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  1. With all due respect, I don't think we should keep rolling with it. The glass chin they keep shattering is knocking us out more so than our opponents are able to. If that's not a problem worth fighting - we're all wasting serious time following this league. The league seems to care more about pleasing customers in England and Mexico City than long time fans/customers like us and player safety of our 1st overall investment. Somebody at the top of our organization needs to show us he has 2 testicles here with a video collage of specific examples the refs boning us up the asss without the vaseline.
  2. When these players are working hard to be thought of as something better than the 0-16 record many in this country still see them as - it sure would have been nice if Garrett's hit on Ben outside of the pocket didn't get flagged (ultimately giving Pitt a TD instead of the FG they would have settled on). That's a 4 point swing on a game that wouldn't have required OT. It would have been just as nice if the Referee didn't over rule the official not only in better position of the hit but also exhibiting better understanding of what is supposed to be a HUGE priority to enforce. Instead, it sure seems like officiating crews are still defaulting to "it's only the Cleveland Browns that never make the playoffs anyway." I wish I could feel different but there's also the Derek Carr fumble which would have been the knockout punch that would ended the comeback. That's 3 wins I count taken out of this team's hands. YES, all teams have bad calls go against them but none of them are coming off an 0-16 football season in terms of ability to overcome that.
  3. Flugel

    Fire Hue now!

    If we only win 3 or 4 games "Adios Pato" will also suffice. I learned a little Spanish from Cheech and Chong's yellow album back in the day. That's the good news. The bad news is I thought it was enough to blow off studying for the final exam in junior high school. Guess who went to summer school?
  4. Flugel

    Hyde traded

    I don't normally criticize either one of our Guards; but I think both of them had costly penalties that were avoidable. Not only that; but they should have been able to wedge block the 2 plays from TB's 1 yard line better than the result we got from it against that opponent without McCoy IMO. With the experience volume and the high salaries Bitonio and Zeitler are making here - comes an expectation of consistency, reliability and leadership they need to uphold better than they did this week. I do realize both guys are probably multi-tasking in some hand holding/baby sitting of 2 OTs that WON starting jobs in training camp for the first time of their careers. That may be harder than it looks; because Steinbach made it look so easy when he did that for Joe Thomas just a year or 2 before repeating it with Alex Mack at Center. Love your thinking about Baker and the bootlegs. I think we'll have better opportunities in the near future than our first half set up for us yesterday as surprised as I was to see what unfolded at the LOS. Bootlegs and waggles thrive off the running game's success inside and outside. If either/both is comprised by OTs getting their asss kicked, we have a better chance at selling tanning beds in the Tropics than playaction fakes for the bootleg. Not only that, but it sure looked like we underrated the Hell out of Kwon Alexander in our game plans and right down to the very detail of any of our newbies tipping off tendencies at the line of scrimmage before he got hurt. He looked like Luke Keuchly out there with 1st step instinct and preparation for the match-up.
  5. Flugel

    Hyde traded

    He's also really unique in the sense he looks like he's faster when guys start bouncing off him. After the draft, I found and shared a video of that showed very thing I just mentioned about him featuring many of his TD runs in the SEC. Aside from that, he actually aced some of the Underwear Olympics in Indy that would entice NFL teams to look at the tape to see if it showed up on film as well. I think the National Championship against an extremely well prepared Bama front for the UGA's tendencies with him was about the only mulligan he needed on a sensational career that should have had enough film showing this kid could blaze.
  6. IMO the most disturbing part of it all is that despite the official closest to the hit throwing his flag - the referee over-ruling him and waiving it off started that play positioned in our backfield 5-7 yards behind Baker and didn't move downfield until after Baker crossed the LOS. Not only that, when Baker crossed from 1 side of the field to the other - the Referee that is trailing the action looks for blocks in the back and holding on all the pursuit also crossing from 1 side to the other. In other words, there were a lot of obstructions and distractions for the Ref to see through in order to have a superior view that would enable him to waive off the flag. Now, add the hit Garrett had on the 260 lb Roethlisberger OUTSIDE of the pocket which gave them a first and goal inside our 5 yard line instead of the FG they should have had. They got a TD from it instead of just 3 points in a game that went into OT. Over the years, how many times has Roethlisberger broken arm tackles outside of the pocket run or pass? There's 2 of our OT games where the BAD calls went against this team coming off an 0-16 season where bullshitt apologies mean nothing more than "it's only the Cleveland Browns." Until I see otherwise from this league - they don't give me too many reasons to feel otherwise. Please spare me the lectures of all teams get bad calls against them because it's not nearly as frequent as this team takes it up the dumpster from them. They also made sure they weren't going to allow Derek Carr's fumble that would have provided the game over knockout punch. There's 3 wins they've taken from our players IMO.
  7. Flugel

    how bout dat der carl nassib feller!

