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  1. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    Pittsburgh didn't give up on Bradshaw after a miserable 1st 4 years. Go look at those numbers. He wasn't the brightest apple in the orchard either so what did they do to help him? Well, they gave him an ideal offensive line, 2 RBs that rushed for over 1000 yards in the same season when they only played 14 regular season games, WRs like Swann and Stallworth. If that's not enough, they had a suffocating defense that sacked QBs, stuffed running games, and forced countless turnovers while they were elite at keeping their opponents' scoring down. Meatball on spaghetti, they also scored points on defense. As we saw in the Cincy game this year with the turnovers our D forced, it reminded us of how much our defense helped us win last year. Last year, they were way better at forcing turnovers which helped the Browns win more frequently. Nothing better than starting a drive at the opponent's 15 yard line where your worst case scenario is 3 points taking pressure off the offense.
  2. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    While I appreciate all your effort with clips that support your points; I don't need to watch replays of things I've seen plenty of this year. This year is far from the tell-all on Baker just like playing in Miami was far from the tell-all about Ryan Tannehill. GREAT point about the dropback being too deep after receipt of shotgun snaps. Isn't that something coaching should be able identify and clean-up better than they have? When Drew Brees was in his 1st 2-3 years, he played bad enough to entice the SD FO to draft a QB 1st overall (Eli Manning) - who said "don't draft me because I don't want to play in SD." Well, they did draft Eli and then they realized they needed to trade him with the Giants for Philip Rivers in their 1st round spot. Rivers held out the entire training camp giving Brees 1 more at bat as the starter. Consequently, SD went 12-4 with Brees making his 1st Pro Bowl. My theory is 1 thing they did to help him was draft his Center (Nick Hardwick) in round 3 - who was very cozy snapping for the shot gun spread formations at Purdue. Why would that help some may ask? The reason was to expand the pre-snap peripheral and overall vision of a QB that needed to improve his reads, decisiveness and efficiency. It was also to give him more time and ability to step up and find better throwing lanes. Is it just a coincidence Brees made his 1st Pro Bowl and finally looked like a keeper in that 2004 season? For the record, 2004 was Brees' 4th NFL season after his record as a starter in his 3rd year was 2-9 with 11 TD 15 INT 57.6 cmp % and 67.5 pass rating compared to his 11-4 record as starter on 2004 with 27 TD 11 INT 65.5 comp% and 104.8 pass rating. In comparison, Baker's 3rd season was 26 TD 11 INT 95.9 pass rating and his rookie season was 27 14 pass rating 93.7. A better start than Brees leading me to wonder if we should just throw in the towel like SD was starting to do prematurely on Brees or find things on film that are holding him back. You're finding examples of plays that didn't work and summarizing Baker missed the open target which is great. But WHY is this year harder for him to spread the ball around to multiple targets with the success he had last year? I've seen plenty examples of OBJ getting open and running himself into coverage while Baker was going through his progressions. Meanwhile, I don't see a lot of our younger receivers knowing how to sit in a pocket when they're open. Experience is huge in that and hopefully younger guys are getting coached up to expedite progress there. I have seen examples of Baker holding onto the ball too long only to ground it inside the pocket which is very frustrating to watch. Then, I've seen him leave the pocket too early deciding to run when he has a target wide open if he only kept his head up while running to the sidelines. Just a question, when our HC prefers to be our OC instead of HC on game day - who is talking to Baker in between series'? It doesn't matter if it was Tom Brady or Mac Jones in NE - OC Josh McDaniel can usually be found next to the QB on the bench going over things that are unfolding on the field. That's just a little thing that adds up in a 60 minute game. Why wait for Monday's film review to go over what needs to be improved? Every time we get a new HC - it seems like they only want to be an OC in lieu of the person they hired to be an OC. In the process, it looks like we're square pegging a round hole in the on going chess match. Coach your QB between series, use overhead film showing the missed opportunities you can improve upon the next series. Nuff on my venting - sorry. The video below still WORKS IF YOU CLICK THE LINK. I like it because it reminds me of what we have in Baker. Down by 3 with 66 seconds left and no time-outs. How does Cleveland erase the deficit enough to make Cincy's last possession requiring more than a FG to win? On that last drive, Baker was left throwing to Hodges, Higgins and rookie DPJ. The back shoulder throw on the GW TD was the only place he complete the throw in the end zone.
