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  1. Flugel

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    You sick bastards! I can't even drink soda while I'm reading this board anymore. I'm left with 2 choices. Clean the beverage off my keyboard or explain to the warden why the keys are all sticky. If it's choice 2 - I'm gonna hunt your asss down and let you explain.
  2. Flugel

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    DWAI. I knew what you meant. It was just a John Belushi/Blutarsky "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" moment... Last time No Joke U had passes thrown at him - he looked like Edward Scissorhands trapped in the wrong career. Hope we get something we need like a LBer in exchange...
  3. Flugel

    What if they cannot play this year...

    God bless ya! I needed that! Not to change the subject but I love exercise - I could watch it all day!
  4. Flugel

    Good study of Wilson

    Thanks for weighing in MJ. I hear ya! That said, I'm glad we have young people eager and enthused to help out the healthcare industry. We're gonna need them.
  5. Flugel

    Good study of Wilson

    Thanks Dutch! Pence finally wore mask in a crowd for the cameras on June 28. A little late for the virus situation but 1party thinks it's not too late for the upcoming elections.
  6. Flugel

    Good study of Wilson

    I'm probably not the only one thinking they'll have about 14-15 months before they'll play their next regular season game. FWIW, Schobert didn't really GET IT as a rookie either. Now that he started exceeding the expectation of where/when he was drafted - he'll be employed in a state where the Corona virus had 9,585 new cases yesterday and over 8,900 cases the day before. That's in the same state that was going to host the Superbowl (in Tampa where Tom Brady and Gronk signed to help that team). As we speak, some TB Bucs have already tested positive while 2 coaches were in quarantine awaiting results. The Governor of Florida (where Trump has a home and resort), also withheld unemployment checks by not fixing the software people had to apply on. Millions didn't get their first unemployment checks until after the state re-opened.Geee, why would that be? Well, The President was pointing out all his enemies (Democratic Leaders of States) had bad economies from the virus while his allies all reflected good economies under the circumstances. Okay, so if you don't pay the unemployment - your state posts better economic results placing PEOPLE second and INTEGRITY last. Is a Democracy for the people or just Trump's Cheerleaders? Magically when people started returning to work the glitch got fixed. Tell me that didn't have Trump's influence all over it. It's more about his election than the people. As long as we're stuck with the Brat-In-Charge of this country, the type of leadership we'll continue to see is never ending finger pointing, endless white house turnover of hand selected Trump-ets, and pitting US Military against Americans for the President's photo op session (at a church he hadn't attended since 2019). The Bishop of the Episcopal Church and at least 2 former highly decorated Military Generals (Kelly and Mattis) blasted the brat for that. The 2020 NFL Season isn't the only thing today's White House Leadership will devour. In the last week, the Brat asked a lot of his Cheerleaders to attend rallies in states that have had alarming increases in the incidence of the virus. Just when it can't get any more outrageous there seems to be growing trend of "REAL LOYALISTS DON'T WEAR MASKS" like their leader and his hand picked task force leader that recommended wearing masks while frequently refusing to wear one in crowds. Like many of Trump's hand selected hirees (he fired within a year or so) have cautioned - his biggest problem is he doesn't read or research. All inconvenient truth that will interfere with Trump's rallies and campaign opportunities will continue to be called fake news. He's not worried about PEOPLE at all - even his cheerleaders. All he wants to do is WIN an election for his ego not the people (or should I say at least half the people?) Yay! Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to get excited about this season. I work in health care were the reality isn't nearly as fake as the President and his hand picked task force leader. If it came down to it - I'd vote for a cinder block over the current Brat-In-Charge. As we speak, the only Trump Cheerleaders wearing masks in the south are the KKK. Sorry for the rant but this country is in trouble today...
  7. Flugel

    Nick Chubb - emerges as leader, inspiration

    I stopped buying jerseys after the following trend. I bought a Tim Couch jersey and he ended up on IR. I bought a William Green jersey; and then he got stabbed by his girlfriend/fiance right before he got suspended for drug use. On the opening day of training camp, at the end of my ride from Rochester, NY for the afternoon practice- I was in the store to buy a LeCharles Bentley jersey when Atenears (Stan) met up with us there. I thought he was busting my chops when he said - Flugel you might want to buy another jersey because the Bentley ain't gettin out of the garage this season. ARRRGGGGHHHHH! I brought Braylon Edwards' jersey right before Cleveland played in Nashville; and he turned into Edward Scissorhands. Unfortunately, it had his name on the upper back or I could have kept the 17 in honor of Brian Sipe. Do they sell jerseys without names on the upper back any more? If so, I'd buy a #34 (Greg Pruitt and Kevin Mack) and 73 (Joe Thomas and Doug Dieken). I ended up donating most of those jerseys to people in need. I gotta go - the R-Wing has a sale on Trump jerseys...
  8. Flugel

