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  1. Flugel

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Once upon a time, I felt really bad for the city/loyal fan base of Baltimore when they lost the Colts to Indy. I thought the owner was an epic scum bag to do that to you guys. When the very next owner wired exactly like Irsay does the same thing moving his franchise from Cleveland to Baltimore - he's your hero? BTW, the Browns were 11-5 and beat the NE Patriots in a Wild Card Game just 1 season before Modell sold his soul. Modell being Modell, didn't think Belichick was a good enough Head Coach to keep. Just out of curiosity, what NFL Head Coach has the best record and most Superbowl Championships in the last 20 years? I'll give you a hint: he's not coaching in Baltimore... In their first 10 years of existence, the Cleveland Browns participated in every Pro Football Championship Game possible (winning 7 Pro Football Championships with 3 of those in the NFL). The Cleveland Browns only won 1 NFL Championship when Modell was here which increased their overall sum of Pro Football Championship Trophies to 8 up against 2 Superbowl Trophies for the Baltimore Ravens. What storied franchise would you rather be? I'll take the 8 Pro Football Championships...
  2. Flugel

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    The Defense is NOT solid. I'm waiting to see the SUPERSTARDOM in Vernon because SF ran right at him on the play Breida eventually got his speed up over 22 MPH. This guy is supposed to be a great pass rusher but he seems more content and consistent with peak-a-boo. I'm waiting to see Richardson play like the 1st round talent he's supposed to be. The tackling in our secondary is a mess. Guys were in position to stop first downs on first contact - IF they could tackle. They couldn't. Offensively, they were unprepared from the Head Coach down. No excuses, Freddie is calling the plays and he had no idea what SF was made of. None. Just venting here but I gotta be honest. Last year, we had a lot of discussions in the 2nd half of the year how Baker's ability to get rid of the ball quickly (and accurately) actually made the offensive line look better in pass pro. Somebody might want to show Baker some of that film again; because that was a huge strength that disappeared like a Houdini rabbit. This year, Baker has a different QB Coach replacing Zampese. Before anyone wants to remind me Zampese sucked as an OC in Cincy; that doesn't mean he sucked as a QB Coach there or here. Cincy was 12-4 in Hue's last year as OC; but he sucked as a HC and OC here. Zampese had a positive impact on Baker in 2018 reflected in the much better performance. Right now, Baker is either not getting good QB coaching or he doesn't respect is QB Coach enough to be coached up by him. Another thing I thought Baker was really good at last year was throwing a pass over 1 defender to our Receivers in front of the next defender. He layered it in - while far too many of his throws are sailing high. The game plans seem to be forcing OBJ's involvement to the extent of smoke and mirrors giving off the vibe to our opponent "is this really all they can do with OBJ today? How thoughtful!" I was hoping the sum of what we got in offensive coordination last year plus whatever new wrinkles the new OC (that hasn't been allowed to call the plays in Cleveland yet just like he couldn't under Dirk Koetter in TB) could at least add to the playbook. I think Jeff Foxworthy wants us to know - "You might be a red neck if you came up with idea that a crappy TE like Pharaoh Brown should block Nick Bosa in pass pro." Even worse, what knucklehead improved such an idea? If you want to lose the buy-in from players - that'll do it. What is that guy still doing on this roster? I thought they were going to do a screen pass with the inevitable but no such luck. There was a lot of stupidity in our leadership on the sideline and during the week of preparation that made SF play their perfect game. I remembered Freddie saying heading into the TN game that the Browns had been preparing for TN for 3 weeks. 18-19 penalties and a lopsided margin of defeat later - I gotta wonder WTF they prepared for. Both losses vrs TN and SF aren't easy to forget or sugarcoat. The Browns and Coaching Staff made both opponents look a lot better than they have looked against many of their other opponents. It looked like we had Rain Man playing our Gridiron Chess... If we have the right leadership (from coaches and players), this stuff gets cleaned up THIS week. It doesn't get any easier though. Russell Wilson is coming to town with the top completion % for most of 2019 and an elusiveness making him tough to tackle. Miles Garrett says he wants to be an MVP, how about looking like Nick Bosa looked against us? That wouldn't suck. We know we have the play makers on both sides of the ball. If this team prepares like it should - game days won't be so freakin disappointing. It was proven at Ratville just last week...
  3. It would be nice to see Jimmy Haslam step outside of his church mouse quiet comfort zone and demand answers. As long as he doesn't, the league will continue with - it's only Cleveland and they'll get their usual plastic apology from us. Not for nothing, but a real flag happy league against the Browns sure puts quite a bit of effort in pretending they don't see ANY holding on OBJ and Miles Garrett. Some of that includes some hands to the face and different variations. If this was the NE Patriots - we'd get the yellow flag serenades from the officiating crew all the way til points are added to the scoreboard or until the opponent actually adheres to the rules. Am I asking for too much here? I mean WTF!!!!
  4. Flugel