  3. Kelce and T. Hill are elite. Kelce was elite before Mahomes started; and shouldn't we also acknowledge Alex Smith QB'd KC to the playoffs? Remember the concerns in Minnesota about Kirk Cousins in terms of whether he was worth the contract commitment? I saw that his ratings have improved quite a bit in the last 2 years. One would have to believe the addition of Jefferson to the WR Corps in the 2020 draft was helpful right? Before last year, Diggs wanted out of that offense Stefanski was coordinating while many of their fans were convincing themselves they just had the wrong QB. Diggs went to Buffalo. Stefanski came to Cleveland; and Cousins improved to the 4th highest passer rating in the NFC at 105 (only behind Rodgers, Brees and Wilson) with 35 TD 13 INT 4264 YDS 67.6 comp%. Meanwhile Stefanski came here and coached us to 11-5 and slapped Pittsburgh upside the head with 48 points in a playoff W at Pittsburgh. It's not just the players needed but it's also the system compatibility. Last year, Baker actually had an ideal TD:INT ratio of 26 TD to 8 INT when the players around him were healthy up front and on the perimeter. It was a nice change for him. Our defense was also a lot better at getting turnovers; and putting our offense in good opportunities for points. A lot of that collapsed this year and some of that has to do with the high volume of injuries fair or not. Have we always had a winning % over .500 with the volume of injuries this team has tried to play through this year? To answer your question, Cap health relies heavily on how well you draft. When we didn't draft well from 1999 until the year we drafted MG, we overpaid on a ton of FAs that didn't help us. Now with the rookie salary caps, I think we can afford to offer Baker a keeper contract here.
  4. If your HC is a run-first oriented guy like he was in Minnesota - these are some reasons I think the empty backfield sets are a bad idea given where this team seems to be stuck on pause with right now: 1. When we've had a backup Guard playing RT while Wills has missed starts/shown no lateral mobility when he plays on the high ankle sprain. Is there a better time to have a RB at least scraping/bumping 1 of the edges coming out of the backfield or just staying in and stepping up to pass pro on the side having the most trouble? Another option is to remember that screen pass NE threw very effectively that the Browns could do if they had RB in the backfield. 2. The first argument to my thought in #1 is the no back formations are for the quick completions to the very reliable WRs that the QB trusts. WONDERFUL! That's awesome. Who are those guys? And how often are they available? Anyone ever look at the who didn't practice and who was limited that did practice? For all the OBJ nonsense, he missed training camp, practices as well as some starts at the last minute that surprised the coach with the game plan? Football is a sport where you play like you practice/prepare. Start reading those injury lists posted every week of who practices and who doesn't. It's taken a toll on the chemistry, consistency and continuity of the passing game. We all see Jarvis Landry hasn't been healthy enough to give us the same caliber of consistency he did over his 1st 3 years with this team. Last week, he got injured again to the point he couldn't finish the game - the same week he said he wanted to be used more right? Even DPJ's has been banged up in recent weeks. And YES, we also use some TEs in that formation where 1 or 2 may have to help in pass pro or at least chip on the edge. None of this has me thinking we have perimeter matchups to exploit in the passing game at all. 3. Anyone remember the NYJ game last year when we lost our entire starting WR group to COVID on the Thurs/Fri before the game? That is what our passing attack has felt like this year when we have the same sum of WRs available capable of winning their matchups. And THAT was a team who won 11 regular season games and a playoff game. Ironically, when national media guys got a hold of our playoff loss to the Chiefs - they didn't want to acknowledge Higgins' fumble at the goal line became a gift wrapped touchback for KC. And why was that? It was WAY too inconvenient to their agenda of proving their thesis that Baker is not capable of getting the Browns to a Conference Championship Game. They didn't want people remembering a pass that should have been a go-ahead TD in lieu of reminding us about Baker's only INT of the game at the end. Keep in mind, Higgins wasn't a regular starter and the problem wasn't the pitch or the catch. The problem was Higgins didn't secure the football at a time it needed to be secured the most. Those are the little things that separate winning and losing as well as starting vrs filling in for starter. 4. Last, but not least, why are we watching Baker week after week functioning at 60% of his performance capability when we have an experienced and reliable Stefanski product from the Vikes capable of performing better than that right now? This situation is the main reason Keenum is here. The more that injury continues to get aggravated the more our offense gets handcuffed IMO.
