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  1. Okay this isn't really political just an observation. I think we all agree it's going to be awhile before they tested and proven vaccine will be available for The Rona with all sorts of variables concerning possible mutation Etc. Be that as it may.

    Some people are anti-vaxxers other people don't want to take this vaccine because of whatever reason. On the other hand there are people saying that they will be first in line to test it. For that second group let me say that it seems like these are the guys most likely to stress the grave dangers of this pandemic fair enough? These are the folks that are among the most likely to want to take strong measures, stronger than many people would want to take. Stop me if anyone thinks this is unfair overview.

    It would seem to me that being a test subject memes that half of you will get a placebo while the other half will get the actual vaccine. All of you will be exposed to the virus to see if it works. That means logically that 50% of the people in the study will be infected without any vaccine. Is that right?

    Wouldn't the group who is so concerned about wearing masks staying home and social distancing be reluctant to be among the 50% of test subjects who are being exposed to the virus just for exploration. 


  2. 11 hours ago, Neo said:

    You must be part of the only 6% and mask don't work crowd. Gotcha👍

    Again from the guy that wears a mask riding his bicycle. Perfectly legitimate object of ridicule. People who throw a fit and refused to wear one into a store are an idiots but pretending they can do something they can't is even stupider and more hypocritical.


  3. Also began and finished the Hunter by Richard Stark. Interesting piece of early 60s hard boiled crime fiction. the the audio version only ran 5 hours unabridged. Looks like it's an ongoing series featuring a mug named Parker who gets double-crossed and sets out to get vengeance. The book was made into a film starring Mel Gibson called Payback. I looked back over there movie notes and don't exactly remember it but I was struck that they changed some names for what seems to be absolutely no reason. Don't remember the movie plot.


  4.  just a couple days ago I finished up Harlan coben's latest the boy from the woods. I'm a huge Harlan Coben fan and I didn't love this one UNTIL I did. Cool thing about this guy is you have to back up and listen to the ending a couple times meeting at least the last hour or so. I hate Mysteries that just pull some ridiculous ending out of their ass that he never does.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Neo said:

    Can someone please explain to me what the big deal is if someone chooses to wear a mask? It has no impact on you what so ever, other than you THINK somebody looks stupid wearing one. Set what you think aside (because nobody gives a shit how it makes you feel) How does it affect you directly? And if it bothers you so much, by all means, try to make me take it off, come take it off of me. You will not like the end result. (I am not speaking to you directly. I'm speaking to anyone who has a problem with masks)

    Like I said you can wear one to bed you can wear one in the shower in your car wherever the hell you want. If you are looking for somebody who thinks you're really cool for wearing one look somewhere else.



  6. 5 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

    Well. Hoorta rides about 26 miles pretty often too.

    and he doesn't wear a mask, too.

    go figure......

    To be fair my friend hoorta is more mask friendly than I am even though I put one on when it's necessary. I just think they're stupid he probably thinks they are beneficial. At least more than I do. Some just wear one like they would wear a Biden t-shirt.


  7.  you have actually said pretty much the same thing. Scientists predict something as in these models that turned out to be inaccurate it's "well they were working with the best information they have the time." If later on that information turns out to be otherwise "well then what can you expect." I think that's all anybody is saying. I think I would be fair in giving science the benefit of the doubt by saying that they're going on their best guess given the circumstances. You have a tendency to treat the scientific community, at least the ones you like, the same way as Christians treat.God.


  8. 46 minutes ago, MLD Woody said:

    Antifa started the wildfires?


    Millennials "caused" a hot dog store to go out of business

    Boomers got the internet and social media and started blindly following conspiracy theorists



    So there's that

    Millennial story was WOIO your buddies in the MSM I just pass it on. You're welcome.