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    Frightened teachers

    Plus why would anybody think that the teacher running the online classes for a hundred thousand kids from some Nationwide teaching site wouldn't be a great teacher? At least as good as the hundreds they would be replacing? WSS
  2. Westside Steve

    Frightened teachers

    First of all just an observation. I think there's a percentage of folks in many occupations who will choose the path of least resistance. Given the opportunity to pretend they are too scared to go back to work especially if they're getting paid anyway to just sit around the house. But this could turn out to be a good thing for education. And tearing down traditions in America is a good thing right? Let's say that people in the teachers union are truly too scared to go back to work and that by golly online education will be just fine. (Hard to imagine your job could be made much easier but I guess sitting at home in front of a computer for a couple hours is even easier than dragging your ass to the classroom for 2/3 of the year. ) So if online education works great. I have no doubt there could be plenty of competing online education companies (no doubt there already are) springing up within the United States that thousands of family's could log on to rather than dozens, for each local school district. And signing up for one of these nationally syndicated programs should cost each family a hell of a lot less than whatever property taxpayers are getting gouged out of. So lots more money into the pocket of the citizens providing a huge boost to the economy along with a more comprehensive and uniform course of study. Like TV classes in college study pods could be hosted online by non Union assistants. That and breaking the Stranglehold of the teachers union sounds like it could be a win-win situation. Also it would give all the people in fear for their lives even more reason to self quarantine for the next four years. Thoughts? WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    Frightened teachers

    Look woodpecker, nobody is anti teachers. A lot of us I would imagine most of us have got problems with the teachers union. All I'm saying is we shouldn't put them on a pedestal. I would challenge everybody here to look back on your teachers and school and tell me how many of them were great actual life-changing individuals. One? Two? Now how many can you remember that were assholes that actually impeded the learning process? One? Two? And the rest of them I will assume we're just fine okay. Didn't do any harm didn't really Inspire anybody cut the shit that needed to be taught to the kids that were ready to learn it. I would bet that every guy on this board could teach most subjects if given maybe a one month training course and familiarization with the curriculum. A curriculum by the way that pretty much stays the same year after year after year. But if teachers and students are doing well in third world shitholes is because it's a way out. Here most kids even the poor ones live like kings compared to those third world shitholes. And regardless of who the teacher is in the classroom kids will probably be about as successful as their parents and those around them. Exceptions to the rule? No Doubt. But I contend if you switch the teachers from JFK to the teachers in Hudson you're going to get about the same results. WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    Meanwhile back in Europe

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-protests/thousands-march-in-berlin-against-coronavirus-curbs-idUSKBN24X3RZ WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Frightened teachers

    Actually my minor in college with secondary Ed. And education in foreign countries is more valuable apparently. I'd be surprised if teachers in India we're getting paid the equivalent of 60 k. And you hit it on the head with the Tik Tok generation. Foreigners seem to work a lot harder than Americans as well.
  6. Westside Steve

    My house has covid...

    Best wishes to everybody bud. WSS
  7. Westside Steve

    Projection defined in 1:22

    On the other hand the videos of trump do not support the idea that Joe Biden is anything less th!n addled. And it probably every policy he's being dragged by the nose into is horrible. WSS
  8. Westside Steve

    Mostly elderly & Hispanics dying

    The sound of blowing. But seriously, you didn't enjoy Dr Pecker? WSS
  9. Westside Steve

    Science experiment

    Actually if you using the procedure that some of our members might possibly prefer there's less chance of breathing on each others face. Just saying. WSS
  10. Westside Steve

    Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Positive for Covid 19

    And now that we found that the test was inaccurate..... WSS
  11. Westside Steve

    Mostly elderly & Hispanics dying

    Amazing. Old people died? I had no idea. Thanks Dr Pecker. WSS
  12. Regardless of voter fraud how many people who I actually have a mailing address have noticed much much worse mail delivery in the last year or so?WSS
  13. Westside Steve

    Pres Trump outraised Biden in July hugely

    He doesn't need as much because he has 90% of the MSM campaigning for him for free. WSS
  14. Westside Steve

    Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Positive for Covid 19

    So that means everybody from dr. Amy to the lip reading guy to the Press Corps to the camera crew are all going to be quarantined for the next 14 days? WSS
  15. Westside Steve

    Projection defined in 1:22

    Over the last couple of weeks listening to the endless list of Biden blathering I was wondering when somebody would put together a compilation of Trumps. WSS
  16. Westside Steve

    Portland Protests - All Gas No Breaks

    Not exactly sure what you think the big takeaway is Woody? And yes I got to the end as drawn out as it was. WSS
  17. She's probably the best of a limited field ofchoices. My money is still on Harris. WSS
  18. More than that I think part of the appeal especially in the hood is that 'social workers' already pick up busloads of people and drive them to the polling place and guide them as to who to vote for. It would be so much easier for them to just take a pile of letters fill them out and have the Patsy put their mark on the form. I'm guessing that's part of it. Along with the fact that every household will get a few ballots which can be filled out by random activist. WSS
  19. A lot of people don't bother to vote. Among that group, certainly not all, but a great deal I would guess most are among the stupidest laziest and least interested and informed members of society. If they did in fact vote I would imagine it would be for Democrats. Which is why Democrats want to remove the slightest scintilla of effort from the process. Just a guess. WSS
  20. Westside Steve

    Trump Interview with Axios

    I did watch it and it is a PR issue. The entire pandemic Panic has devolved into nothing more than ugly sticking PR issue. WSS
  21. https://thepoliticalinsider.com/oprah-winfrey-shames-white-people-whiteness-gives-you-an-advantage-no-matter-what/ WSS
  22. By the way woodpecker heres a list of Demands. I don't see any exception for you or any other white version of Uncle Tom. If you are opposed to these demands then you sir are part of the problem. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movement_for_Black_Lives#Platform WSS