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  1. Flugel

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    Thanks for sharing that Gips. The area I though he improved most at was where he was making the majority of his tackles (after we went to the 4-3). Most of these were now at the point of attack/LOS rather than 10-20 yards downfield from pursuit angles (which wasn't always his fault). His overall tackle volume decreased which can happen to a guy if his defense gets off the field quicker. I don't know if you remember Shep (or if he left before you arrived); but he used to judge LBers by how many tackles they made. If an opponent throws to LB's hook zone 20 times and he makes the tackle every single time - he has to be an All Pro in his book rather than being seen as the opponent's opportunity to exploit in the game plan. Then I'd ask - have you ever noticed a guy like Teddy Bruschi who prolly has half the foot speed Jackson has but come playoff time against the better competition - Bruschi seemed to a knack for intercepting a pass at the right time or batting it down rather than making the tackle after arriving late. When we got to the 4-3. I thought Jackson also improved at getting back to the depth of his zone quicker and defending passes in lieu of always having to make the tackle from getting there a second too late. In my previous post - I talked about what led to a better instinct and quicker reaction from D'Qwell.
  2. Flugel

    2019 Board Mock: Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Just telling it like it is! I hit the deck LMAO at the Chocolate Laurinaitis. It only makes sense to share a video with Vanilla Chocolate Ice doing the lyrics and music (that people may wanna mute) of his 2017 season at Illinois. I agree with your analysis. Understanding what we saw in the previous video of his senior year, this guy sure comes up with a lot of turnovers defending the pass for a MIKE. Great assets to bring to an NFL Defense in a passing era. I hope he didn't transfer to Maryland just to get on the Ratbirds' radar. But if he DID, I could see that plan getting intercepted by Dorsey-Doe.
  3. Nice job with that Mike! I read the same story during my lunch hour at work yesterday. I've always felt there's something to be said for a guy with something to prove. Aside from the speed thing, the thing that jumped out at me was the kid that was looking for his next meal and place to sleep loved to work out through it all. I have a feeling that work ethic quality portion of his determination impressed Alonzo Highsmith while the 4.3 speed didn't hurt.
  4. Flugel

    Our Trading GM ....The Dorse

    Interesting Gumbs! He had very short tenures on his last 2 teams in Washington and Buffalo after he didn't get a 2nd contract in TN. While Zach Brown has good stop watch and good tackle volumes (especially in Buffalo) - I wonder if he lacks the 1st step instinct of a keeper. Sometimes guys make a lot of tackles because they're consistently the bullseyes of the opponents' game plans. That being the case, you have to ask are these tackles being made in Wali Rainer territory (too far downfield)? Or, are they made at the point of attack via good 1st step instinct from the LBer? Mike Johnson from Va Tech (and the USFL) was my favorite ILB here. Not a big dude at all especially for an ILB; but his 1st step instinct often got him to ball carriers before the Big Uglies could exploit their size advantage. He used to devour teams that liked to trap and pull their guards frequently. Having said all that, I remembered thinking D'Qwell Jackson was overrated via his tackle volume in the sense of where most of those occurred in relation to the point of attack. He made a ton of tackles in pursuit downfield, which showed me an admirable quality of guy that never gave up on plays. That said, I wanted an ILBer best known for smothering plays at the point of attack which ultimately helps the D get off the field. When we switched to a 4-3 this was a game changer for Jackson IMO. We also added veteran LB Scot Fujita around this time; and I remembered Jackson saying how helpful he was to him in the film room particularly at identifying pre snap keys and reads. IMO, Jackson began making way more tackles at the LOS/point of attack which wasn't hard to appreciate at all. He finally played at the level I expected from his foot speed. No reason something like this can't happen for Zach Brown in the right scheme at the right price...
  5. Flugel

    2019 Board Mock: Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Here's a video of Watson that isn't hard to look at but you might want to mute the Ghoolie-esque lyrics...
  6. Flugel

    I have my 2019 "Darkhorse" QB...

