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  1. Flugel

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    That's what they said about the Titanic before someone couldn't see the gigantic glacier that sunk it. Kyle Shanahan could tell him exactly what it was like to work for the worst owner in the NFL so a promising coaching career doesn't sink before it has a chance to launch. And the sad part of that was we actually got off to a 7-4 start nobody saw coming the year Shanahan was here before the FO body by Jimmy sank the ship (ending the year with 5 straight losses). Shanahan was smart enough to leave and help Atlanta make it to the Superbowl. Meanwhile Pettine-TheDawg and company all stuck around for inevitable 3-13 season to follow. Let's do the math, after 7-4 start - FO interventions led to 3-18 football the rest of the way. Any chance of a promising football culture to follow had veterans dreaming of greener pastures elsewhere. As we speak, Jimmy still thinks it's a great idea to stick with too many chiefs and not enough indians. Even worse, the chiefs never seem to have any clear concise job descriptions to adhere to. Causing what? Piss poor working relationships and mistrust. The ingredients of why this franchise has had 7 HC changes since Jimmy took over have not changed reminding great candidates to ask what changes the owner has made to the set-up. And here we are.... Poor Stefansky! He seems like a likable and devoted, hard working guy coming here with great intentions. Do we need coaches and a GM or an Exorcist here?
  2. So is the Josh Gordon Fan Club Party of 1 before his table is ready. "Poe, party of 1, your table is ready!" Oops...
  3. Let's give the guy that brought him here some credit in all this too. We also have him being out at a bar at an hour a bar fight broke out while he was still under suspension. The trend shows REFUSES to learn. Just be thankful we have the complete opposite in Nick Chubb who remains dedicated to his team and his profession on and off the field. How bad is Andy Reid hurting without Hunt?
  4. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Gips, why are you letting a guy that played 3 games in Cleveland make you this nervous? I just remembered him. Nothing more until you made it more.... I just got a kick out of it because you're a trivia buff that frequently likes to correct people when they're wrong. AND, you thought you were doing this with me after I jokingly called him a former Cleveland Brown when you immediately Gippered up "I don't ever remember this guy playing for the Cleveland Browns." Well he did and during his short stint of 3 games as an undrafted rookie here - he had 12 KO returns in 3 games with a good average and long of 53 yards. I DID look that up. Around the time he was here, fans (inclusive of me) complained we didn't bring in rookies with any talent. BUT, does a 3 game synopsis for an undrafted guy really tell us what he's capable of? No, but if he can create a positive impression within the short window especially on a team allegedly lacking this - why not give the salary cap bargain more opportunities and see if it can eventually lead to additional role/promotion? Instead, we just let him go as did other teams. Back in the day, the guy in my avatar (Greg Pruitt) cracked in first as a PR/KR guy as Leroy Kelly's career was coming to a close. That said, he generated a lot of excitement in that role to remind us what he's capable of and why we drafted him as high in the draft as we did. If we only gave an undrafted guy like Tony (T-Bone) Jones his first 3 games and cut him - we would have missed out on some very reliable LT play here. The choice is always to quit and start over, which we've done way too frequently IMO - meaning we've wasted a lot of time and training on guys we've never had any intentions on keeping past the cup of coffee. We're never building above the foundation... When I hear coaches and guys that worked for BB in NE quoting him as saying "Don't tell me what he can't do - tell me what he CAN do." For example, TN Titans GM Jon Robinson (who worked for BB in NE for bout 8 years) just did this with a guy like Ryan Tannehill. Their HC Mike Vrabel also played for BB. In taking that quote 1 step further - another thing Vrabel could do as a player was line-up as a TE in the red zone and catch TD passes. And I saw an Offensive Tackle for the Titans catch a TD pass in the playoffs. BB could have easily quit on Tom Brady as a rookie that wore blue jeans to more football games than he dressed for in that 1st season (especially since he wasn't selected until late in the 6th round). When we frequented the playoffs in the 80s, we looked at what guys could do instead of what they couldn't do. Once upon a time, a cluster of injuries to our LBer Corp had Clay Matthews playing all 4 different LBer positions in the 34 D over a 2-3 year span (outside of the original position he was drafted to play here). 1 year after Mack and Byner both rushed for over 1000 yards apiece for us - Lindy Infante got hired as OC and an undrafted RB out of LSU named Herman Fontenot contributed 47 receptions to our offense in 1986 (almost exclusively on 3rd downs). Meanwhile, a little guy without blazing speed (WR Brian Brennan) also gave us 55 receptions almost exclusively on 3rd downs as well. Those 2 guys were never talked about nearly as much as Mack, Byner, Slaughter and Langhorne; but their contributions were invaluable to our 12-4 season. Even Bob Golic who didn't really pan out as an NFL LBer before was transitioned to NT in Cleveland. At a position that counts on superior leverage this made sense considering Golic was a high school Heavyweight State Champion in Wrestling in Ohio. He was the apex of our #1 ranked defense against the run in the AFC back in 1986 which earned him a Pro Bowl honor. Not bad considering his previous team wasn't interested what he couldn't do any longer without the willingness to consider what he could do.
