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    impeachment strategy

  2. at least a good portion of my guess would be that every politician in the House and Senate are looking at this as setting a very dangerous precedent for the next time the other party has the majority. (by the way I think 12 people on a jury might possibly try to be just I have no such opinion of politicians) As I said before only somebody who's clinically stupid crazy or at least obsessed could read the president's statement as a call to violence. But if it could woth a one vote majority I'm sure you people would do it. But Joe Biden and Barack Obama should be thinking very seriously about the influence-peddling which is pretty clear after 2022. like the new standard of the nuclear 51-vote standard, that toothpaste is going to be hard to put back in the tube. As much as it might amuse me to see Nancy Pelosi Kamaltoe and Joe Biden dragged out of the Capitol in cuffs it's just going to make our rotten government stink even worse. WSS
  3. because like I said before only someone who is crazy or stupid or obsessed could read the exact words the president spoke and interpret that as a call do violent insurgents. and I don't think you are clinically crazy or stupid. even if the case was constitutional. WSS
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    Miss me?

    Good morning gentlemen. I’ve had a few PMS concerning my recent hiatus and thought I would make the statement now. On the 22nd of December I began to experience covid symptoms and went for the quick test at the CVS Clinic in Wooster and the results were positive. According to the health department my quarantine should have been over around the 1st but I didn’t feel great so I chose to personally extended for a few days. I have always taken greater precautions then the requirements demand but that’s because I’m not Karen. I think most of the rules are arbitrary and stupid and probably even counterproductive but I would personally feel bad if I passed on the virus to someone who wound up sicker than I was. And no I don’t wear a mask in my house or my car we’re walking down an empty Street or on the bicycle trail. I consider myself to be completely out of the woods now. If anybody is interested in the series of symptoms that I had here they are. I realize my case is not as severe has many good friends of mine who has been hospitalized but here they are. My fever has never been extreme the highest point was 100.4 which is the number the CDC says should be considered fever. I hit that number twice but only for a short time. Mostly the temperature was riding around normal to 99.1 or 100.0. While my case I believe was somewhat mild there were some problems. In particular chills and reasonably severe muscle and joint pain. Any regular pain an old man such as myself what experience lower back knees arthritic fingers neck pain Etc seemed to be exaggerated greatly during these periods of chill. Tylenol helped a lot during this period. Those periods of chills and pain eventually faded into the past. I have had a constant nagging cough but nothing close to what I get about every other year in the springtime when I get my occasional upper respiratory/laryngitis. The cough is still here but it’s just annoying. I never really lost my sense of smell and taste but both were certainly compromised and there seemed to be a nasty bitter taste in the throat. I think both of those senses are okay now and this morning I’m having my first cup of coffee in quite a few days. The most troubling symptom is what others have called brain fog I’ve been extremely sleepy but not enough to worry me. It’s hard to concentrate oh, at least it was through the past couple weeks. The testing facility was surprisingly lackadaisical and told me unless I had severe chest pain or severe trouble breathing not to worry about it. And if I did, I should call 911. Nothing of the sort ever happened no breathing problems whatsoever. My closest brush with what might be considered a serious symptom was passing out in the shower. Once I became extremely dizzy and had to sit down and once, I actually hit the deck and was out for a bit. Of course, I can still find a funny story in that one because I’m on my way down I hit the water handle which turned the heat to scalding and wound up with 2nd degree burns on my back. So in case anybody was concerned that’s that. By the way I am anticipating at least a few comments about which I’m sure I will have zero fucks to give but for the rest of you even though it’s been an unpleasant couple of weeks I have not changed my opinion on the issue. I still think too many people prefer confrontation to safety and get a false sense of security from arbitrary hun counterproductive rules. Maybe that’s human nature. WSS
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    Miss me?

    For the record just had 2nd test and it's negative. Wonder how long the antibodies hang around... I'll still het the vaccine... WSS
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/26/economy/china-xi-economy-intl-hnk/index.html WSS
  7. Everybody knows it was an obvious ruse. I don't think anybody thought otherwise. Nobody here is actually stupid or crazy regardless of the character they play on the board. What should concern you regardless of your political affiliation is a fact that something this ridiculous could have been done. WSS
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    Looks like it will be sooner than we thought

    I'm a boomer and neither do I. Maybe you have me confused with a covid Panic boy? But I suppose you can teach your kids to speak Chinese. WSS
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    No Doubt. That will save representatives from actually having to support this ridiculous horseshit. When the economy tanks they can point to Biden. Captain Dunsel. WSS
  10. Most likely they voted that way because Democrats are stupid and brought an inpreachment trial with no chance of winning or being considered constitutional. It remains to be seen if the five who dissented are helped or hurt in their re-election bids. Call me a cynic but I completely believe they were planning on TDS being a plus for them or at least a shield against persecution for the mainstream media Monopoly. We shall see. Of course most Americans are stupid fickle and have extremely short memories. Oh maybe somebody will still have the Trump hatred burning and their souls in two years those people are lunatics. WSS
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    Okay okay some good stuff there I still prefer the blonde chick yelling at the white cat. WSS
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    Looks like it will be sooner than we thought