    The Scottish Hammer

    Speaking of Tressel, yesterday I heard one of the commentators mention a Tressel was the DC of Michigan State. I didn't catch the first name; but I couldn't help but wonder if it was Jim's son. It would kind of make sense considering D'Antonio was Jim Tressel's DC when they won the National Championship.
  5. Flugel

    The Scottish Hammer

    Or, get the kid a DRAFT and find out the other reason he's the Scottish Hammer!
  6. Flugel

    The Scottish Hammer

    YAHTZEE! It's very refreshing Mike! The guy before Amos (Chris Tabor) who went to Chicago to throw their last minute playoff rally from a very doable FG into quicksand. Talk about a buzz kill. Chicago also finished 32nd (last) in kick returns in a windy city where touchbacks are very infrequent in the cold months of November and December. A couple dejavues there. We had that same Cody Parkey miss 3 kicks for us in an OT loss to Miami under Tabor's leadership. We also remembered how unimpressive our return units were under Tabor with all the repeated blocks in the back and holding penalties we witnessed (even on freakin touch-backs and fair catches). I still remember our FG unit with a chance to beat the Rats on Monday or Thursday Night Football - only to watch them block the kick and return it for a TD. Knowing Harbaugh's very first coaching position after being promoted from the Strength and Conditioning staff in Philly was STs - you woulda thunk STs would have been more disciplined and better prepared for the matchups with Harbaugh's team. Unfortunately, no team tar and feathered our STs units more than Ratville. And then there's the opener our defense held LeVeon Bell to about 2 yards a carry when the game winning points for Pittsburgh could be found with their blocked punt and recovery in the end zone. Lucky for Amos, we were kind of used to the extended football follies on special teams. Lucky for us, Dorsey didn't want us to remain used to it...
  7. Flugel

    The Scottish Hammer

    Well said! Meatball on spaghetti, a lot of his punts are pinning opponents inside their 20 yard line...
  8. Shoot Breath, this might be the most adorable example of Coyote Ugly I've ever seen. Just to refresh your memory - you couldn't even talk about AB in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 without needing an underwear change. You sounded like you were on ecstasy every time you posted about him. It got so creepy I almost bought stock in Fruit of the Loom. It wasn't that long ago somebody in here was warning Cleveland fans about how many Superbowls the Killer Bees were going to win together with all that time they had left in Pittsburgh. HINT: It wasn't Gipper... Gee, who could have shared such a Careless Whisper?
  9. Flugel

    Hello! You know...Garrapolo is a Free Agent

    Bootleg's are nice but 1 of the times Jimmy Garrapolo went outside the pocket at the beginning of 2018 - he ended up on IR. A lot of times, Waggle Passes utilize QB bootlegs which are set up from the running game. Teams use different terminologies but back in the late 80s-early 90s we set it up from the Buck series (sweep & trap) in the Delaware Wing-T. When you have an athletic line skilled at trapping and pulling, you can put some really good eye candy on film. When you don't, the X's and Uh-O's can expose your QB to some trauma. Back when Kyle Shanahan was here, he used the bootleg passes with Hoyer quite frequently. The reason for that is he had some success doing so especially early on when the Browns got off to a 7-4 start that nobody saw coming. The problem he eventually encountered was once enough teams got this on film, it wasn't that difficult to stop and Hoyer began to struggle. I remembered us being favored to beat Jax when they put on an absolute clinic on how to defend this.
  10. Flugel

    The Scottish Hammer

    Right after the above photo was taken, Mike's barber called to tell him he forgot something...
  11. Classic Hochuli! Father & son can tell you every rule in the book. The problem is they aren't always in position to MAKE the correct call - or in this case overrule the call of the official that was in much better position than the Wundumsonnabitch.
  12. Flugel

    I'm Convinced Freddie Is An IDIOT!!