  5. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Well said Larry! Out of the Texans you named - the only guy I missed last year was Fells (although he had way more TD receptions in Houston than he had here). I just never got cozy with the Edward Scissorhands from KC we replaced him with. Let's splash a little perspective cologne on the loss of Hyde and Duke - would anyone on the planet prefer their talent to Chubb and Hunt? That said, just a Fells had a better season in Houston; so did Hyde rushing for over 1000 yards. Even though the guy had the instincts of a raccoon crossing a highway after dark - Mingo didn't draft himself in round 1. After mocking his instincts, I have to applaud the guy's NFL survival skills. I say such a thing because after Cleveland - the following coaches/teams signed him: Bill Belichick (NE 2016), Chuck Pagano (Indy 2017), Pete Carroll (Seattle 2018), Bill O'Brien (Houston 2019). 3 of those teams were playoff teams that utilized him in STs and/or Defensive situations. The smart coaches looked at him as a guy that can can not only run but as one willing to hustle at all times for the situations they need him for. How? Take out the think and remove the stink. FWIW, he'll probably stick around another 3 years which would give him a 10 year career in a league where the average career only lasts about 3.5 years or so.
  6. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    I was only responsible for the truth. I can't control how you handle it.
  7. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    2015 Cleveland Browns Kick & Punt Returns Games Punt Returns Kick Returns No. Player Age Pos G GS Ret Yds TD Lng Y/R Rt Yds TD Lng Y/Rt APYd Team Total 26.1 16 29 325 1 78 11.2 41 1041 0 53 25.4 7304 11 Travis Benjamin 26 WR 16 15 28 324 1 78 11.6 1302 21 Justin Gilbert 24 lcb 9 1 12 339 0 40 28.3 339 41 Raheem Mostert 23 3 0 12 309 0 53 25.8 309 10 Darius Jennings 23 wr 4 1 7 158 0 28 22.6 275 20 Shaun Draughn 28 5 0 5 106 0 31 21.2 117 15 Marlon Moore 28 wr 14 2 3 77 0 29 25.7 158 29 Duke Johnson 22 rb 16 7 2 52 0 30 26.0 965 22 Tramon Williams 32 RCB 15 15 1 1 0 1 1.0 3
  8. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Well said Tia! Or how about former Cleveland Brown (Mostert) that shredded GB's D for about 220 yards rushing and 4 TDs. Stay tuned for Taco telling us how much more important Garoppolo's 8 passes were...
