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    It's time for Asians to leave the Democratic party

    They should. Any minority that performs above the average and works hard should never vote Democrat. Actually anybody. But identity politics is so much fun, right? WSS
  2. Well to be fair I have never actually seen a post from you specifically condemning serial murderer illegals. 🤣🤣🤣 WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  4. Tex Ag is the never trumper's representative here in the Browns board political Republic. You could do a search for the word treason and his posts. 😁😁😁😁 WSS
  5. Not so fast there green boy. 😁 https://www.agweb.com/mobile/article/unique-study-harnesses-methane-from-cows/
  6. They don't care about Hillary. She's one of the establishment who is embarrassed by the last presidential election. Also isn't treason one of the battle cries of the Never trumper's because he refuses to go to war with Russia? 😁 WSS
  7. Well that would seem to add Credence to the title of the thread wouldn't it? WSS
  8. Jim Acosta? Bullshit artist? Say it ain't so. In other news scientists find that water is wet; see the full report at 11. WSS
  9. Westside Steve

    Baker Mayfield - competition makes us all better

    Not talking about you
  10. Westside Steve

    Baker Mayfield - competition makes us all better

    Reminds me of this joke: Q what's better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics? A not being Retarded at all. WSS (Apologies to anyone I offended, except Cleve)
  11. Westside Steve

    Baker Mayfield - competition makes us all better

    sorry I'm not getting your point if you're making one about the ruskies using roids. Winning, in a communist country , gives you the ability to feel like you are something (like I said I don't know if you can kill the Instinct for pride ) not just Cog in a big stinking communist wheel. Which, I think, most human beings desire . And in a lot of cultural situations being an athlete, even though it's a big gamble, can make your lot better in life. Too often you are just a physically gifted thug when it comes right down to it but at least you have enough money to buy an Uzi. Are you up for giving every kid a B on whatever the class is? WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    Baker Mayfield - competition makes us all better

    I think you are off the mark as usual because even in the Special Olympics there are winners and losers. Any sporting League even for cripples Down syndrome kids, whatever the hell there is competition. But if you read more closely and see that one of the points was socialism. "Related: A big reason socialism fails is because the whole point of competition is to win the prize. Take the prize away and then the motivation to compete goes too. " I think even you can understand the normal human beings want to excel and competition often brings that out. *Which is why socialism probably won't work except for possibly the dregs of society who will still regardless of inactivity or sloth will think they are being cheated. WSS * and on this point I could be wrong. Perhaps competition and wanting to succeed can be eventually bred out of even human beings.
  13. Westside Steve

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    I think we should really wait until we sweep these rotten bastards before we start talking smack but, what the hell... WSS
  14. Westside Steve


    Kind of funny.
  15. Westside Steve

    Pure Gold!

    Logic is cool. Not one of the loons. WSS
  16. Westside Steve

    Beatoff following Bernie's lead

  17. Westside Steve

    Big Tech Assault on Free Speech

    Another thing to consider if, in fact, Facebook is supposed to promote whatever political agenda they want oh, that the left has been completely distraught over Russian interference a good deal of that comes from fake news reports on, wait for it, Facebook. WSS
  18. Probably for the same reason people on the left Screech about science when it comes to global warming but believe that human being with fully functioning testicles and a penis, is actually a woman. Which sounds crazier? It's actually harder to believe the predictions of imminent doom that are made every 15 or 20 years. WSS
  19. Westside Steve

    Healthcare for illegals?

    In the state of fake news and as easy as it is to make fake stories on the internet oh, even memes hahaha, this could actually be true. Sounds like typical pandering Joe is going to have to do to get the Socialists and open borders gang on board. https://www.dailywire.com/news/46967/joe-biden-us-has-obligation-give-healthcare-ryan-saavedra?%3Futm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro WSS
  20. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/05/cleveland-browns-hey-terry-how-can-baker-mayfield-avoid-sophomore-jinx-terry-pluto.html The latest.
  21. Unfortunately that's probably the case with just about each and every similar organization from BLM the Klan. WSS
  22. Well NFL and NBA tickets are ridiculously expensive... Just saying... WSS