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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Like other young QBs like Mitch L. Trubisky and Jameis Winston are finding out - the NFL doesn't provide the same give-me's the ACC did. That being the case a 19 TD:8 INT in just 7 games was a pretty good start. The defense at UCLA and USC won't be what Darnold and Rosen are being evaluated by so they don't matter to me. I just think your competitive side that only has eyes for Rosen looks harder for flaws in others than it is willing to do with him. I could be wrong with that though. I like the way you closed strong above Tour. That being the case, I'll make sure I give your right knee a better warning next time I go piggyback.
  2. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Season ticket holders aren't the only ones that pay money to watch the Browns T. Those of us that don't live in Ohio pay DirecTV to sustain their NFL Monopoly in order to watch Cleveland play all 16 weeks. And if people congregate at Browns Backers bars to watch - they usually pay for the meals and the beverages and tip the hotties waiting on them every Sunday. It all adds up. I read where NFL owners are actually getting significantly more revenue via the profit sharing from the television contract than they are bringing in from home attendance for whatever that's worth. All that being the case, there's a difference between being frustrated with losing and shitting on this franchise because it's happening. Players, coaches and FO staff put so much time into their football careers that I can't imagine any of them being happy they went the 0-16 they will have to wear like a scarlet letter for the rest of their careers. I don't see as much wrong with fans sharing their frustration with the Browns as I do with them taking frustration out on the Browns. I think that parade was a very bad reflection of a VERY loyal, devoted and passionate fan base that has been here through thick and thin for whatever my 2 cents means.
  3. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Thanks for the clarification!
  4. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Speaking a NY minute, it doesn't get any better at #2 overall. Nobody had worse pass pro than the NY Football Giants in 2017. And if they go QB at #2 overall, they're neglecting the best possible immediate help at protecting a 1st round QB investment.
  5. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Way to deviate from your opinion that 30 INTs in his final 2 seasons at Clemson = zero to work on for a prospect heading to an NFL offense. Nice job of leaving out the 19 TD passes he threw as a wide eyed rookie in your quest to prove all his time spent with Jordan Palmer was just a waste of time. That brings the TD:INT ratio to a very inconvenient 19:8 for you while Houston improved to being the top scoring offense in 5 of the 7 weeks Watson started. Not bad considering what they looked like in his absence. I dare say I saw an expedited learning curve that made him happy he spent all that off-season time with Jordan Palmer while you need to assure yourself it was all just a complete waste of time. You don't teach a guy to just prevent INTs - you teach him a holistic approach to an NFL passing game vrs complicated NFL defenses that college barnball offenses ill-prepare their QBs for today. Hopefully it shows up in the type of TD:INT ratio Houston was very fond of from their rookie QB. That NFL starting point even compares favorably to Peyton Manning's 26 TDs:28 INTs. In your see no evil hear no evil defense of Rosen - Jordan Palmer has be a waste of time since Darnold is working with him while Rosen is not. Gee, who didn't see this one coming? Have you seen the video the NFL Channel keeps showing about the conversation Rosen had with Aaron Rodgers? Rodgers is telling him about a hop and a hitch he adds to certain occasions/scenarios that he finds helpful. Have you had a chance to straighten him out yet? This conversation started out with me agreeing with you that Darnold has a lot to work on so I didn't expect your knees to buckle so easily when I piggybacked on. While I've come a long way on Rosen, I don't think he's as consistent the people looking down their noses at Darnold think he is. And while I'm at it, UCLA has an OT that is projected to go in rd 1 or 2 while Athlon