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  1. Flugel

    Looking back - Josh Allen vs Josh Rosen

    I don't disagree with some of your Allen points. I just said it looks like I was wrong when I said I'd rather have Rosen than Allen if we didn't get either of my top 2 choices (Baker & Darnold-Duck). To me it seemed Rosen played against better DI competition alongside better DI competitors; and wasn't as overwhelmed as Allen was by the tougher parts of the schedule. Both guys have strong arms and Rosen's game numbers reflected a more accurate passer in college. Now that it's not college any more and we've seen a guy like Baker Mayfield not need any excuses as a rookie drafted by an 0-16 football team - it should remind us the right QB can take a winless football team (even in 2018 they were 0-1-1 and sporting a 14 point deficit the first time he took the field and erased it). They were also without Joe Thomas at LT and relying on a backup/fill-in starter only in Pitt as our RT with Hue as our Head Coach to remind you this wasn't exactly Easy Street. So, here's where we are today with our debate about Rosen vrs Allen. One guy has improved and become a credible leader of a team that is 9-3. The other guy isn't good enough to start over Ryan Fitzpatrick as we speak. Rosen led Miami to 0-6 while Ryan Fitzpatrick has the same teammates 3-3. After 12 games, Allen had a 10 TD:12 INT ratio, 52.8 comp % (w/8 rushing TDs) & 8 fumbles 2 lost as a rookie in 2018. After 12 games, Allen has a 16TD:8 INT ratio, 61.5 comp % (w/8 rushing TDs) & 12 fumbles 3 lost in 2019. In 14 games, Rosen had a 11 TD:14 INT ratio, 55.2 comp % (w/0 rushing TDs) & 10 fumbles 5 lost as a rookie in 2018. In 6 games, Rosen has a 1 TD:5 INT ratio, 53.2 comp % (w/0 rushing TDs) & 1 fumble 0 lost in 2019. Since then in Miami: In 6 games, Fitzpatrick has a 13 TD:11 INT ratio, 62.8 comp % (w/3 rushing TDs) & 2 fumbles 0 lost in 2019. Once upon a time, there was a guy that was often called the most pro-ready QB of his draft class (pre-draft) by scouts and draftniks. Brady Quinn was smart enough for a 4.0 GPA but it never expedited his ability to read through his progressions quick enough for the speed of the game. He also wasn't very good at throwing guys open. His inability to be on time with the throw never allowed him to be the man or elevate the play of teammates regardless of what round he was drafted in. I see some of this in Rosen while you don't want to. Until Rosen proves otherwise, I'm comfortable saying I think Josh Allen is the better QB overall in today's game. He's improving while Rosen hasn't.
  2. Flugel

