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  1. Some valid points but did he create any magic with DeSean Jackson in 2016 or T Pryor in 2017? Jordan Reed is a good receiver to tap at TE and I think they also added Vernon Davis that he had some moderate chemistry with. I can't help but feeling like Cousins is getting overrated by some desperation here while I don't get the sense Gruden thinks he's worth fighting for. Nobody has seen more of him than Gruden so I weigh that pretty heavily.
  2. That Brady is REAL Good! His ability to escalate his teammates reminds me a lot of Otto Graham! I see why so many see a G.O.A.T.
  3. Fair enough. Why do you suppose the team that has had Cousins has refused to lock him up for a long term deal in each of the last 2 years despite the opportunity to do so? Did he lead them to the playoffs this year to make them regret not locking him up long term? No. He's available because he isn't a keeper on a team that wasn't a winner in 2017; but he has those Jay Cutleresque stats for anyone that wants to buy his quick sand. I hope we aim higher for a guy like Alex Smith.
  4. Such as? You assured us he was done after another cakewalk vrs your Steelers last year. He won the last Superbowl as he heads to this Superbowl. Hey, what happened to Ghoolie is the biggest Bill Belichick fan? More full of shitsies? Who knew? Flugel.
  5. What's so tough about not thinking he's been special enough for keeper status 2 years in a row? Did he make anyone sorry for that? Nope, why overpay him here?
  6. I thought offense won Championships - what happened to that argument? Are your true colors black and gold? How gay!!! Who knew? Flugel!!!!
  7. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    Don't kill my buzz before I even get one. True but their 3-13 that got Landry fired followed by 1-15 in JJ's Rookie NFL HC gig showed us similar bare cupboards pre-Herschel trade. Some might even argue Russell Maryland never played up to a #1 overall pick status either. Dallas made some mistakes along the way - they just had enough picks to make missing on some forgivable. These 1st 5 picks in 2 rounds this year with some good FA choices could change things considerably.
  8. The Jacksonville approach

    That -or- FA studs that know we're 1-31 in our last 32 games and 4-49 in our last 53 games don't think their careers will be long enough to justify their decision to come here. We have a new FO that shows me our owner may be willing to sever ties with stuff that wasn't working. At least I hope it does....
  9. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    True but Jimmy Johnson's first record in 89 was 1-15 with the task of overhauling talent on both sides of the ball. IF Jimmy J and Jerry J didn't make the Herschel Walker trade expediting the arrival of help - I'm guessing the Troy Aikman story has a few more concussions and growing pains. Another important variable in all this was pegging guys right with draft criteria and egos at the top working together (at least long enough to get it all off the ground). This off season is a tremendous opportunity for the FO. Regardless of what people think of Sashi's draft choices, Dorsey made it a point to say Sashi set him up good for his first draft here and rightfully so. 5 draft picks in the first 2 rounds can jumper cable us right out of park especially if the people making the choices can tell the difference between a Michael Thomas and a Corey Coleman. I think we have room to add a pick of the litter at QB especially when #4 overall puts us in position to add a pick of the litter at another position. Then we have 3 picks in round 2 plus a lot of cake to compete for the yes price tags of FA.
  10. This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Yeah, NE apparently had the defense and Coaching Pittsburgh lacks. THANK GOD Pittsburgh looked at a 45-42 loss and concluded they needed to fire their Offensive Coordinator. After all, throwing 5 TD passes to 1 INT with 469 yards passing the same week RB LeVeon Bell showed up late to meetings and practices (following bitching about his contract) had to find Tomlin scapegoating everything to his OC. After all, Tomlin was the same guy who threw the only WAR Veteran on his team under the bus for his decision to go out stand for the National Anthem. In fact, he made it a point to alienate his Left Tackle. Roethlisberger later tried to cover that up with they didn't have enough time to get out on the field. If offense really WINS Championships, maybe that franchise needs to look in the mirror and ask itself why they can't win when they score 42 points. It all starts with the Doofus they crowned HC that Charles Barkely rightfully blasted for what he did to the War veteran. Maybe a fitting end to this year would be 2 patriotic places like Philadelphia and Boston/Foxborough playing for it all in the Superbowl. That said, I would love to see Upstate NY native Tom Coughlin rewarded for the about-face in Jax. The ONLY former Parcels' Assistant to beat BB head to head twice in the Superbowl is Tom Coughlin. They did that with relentless heat Brady wasn't used to (to the extent one of those ended an undefeated season). And now Sacksonville has similar matchups except for the Gronkasaurus. I WANT Jax but think the Gronk X-factor plus more playoff experience changes the matchups enough for Brady to get the ball out of his hands quickly all game long for the WIN. If Minnesota is going to beat Philly, they're going to have to do it in front of 70,000 Ghoolies. Just add alcohol and you quickly understand why previous crowds at Veterans Stadium booed Santa Claus and needed jail cells. They even had a court room in that stadium. It's like consolidating 50 Jerry Springer episodes into one 3 hour event. Color me intrigued... All that said, the outrageous ending to last week's game in Minnesota; to the Case Keenum NOBODY on this planet saw coming; to the possibility of a home game on Superbowl Sunday all point to sometimes things are just bigger than the game itself. The pressure is on Philly (due to home field) and once that team tends to experience adversity this far into the playoffs - they tend to asssss pucker and drop anchor. I say Minnesota wins leaving the 70,000 Ghoolies hating their home team all over again sponsored by Ancestry.Com... Superbowl matchup will be NE vrs Minnesota in Minnesota.
