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  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/walmart-requiring-all-shoppers-to-wear-pants
  2. https://nypost.com/2020/09/01/elvis-presleys-graceland-vandalized-with-blm-graffiti/ I wouldn't be shocked if somebody here thinks this is acceptable. But I would hope not. WSS
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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    My satellite is just for TV spectrum is just for the internet. I could probably just completely switch over Spectrum for TV and internet. Most of what we watch is internet-based anyway. WSS
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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    Not that it makes that much difference but it just occurred to me that gasoline never became a public utility. WSS
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    CNN is the enemy of truth

    Fox News is not and should not be the antithesis of CNN it is and should be the antithesis of MSNBC despite the fact that fox has much more popular. That's probably due to the fact that they are the only large Outlet it provides the other side of the story. WSS
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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    Side note satellite to drastically change the face on cable TV. Shouldn't be long for satellite internet catches up with optical cable. WSS
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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    Well given the fluid nature of Technology I would guess that it's all going to be Wireless in due time. Look at the state of landlines today. Yes the gas lines and the electrical cables have already been run and I can buy my service from a few different places. Different areas have different internet wires; here it's Spectrum which used to be Time Warner. Not far from here it's AT&T. Actually the city of Wadsworth co-opted the entire infrastructure and sells their own cable and internet. Not exactly sure how that works. But opening up either the wires who are the broadcast Towers to everybody would certainly be met with cell opposition by the companies that made the investment in the wiring or the underground cable or the towers. But however it shakes out I would be glad if we caught up to the universal internet speeds available elsewhere. I just wouldn't get my hopes up about saving any money. That's what we thought when they broke up Ma Bell. Not many people remember when the phone company was a monopoly. WSS
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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    Okay. So what's the big difference now? Like the electrical cables or gas lines any company sold gas or electric? Not sure what you would want to change. I kind of like the idea of Japan having 5G in they are for everybody to use. But selling internet is a huge business. WSS
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    A fine, upstanding young American

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    Common Ground - Thread 3 - Internet Access

    Are you talking a public utility like gas or electric with many different providers but everybody has to pay for it what are you talking about radio & Airwaves? If it's the latter I'm not sure I like the idea for the federal government by the way of the FCC regulating what can be said or can't. WSS
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53982099 But he is playing politics and it's not surprising. Of course he and the rest of the family will be living in luxury for the rest of their lives thanks to his Thug son. Ironic isn't it? Good news is that Jacob won't be able to beat the living shit out of his babymama anymore. Or rape any more kids. WSS
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    A fine, upstanding young American

    Probably Joe Biden was late to the party because his handlers were afraid of offending the BLM gang who they desperately need to vote. Better late than never I guess. And I can't fully accept your distinction between those who carry weapons. It's not against the law. It would be against the law to fire those weapons at someone or the destroy property but it doesn't seem like any of those conservatives have done that. The ones that support the Democrats have. So I think you have to work a little bit harder to actually equivocate the two groups. I'm not sure that just screaming white supremacist is accurate or worthwhile. (but just for the record I think protesting it's a ridiculous bunch of shit regardless of who does it oh, just the idiots acting out) WSS
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    By the way nobody hates immigrants. That's Democrat Biden Harris bulshit. We don't like illegal immigration and neither do Democrat s when it suits their purposes. And pretending you can't tell the difference is stupid. The restaurant loves guests and it's happy that they come in and eat dinner; restaurants do not love people that break in in the middle of the night and steal food. Pretty simple. WSS
  14. Bill and Ted face the music Orion PG 13 88 min Over the last three decades I spend a lot of time bashing the accomplishments of Keanu Reeves. As this miserable year 2020 drags on and so many Hollywood celebrities spewing hatred it occurred to me that I have never heard a single insider say that Reeves was anything other than one of the nicest guys they’ve ever worked with. And to maintain that kind of reputation for nearly 30 years in Tinseltown is, and I quote, most excellent dude. The first Bill and Ted movie was 1989 with the successful sequel Bogus Journey in 1991. That put KR on the A-list and he’s been there ever since. That being said BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but for some reason, unlike a lot of bad movies, I didn’t hate it. Just keep in mind at the original EXCELLENT ADVENTURE was a hit because it was stupid and like the old saying "Dance with who brung ya.” So here’s the hook. Bill and Ted’s (Alex Winter) rock and roll band The Wild Stallions have fallen on hard times. Neither of them have ever worked a day in their lives and despite the adoration of their two daughters (Who are female clones of their dads) are faced with crumbling marriages. By the way Brigette Lundy Paine as the daughter of Ted, is truly a hoot. Mimicking the facial expressions voice and body language of Ted is is one of the best examples of physical comedy I’ve seen in a while. Enter the Masters of the time-space Universe whatever who send an emissary to give our heroes some dire news. If they don’t write a song that will bring the world together the entire place will be destroyed. So it’s back to the time machine telephone booth to visit their futuristic selves at a few different chronological locations to figure out what that might be. Meanwhile the daughters have also picked up the knack of time travel and are searching the historical landscape to put together a supergroup which will include, among others, Jimi Hendrix Louis Armstrong and Mozart. All the while they’re being chased by a overly sensitive killer robot named Dennis. Let’s admit it gang nothing really makes a lot of sense but neither did the original and that one, like it or not, was an actual landmark of American cinema. So bottom line if there’s no nostalgia involved for you, you might just hate this one. As for myself? There’s nothing evil or nasty or overbearing here at all, just some stupid, not very funny, but good-natured humor. Your mileage may vary but… C WSS Ps shout out to another of my favorite movie houses the Chagrin Cinema nice people, comfortable seating and a cool nostalgic vibe. It’s one of the Cleveland Cinemas chain who often have some eclectic films that are hard to find in the more mainstream theaters. And they have Diet dr. Pepper.
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    Unhinged review