    True about the reach on Chad Thomas; but here's something Pluto points out that WSS shared in another thread. Sorry to borrow this but it seems pertinent enough to point out here as well in the sense this 5th round pick is a steal to make up for Chad Thomas at this time. 11. According to PFF, Ogunjobi and linebacker Genard Avery led the Browns defense with five "quarterback hits." Another meaningful category is "quarterback hurries," meaning putting pressure on the passer as he throws. Ogunjobi leads the Browns with 14. Avery and Myles Garrett have eight each. 12. Yes, you keep seeing Avery's name when it comes to the Browns defense. The rookie from Memphis has a chance to be a terrific pass rusher. He could be a steal in the fifth round. Avery is listed as a LBer and played LBer in college much like another LBer Gregg Williams once converted to a DE at the TN Titans named Jevon Kearse (which ended with Kearse being named Defensive ROTY). Williams prefers to use Avery on the edge in a 3 point unless injury volumes dictate standing him up (and blitzing him instead). The irony is both guys played a lot of their college football in a 2 point stance as a LBers that spent way more time dropping into coverage than rushing passers.
  8. Flugel

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I grew up (that's debatable) watching so many QBs that loved to party in college like Bernie Kosar, Jim Kelly, Brett Favre, Tommy Kramer, Wade Wilson, and others. Some of them still became good-great pro QBs anyhow. So, I thought Manziel would also be able to do that so this knucklehead was all excited we drafted him. If my career depended on pegging NFL QBs right, I'd be sleeping under bridges...
  9. Flugel

    Hue's Presser

    He wore me right the flock out when my biggest worry was firing him during the 2018 season. I ran out of anything I can defend him with any more. I chose co-exist and he gave me co-exhaust.
  10. Flugel

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I enjoy most of your posts Aggies; but don't blame anyone but JFF for not giving the NFL the time of day he prioritized to partying. Like Canton Dawgs is saying, there's 31 other NFL teams that gave him the exact same "no thanks" that has him playing in Canada. Is he even tearing that level of competition up?
  11. Hey, that's what I used to call him!
  12. Flugel

    Fire Hue now!

    Gregg Williams is also a former HC with the Buffalo Bills. To all the guys that want Hue fired. HOLD ON A SECOND... Okay, that second is over.
  13. Flugel

    how bout dat der carl nassib feller!

    Who says Cleveland didn't develop the Nassib? Cleveland developed him. Tampa's DC got fired last week because they weren't putting a pass rush on QBs while their corners/fill-ins for injuries to both starters were also struggling in coverage. Now, in week 7, he finally got a decent amount of reps for a team that previously struggled to pressure opposing QBs. From where I sat in the stadium, Ogbah made some BIG plays for our defense as did Myles Garrett. Would we have ranked #1 in getting turnovers this year if our defense couldn't put pressure on passers? If our offense would have capitalized on some of the turnovers the defense created yesterday - we might have won that game. When we can't score a TD from inside Tampa's 1 yard line on back to back plays - I'm not going to blame OUR edge rushers for it Clevsies. Instead of trying to hurry to snap the ball on 4th down there - (depending on how much time was left in the game) I was hoping Hue would challenge the spot since the Oakland showed us how important such a challenge is. When the home team didn't play the replay on the 2 big jumbo-trons - that's usually a really good sign it might be a great idea to challenge the play instead of hurrying to the next snap. I guess that's what I deserve for hoping we wait until after the season to fire Hue in lieu of expediting a situation of pitting Haley vrs Williams as soon as possible. Looking at what we did/didn't do with the turnovers our defense got us yesterday - there may already be a War of the Roses relationship between Haley and Williams getting worse since we first heard Williams' snap back at Haley in Hard Knocks about Nassib "THEN BLOCK HIM. YOU GOTTA BLOCK HIM!"
  14. Flugel

    how bout dat der carl nassib feller!

    Even more fitting, it was in a stadium named after a Financial Advice type of business - Raymond James Stadium. Sports radio here has been hoping to see more of him than they had prior to this game on a defense that lacked an ability to pressure QBs before he faced our OTs.