Draft Guide says they have the 5th best OG slated to go in rd 3 or 4. Not bad considering I kept hearing Poor Rosen allegedly never gets any help from his teammates. Who's getting drafted from USC's line this year? If I get asked by a Rosen fan what if you they swapped teams. I ask does Rosen's football career end the day Ohio State's pass rush decimates USC's pass pro up front? Just to illustrate the difference in Darnold's pass pro and adversity from 2016 to 2017 - he was only sacked 6 times in 2016 vrs 29 times in 2017. That 2017 volume doesn't sound like protection Rosen would prefer or thrive in especially considering how many more concussions he can afford. Here's a statistical comparison of Darnold and Rosen in spite of their overall experience and foot polish: Darnold 20 wins 4 los 7229 yds 8.5 ypa 64.9 cmp% 57 TD 22 INT 332 ydrus 7 TD rush 21 fum 35 sacks Rosen 17 wins 13 los 9339 yds 8.0 ypa 60.9 cmp% 59 TD 26 INT -153 ydrus 6 TD rush 20 fum 53 sacks
  6. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    I am only responsible for what I type - not what you are willing to accept. I typed Dorsey said in his presser that the selection of Mahomes came via committee. I'm not the guy you need to picket if that doesn't sit well with you because you think Andy Reid was tied up to a chair with duck tape over his mouth for an entire draft in 2017. A HUGE reason Andy hand selected KC was he was assured the same power he had in Philly especially the say in what QB his career there would be defined and evaluated by. My guess is if he hated the Mahomes selection - Alex Smith would have been more than happy to stay where he enjoyed the best years of his career. People forget Favre and McNabb played in a Veer in college which meant neither were about to be loved by all teams pre-draft before Andy coached them. This is very similar to the way people/teams viewed the type of college offense Mahomes was coming out of. Andy has a history of being able to work with these types of QBs that other teams were reluctant to consider. We actually considered Akili Smith more than McNabb for #1 overall while while no 1st round selection was booed louder than McNabb at #2 overall. Mahomes has a lot of similarities to Favre with arm strength often in spite of mechanics as well as the gunslinger mentality. I think Andy Reid liked Mahomes a lot better than you are willing to accept here. In a draft where there's been a lot of debate over the top 3-4 QB prospects - there's bound to be disagreement among scouts. coaches, and leadership/FO. I would rather see Dorsey VALUE their research, input and evaluation summaries via debate rather than Butch Davis disrespectfully power playing them with 2 middle fingers prior to Gerrard Warren at #3 overall baby! It looked to me like Highsmith and Wolfe were excited to re-unite with Dorsey. Would that happen if they didn't think he valued their input? To answer your question - Yes. I was Head Football Coach for an Athletic Director in the late 80s who was a legendary high school football coach. He just so happened to have a son on the team he hired me to coach. FWIW, I took a program that didn't win a football game in 3 years before I was hired to 2nd place in just my second year. Sometimes a control freak gets where he is by unparalleled organizational standards such as Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. While Bill Belichick makes all the decisions - he's pretty freakin demanding of all his employees right down to the detail in their scouting reports. Yes HE makes the the final decisions but he counts on those he empowers for research, input and evaluation summaries prior to his final decisions.
  7. We got our opponents thinking "Here comes Santa Claus" in September.
  8. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I wasn't directing Darnold's limited history at you if you read the context of my point. It was more of an agreement/understanding of where you were coming from because there's a lot of people in here that don't seem to have any idea he's only a 3 year starter (combining both high school and college) when you say there's a lot to clean up. The comparison to Watson is only hollow if you need it to be. Watson had stuff to clean up too like 17 INTs in 2016 and 13 INTs in 2015. There's 30 reason he headed off to the same QB Tutor (Jordan Palmer) that Darnold did.