    Unhinged Solstice Studios R 130 min Okay gang the theaters are open again. Kudos hit the folks at the Atlas Cinemas who have been open for a few weeks and now the mainstream movie houses are back to everyday operation. Of course, due to the nationwide covid-19 panic there are new rules in place. In my personal opinion I think some of them are non-uniform and arbitrary and some completely miss the intended point, but let me say this. The good folks that work in the theaters (or restaurants or retail stores for that matter) and management don’t make these rules they are just doing their best to make a living. Anyway, my first visit back to the Regal Montrose (Shout out to the staff there, the place was clean as a whistle) was to see the new Russell Crowe film UNHINGED. Like many of the new releases I’m guessing this one’s been in the can for a while waiting for a chance to hit the big screen. First of all, let me tell you that UNHINGED ain’t exactly high art. It also suffers from some sloppy direction and some unsatisfying loose ends. Still… The very first thing you will notice is how much weight the once shirtless star of GLADIATOR has put on. Probably just a side effect of middle age as I doubt that he would purposely gain 70 pounds for a script like this one. Regardless my first problem is that they completely give away the plot in the very first scene. Right off the bat we know that his character, Tom Cooper, is a raging and violent lunatic. I think they could have skipped that scene, replaced it with a couple minutes of backstory, and let the audience find out gradually. But then again I didn’t get a producer credit. Here’s what happens. Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is really having a bad day. She’s struggling through a divorce and this particular morning trying her best to get her whiny son to school on time meet with her divorce attorney and get to work when she gets stuck in a traffic jam. At one point a big 4 by 4 is blocking traffic at a green light and she lays on the horn as she speeds around him. Minutes later the truck pulls up on her right and stops traffic and the driver, Cooper, begins to reprimand her. At first, he seems rational just asking for an apology for what he felt was unnecessarily rude gesture. Well she has just been fired because she’s going to miss her appointment, lost her job and the kid is going to be late for school. She’s freaking out and in no mood for diplomacy and basically tells the guy to f off. This is a good scene for Crowe as his character, who could have been appeased with a simple apology, eventually just snaps. Unfortunately thanks to the opening scene we already know he’s nuts. The rest of the flick is a deadly game of cat and mouse as Rachel frantically tries to escape the psycho killer. There are actually a lot of twists and turns as the story unfolds but I won’t tell you what they are because that will spoil the fun. And yes, despite all of its flaws unhinged never slow down never got boring and never lets up on the edge of the seat suspense. Also every time you think Cooper can’t get any more dangerous… Well you get the idea. If you see the film I think you’ll know what I mean by loose ends but even though they weren’t a deal-breaker for me I think if they had tied those up I’d be willing to give this thriller an A-, but still just for the suspense and entertainment value and the fact that I was sitting in a movie theater with popcorn it’s still worth the trip. B- WSS
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    To give Joe Biden a little credit he probably had no idea what he was saying. But turning places like East LA in a third-world shitholes to prove you're not xenophobic shouldn't be the choice you make because you hate Trump. WSS
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    A fine, upstanding young American

  18. We heard this previously but we're waiting to see who the killer was. Let's say if the shooter was wearing a red hat the entire country would be, well even more, in flames. The pieces of shit in the left-wing media meaning the mainstream media have been trumpeting it was a clash between far right-wing and counter-demonstrators. WSS
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    a vote for Biden/harris is a vote for this:

    https://www.kenoshanews.com/news/local/watch-now-kenosha-speaker-strays-from-message-at-rally/article_a91e142b-46bf-5702-bb45-42b2015ce4b6.html From Joe Biden's base (just because it gets reprinted in biased outlets doesn't mean it's fake) WSS
  20. Not at all. Yahoo definitely sucks hind tit to just about everybody out there. WSS
  21. Westside Steve

    a vote for Biden/harris is a vote for this:

    So you've said. What's your point? But yeah a consolidation wouldn't hurt. WSS
  22. Dude, you and the Woodpecker bitch about 4chan and Q and then prop it up with the Yahoo Poll? That's rich. WSS
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    Is there a worse spokesman?

    Memo to Trump: 'You Have Ripped Up Any Semblance …: No doubt there are some ridiculous spokespeople for the Republican Party but hard to imagine anybody much worse than Reverend Al. WSS
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    So How Many Idiots Die in Sturgis?

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    More files from the rat Squad case book