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    Covering up the illegal crisis

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bidens-faa-places-temporary-ban-on-drones-flying-over-bridge-packed-with-illegal-immigrants This is really a bunch of s***. WSS
  2. At least his blue jeans are still popular. WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    Bidens biggest threat to America

    Yeah I think it's the biggest long-term problem we face. Will probably change the face of society. Seriously which issue do you think will be more destructive? Ps speech to text is a problem or so I here. WSS
  4. This won't be nearly as long-winded. Giving free shit to people for doing nothing creates an even larger segment of society who will refuse to work. Struggling businesses will therefore be forced to cut down on human participation. That means there will be less and less jobs if anyone ever decides to go back to work. So there will be basically nothing for millions of illegals or newly graduated marketing, social work , or Communications majors to do. Change my mind. WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Covering up the illegal crisis

    https://www.aol.com/u-judge-blocks-expulsions-migrant-191043499-100523321.html The order, invoking Title 42, was issued in March 2020 by the CDC, which cited the need to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
  6. Dr. Fauci's main concern is getting as much air time as he can and garnering adoration from the left-wing politicians. WSS
  7. Cal Larry woodpecker or anyone else. I can't call myself a Christian because I'm not willing to adhere to what I think Jesus wants me to be. That's about it. I frankly don't know many people who actually try but there are a few Maybe. I can respect them for whatever effort they put into it. Just for my own point of view God, as I've heard He is, probably doesn't care about the United States Constitution. (Not even who wins the AFC North even though I realize that's close to blasphemy.) WSS
  8. Westside Steve

    Really off topic

    How many have nicknames or pet names for their significant other that refer to odor? Like stinky smelly Etc? WSS
  9. Probably easier to just not sign on? The Woodpecker has half the guys on the board on ignore and b****** about them on a regular basis. (not that we don't love the woodpecker) WSS
  10. Westside Steve

    Fake covid response question

    https://www.aol.com/moderna-dont-really-know-third-135143467.html Amid the growing controversy over whether the U.S. is in need of boosters or additional doses to protect against COVID-19, Moderna president Stephen Hoge admit...
  11. Westside Steve

    Fake covid response question

    Biden covid response myth Let me Begin by saying that I believe that both sides pick the guy they want and whoever the other guy is they will hate. Not for any particular reason because as the election Etc goes on they will find reasons to hate the guy they've decided to hate. Happens all the time. Hate first ask questions later. One of the fake reasons IMO for people who hated Trump all along but decided they didn't until covid is how he mismanaged the covid crisis. So, in voting for Joe Biden, they must have thought that he had a better plan. Well time has shown that he really didn't but I do wonder why anyone would say that in the first place? Well he did promise to beat the virus which doesn't seem to be true so far. But we all know about campaign promises. Not worth the electronics the teleprompter Prints them with. He said he would listen to The Scientist. Really? President Trump listened to dr. Fauci who said the impact on America would be minuscule. Oh well Trump said it was a hoax. But that was way back at the beginning, right? Joe Biden said he would immediately order a nationwide mask mandate. Regardless of the fact it would probably be meaningless it would certainly have been unconstitutional. Other Democrats like Cuomo have dealt with it by foolishly killing off old people. Other Democrats have locked down their States crushing the economy with absolutely no visible effect to separate them from the red States. Of course, any American who cared to take notice of all those Democrats partying like it was 1999 without their masks. not really a good look. As matter-of-fact other countries even more restrictive than ours and were not governed by President Trump; their numbers look a Lots worse than ours. Democrats were outraged and spent an inordinate amount of time complaining when President Trump called for a travel ban calling him racist. Which seems like one of the only weapons that Democrats have in their Arsenal. They were more concerned with calling it The China virus which it certainly was. When Trump, like hundreds and hundreds of doctors around the world mentioned he thought hydroxychloroquine might be helpful the Democrats s*** their pants . Trump put the vaccine on The Fast Track. Maybe the Democrats would have done the same but who knows and who cares because he did. And now large Democrat voting blocs refused to take it. So just for fun lefties Democrats Trump haters and woodpeckers all, tell me what you think Joe Biden would have done differently? Or tell me what you would have done differently? How about a mandate to wear masks during Zoom calls? By the way we all know how useless a response would be that consisted of "well he says he'd listen to the science!" Does that include mandating non FDA-approved vaccinations? But given the time of the early outset what would you have done differently and how much different would it be today? We can see the change in the numbers since Biden was elected oh... I will give you the benefit of the doubt that might have happened under Trump's second term but again, it didn't it happened under Joe's. WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    The fellow from Down Under

    https://amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/sep/16/joe-biden-forgets-scott-morrisons-name-during-historic-pact-announcement Sure these things can happen to everybody but everybody isn't the president today and everybody doesn't have one every 15 or 20 minutes. (By the way woodpecker yes 15 or 20 minutes is being facetious) Of course he may have been talking about Crocodile Dundee, Barry Gibb or his dick. WSS
  13. Due to Union concerns it was uncredited. He did get credit in the Declaration of Independence though. But like everything else especially Life Liberty and pursuit of happiness has gone by the wayside just to keep the politicians happy. WSS
  14. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. We have no rights except the ones the ruling class dispenses to us in return for our fealty. WSS
  15. Westside Steve

    The big donors

    https://www.businessinsider.com/fortune-500-companies-republican-democrat-political-donations-2018-2?amp Not all that surprising that most of these within a few percentage points seem to be covering their ass depending on which way the wind blows. WSS
  16. Westside Steve

    Norm Macdonald

    One of my favorite Norm Macdonald bits. WSS
  17. Westside Steve

    Norm Macdonald

    https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/norm-macdonald-dead-dies-snl-1235064570/amp/ 61, that really sucks WSS
  18. Westside Steve

    Durham coming with a surprise indictment move

    We will see but I'm not holding my breath. Sure the Russia hoax was a con job from the beginning to the end. Sure people lied. Remember who the Attorney General is that I remember who controls the House and Senate. They were all on board and I doubt they will hold anyone accountable. Wake me up when something happens. WSS
  19. Westside Steve


    https://www.aol.com/news/5-takeaways-newsom-survives-california-042230215-093851128.html?soc_src=aolapp I'm not surprised by the outcome, I'm surprised it got on the ballot in the first place. California is becoming one step up the ladder from a third-world shithole surrounding pockets extreme and decadent wealth. Seems like he's their boy. WSS
  20. Westside Steve

    "F**K Joe Biden", chants at the U of M...

    You have to admit his call for Unity seems to be working. 😁👍
  21. Westside Steve


    I didn't say it wasn't a bad system I just said that since both parties stand to benefit it probably won't change. WSS
  22. Westside Steve

    "fresh not frozen"

    BW3 says this will probably help offset the high price of chicken wings. WSS
  23. Westside Steve

    Vidmar versus Milley

    https://thehill.com/policy/defense/572330-vindman-calls-for-milleys-resignation-he-usurped-civilian-authority?amp Two rats fighting over a piece of cheese. WSS
  24. Westside Steve

    Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

    No but exemption from lawsuits for failed vaccines has been around for a while if I'm not mistaken and if that's actually the reference. On the other hand if a bunch of deaths from Forced vaccination pop up (Unless it's swept under the rug by the m s m and the justice department) it could be the end of the road at least for a while for the Liberals. (But The public's memory is short and we can't trust the Republicans to stand tall and do the right thing when they receive the kickoff so...) WSS
  25. Westside Steve


    I think you are right. As for the third point I have to I think that will never happen. It worked just the way the Democrat party wanted it to work. And would probably work the same way even if there were a Conservative Republican in that office. WSS