez at least twice. I'm going to watch it again tonight and adjust/add if necessary.
  9. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    While I'm glad to see your passion back on the board, try not to speak for me in this one. First, my history in here has been rose colored glasses almost to a fault. Never could do football without a game face and I'm not going to start doing it at 54 years of age. I predicted 8 wins this year and I'm one that has no problem admitting I'm wrong especially since practice makes perfect. If that makes me Linus in the pumpkin patch - so be it... I don't think that lowly of professionals. Never have. I think that lowly of guys refusing to be professionals to the extent they need a speech from a well respected professional about needing to honor being a professional within a very limited opportunity they have to do so. I listened to Landry's speech enough to understand why it was warranted. Coincidentally, shortly after the 1st episode was filmed we had a 1st round WR that got traded to Buffalo for a stale bag of potato chips. Coleman was paid a 7-8 digit salary to be a professional that never came close to justifying what was committed to him. Dropsies don't reflect focus while staying out with Kenny Britt til 3am the weekend of a game doesn't reflect commitment. Another WR that was suspended so often at Florida they called him "Gator Done" - just got himself in the news for getting into more trouble he could ill-afford. I can't pretend that's smart for a guy that already had to wait 4 rounds to get drafted despite some scouts suggesting he had 1st round talent. If I wrongly included Higgins and a rookie or 2 in that insult - my bad. You disappeared from the board for a long time but I've posted more than once how impressed I've been with the effort I'm finally seeing/perceiving from Gordon to remain clean. I lost a brother that lost to addiction so I've seen what it can do to an extremely talented person. I used to feel like Gordon agreed to treatment just to get people off his back with his only real plan being to try to outsmart the NFL drug testing process he's never outsmarted. That being the case I always wanted us to try to trade him as soon as it was possible. I no longer feel that way that way at all. I'm actually impressed with how seriously he's finally taking his need to stay clean to the point I'm glad he's avoiding any/all triggers the month before games begin. Smart players with ideal professionalism are what attracted me to this team in the first place. My avatar is of the 190 lb Greg Pruitt who was one of the strongest guys in the NFL pound for pound. These are just some of the pedigrees behind my permanent bond to this franchise: Brian Sipe, Bernie Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, Clay Matthews, Jerry Sherk, Paul Warfield, Reggie Rucker, Doug Dieken, Hanford Dixon, Frank Minnifield, Eric Turner, Mike Johnson, Walter Johnson, Thom Darden, Leroy Kelly, Greg Pruitt, Mike Pruitt, Kevin Mack, Earnest Byner, Tony/T-Bone Jones, Mike Baab, Robert Jackson, Tom DeLeone, Bam Bam Ambrose, Joe Delamielleure, Orlando Brown Sr, Leroy Hoard, Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Joel Bitonio, Brian Brennan, Pepper Johnson, Carl Banks, Bob Golic, Rob Burnett and Josh Cribbs. Do you know what else all these guys had in common despite their diversity of backgrounds? Nobody thought they were hollow domes.
  10. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    When Landry was giving his speech to the WRs, I tried to take inventory of the number of brain cells in his audience in the room. The good news is I could count that high in English and Spanish. The bad news is I could count that high in English and Spanish...
  11. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Thanks MJ! I set my DVR to record the 1st episode every week on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on HBO.
  12. Flugel