    Always smart to go with the long-term especially if it sets any measures for proving your point well past our life expectancy. No Doubt the market will rise and fall often during the short term. But it's easy enough to look at history and the trajectory of every country or society that has been at the top of the food chain over the last few hundred years. As the United States continues to regulate itself and unionize itself out of prosperity the Chinese are more than happy to pick up the slack. Like we did after World War II. Nothing lasts forever. Another reason to oppose the Paris Accord. But you and I will be dead before the United States is a third-world shithole crawling on our needs to China for scraps of bread. Of course in our age that time Is mentioned in years not centuries. So if you are cheering on the exchange of power and the United States taking a knee to the Chicoms I guess it explained your love for the Biden Administration. But like I tell my liberal friends who implore me to care about global warming because of our children "I don't have children and I don't like yours.." 😁 WSS
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    The Stock Market

  14. No shit. With no Free Press oh... You guys can fill in the blanks. WSS
  15. Steve- it would be nice if the right wing of this forum would just STOP with the TDS already. ☆ That’s actually a good idea but not, I’m sure, from the reasons you think so.☆ Lame, lame, lame. ☆Yes it is. So give it a rest. Even though my respect for Joe Biden this just about zero my disagreements with his policies because most of them are ridiculous. There are more than the ones mentioned in this post we can do that at another time. But, and I don’t expect a straight answer, like I have asked on other occasions if there’s discussion about race switch the words black and white and read the statement again. If it now sounds ridiculous it was ridiculous all along. You pretend that you would have backed Mike Pence. Great. How many of these ridiculous orders do you think Mike Pence would have supported or made as president? My guess is, let me think… Could it be… None? A little church lady ref.☆ There's probably at least a hundred or so valid reasons to hate Trump. I can start with Coal Miner's Son Trump- arguably the most anti-environmental president since the EPA came into existence. ☆ There’s a lot of stuff here let me try to address them as succinctly as I can. I have very little use for the EPA as I do for most bloated and useless bureaucracies. Especially those who impose punitive restrictions but receive either a zero or minuscule results. Just for the record I don’t care about fracking I don’t care about the pipeline and I don’t care about Anwar. I do care about energy Independence and not having to kiss the Saudis ass for a gallon of gas. But hey this should make the Saudis pretend to love us as much as the Chinese do now. And speaking of the stupid Paris Accord which puts an extra burden on the United States business and gives a free ride to the people who are the biggest polluters and our competitors. That makes Chinese Goods even more attractive and US Goods less. Some more shit being built in a country with no Environmental Protection whatsoever?☆ I stated some damn facts, about the aggrandizing BS regarding the Wall, ☆Again frankly I don’t care about the wall, I don’t think it’s probably the best way to control illegal immigration. But unlike you people I do care about you illegal immigration and would like it to be stopped. Maybe I’m a hypocrite maybe if they all voted Republican I’d be happy to turn the country into a third-world shithole. But I don’t think so.☆ replacing Obamacare with something better, ☆They actually did and I didn’t like the outcome. Removing the Mandate was the linchpin of Obamacare and a bipartisan team pulled it out. I think that was a bad idea and don’t agree with whoever was for that. As a matter of fact I’d have raised the mandate. But no plan of the presidents had a chance in hell of getting past Nancy Pelosi. Don’t play stupid.☆ and his non-existent infrastructure plan. ☆The one that he put forth back in like April or something that Democrats blocked. Again don’t give me a Snow Job any infrastructure plan is going to be a boost to the economy and your girl Nancy was having none of it . ☆ Go ahead- so where am I factually wrong on any of it? ☆ I don't see any facts at all just barking and insults☆ He's not God, though some around here think his shit don't stink. ☆I’ve never said anything of the sort. So what are you crying about? Somebody else?☆ 1) Numerous posts have shown (and proven) Trump is the person who's deranged. Not those of us who dare to point it out. Tex showed based on a test- Trump is a sociopath. That his narcissism is out of control isn't debatable. Mr. Pathological Liar racked up 30,500 lies and change before he got exiled to Mar a Lago. Swell guy. Couldn't admit Joe beat him fair and square. Called his minions to DC- and then you know what happened. Not his fault? My ass it isn't. ☆ I read that it’s horseshit that applies to every politician that ever ran for office and probably every human being who posts on this site. Tex is a lunatic and that study with so ridiculous that qanon would be embarrassed publish it.☆ 3) The difference between legal and illegal immigration is Trump and the xenophobes trying to shut the barn door after the horses got out. Read where there's at least 11 million illegals living in the country, some old enough to have kids that are native born right here in the USA. Sorry, kicking them out isn't happening. The other point is back in the 1850s ramping that up to 2020 population- you'd have 42 million immigrants here. Irish decent Steve? I had a talk with a Ranger down at the Towpath Visitor Center. That canal was dug by hand by Irish immigrants who got paid around a dime a day and a shot of whisky after work. They died on an average of one per mile. ☆Illegal means illegal. Somebody steals your bike and they don’t get to keep it just because they’ve hidden it in the garage. We’re not fools we know why you guys want more illegals. It’s an especially stupid idea if you are a union worker. But give this 11 million the green light and the next 11 million will be crossing the border before the ink is dry.☆ 4) There's TONS of BDS (Biden Derangement Syndrome) HDS (Harris Derangement syndrome) Ah gee- you don't like Kameltoe? I don't like Cheetos- fair enough? DDS (Democrat Derangement Syndrome) going on here. One guy- you know who- is still living 4 years in the past bashing Obama. ☆There is. So what? I don’t give a damn about Obama. Some others do and some others are crazy just like you are about Trump. I don’t base my opinions on any policy beast on personal animus to anybody on this board. No matter how crazy they are.☆ Finally- though I do like most, if not all of Joe's executive orders undoing the worst of Trump's mistakes, I'm not going to back him 100%. I will need to see evidence of that which hasn’t surfaced yet. It's amazingly hypocritical of Republicans turning into deficit hawks on a dime, ☆No shit. How many times have I made the point that it’s disgusting how quickly the two parties change hats depending on who’s sitting in the Oval Office not only on matters of the economy but the military and everything else.☆ when Trump's tax cuts for his rich buddies ballooned the deficit- even with the economy running full tilt ☆And now crazy Joe has doubled down on destroying the economy. It’s stupid to think that punishing the rich will make the poor smarter stronger or happier or even self-sufficient.☆ with record low unemployment. It's magical thinking to believe cutting taxes is the way to disappearing deficits and prosperity. If you want better programs- ☆I’m not seeing any of this from Biden. I’m seeing throwing trillions and trillions of dollars away which I can’t imagine isn't going to be a head on Blow to the economy short and Midterm and inflation mid to long-term. Now are there some people in America with pride who would prefer to work than sit on their ass? Sure. But there are a hell of a lot cool quit their jobs now because they’re getting as much or more or at least almost as much for free. Like throwing a hundred pounds have dog food on your back porch does not make the raccoons in the squirrels stronger creatures.☆ and better services- that money doesn't appear out of thin air, it has to be paid for somehow. Regarding local infrastructure... The I-75 Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River into Kentucky is at the end of it's useful service life. It's going to cost somewhere around a BILLION dollars at last count to replace it. But let's bitch about raising the federal gas tax by a fucking nickel or dime a gallon instead. ☆We’ll talk in a year or twoif its a nickel or dime who cares? Again see above the infrastructure argument is facetious. Not only that but I can’t imagine the huge amount of graft involved in creating these contracts. But that’s something Joe has always been good at. And we haven’t even touched on the batshit crazy idea that men should compete with women in sports. Hopefully the speech-to-text typos haven’t fucked anything up too badly.☆ WSS
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    The Stock Market