    And don't forget the former official joining the commentators said if anyone on our staff knew enough to challenge the call/no call on one of the previous plays - it would have only been 3rd and 9 instead of 4th and 9. I felt like I was watching a lost episode of Hee Haw or something...
  13. Flugel

    1 theory on why Baker is struggling

    Is he worthy of such optimism? NE used to play Mike Vrabel as an extra TE in the red zone and short yardage situations when their TE inventory was low. Is Bill Belichick the only coach on the planet that doesn't think it's rocket science to give someone on his defense a very doable role at TE? We don't have anyone with a TE frame on our defense that could fill this role or H-Back/FB? It isn't like we're overworking Chad Thomas, Genard Avery, or Ricky Ticky Takitaki. Daniel Ekuale has a decent frame with the athleticism of a DE. We could even put Drew Forbes out there as a 2nd TE and use him primarily as an extra blocker. I'm sure he could learn a very short route or 2 in the process. Again, the alternative is Pharaoh Brown...
  14. Flugel

    1 theory on why Baker is struggling

    Interesting. Bad habits are unfolding and being repeated. And when you shrink the field to a 3rd where there's more DBs than Receivers in the area - you get easier to stop or intercept. Baker has 3 TD passes to 5 INTs today. All young QBs need coaching IMO. Maybe Zampese did a better job with Baker as his QB Coach than those that let him go were willing to admit. Continuity is also important in this thing. I've seen it typed Zampese sucked as an OC in Cincy which is prolly true. That said, Cincy was 12-4 with Hue as their OC which didn't prevent him from being a horrible HC and OC here. I think Zampese also helped Freddie design some new plays/wrinkles that Freddie got all the credit for like our former offensive line coach mentioned after the door hit him in the asss on the way out. Every time I hear someone say Baker reminds them of Brett Favre - I'd much rather have Baker reminding them more of Drew Brees. Mostly from the mastery of mechanics. If we remember Brees' humbled beginnings - SD finished with the worst record in football during Brees' 3rd NFL season. That led to them drafting Eli 1st who already told SD he wouldn't play there. Consequently they had to end up trading Eli to the NY Giants to draft Philip Rivers at #4 overall. Rivers held out the length of training camp and Drew Brees got to swing at 4th pitch/season ending in Pro Bowl and 12-4 record. Brees was not immediate but the length of his career and excellence speaks for itself. Now I'm starting to see Baker throw off a backward hop into traffic after locking onto the target. It didn't get the same Favre-like no risk no reward result. Then again, Favre didn't always get away with that as his volume of INTs throughout his career remind me. The first 2-3 years of Favre's career in GB they called him wild thing because he took risks and threw a lot of TD passes in spite of outrageous mechanics and decisions (that also prevented a great TD:INT ratio). There's still 13 weeks left so lets see what happens...
  15. Flugel

    Browns going after Ramsey

    It IS data Tour. When I lived in Nashville, former Pro Bowl DB Blaine Bishop read the summary of a killer good passing performance Aaron Rodgers had. Then he read the piss poor score PFF gave Rodgers for the performance when he cautioned the caller about using them over the eye ball test and stat sheets as the tell all. Frank Wychek also chimed in that they weren't very good at understanding reach and hinge pass protections when he pointed out they were crediting the wrong OL for the sack surrendered. He wasn't sold on PFF either until the people grading OL had the background and understanding of what scheme they were grading. And when you were giving some mediocre at best PFF scores for KC linemen you specified - I felt compelled to remind you their offense scored the most points out of 32 teams, and had the #1 offense and where they ranked at throwing the ball. Truth of the matter is those individual PFF scores reported weren't even close to reflecting what that oline in KC accomplished as a group within Andy Reid's schemes. 1 of the biggest things I admire about you aside from your knowledge of the game/league - is the time you commit to breaking down film and sharing the results of that passion with us. I'm sure the data does agree with your eye ball test a lot of the time. But I hope you got what I was getting at here. Line is a schematic and chemistry thing. One of the debates and concerns people had pre-season was how do we replace Zeitler and his elite PFF scores. Well, we went 0-16 in 2017 in spite of how good he can be while NY is off to an 0-2 start with him right now (w/one of the most talented RBs in the league). Not for nothing, Cincy's offense sucked the last year he was there (not saying it's his fault per say) - but lines need to be graded as a group. We kept 4 starters from our 2018 line so I felt like if we could improve despite losing Joe Thomas to retirement last year - we should be able to do the same without Zeitler if we go with an experienced replacement. In 2 years, this team is trying to overcome the losses of Joe Thomas and Kevin Zeitler (2 of Wisconsin's finest); but having a continuity of 4 guys should be able to have the group grade out well overall. Here we were coming off 0-16 football sentencing ourselves to the worst of 2 evils at LT. And when we discovered we got that wrong at first, we ended up with Robinson and the line steadily improved as a group as did our rookie QB while Chubb had a great rookie year as well. I really wanted us to keep what looked like a good combination of TEs last year. I don't care what Fells is doing in another offense this year. He was reliable help for our Tackles, rookie RB that averaged 5.2 ypc and pretty good when thrown to. This year we've almost completely eclipsed the TE value right out of our offense (albeit Njoku's injury wasn't something we can control). I don't have any confidence in the TEs were left counting on. This won't help Baker IMO. I hope I'm wrong.