    Great stuff! Here's the last 2 years of "thy Will be done" at WVU 2017 11 G 250-388 64.4 cmp% 3490 yds 9.0 ypa 34 TD 12 INT 2018 11 G 266-397 67.0 cmp% 3864 yds 9.7 ypa 37 TD 7 INT I'm gonna go Faber College "Double Secret" Dark Horse with NC State's Ryan Finley. I wouldn't be doing this if he didn't leave me with a powerful first impression vrs Syracuse (who came dangerously close to beating Clemson a 2nd straight year). Anyway, this guy threw with incredible anticipation while blending quick release with good split-second decisions all game. In all, his performance tallied 26 of 44 for 473 yards with 3 TD passes and 1 INT while leading his offense to 41 points at the Carrier Dome on a day Rip Van Winkle coordinated NC State's Defense to a forfeiture of 51 points. Finley is another guy rumored not to have a cannon so his level of football sexy probably gets diluted to a mid-late round projection. Having said that, when you possess a pre-snap intellect and vision that allows you to consistently process the defense in front of you quickly enough to get the ball where it has to go - one doesn't need a bazooka to succeed. Here's Ryan Finley's stats during the 3 years he started for the Wolfpack: 2016 13 G 243-402 60.4 cmp% 3059 yds 7.6 ypa 18 TD 8 INT 2017 13 G 311-478 65.1 cmp% 3514 yds 7.4 ypa 17 TD 6 INT 2018 13 G 326-482 67.4 cmp% 3928 yds 8.1 ypa 25 TD 11 INT Gotta have? No. Steady improvement? Absolutely. If this kid goes to the right situation like NE per say, he could learn from another QB who wasn't anyone's dream PRE-draft (although 1 very creepy rumor has it Brady caused just enough pre-draft groinal warming that Woody lost his wet dream virginity. Stay tuned? No thanks!)
  7. Flugel

    Our Skill Players

    Great stuff and spot on analysis Orion! Like you, I see most of our draft going defense especially early on. #2 TE: I remembered thinking if DeValve could ever stay healthier in the NFL than he could in college - we might have gotten a huge steal. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on that 3-4 years later so... I think Cajuste was also a former college WR turned TE that didn't quite pan out (played injured throughout camp) as well as Evan Moore (mostly due to concussion volumes). There's a some dual purpose TE prospects that intrigue me with mid-late round projection such as: Drew Sample 6'4"251 lbs Washington (summarized as 30 starts, exceptional blocker, above average hands), Josh Moreau LSU 6'4"250 lbs (Recent analysis - superior blocker, surprisingly it was his pass catching ability that impressed scouts during Senior Bowl week), Dax Raymond Utah State 6'4" 250 lbs (described as outstanding blocker and offensive threat) and Jace Sternberger Texas A&M 6"4" 250lbs (48 rec, 832 yards,10 TDs - possesses great mix of bock, catch and run skills as 1 of the more explosive TE prospects)... Found these fellers in Lindy's Draft Guide and the height weight thing is quite the coincidence... Oline/RG: No better way for Dorsey to say "don't worry about it" for the temporary vacancy at RG than signing Bryan Witzmann from a playoff roster (2018 Bears) that started several games on it at RG. He's also previously started games at LG for Houston and KC. We'll be tuning into the training camp/pre-season competition for the starting RG spot. Meanwhile, veteran RT Kendall Lamm joins us after starting 13 games for the Houston Texans in 2018. RT is another training camp competition that intrigues me. I can see us drafting an offensive lineman in round 4 or 5. RB: I think we'll be fine with Chubb, Duke and Hilliard over the 1st 8 weeks. Keep in mind, Duke got a raise/extension heading into last off season so there had to be a FO belief in him. If not, the Rams reminded us late last year how easy it is to find reliable veteran help at RB. WR: This feels like the first time in ages I can say we don't need to waste a draft pick on a WR. I also liked what I saw in Willies not to mention there was a reason he made the team. I love his catch radius as well as the size and length of stride he adds to our perimeter. Secondary: As we saw with the multiplicity of injuries to our CBs last year (inclusive of losing backups) - looking good on paper isn't always enough. We could definitely use another quality corner. We also need to replace a starter at Safety - although Derrick Kindred has starting experience in that spot. He should only get better as the help around him improves. Depth is really needed at both Safety positions. I definitely see us drafting DBs to challenge for starting spots, situational roles and depth LB: Huge need; and we could find a starter via trade, round 2 or trade-up. Both Schobert and Kirksey were injured last year while Collins is gone. DL: Starting line-up looks REAL good on paper. That said, we really need to improve our depth at DT in a draft that seems loaded at the position.
  8. Flugel