    Fire Freddy

    Well said Dutch! Sorry for the length here but I can't hold some of this stuff hostage. I don't know if I'm right or wrong; but I get the sense the main reason Dorsey wanted Freddie is because Dorsey wants to remain in total control of this team rather than getting the "yeah but" from a Head Coach with prior experience. For example, "Way to close the year strong Gregg! Now don't let the door hit you in the asss on the way out!" Some parting shots followed from our OL Coach that said QB Coach Zampese was the guy that did a lot of the work/new play designs Freddie got credit for. After watching the play calling and Baker's performance decline significantly for much of 2019 - that makes a lot of sense today. For a place that needs continuity and foundation - that sure got sledgehammered. We have a very inexperienced/undisciplined CB in Greedy that starts over Terrence Mitchell because he earned it? Or, was he a 2nd round pick (our 1st pick) Dorsey felt like he stole that was going to start regardless of how much better a guy like Mitchell has been here when healthy? Greg Pruitt was asked on the radio what he felt was the problem with our secondary. He said from his standpoint, our Corners stood a much better chance of intercepting those passes/punts with hang-time downfield if they didn't have their backs to the ball. You can't intercept/bat what you can't see just like you can't tackle what you can't see if you're head is down. Greedy got dinged, in came Mitchell and he intercepted a pass in Pittsburgh territory. What has me thinking this way is I remembered our DC/Interim HC (GW) last year saying "I might not be able to cut him; but I can make sure he does what we ask of him." I gotta think when he had his HC interview with Dorsey - he prolly said he wanted a say in the personnel. That had to go over like the following answer to the question where do you see yourself in 5 years? "Let's put it this way - you'll be fetching my coffee." I don't know if Gregg Williams would have been the answer here; but I think he would have handled promoting someone he groomed on his staff to take over the DC position and call the defenses. We've had multiple times this year where Freddie was more worried about calling his next play on offense at the expense of challenging a call that should be challenged. That got a little better recently. All this said, if Dorsey was building a foundation and continuity - we shouldn't have almost as much turnover as the White House. When it starts getting that bad, maybe it's time to look at who's doing the hiring and what the criteria behind it is. Yeah, he got Baker right. That said, do we still see a confident QB that makes his line look better in pass pro? Baker has his 3rd OC (Haley, Freddie, Monken) in less than 2 full seasons. He's on his 2nd QB Coach and this year I saw Baker trying to throw the ball late from a backward hop while he's had a lot of his passes sail high and/or out of bounds on guys that are open. Mechanics? Film eval? Correct this stuff already. And what's going on with Higgins this year? This guy had great chem with Baker last year when we looked to him in key situations at times. Last but not least, I sense something big we don't know about is going on behind the scenes that we'll hear about within the next month The same old story with veterans not wanting to be here any more to the extent they aren't going to risk injury especially in Cleveland from here on out is unfolding. This year we've had more mysterious injuries coming up during the week of practice sidelining guys on game day than I can recall. Maybe I'm just noticing it more as higher expectations got punted into Lake Erie. We've had guys disciplined, benched and inactive. I've had a bad vibe about Randall all season long and then he misses practice last week. Yes, he's a talented individual. But individuals don't win games especially when they place "I before team" and take such a blatant cheap shot that they are thrown out of the game. It doesn't end there, the week of the rematch vrs that thinks he's dirty - conveniently does something during the week that he knows will have consequences (like missing a game missing an important piece of preparation without an excuse/heads up ahead). This is only hearsay but from a consistently good source to me in recent years. One of the weeks Randall missed a game in concussion protocol - he showed up to practice with bruises and scraps all over his face after a night out at the bars. Sound like a team guy based on what this team pays him? When GB took the very first trade offer for exchange value for their former 1st round pick - did anyone in our FO research why (especially former GB FO/Scouting employees like Highsmith and Wolf)? In 2018, Randall played through injury and he was willing to play corner when injuries had us needing him to do so. During the offseason, he endorsed Dorsey as a genius. That said, 2019 is his contract year (so there's an agent attached at the ear lobe); and it sure looks like he wants to get out of here without getting hurt on the gridiron. Rumor has it he took all the Cleveland Browns logos/pictures/colors off his Twitter/online dwelling; which is what many malcontent players do in the NFL today. Now that he's going to play again this week - do we get a motivated guy or a sandbagger? What happens when a lot of Dorsey's solutions don't work? We have the foundation and continuity of another Poseiden Adventure on Lake Erie. Is Freddie just a symptom of a bigger problem?
  3. 😄 Way to work with me here Tour! We have some common ground on the Randall situation in that the punishment couldn't wait. Since Freddie said the situation was going to be handled in-house rather than through the media - we can only speculate which is why you used "assuming." Randall hasn't been a guy that's played for us every week so when there's only 5 games left on the schedule with a shrinking margin of error - is it really too much to ask of a veteran PROFESSIONAL Football player to be on time or show up to practice like his teammates have to? Missing practice or even being late with an unacceptable excuse (after-the-fact) sure didn't make him look very interested in his profession, team or the goals ahead. For a guy that wants a new/bigger contract here or elsewhere next year - this isn't a very good reflection of the guy. I haven't been really impressed with the guy's professionalism this year any more than Green Bay appeared to be in the past. Didn't Randall get himself kicked out of the 1st Pittsburgh game? He's sure finding reasons to miss playing time this year. The suspension shows this team there are consequences when their actions can hurt this team and/or it's preparation; so they need to think about what they are doing moving forward if they CARE.
  4. Sorry Jigsies, but if he's 5 minutes late to a meeting with Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belicheck or Bill Parcells - his best case scenario is a 1 game suspension or just a demotion. His worst case scenario bye bye and good luck splaining why you are suddenly available. Fans might not think that's a BIG deal; but it shows a coach, manager or anyone in leadership roles - he doesn't give the 1st shit about his team or his profession- especially given our situation. Randall already showed GB this side of him; and it's why they had no interest in giving a 1st round draft pick a second contract...
  5. WRONG! The PLAYER screwed his team and teammates. It doesn't bother you that this guy didn't give a rat's asss about his career paying him great $ enough to show up to work (practice) with his teammates? The war is almost over because we've had too many knuckleheads putting I before team. In all the years I've followed this team, I've never seen a bigger challenge getting players we need on the field than this year. We gotta do a better job of researching inner chests or we're going to keep getting guys like Randall. Do you know what GB didn't do with Randall? Give him a 2nd contract. We're learning right now what they already knew; but at least they got something in return for him (unlike we will). If you blow off work in Corporate America - you don't get coddled and babied. I promise...
  6. David Mays - Not just because he's one of the only undefeated QBs we've had against Pittsburgh. But, I kind of like the mystery of how Jack Lambert lost his 2 front teeth as well as why Lambert never wanted to get anywhere near him. Ozzie Newsome - If Baker his this guy all year - it would have changed everything for him. Just ask Sipe or Kosar... Eric Turner - Man, do I miss this type of Safety here! Clay Matthews - Great job all of you that remembered his invaluable flexibility to play any of 4 LBer positions in the 34 and any of the 3 positions in the 43. He and Ozzie were both drafted by Cleveland in the first round of 1978; making it more than a coincidence that the Browns frequented the playoffs in the 80s more than any other decade after the 60s. Kevin Mack - Folks, is there anything better than watching a Steeler LBer (like Greg Lloyd) leading with his helmet and ending with a smelling salts wake-up after getting freight trained? Mack could play FB or Tailback when he came out of Clemson with 4.5 speed (which was great for a guy his size back then). He could also block and catch. If memory serves me right he was a Rookie of the Year after he joined the Browns from the USFL.
  7. And a Partridge in a Pear Tree...
  8. Flugel