  9. Flugel

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    I feel like one of the English Generals in a bright red coat surrounded by a bunch of American Patriots back in the 1700s when I say "I might have under-estimated this whole thing." I think we even named a store after the British Troops. It's called Target and it has a bright red logo. Anyway, I enjoyed the presser. Likable guy coming here with good intentions and some sense of organizational skills. Did I also hear a philosophy? Okay, maybe he's a little more than just eye candy for Dee. All that said, I've felt this way about other guys we've hired and some of them experienced a culture shock of dysfunction from the owner and his FO. The extensive trend of that has me wondering how is Jimmy and the FO going to be different this time around. When we're tanking for top picks while smarter FOs are trading up for Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson - someone is not understanding the gridiron chess game here. And when Baker starts off setting a rookie record for TD passes despite just 13 starts (on a team coming off 0-16 football) - only to remove his QB Coach and our OL Coach while he awaits his 4th OC heading into just his 3rd season... IMO, a philosophy has to be set. That was the game changer in Pittsburgh back in the 70s which set up an ideal working relationship/marriage between HC and FO. They drafted accordingly, which sure made the coaching thing a lot easier. And if anyone dares to look at Terry Bradshaw's career - they will see his 1st 4 years were a disaster. I remember reading he was getting benched in his 4th season when the alternatives were only Joe Gilliam and Terry Hanratty. BUT, the FO put together 3-4 consecutive great drafts which made the gridiron chess game far less impossible. This doesn't happen if the Owner doesn't setup the environment. If our owner (who was a minority owner in Pittsburgh) finally GETS this - Stefanski has a great chance to succeed.
  10. Good points Tour! That said he was a good OC before he came to Cleveland and took on being a HC and OC. He was awful here. We've hired a lot of Coordinators from better organizations that came here for an absolute culture shock nightmare. It's humbled and tarnished careers of some pretty well respected guys (at least outside of Cleveland). I'm playing pin the tail on the donkey. Only in this scenario the donkey is wearing the blindfolds. And the donkey is Jimmy...
  11. Sorry for venting my frustration. I've always tried been a rose colored glasses guy almost to a fault; but this owner has hired 7 Head Coaches since 2012 and he's still refusing to GET what's wrong. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about the our new Scapegoat, I mean Head Coach. Seems like a nice hard working guy with great intentions coming to a business where they're still trying to get organized at getting organized since 2012. Maybe some day someone they will actually establish some hiring criteria. Until then, it would be nice if our ownership finally hired the right guy even if by accident.
  12. Let's not get sidetracked on that. I'm just REALLY frustrated with what this pathetic ownership did with an ideal opportunity. All they care about is getting richer off the shared revenue of the TV contract. Jimmy just told everyone in the presser he doesn't need to change so he won't. Once a crook - always a crook.
  13. Just wait until one of the most important/influential coaches to Stefanski gets hired as our next Offensive Coordinator. His name? Peppermint Patty Shurmur. Remember Shurmur facing 4th and 1 with a 2 score deficit in the 4th quarter at the Indy 38 yard line against the 31st ranked defense? Shurmur decided our best option was to punt the football, which went past the end zone for a touch back netting us only 18 yards. Indy thanked us for the forfeit keeping the ball for the next 6-8 minutes while everyone on the Cleveland Browns got the message from Shurmur it was okay to quit like he did that day. My dad, who was dying of cancer at the time (just 1 day before Hospice), said I can't believe this storied franchise would ever hire such a F---ing pussy. Even worse (and just like with Ray Horton), here comes the encore we can gag on... I know many think Kubiak will be the guy (OC) but he made it clear he didn't have the time for an OC gig in Minnesota (so he just played Lifeguard to the OC). You almost have to try to suck this bad as an ownership. I feel bad for Stefanski because he didn't hire himself and he's probably a nice guy. It was just the same criteria-free hiring process that has kept this sentenced to "It's only Cleveland." If the owner doesn't care while he's making the most money of his life - why should the league care if his franchise wins or loses?
  14. Flugel

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    😂 Post of the thread Nero!
  15. Flugel

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    I'm starting to like the idea of this guy more every day. While the success at DC is very good - the observation of this guy on the sideline shows me a defense that plays very hard for this guy with a lot of trust behind doing so. I think we have some really good candidates, which would be fine if the people doing the hiring had the 1st clue what they're looking for and why. I think we're about due for some hiring criteria considering we've hired 7 different HCs since 2012....