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    And Another Declares Himself A Never-Trumper

    Rumor has it that kid grew up to be Mike Tyson WSS
  2. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

    January 2021 is 3 1/2 months away right? Even if somebody came out with a vaccine right this minute how long do you think it would take to test it? Pretend Donald Trump supported it for the company that made it. WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    And Another Declares Himself A Never-Trumper

    Well. A blast from the past. It sure has been a while since military service has been a requirement to run for political office. But by all means keep shouting bone spurs while you fly your Biden flag. By the way, if the fucker has asthma maybe he shouldn't be wearing that stupid mask all the time? WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    And Another Declares Himself A Never-Trumper

    Adultery? Well that's the last straw! By the way just curious where do you Amish guys get your gas powered smart phones and computers so you can post on TBB? WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

  6. Again an overblown crisis created and sustained for politics and profit. It's like telling a little kid there is no Santa Claus. WSS
  7. So it's not only them. I get 20 emails a day from the RNC stating the same thing. So there. 😁 WSS
  8. I think the kid was looking for trouble. That being said the only thing that makes an assault weapon an assault weapon is the way it looks. You can buy semi automatic 22 rifles anywhere with a wooden stock. Replace it with Aluminum stock and all of a sudden it's an assault rifle. The phraseology is merely based on political bullshit. WSS
  9. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

    I've actually seen two people on separate occasions by themselves wearing a fucking mask on the bike trail. I shit you not. I'm not saying you should throw a fit in a store or a restaurant because they asked you to wear one but even you Democrats have to admit it gets ridiculous. No matter how much you love Biden. WSS
  10. Westside Steve

    In Lieu of No New Movies

    One of my favorite books of all time is TuneIn The Beatles biography by Mark lewisohn. I think the guy is seriously dragging his feet on volume to put in his own words... Not particularly great news but here it is. https://www.marklewisohn.net/volume-2/
  11. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cleveland/cleveland-police-officer-james-skernivitz-killed-in-shooting/95-3c2c3830-9f66-465c-9aea-bfa938408111 Come on boys at least tosses a lukewarm "well sure that's bad too. But what about Kenosha???" WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

    He should wear a pointed hat along with the mask. Is the other side of whatever you guys call Karen. WSS
  13. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

  14. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

  15. So what exactly is one out of a half-million? WSS
  16. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

    That's what happens when you decide you're going to support Joe Biden. Even if you think he's an idiot you have to defend him at every turn. I think it's probably similar to the Stockholm syndrome. ...... yes yes yes but what about... WSS
  17. Westside Steve


    like a Fidel. 😁 WSS
  18. first of all I shouldn't have to but unfortunately I need to remind you that racism is a belief that the behavior of people is due to the color of their skin and not based on what they do or believe. Except for idiots everyone should hate people who Riot and loot and rape and murder and steal or otherwise exhibit antisocial behavior, regardless of their race. Nor should they make excuses for that behavior based on race. WSS
  19. Westside Steve

    Kenosha defense attorney

    Yes yes yes it's the Tucker Carlson show but this is the kids attorney and his own words. WSS
  20. I don't think there's anything particularly awkward about it. What pisses me off is it this moron is going to pre-packaged pre-record and sanitize every word that comes outof his mouth and the media is going to fix it all in the mix. They aren't going to let him off the leash too often. And hopefully the president can STFU for the next couple of months. WSS
  21. I think this underscores one of my points. Almost 40 people dead from the BLM riots 65 police officers at least killed in the line of duty just in 2020 hundreds and hundreds of blacks gunned down by themselves in the cities. But Biden supporters ignore them to focus on this kid. And for the record I don't think he went there to protect anything I think he went there looking for trouble. Before anybody starts crying about that. WSS
  22. Stereotypes exist for a reason. For instance the idea of a drunken Irishman is actually rooted in the fact that Ireland is one of the biggest if not the biggest consumers of alcohol. Black people per capita commit more crimes then the same number of white people. Whether it's because of poverty racism whatever excuse you make it's the case. Anyone who feels they are the victim of stereotyping and are also a proud member of any subgroup are responsible themselves for changing that impression. Going to school getting an education staying away from drugs and crime speaking like a normal human being and yes Woody, even joining the Republican party, is one way to break that stereotype. Dressing and speaking like a hood rat is not. For all your complaining about racism you can't point to one of the conservatives on this board who don't respect and admire conservative African Americans. WSS
  23. Westside Steve

    More Key & Peele for Political Statements?

    Excellent sir. I shall be purchasing a cannon for my bathroom post haste! https://www.americanrevolution.org/artillery.php WSS
  24. Black people probably don't like BLM thugs criminals crackheads Etc representing them any more than we would. WSS
  25. Westside Steve

    So How Many Idiots Die in Sturgis?

    Yes underlying conditions and still one out of nearly a half-million. And then there's this https://www.injurytriallawyer.com/blog/four-deadly-days-for-washington-motorcycle-riders.cfm WSS