    damn millennial 😁
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    The Stock Market

    Sounds like a solid plan. Are you older than me? I'm 68. By the way Die Hard the mattress idea it's going to backfire. I would be in a another line of work if my predictions were guaranteed but from here it seems like crazy Joe's policies are going to light the fire for massive inflation. We shall see. So what I'd Tire mattress full of hundred dollar bills might get you a gallon of gas. WSS
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    The Stock Market

    So you Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi got your wish. Great. WSS
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    Rob Portman retires from the Senate in 2022

    Don't really care about it one way or the other. Politics is a big money cake job. Qualifications are basically name recognition. WSS
  20. He's a hack and a bureaucrat who hasn't practiced medicine in decades. But he hates Trump which makes him an expert at least for the Democrats. They are probably disappointed they couldn't find a homosexual or a negro. WSS
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    Thanks for Heads up!WSS
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    The Stock Market

    Just got a letter from my broker I have up 13% in 2020. Withdrew 6%. So it's not as bad as I thought. WSS
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    Biden's proposed policy for assault rifles

    They don't. People on the left have made up parameters that make a regular hunting rifle into an assault rifle. As I said before one of those stupid restrictions is it Aluminum stock versus a walnut stock. It's just Optics. WSS
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    Biden's proposed policy for assault rifles

    Because as we all know a gun with an aluminum stock is much more dangerous than the exact same gun with a walnut stock. WSS
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    Articles of Impeachment filed against Biden

    Well look at it this way there's actually no way the sane person would think that the president's words meant that he was encouraging terrorism. Of course there aren't many sane people on the left. On the other hand Joe Biden bragged publicly that he blackmailed Ukraine into calling off the investigation of his crooked son. Of course I think Kamaltoe is it pretty good insurance policy against impeaching Joe. Assuming there are still a few Democrats who aren't insane. WSS