  5. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    Well done! We agree on a lot of things. I STILL laugh at the huge contingent of Philly fans that booed the selection of McNabb because they had it all figured out that Ricky Williams was supposed to be their football savior. When I speak about Baker in here I just read some guys typing look WHO Baltimore has at QB and we only have Baker drafted 1st overall. A lot of hindsight 20/20 from guys that did NOT want us to draft LJ. This year is a lot like our disappointing 2019 season with many of the same symptoms and Baker isn't playing as well as we need him to. Injuries to our starting tackles, where 1 is still playing on a bad ankle which impacts his lateral footwork. The other is injured again so we have an OG (Hance) playing RT. Just like 2019, Baker has been getting beat up in the process Supply and demand of the perfect QB doesn't always cooperate with Cleveland desperately needing that. Not that we couldn't have drafted Kurt Warner in the expansion draft instead of Scot Milanovich or even selected McNabb over Couch. Keep in mind, Philly was piss poor enough in 1998 to the extent they would have drafted 1st overall if the Browns weren't re-entering the league. That said, we didn't have Marshall Faulk, Ike Bruce and Torry Holt here for the QB nor did we have Andy Reid to tap McNabb's assets. There's been countless QBs we could have drafted that went on to have great careers that would make us go stir crazy taking inventory of it all. That said, would this environment here have allowed any of them the same success as the places they went to? Just look at some of our discussion about Baker. The # of different OCs here and the different philosophies. Meanwhile, I can't see our current WR Corps having a lot of favorable matchups the rest of this year. If Landry was healthier, my outlook would change. DPJ is exciting but I'm not sure he's ready for the opponents' #1 corners every week just yet. Hope I'm wrong; because you don't win very many chess matchups attacking exclusively with pawns on the perimeter. 6 games left - we shall see what happens...
  6. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    No worries. I like reading what you have to say. You've opened up my thinking a lot in here over the years...
  7. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    Good points; but it sure seemed like the ONLY guy considering McNabb out of SU's Veer Option offense was Andy Reid. And when you get right down to it - it was a similar offense to the one Brett Favre played in at So Miss (whom Andy Reid helped coach up into a WCO QB) which IMO made Reid more interested in what other teams/scouts considered to unconventional for the pro game at the time. Look at how much that has changed today since Reid showed you look at the player to determine whether he can fit what you want him do rather than the system. Once upon a time, people used to talk about avoiding BYU system QBs before guys like Jim McMahon and Steve Young bucked that trend. What bucks a trend? A player or 2 that shows you on film why you should do so... As for Cleveland, I agree with a lot of the points you made but I pointed out what the record was the last 34 games before Baker got behind Center. 1-32-1. And the first game he appeared in the team was behind by 14 points with the same players Baker had. All of a sudden the offense moved the ball (allowing the defense to rest) while it put points on the board to erase the deficit and win. There were COUNTLESS reasons this franchise needed to use the 1st overall pick on a QB. I'm not saying he's the BEST QB in the league - but I AM saying I'm not nearly as excited about going back to hoping all the stars and planets align for this franchise to find the right QB while it goes through countless HCs and OCs that never allow the continuity to allow a young QB to succeed. Again, there was a t-shirt full of QBs that couldn't succeed in Cleveland. We can debate the reasons for failure until we're blue in the face. The point is Baker looked pretty good in the first system with sufficient room for growth of course. I consider you a very intelligent football guy so I'm sure you know that losing both starting Tackles on opening day vrs TN as well as the backup LT - wasn't setting this team up for success. Solution found by drafting a Tackle in round 1 and signing Conklin the next year which unfolded into an 11-5 season plus a playoff win. More guys are playing hurt and missing games this year than last year so we're not surviving injury as well. And UNFORTUNATELY, Baker has not played well which gets the debates going if he's worthy of committing to. As for the talent thing, poor Joe Thomas had only 1 winning season here - and that was with Derek Anderson as his QB. Outside of that, if I walked up and told him I can't wait until we get rid of Baker for a REAL QB - what do you think he'd say to me?