    Nick Chubb - emerges as leader, inspiration

    Chubb is very easy to root for. There are a lot of similarities between the 2 guys. But, the 1 thing that stands about Jim Brown in accordance with all those that played with him or against him(as well as those that coached him or against him) - he was the best RB in the league. Meatball on spaghetti, most of those guys also thought he was the best player in the game throughout that period. Similarities I see is they both came from college programs that were establishing strong RB traditions. SU had Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Larry Csonka, Floyd Little, Joe Morris, Moose Johnston, etc. UGA had Herschel Walker, Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, etc. They both lettered in different sports before Pro Football. The program at SU that has their most National Championships is their Lacrosse Program while it's Basketball Program was known for it's consistency of winning. Jim Brown played basketball, football, lacrosse and track there - earning 10 letters in 4 years. While he was best known for his football heroics on a national level, many people at SU that he was even more dominant at lacrosse (All American Midfielder (Center) - that never lost face offs and finished 2nd in the nation with 43 goals in only 10 games as a senior. He told the NY Times in 1984 "Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played." Although not as well rounded, Chubb starred in football as well as track and field. In high school, Chubb excelled in events like the shot put, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash. He was a state champion in the shot put while he competed in the state finals for the 100 meter dash. The SEC first learned who he was when Todd Gurley got suspended. In just 8 starts, Chubb finished with 1547 yards rushing and 14 TDs which was good enough for 2nd overall in the SEC. He also had 18 receptions for 213 yards and 2 TDs My favorite quality of Chubb aside from his work ethic and talent - is the ability to refrain from the "I before team" mentality. This distraction-free quality is often displayed by his ability to remain quiet regardless of how talented he is. He doesn't have to act like TO (MeO) and remind the entire crowd at the stadium he just scored a TD all by himself without any help from his teammates. He's a hungry feller with an insatiable appetite to improve. That's a leadership quality Baker Mayfield should take note of. Being content with yesterday does nothing for your tomorrow. Jim Brown was like Chubb too when he scored regardless of how remarkable the run was. He just handed the ball to the official. If my memory is correct, Jim Brown also never missed a start because of injury in spite of how many times he faced 9-10 men in the box.
  9. Flugel

    NFL / Covid Updates

    A big part of the hospital volume being down is that elective surgeries ceased all over the country. These are just starting to resume; but that doesn't guarantee anyone that has been deferring elective surgery is in any hurry for an inpatient hospital stay or outpatient visit.
  10. Flugel

    NFL / Covid Updates

    The masks not only protect you from droplets/germs of others; but they also protect others from your droplets/germs. 2 fold prevention comes from science. A need to call inconvenient truth "fake news" comes from paranoid politicians that rarely ever tell the truth. They're looking for a few good knuckleheads like you to buy their bullshittt hook line and sinker. Is that Calfox above all dressed for safety and success at the dealership he bought his truck at?
  11. Flugel

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Very interesting. Thanks Tia! I was editing during your reply to me to add in the height and weight for Phillips at his Pro Day on 4/03. He lost an inch on the height and 4 lbs on his weight 1 month after the Combine. I'm glad our DC had input on this considering it's his scheme he compared the 2 guys for.
  12. Flugel

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Here's Jacob Phillips combine measurements and his grade. He's actually listed at 6'4" and 233 lbs although scrolling down further shows his Pro Day on 4/3/20 lists him at 6'3" and 229 lbs. They gave him a D for a grade fwiw. https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=30236
  13. Flugel

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    I'm also surprised we didn't go after Harrison because he's better against the pass IMO. 1st step instinct doesn't get measured at Indy; but it shows up on film (when seeing how consistently a LB gets into coverage/zone on time). The volume of pass breakups can also reflect it. That's not as much of a knock on Phillips as it is a credit to Harrison. Phillips led the National Champions in Tackles (inclusive of his teammates drafted ahead of him) and he has some good qualities as well. Here's a statistical comparison of the 2 guys the last 2 years (both played 27 games). Source: Athlon Sports NFL Draft Guide 2020 Malik Harrison 2018 13 Games 81 Tackles 8.5 Tackles For Loss 2.5 Sacks 3 QB Hurries 1 INT 4 Pass Breakups 2019 14 Games 75 Tackles 16.5 Tackles for Loss 4.5 Sacks 1 OB Hurry 0 INT 4 Pass Breakups Jacob Phillips 2018 12 Games 87 Tackles 5.5 Tackles For Loss 1 Sack 5 QB Hurries 1 INT 3 Pass Breakups 2019 15 Games 113 Tackles 7.5 Tackles for Loss 1 Sack 3 OB Hurries 0 INT 1 Pass Breakup Free agency and the draft hasn't solved my biggest concerns with the LB Corps: Inexperience and Depth. Hope I'm wrong...
  14. Flugel

    Higgins is back

    Wyatt Teller, who improved the spot quite a bit when he joined us. That said, Ellen Degeneres could have improved it.
  15. Flugel

    Andy Dalton Released

    I think you meant to say Ryan Finley (Ryan Lindley was our QB Coach in 2019); and Finley should be a pretty good backup for Burrow.