  9. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I understand where you are coming from. After punctuating a good freshman year with the flawless performance he had against Penn State, I ran hot and cold with him throughout 2017. I don't know what took him all the way to meeting Jordan Palmer this off-season to realize he needs 2 hands on the ball to secure it properly. I'm not sure a lot of people understand exactly how much QB experience Darnold has overall between high school and college careers. It's only THREE years. I thought this extract of a Wikipedia article might be helpful for some to see why you and others worry about how much there is to fix: On the football team, Darnold played wide receiver and linebacker, though he played quarterback as a sophomore after the starting quarterback was injured in a game against Tesoro High School. He threw a touchdown pass and scored the game-winning two-point conversion, but returned to playing receiver and linebacker a week later.[2] When he became the school's permanent quarterback, Darnold broke the school record for the most touchdown passes in a game when he threw five on two occasions.[4]He missed much of his junior year with a foot injury.[2] In his senior year, San Clemente reached the CIF-Southern Section Southwest Division championship game, where they lost 44–37 to Trabuco Hills High School.[5] He ended his senior season with 3,000 passing yards and 39 touchdowns, along with 800 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns.[ Let's do the math here: He played part of 1 game at QB soph year. Missed most of his junior year. Played his senior year. That's about 1 full season + 4 games for an entire high school career. Then he only played 2 years at USC missing his 1st 2-3 games as a red shirt freshman. I only see 3 full years of starting at QB especially if I subtract the 2 or 3 games he missed as a Fresh at USC from the few he appeared in as a junior in high school. Here's an angel's advocate. At this time last year, there were a lot of people that didn't think just 1 off season with Jordan Palmer would fix enough of DeShaun Watson's game for the NFL. And another alleged negative that went viral about what he would have to overcome when it was reported he didn't have the RPMs and velocity behind the throws at the combines to be successful. Sometimes if you have the vision, pre-snap intellect, and anticipation - you can overcome not having a bionic arm by getting the ball there on time as depicted when Watson looked best among his peers (as did Trubisky) at throwing the short outs at the Combine up against many that were waiting and hitching. Those throws were consistently on the money regardless of what stranger he was throwing to next. Anyway, maybe Jordan Palmer delivers the same magic to Darnold that he brought to Watson.
  10. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    But here you are in a thread about his presser questioning a point he made 12 minutes and 12 seconds into the video you chose not to watch anyway. He also made it known later in the video that the selection of Mahomes came via committee to shock all those thinking Andy Reid was just a church mouse quiet observer with no say in what QB KC drafted/traded-up for last year. Some of the reporters with questions sounded like they really needed to hear this especially since 2018 isn't Dorsey's first time he has had to count on the research, teamwork and input of a committee before arriving at a final decision reflective of their Democracy. I don't think anyone expected him to announce who he is going to draft at #1 or tip his hand.
  11. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Did you listen to the presser?
  12. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Even worse, Dorsey said hand size is something they weigh very heavily for Cleveland's climate/weather after someone finally convinced Mary Kay Cosmetics she didn't need to mention it in every article. While the comment made perfect sense, there were 2 inappropriate ears hearing it. That was a lot like putting the summary of Peter King's 3 minutes of annual attention to the Cleveland Browns in front of Josh Allen's creepiest man-crush in the height of silly season. And don't forget - Josh Allen is one of the only kids in this draft that LOVES football at least allegedly. Stay tuned....
  13. That and "strong arm" wouldn't be so bad if accuracy, anticipation and vision were also included - especially if the evaluations included pass rushers and corners challenging those things...
  14. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Hallmark did and they fired Cupid for slacking.
  15. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Great stuff Gumbs! I feel the same way about thinking he's most like Brees. And to your point about Brees, he was only 2-9 in his 3rd NFL season with a 57.6 comp % and 11 TD passes to 15 INTs. That was a big reason the Chargers drafted a QB 1st overall the next year. If Philip Rivers didn't hold out for the length of training camp, the Hall of Fame caliber career may have never started in Drew's 4th season. The Chargers made a nice adjustment in his 4th year. They drafted a Center out of Purdue Nick Hardwick who was accustomed to snapping for the shot gun formations Purdue QBs were cozy with (especially Brees). And where that helped him most - was with his pre-snap peripheral vision which ultimately enabled him to get rid of the ball quicker. If you go back and read some of his pre-draft scouting reports - some questioned how he'd adapt to being up under Center. A BIG key to getting Brees from a forgettable "once upon a time" to the "happily ever after" was the coaching staff finally putting him in the formations he thrived in at Purdue much more frequently. With any of these QBs - it's very important that the coaching staff puts them in the right setting for what they're wired to be. For examples, if Cam Newton or Russell Wilson were asked to be cement shoe'd pocket passers only - they probably would have been handcuffed to disappointment. I think we have 3 really intriguing prospects on our door step with Darnold, Mayfield and Rosen. I thought I had it narrowed down to 2 guys like last year; but Rosen grew on me way more than I expected him to. The Brees story reminds me that any of these guys can emerge as quickly as the coaching staff allows them to in tandem with how/what they are wired to be. If you gotta Dr Frankenstein the QB's wiring, you don't just have the wrong QB. You have the wrong FO...