  8. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    Agreed! Now back to the reason I brought up the WR position - are we sure it's JUST Baker we need to upgrade asap? And I'm impressed with how many people think Lamar Jackson is hard to stop; especially considering he wasn't exactly Josh Rosen PRE-draft. The convenient out for all of Rosen's pre-draft fans was "bad football team - poor guy just didn't have a chance." Sticking with such a precedent, what was the record of the team that drafted Baker? I've seen enough of the guy to know what he CAN do even as a wide eyed rookie entering his 1st game with a 14 point deficit and leading the Browns to victory. Just to recap, the 0-16 team started his rookie year 0-1-1. Still a worthless team without him on the field. Next thing you know the team went 7-7 in the games he played; and he's setting a TD passing record for rookie QBs on a franchise with a record of 1-32-1 in the 34 games before he 1st entered the field. In 2019, the Browns lost both starting Tackles in the opener plus the 1st backup at LT all in 1 game vrs TN. That season became a necessary backward step that the FO used to draft Wills and sign Conklin as priorities to the 2020 offense that won 11 regular season games + 1 playoff game where the Browns score 48 points AT PITTSBURGH. So let's get rid of Baker so we can return to watching this franchise draft QBs the way it has done since 1999? It's been THAT fun has it? More math? Have we forgotten the inventory of Offensive Coordinators here that the young QB had to learn and deprogram? And people act like if THIS franchise just drafted Lamar Jackson he'd be in 1 piece ALLOWED to do the stuff seemingly only Baltimore was interested in letting him do as soon as they submitted their draft selection of him. Hue Jackson would have put him on a leash saying QBs aren't RBs in this league; and he'd have more broken bones than Evil Kaneival. Tim Couch had a 64 yard run vrs the Rams as a rookie right before halftime thinking Chris Palmer was going to compliment him before Palmer tore him a new ass. Meanwhile in Philly, Donovan McNabb was playing for an offensive minded HC and OC that allowed him the type of liberties with his feet that Baltimore has done with Lamar. All McNabb did was turn around the team with the worst record in 98 with 9 playoff appearances, 5 NFC Championship Games and 1 SB. in his 1st 10 or 11 seasons. SOME of this is the luck of going to the right MIND/system. It makes no sense to me if you draft anyone only to Dr Frankenstein all his gifts into something he isn't wired to do. How come when teams are easily getting outside of Myles Garrett off the edge - we're/he's only blaming the Coordinator and teammates? I LOVE sacks but not at the expense of giving up contain. We're not stopping shit with film going viral on how to beat it. And when they lined up Clowney next to Garrett - it was the easiest TD Houston scored all year. The good news was Tyrod pulled a hammy so the Browns could come back and win. I've seen what this team is capable of with Baker enough to know I'm not interested in returning to the QB t-shirt culture everyone once bitched about (especially me) before Baker arrived. It's up to the FO and coaching staff to get this stuff worked out. As I was leading to, upgrading the WR position would be an ideal place to start. Not many opponents are going to have trouble winning their matchups against our guys on the perimeter. Let's hope that doesn't include the winless Lions today...