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    After reading that last line - I went from pus gut to 2 minutes abs. Classic stuff!
  13. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Well done - glad to see you back in regular season form already! I'm not sure who the guys are that keep getting permission to miss practices for bumps and bruises during the 2-a-days but I could definitely understand the frustration of the Coordinators and position coaches. In fact, Landry was telling a room full of missing brain cells (at the WR position) every time they're finding reasons to miss practices and reps - that's increasing the reps and chances of injury to those that have to double their reps because of it. I had flashbacks to an old Star Trek episode where they visited a planet where nobody had any brains rendering it impossible to communicate. Or was that summer school? FWIW, I don't see ANY problem to Hue wanting an experienced guy like Landry or someone else that's been busting tail to sit out 1 of the 2 practices every once in a great while. Understanding the turbulent history Myles Garrett has had with his ankle - I definitely don't mind hearing he's sitting out a practice or 2. People will be REALLY pissed at Hue if we lose a guy like that in August. Head Coaches all over the league sit out key vets in preseason games (which is practice) and practices while the Coordinators and position coaches gotta make due with it. That's good practice for them too since players often get injured without any such plans for it. We're still a month away from games so it's okay to take into account that 2-a-days + strength & conditioning can keep prevent guys from recuperating enough to increase their vulnerability to injury. When I worked my station 2 days a week in the TB Bucs weight room in 97 and 98 - they made them do their weight training session between the morning practice and lunch during the training camp in FL heat. And after lunch - they napped before their afternoon position group meeting and got back on the field in the evening. That's a LONG day - and Tony Dungy used to do what Hue is doing right now with trying to limit some overuse susceptibilities where he saw fit for whatever that's worth... This is a time of year where a Head Coach is looking for the guys that want it most. If the same guys are always looking for reasons not to practice, they're not going to be the ones winning starting jobs or roster spots. IMO, it's up to all the coaches to remind guys their golden opportunity in training camp is a very small window that sitting out can slam shut. If guys don't get the message after we sent a 1st round pick packing to Buffalo - we don't need any more hollow domes and hollow hearts anyway.... Leaders other than the QB? In 2007, Eric Steinbach was a savvy vet that was a calming influence that helped to expedite the learning curve of Joe Thomas. Joe had something like 2 penalties in limited action during his first pre-season game (that Steinbach didn't suit up for); and it was the only time he ever looked human at LT. We went 10-6 that year via a QB that's only been a backup all other places and seasons. Well respected vets tend to possess credibility. For example, Jarvis Landry has a few Pro Bowls on the resume so he's the one getting the most credit for leadership. That said, reports have indicated Tyrod Taylor is the 1st to arrive and last to leave the facility every day since he got there. He has been taking on a leadership role as much as he can; but that gets eclipsed by the reality that we used our 1st overall pick on a QB with a contract longer than 1 year. Maybe that's why Haley and Hue keep trying to emphasize Taylor is the starting QB and leader of this team. Other vets taking leadership roles? How about Joel Bitonio taking on the position change where he will also have to mentor the guy trying to fill his shoes at LG? And then, there is Kirksey on the defensive side of the ball and anyone else. I agree that Gregg Williams is hilarious! I like that he hooked up Garrett with Bruce Smith. He mentioned that last year and I thought it was just a quick tutor session or 2 but it's still going on. Clyde Simmons should also be a big help to our dline/DEs considering his background in Buddy Ryan's system that Gregg Williams also got his NFL potty training in (w/the Oilers). In the 2 years Gregg Williams was the DC for SB Teams in Tennessee and New Orleans, his DEs were rookie Jevon Kearse and Will Smith. Jevon Kearse was a standup LBer at Florida that transitioned to a Rookie of the Year at DE in 99 with 14.5 sacks. Will Smith had best pass rushing stats in 2009 with 13 sacks of the edge the year they won the SB. Is it all just a coincidence or does he borrow parts of a great system for the right pedigrees off the edge?
  14. Flugel

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Me too K! I added it for 9 and change on DirecTV. I really enjoyed the 1st episode. I don't know what I'm celebrating most about Jarvis Landry - talent, work ethic or brains. I'll take all 3. That's about as close to walking on water as it gets from the WR position in Cleveland. No wonder why he uses the term "Blessed".
  15. Flugel

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    You should listen to all the knuckleheads here in FL acting like how in the world does Jameis Winston NOT GET IT? Ummmm, let's see. The girl he raped at Florida State was told by local police that from a safety standpoint - it's not a very good idea to pursue charges against the face of their football program in contention for a National Championship. Think about that... All TB fans were certain he learned his lesson until he groped an UBER Driver against her will. Not to worry because THIS time he's just going to stop using alcohol moving forward. Sound like a guy that has learned a thing in a state he's never had to? Ironically/moronically, one of his biggest fans hosting the sports radio show down here before the draft said all teams should stay away from Baker Mayfield's character issues. His new thing is Ben Roethlisberger also had a female victim count of 2 that we know about and things couldn't be going any better for him today. If he didn't have Rooney saving his assss behind the scenes - he'd be rooming with Winslow today...