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  1. Flugel

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    Thatta boy! Just a few days later, somebody posted a picture of Stan (Atenears) in the wind-up throwing a bottle while he was already nervous about a potential court case with Merletti. I hit the deck LMAO and he told me "it's not funny Flugel that Merletti is a bad dude." I said you just tell that Stadium Five-O Chief nobody fux with your curve ball. I miss that guy!
  2. Ticky Taki got a pick 6 on Wentz-and-for-all.
  3. Flugel

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    The last time the Browns won 10 games in the regular season (2007), they did not make the playoffs. That defense was kind of like this one in the sense that it didn't rank really high anywhere except in getting turnovers if this old man's memory is correct. On the other hand, we made the playoffs with an 8-8 record in 1985. Also keep in mind, there's been teams that have made the playoffs that didn't even win 8 regular season games (ie; Seattle) while something like that could happen in the NFC East this year. I don't know many people remember what took place in 2007; but it was the year Cleveland drafted Joe Thomas at #3 overall. A great part of his learning curve was he had a veteran LG next to him (Eric Steinbach). In addition, we had a very crafty veteran at Center (Hank Fraley) who could still pull and make all the OL calls. Considering Philly had written him off as a starter 1-2 years earlier - that became a very underrated solution to the loss of LeCharles Bentley. We ended up getting 1304 rushing yards and 9 TDs (+ 30 rec 248 rec yards and 2 TD rec)out of Jamal Lewis that year.
  4. Flugel

    Learning how to win

    Good point! Thanks for sharing that. Having said that - his snap count % has increased every week. His 1st week, the only reason he only took 53% of the snaps was because Bush had the 1st 47% until the injury (as depicted above). Then he went to 75% the next week, which increased to 86% which increased again to 93% last week. He has a pick 6 vrs Baltimore; but to your point I didn't find a lot of evidence of passes defensed or INTs outside of the Baltimore matchup. To my reason for bringing him up - when we can get a backup LB of this quality we can give our LB Corp a refreshing LAND HO!
  5. Flugel

    Learning how to win

    YAHTZEE! The draft is a great way to make the salary cap healthy especially if we don't lose guys to freak injuries. Looking forward to watching the Buckeyes vrs the Who's Your's to see what kind of Big Uglies might be worth sizing up for the draft. Wisconsin usually has some solutions as well if we can ever see them at full strength. Our biggest pressing need is LB. If we want to beat Pittsburgh - we have to draft/find LBers like they do. Has anyone seen that kid (Western Michigan's Robert Spillane) that replaced Pitt's 1st round LB Devin Bush? There is no drop-off at all and the kind was an UFA in 2019. Another important position they traditionally do well with AFTER round 1 is WR. For example, Chase Claypool in round 2. The guy is 6-4 and he can blaze so guess what he's great at doing? Scoring Touchdowns. Their LT is an UFA that was also a war veteran. It'll be nice when Baltimore and Pittsburgh suddenly aren't the only 2 teams in our division drafting studs that fall to them and/or finding UFAs. I really liked what Berry did last offseason; and I think his career was blessed when he got the opportunity he had in Philly. He's a big reason this team has been competitive this year; and I don't expect it to stop any time soon.
  6. Flugel

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    2020 also kissed you on the lips with a 6-3 start. You don't see a Wiley Coyote in charge of our offensive or defensive attack any more. And that's a good thing. The difference between 2019 and 2020 is we aren't losing Myles Garrett for the rest of the season. We're losing him for 1-2 games against opponents we can still beat. Let's just take this thing 1 week at a time like we've been doing...
  7. Flugel

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    I've seen that stadium grass tackle some of our RBs over the years; but that was usually only after I drank some of Hoorta's orange punch at the tailgates.
  8. Flugel

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Alexa, is it still Friday the 13th?
  9. Flugel

    Big Ben sets new record

    Well said! When you have a defense like Pittsburgh has - the margin of error for the QB gets very user friendly. We've seen Trent Dilfer be the QB of a Superbowl Champion where his margin of error gave him the green light to be average at best. That team had an elite defense that not only limited points against; but scored points. They had 1 RB that rushed for over 2000 yards, a good OL and their TE (Sharpe) was their biggest weapon. Dilfer started 8 games throwing for 12 TD and 11 INT w/ a 59.8 cmp% for a passer rating of 76.6. In the SB, he went 12 of 25 for 153 yards, had 1 fumble his tam recovered and had a pick 6 nullified by a penalty. The very next year, he was signed by Seattle.
  10. Flugel

    Learning how to win

    With Chubb back healthy and all projected starters on the oline back - we're tailor made for bad weather. The running game tradition is what reeled me in as a kid; and I'm feeling great about what it can do for time of possession and keeping legs fresh for our defense. We make lack some pieces on defense; but I'm seeing guys like Myles Garrett, Ronnie Harrison Jr (I'm a fan man!), Denzel Ward and T. Mitchell making plays. I feel very similar to the way I felt in 85 (Mack & Byner) and Bernie was on a learning curve (like Baker w/OC #4). Our record could be a little better than 8-8; but you could clearly understand the turning point was no longer just wishful thinking.
  11. Flugel

    Learning how to win

    I hear ya! It's amazing. We have a bunch guys that can count to 2 or 3 plus they know their right from their left. All kidding aside, I LIKE how hard these guys play. That's a reflection of great leadership on and off the field. That goes up to the top too in getting guys that WANT to be here and work through adversity rather than QUIT because of it. When I played Freshman Football, my coach used to have to put a piece of tape on the top of my cleats. One had a big R and the other had a big L. That worked great the games we didn't play in the mud. The sad thing is I'll leave it to your imagination whether I'm kidding or not. On 4th downs when I had to switch positions with our Center to long snap, our poor punter used to call every punt he launched to the right "LEFT" and vice versa. His name was Jimmy DeRoo. Even worse, he'd argue that's the return man's left. Unfortunately, we only had a handful of kids that were smart enough to escape summer school back in 9th grade. Therefore, our coach said "just yell MIDDLE every time Jimmy." He did. The good news is Jimmy is finally in 10th Grade. He just never quit.
  12. Flugel

    Learning how to win

    Now for the guy that didn't make your list. This will say the video is unavailable but just click on the underlined part that says watch on youtube and it'll run, slide and tuck Pelluer in. Can you imagine the smelling salts math? "Steve, how many Bears hit you on that last play?" Why are you calling me Steve?
  13. Flugel

    Just for you Cal...

    Let me make 1 thing clear - DieHard is a loyal dude that put his life on the line for this country. I was wrong - no excuses. Even worse, he was right that I showed up with a huge buzz on from Bud Light Platinum. Am I the only dumb asss that didn't know a light beer was capable of 6% alcohol? Anyway, DieHard and me go back a long time he deserved better from me. I owe you man! That doesn't mean I'm gonna like Trump per say; but I can't promise I won't laugh my asss off your newest avatars you sick bastard!