    Browns Sign TE Demetrius Harris From KC

    Great stuff Gumbs! Despite the PFF ratings, I think it was much more difficult to help our UFA Rookie LT (for the first 7 or 8 games) and RT Hubbard (who struggled the first half of 2018) than it was to help 1st round LT Eric Fisher and RT Mitch Schwartz. KC ended up in the AFC Championship Game because of their offense that Dorsey did a fine job of putting together... All that considered, I thought Fells did an excellent job via the eye ball test. If we upgraded him for less $ - that will be awesome... That or you could keep things in the context they are presented in. I made sure to include this statement "As hard as it seems to question anything Dorsey is doing right now" you re-contexted it to the bold above. Dorsey was the guy who signed Fells in 2018, and I liked it and appreciated it enough to want to keep it in 2019 right? How is that wanting to nitpick every little move Dorsey makes? If I didn't like what Dorsey was doing, I wouldn't have predicted an 8-8 record last year coming off 0-16 the year before...
  9. Flugel

    Browns Sign TE Demetrius Harris From KC

    What in particular do you see him doing better than Fells especially in the role he'll be needed most for (if we keep in perspective what Njoku was drafted in round 1 to do)? Fells may be older, but his NFL wear and tear didn't start until his late 20s/early 30s. Yeah, we got rid of the 2 million $ against the cap - but our cap health is fine with or without him. What I liked most about him was his ability to help set the edge while he also showcased some big play ability when called upon. IMO, Fells gave us the same quality dual purpose TE reliability/role Steve Heiden once gave us (back when the sum of knee surgeries limited Winslow's ability to help set the edge). It's a pretty significant role in red zone and short yardage situations. My biggest worry in losing Fells is the same one I had about losing Zeitler on the right side - is his replacement ready to help Hubbard when he struggles? As hard as it seems to question anything Dorsey is doing right now, this particular decision feels like a head scratcher. I've been wrong before though...
  10. Flugel

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Mitchell, when healthy last year, looked to be top notch for a #2 corner. If a rookie can come in here and beat out Mitchell, that would make our top 3 corners as good as any in this league (especially with an improved pass rush). That wouldn't suck at all... As outrageous as this sounds - the problem wasn't depth at corner last year. It was injuries to our depth (during the time we went without one or both starters at corner). Both guys named Gaines got injured to the extent Randall had to be our 3rd corner during some of our games. That's just REAL bad luck when you can only commit so many active roster spots to the position.
  11. Flugel

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Tell, you what Mike. When you told me LAST SPRING you had this feeling OBJ would be a Cleveland Brown within the next year - I thought you got into your grandson's glue. Another time you brought it up, I didn't want to buzz kill those nice cold Leg Humpers you were powering down. All I could say is I'll believe that when I see it. I almost called you an ambulance when you said "Just remember who told you first." Well done my man! Way to go Dorsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Flugel

    Perriman headed to Tampa Bay

    Man, I miss Dwayne Bowe !!!
  13. Flugel

    Flowers signing with detroit...

    If Casey Casem was still around - I'm sure he'd be happy to get this over to Dorsey for you... Forgivable? Or...
  14. Clevs, in a Waynes World gone frat party and talkin football kind of vibe - that "mess with the o-lines chem" bait got me just 1 hallucinogen shy of wanting to give up our entire draft to move up for a top DE. You put me in that Dana Carvey-level trance for a second; and I'm not gonna lie. It was terrifying. Does Faber College have a sports journalism program? If so, you should be directing that sucker...
  15. Flugel

    Analhole Brown Goes to Oakland

    Pittsburgh also gave extensions and raises to 2 of their Dime-a-Dozens upfront in the last week - despite what 1 angry Memphis Downwind always blew at us...