  11. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    Thanks for the reply. I disagree that Aikman had good talent around him in 89 and here's why. I think the only BIG name guy there was Michael Irvin - just 1 year after the 3-13 talent pool got a HOF Coach Tom Landry fired. Emmitt Smith and Jay Novacek weren't there yet while future Pro Bowl Lineman like Erik Williams, Larry Allen and Marc Stepnoski had yet to be drafted. FB Moose Johnston was just a rookie so the play makers he was sentenced to were: RB Paul Palmer, WR Derrick Sheppard, WR Kelvin Martin, and TE Steve Folsom. He got 2 concussions just from the Philadelphia Eagles as a rookie QB reminding me he needed way more help than what was there. Again, Aikman was a consensus #1 QB that was drafted 1st overall while Kizer was polarizing at best prior to joining a 1-15 team here. He was drafted somewhere in the middle of round 2 in a QB draft class that labelled many of its top QB prospects NFL projects. The only thing that closely resembles that Cowboys team and their QB situation is the volume of draft picks they got from a Herschel Walker trade to expedite the emergence out of growing pains (while trades have this team set up for 5 picks in the first 2 rounds). Unfortunately, I don't think this equips Kizer with the same accuracy and football IQ Troy had. I've certainly been wrong before though - especially now with the types of offenses today's QBs in being trained in at the college level.
  12. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    One mock draft had us taking Mayfield 1st and Barkley 4th. You have to ask yourself are the teams drafting 2nd and 3rd all set at QB? And, will they ever have a better chance to nail their version of pick of the litter at QB (especially when/if Mayfield isn't their #1 QB). In honor of silly season kicking off - If we DID pick Mayfield 1st overall - this pushes the Rosen One and Darnold Duck-HerecomesBosaagain to the 2nd and 3rd team. Now Cleveland has their pick of the litter for whatever player/position they want to go after. This scenario means Barkley will be there at #4 if our FO wants him. At this time I hope they don't want him. There's still good RBs after round 1. Dorsey was in the FO that drafted Kareem Hunt in round 3 so he understands this as well as anyone. Meanwhile, Alvin Kamara was also drafted in round 3. The last time we got bullied into a RB was when we held the 4th overall pick and traded up to #3 to draft Trent Richardson. At the time, it sure seemed like a lot of well paid draft analysts told us that was a great pick. I'll fess up, I was right there with you thinking Richardson was an ideal pick. That's why I never bust your balls about the guy. That said, I do hope we can learn from our mistakes and realize the draft rarely ever runs out of very good RBs after round 1.
  13. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    You can only play the competition the league has. The thing that never changed is "if you beat the best - you're the best." The first 10 years of Pro Football for the Cleveland Browns - they were in the Championship Games all 10 years. When they were in the weaker league - they Won the Championship all 4 times. When the Browns (and 2-3 of those teams) joined the NFL - Cleveland made all 6 NFL Championship Games (won half of them - including their very 1st game they were SUPPOSED to lose to Philly in). When this franchise leaned on Ottomatic Graham during his 10 year career - they won 7 Pro Football Championship Titles. Bradshaw had you staining your Fruit of the Looms much far less; and Otto never got benched for a lesser QB all the way into his 4th season. When this franchise leaned on Jim Brown - they only won 1 Pro Football Title (1964). Otto Graham also won a Pro Basketball Championship with the Rochester Royals. Sometimes I'm asked why Rochester, NY has such a HUGE following of the Cleveland Browns fans and I think Otto Graham, Jim Brown (SU) and Ernie Davis (SU). There was also a good lineman John Brown who blocked for Ernie Davis at SU before he played at a high level for the Browns. Here's coaches that learned under Paul Brown: 1) Don Shula - Did anyone else go undefeated in the 70s in spite of a backup QB starting all but 5 games? Has anyone gone undefeated after the 70s? 2) Chuck Noll - This piece of "Offensive Linemen are just a Dime a Dozen" learned a lot as Paul Brown's messenger Guard; maybe even some draft criteria... 3) Bill Walsh - Listed last because he learned the nuts and bolts of the WCO in Cincitucky under Brown. I'm glad SF's dynasty was almost as good as the Cleveland Browns. Even Tom Landry and the Cowboys borrowed a lot of his scouting and draft criteria that was way ahead of his time. Brown was the best High School Coach in the Country before he won a National Title for Ohio State before he created the best 10 year dynasty Pro Football has ever witnessed. Looks to me like the PRO FOOTBALL Hall of Fame is in the right state. No need to drop a plop on the part of our history when winning was a tradition - especially if everyone remembers to take their meds.
  14. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    With Valentine's Day just 3 weeks away, Hallmark and Cupid better get their acts together if they want to keep up with Poe!