  9. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    That makes 2 of us. I am one that was thrilled we drafted Baker; and I still am. If you look at the group of WRs we've been putting on the field all year including OBJ - the only guy that remotely excites me is DPJ (who should be a #2 WR elsewhere that is easily the best WR this team has). Today, I'm watching Ohio State with the type of pass pro, offensive system/coaching and talent on the perimeter that makes playing QB confident and fun. The NFL is a game of matchups and what WR represents our winning matchup out there? Schwartz has speed but he looks like Edward Scissorhands trying to catch a football. Landry looks like 20% of the player (due to injuries) he was when Baker was a rookie. And OBJ? If anyone thinks this is the same guy he was before the brutal ankle fracture in NY and the 2 major injuries since - I have some land for sale in Alligator Alley. Would Schwartz or Hollywood Higgins even get playing time anywhere in the AFC North beside Cleveland? The Browns are a Higgins' fumble before the pylon away from an AFC Championship appearance in January 2021. People wanting to pin everything on Baker don't want to hear that; but let's be honest with ourselves here - it mattered on the road. Having said that, I will say Baker done nothing to silence his critics this season. Unfortunately, the Browns aren't a hard team to play defense against right now. 1 position that needs to be addressed this off season is WR - and it's not like Columbus is that far for the Browns' scouting department to travel. The Browns have an ideal run blocking line with some quality depth at RB; but a coaching staff like NE will put their pass pro and QB decisions on trial (especially with the WR Corps not winning very many matchups). I see an 8-9 caliber football team right now. I'd love it if only 1 player was the problem; but is it ever that easy? Hope I'm wrong!
  10. Interesting. Who knows what's going on at the facility; but I agree with you about Myles (as a defensive captain) should have done this in private with Woods.
  11. Thanks for pointing this out Cal! It sure felt like it at times this year. All that said, the things that piss me off the most are when the Browns have DLinemen lining up offsides more than once or when they hit someone late/out-of-bounds. Those are on the Browns and are completely avoidable. I do wish the officials would try a little harder to notice some of the flagrant holds we've been seeing on Myles G. He got tackled around his neck a week or 2 ago. I think these kind of things concern me more than the penalties called against the Browns.
  12. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    I remember the year LJ won a Heisman at Louisville making him the 1st ACC QB to do that who did not go to Florida State. Anyway, the guy threw 30 TD passes with a 58% completion rate and 3390 yards passing to only 9 INTs. Then came the meatball on spaghetti with another 20 TDs rushing to go with his 1,538 yards on the ground. I think LJ and Russell Wilson are the toughest 2 QBs to get a clean shot at. The difference between the 2 is that Russell Wilson has played behind some terrible pass protecting OLs making him the easier guy to sack IMO. The biggest surprise was seeing Miami, of all teams, be the 1st defense this year to consistently cage him in to wind out of sail his confidence and production.
  13. What an appropriate way to end the week considering the name of this thread! The OLD Browns would have took it all as the perfect excuse to quit on the season. Not these guys! As we saw last year, they were dialed in and prepared to compete on both sides of the ball.
  14. Flugel

    M-Odell to the Rams

    Thanks! There's been a lot things that have changed since his brief prime with the Giants except getting injured. Sometimes he doesn't look for the ball as if Baker minus both starting tackles (or with them) had all the time in the world to wait til he's ready. Sometimes he's more gun-shy in traffic than many of his buddies in the national media want to give him credit for. That's prolly due to some of the mental part/scar tissue from previous injuries like that brutal ankle injury with the Giants for post-catch contact. Also, while we're aware he can make 1 handed grabs in practice and warm-ups - how about just catching the damn thing with 2 hands. And then there were times Baker didn't get it to him the way he got it to DPJ for whatever reasons fit the situation. That sucked that it never worked out; but I'm glad this team was focused now that there's a solution pleasing all parties.
  15. Flugel

    Baker Mayfield

    Before I forget - way to go Baker! Those that said you couldn't were sincerely hoping the 48 points Cleveland hit Pittsburgh upside the head with in the post season last year were hoping you'd gag today. One of those guys is still pretty resentful in how much you've outshined his Josh Rosen's 1st round resume to date. The only guy drafted by an 0-16 team was Baker. However, the only guy that still needs the drafted by a bad team excuse is Josh Rosen. Now if only we can get him to admit this to all our boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen in here in lieu of pretending he actually LIKED Buffalo's Josh Allen.