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  1. 3 hours ago, gumby73 said:

    thanks westside.. sorry, but that just seems so unlikely that only MKC would report it (un-sourced)... Are we all to think Cabot is now writing Mother Goose stories?

    Is there anyway the chosen Jimmah Godfathers are going to trust Dorsey's right nor left hand men not leaking draft info? 

    A) Are Wolfe & Highsmith both sitting ducks, when the clean white drafting board comes into the room? 


    B.)  Are they being held as the falling net if no better GM candidates will play Jimmah & The Depo Way?

    Next up NFL Combine.. Who's on the Plane?

    No idea. Some of these people do this ship for a living even though that doesn't make them experts. Still maybe somebody linked to somebody linked to somebody in the organization dropped a rumor in their ear. Who knows? As candidate after candidate tell Jimmy to go fuck himself he's probably going to come down sooner or later to just about anybody with any experience. 


  2. 8 hours ago, Dutch Oven said:

    Has Berry pulled out too? 

    Not that I know of. He will probably wind up being the last man standing and get the job by default. If you are the head coach Dutchman oh, are you pretty excited about having him at the helm? At least somewhere near the helm After Jimmy Dee and De podesta...


  3. 6 hours ago, Orion said:

    Well said.  I would guess that a lot of candidates would not be thrilled with the structure of 'everybody and their brother' reporting directly to Haslam.  It's not a 'chain' of command.  It winds up being a bunch of VP's pitted against one another...all in the owner's ear.  (it's just another thing that we've seen fail before.  that's not to say that it COULDN'T work....just not with Jimmuh as the point person)

    ...Oh, WSS,  my band played last night.  Us two guitar players both do some structured solos,  and extemporaneous leads.  :) 

    And I'm guessing you didn't have to clear those solos with the bar owner? ūü§Ē


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  4. So of course we have the usual from the left "if Trump done it I'm agin it" but one thing comes to mind. Sure a Pearl Harbor attack would be bad but that's kind of last Century's Warfare. How bad do you think a major country would be crippled if somebody took out two or three of the information satellites?


  5. 4 hours ago, Orion said:

    Yup.  It just seems that we're doomed to this hell......until the Halsams finally sell.

    But that won't happen because he's giving up his Pilot Flying Circus.  The team is going to be 'it'.

    I'd be interested to know just what happened with Paton.  Did he pull his name because all that time went by and Haslam didn't make an offer?   - Did he tell Haslam at the 2nd interview that he needed a couple of days to think it over?  And then came to his senses...err, I mean, decided to stay put?  

    And meanwhile we've had a bunch of potential lame ducks working Senior Bowl Week.  But there's no rush....because....they're going to get it 'right' this time.  (pretend that was in pink)


    I would have to guess the same thing happened with him as happened with every other qualified candidate for any position with the Browns. No one of any stature wants to take orders from idiots like Jimmy and Dee and probably most of them don't have much use for  answering to John depodesta.

    For you Ohio rock and roll fans there's a guy named Mark Chatfield very good guitarist from the Columbus area that was Bob Seger's guitar player on the road. He wasn't a member of the band that recorded as the Silver Bullet Band had absolutely no input except to play the parts exactly as he was told in live performances. While I'm sure that was fun for a little bit eventually it was just frustrating and he quit. 


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  6. 26 minutes ago, tiamat63 said:


    I'm a big believer in "what is understood does not need to be said".

     and yet...

    When this thread was started, EVERYBODY knew what the responses and supporting arguments were going to be.  Nothing new, nothing insightful.  Why Any of you guys still bother is beyond me.     Must be a lot of masochists here.  

     yep we all know what each other's responses will probably be. Including your own. Thanks.

    Maybe when something that is rather new comes up, sure... I could see possible discussion.     You are, the sort of you, each others secret best friends. You just don't know it.   

     there's not much new that goes on in the world. When you think of something let us know. If you have time go to the Browns board and count the number of posts and how many years do they go back regarding any particular topic. Offensive line quarterback coaching changes coordinators etc etc call me if you spot something brand new.


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  7. 1 hour ago, MLD Woody said:

    Good luck j. You know DH isn't even hiding it anymore, and I'm impressed you broke down a detailed response to cal when you know what you'll get back. 

     hiding what? He's trolling most of the time and you bite it like a Hungry Fish Bites a worm

    The crazy thing here to me is arguing for religious schools getting tax dollars in one breath and planned Parenthood not getting funding in another. It's just Christians picking and choosing what they want ALL of our tax dollars going to

     Planned Parenthood performs abortions which many people believe are immoral. St. Edward's teaches people etc etc. And yes the curriculum has to be approved. You didn't know that?


    - yes, there would be angry threads on here with articles from the blaze the first time tax dollars as a result of this change went to a Muslim school

     and you would be defending it tooth and nail.

    - yes, there would be angry threads on here with articles from the blaze the first time a Christian School was told what to teach because they were receiving tax dollars

     isn't that what the public schools do? Why yes it is. Good eye.

    It would be interesting to also see actual data on public schools vs religious schools. No OBF, not from anywhere you'd normally frequent. It would also need to be adjusted for income and other factors as well I imagine 

     then why don't you post some? Maybe because Catholic schools perform better than public schools in general? Probably not a big difference between Catholic schools and upper-middle-class Suburban schools but across-the-board?