    It's Steeler Week

    Hi Colin!
  9. Good point! The Randall one last year isn't looking very helpful to us this year either. I'm starting to see why GB was thinking "don't let the door hit you in the asss on the way out" instead of investing in a 2nd contract for their former 1st round pick. I've been reluctant to share this because it's hear say from a guy that's usually careful with inside scoops. Anyway, he said one of the weeks Randall went into concussion protocol during the week was after a night out at a bar - he showed up to practice with bruises and a cut on his face (looking like he got into a fight). I could be just me; but I haven't gotten the same vibe from him THIS year like I did last year when he played through injuries and even manned down a corner spot when he injuries at corner. Not for nothing; but I'd like to see us get Mitchell on the field. He was damn good corner when healthy last year; and he has an experience volume that could help him make the same transition Randall made for Corner to Safety. Back in the 80s, you'd see guys play with broken bones like Jack Youngblood. Even Bernie played 3quarters of a game broken leg/ankle; and do I dare type he looked faster? In this era, the injury lists are bigger than they've ever been (even aside from the concussion part of it all)....
  10. Not a bad idea at this point Gips. He probably wouldn't be ready to go today but we still have 4 games left after today.
  11. That or Alec Baldwin will borrow it and change the helmet to a picture of Joe Biden for his next Donald Trump act on SNL... I'm glad I didn't have any food or beverage in my mouth when I got to that line in bold above Gork!
  12. Flugel

    Looking back - Josh Allen vs Josh Rosen

    While you make a lot of good points Tour - Miami probably still wanted to see him move the team (and escalate the play around him) better than Ryan Fitzpatrick. That shouldn't have been as impossible as it was if this guy is who we thought he was. Baker was the only QB drafted by an 0-16 football team. The reason he became a fan fave is because he elevated the play of those around him as immediately as the first time he stepped on the field with a 14-0 deficit. FWIW, Cleveland was also winless (0-1-1) at that point in 2018 when he took his first snap with a 14-0 deficit he later erased vrs the Jets. He didn't need the "I was drafted by a bad team" excuse. In the process, we even found ourselves saying he was making the OL look better. Meanwhile, Arizona's current QB has them feeling like they can compete with anyone. They're not the Bingo FREE Space they were last year; and their rookie QB is a big reason for that IMO. Keep in mind, a lot of Pac 12 QB Stars/1st round picks like Matt Leinart, Cade McNown, Akili Smith, Mark Sanchez, Joey Harrington, Jake Locker, Marcus Mariota, Ryan Leaf and Todd Marijuanavich disappointed at the NFL level in spite of all their promise. The 3 guys that had the most success are Aaron Rodgers (a JUCO transfer), Carson Palmer and Andrew Luck (who's already retired). I can't even add Alex Smith to the conference because his college team was in the Mountain West back when he played for Urban Meyer's & Joe Pesci's Utah Utes... I remembered posting I'd much rather have Rosen than Allen if we didn't draft Mayfield or Darnold Duck. I have to admit Allen looks more like a keeper than Rosen at this point in time. One guy looks like his best football is in the rear view mirror and the other looks like he continues to get better in a league where the window of opportunity slams shut quickly. And it isn't like Buffalo spoiled Allen with all kinds of talent on the perimeter or at TE. The most notable WR they have is John Brown (who is on his 3rd NFL team in the last 3-4 years). All that said, he helps move the sticks with his arm and feet; and it's a big reason they're 9-3 without many big football names in the play making dept. I don't get the same vibe I got when the Bears once went something like 10-3 with Kyle Orton game managing them in the absence of Rex Grossman. I'm more impressed with what Allen puts on film as a Pro QB than I was with what he put on film in college. He also hasn't disappointed me when I've counted on him in fantasy football for whatever that's worth. And YES - I'd be sleeping under bridges if I had to count on my pre-draft QB predictions for a living...
  13. Maybe not special - but it does give all new meaning to the phrase "that's using your head."