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    The official Terry Pluto thread

  2. Westside Steve

    Echo In The Canyon--Netflix

    We were just talking about it. There's also a book about Laurel Canyon which is very interesting. It's on my list. WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    Deep Thoughts from Coach Toad

    I did indeed. Much more interesting than your opinions on football. PS don't talk with your mouth full WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    List of penalties?

    I'm not sure this deserves its own thread but does anybody have an exact list of the penalties from yesterday including yards and offending player/s? Seems like there was an abundance of false starts and illegal formations. WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Deep Thoughts from Coach Toad

    How about a blowjob instead of the hug? Break out the knee pads coach and get on it. WSS
  6. Westside Steve

    Fire Freddy

    Partially because established and winning head coaches might just possibly have another job already? Plus it's usually a sucker's bet to think that picking an apple off a winning coaches tree, like Belichick, doesn't often work out. Like hiring Bill Wyman to play bass and wondering why your band isn't as good as the Rolling Stones. Adam gase? Bruce Arians? Just for the record if we were not worried that Freddie would have gone elsewhere I'd have liked to see him stay at OC and keep Gregg Williams as head coach. WSS
  7. Westside Steve

    Big Chubb fumble

    So we were discussing after the game... I can't find an exact replay but I'm curious , didn't the Patriots Defender reach-around from behind and smack the ball out of his grasp with a fist? Is it not illegal to strike another player with your fist? Or am I just remembering the replay incorrectly? WSS
  8. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    And more scribbling https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/10/cleveland-browns-pregame-scribbles-huge-test-for-coach-freddie-kitchens.html
  9. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/10/cleveland-browns-terrys-talkin-baker-mayfield-jarvis-landry-0-line-changes.html And...
  10. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  11. Westside Steve

    Potential 2020 dark horse candidate?

    Well then maybe your boy Biden will be safe until 2020. WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    Potential 2020 dark horse candidate?

    Plenty of time. But I hope you're right about the Trump attacks or perceived attacks on Biden. Nobody cares about possible corruption if it's their guy and it might gain Joe a little sympathy. WSS
  13. Westside Steve

    Potential 2020 dark horse candidate?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Democratic_Party_presidential_primaries Lol I had completely forgotten about Gravel WSS
  14. Westside Steve

    Potential 2020 dark horse candidate?

    I don't think the window of opportunity is small at all. There's still over a year till the election. At what point in the year did Obammy come out of the woodwork? WSS
  15. Westside Steve

    Potential 2020 dark horse candidate?

    I know it's a bulshit post but seriously I would not be surprised to see Michelle Obama drafted. If I were a Republican strategist I would hesitate to tarnish Joe Biden to the point that his cronies bail on him. WSS
  16. Westside Steve

    Rambo Last blood review

    Yep. Stallone really Campaign hard to get that role and he deserved it. I think he told them he would work for scale and did. WSS
  17. Rambo Last blood Lionsgate R 89 min I’m not ashamed to say I love Sylvester Stallone. I’ve either loved every Rocky movie or at least enjoyed them, thought he was great in COPLAND and believe that PARADISE ALLEY is an uncovered gem. That being said have not been a huge fan of the RAMBO, JUDGE DREDD or THE EXPENDABLES (too many guys) series. One of the reasons here, and this is just one of my particular bugaboo’s, is that I rarely enjoy jungle or war movies. On the other hand I almost always love revenge flicks and the worse the bad guys are the better I like to see them get demolished. By the way I’m not really going to issue a spoiler alert because after all these years I think we all realized that anyone who messes with a friend or loved one of any character played by Stallone is in for a very bad end. No surprises there right? In this installment John Rambo is retired and living on a horse ranch in the Southwest with his beloved niece Gabrielle whom he has raised since being abandoned by her no-good biological father. One of her equally no good friends who has moved South of the Border informs her that she has found that father and invites her to come down to meet him. Against Uncle Rambo’s stern admonition she will sneak off to go meet with this guy and that’s when terrible things happen. After being soundly rejected by dear old dad she will reluctantly accompany her trashy friend to a disreputable Mexican Disco where she is drugged and kidnapped by a gang of white slavers. And here the battle begins. Our hero makes his way to the cartels headquarters where his niece at dozens of other girls are captive drug-addicted sex slaves where he will be attacked and beaten within an inch of his life. Even worse news the bad guys found his identification at a photo of his niece and decide to make her an example. Fortunately a mysterious woman named Carmen will rescue him and nurse him back to health at which point he returns to the bordello and kills a lot of mugs and retrieving the barely conscious girl. But remember these bastards have his ID and know where he lives and lead a small army to the ranch. Those familiar with Rambo’s prowess probably realize it will take a lot more then a small or even medium-sized army. Just saying. I won’t give any more actual details but when you see the layout of the ranch early in the show you’ll realize that will be a premonition of the climax. When you see my reasonably high grade remember that I am comparing this film to other action and violent revenge films, grading on the curve. There is certainly some sloppy dialogue and some loose ends along with some unrealistic situations a tendency toward Scandinavian style bleak plot turns, but one more time folks, this ain’t high art. This is Rambo killing a lot of some of the worst villains we’ve seen on film for a long time. Hell I might have even given it a higher grade had he spent a little more time on each one of these SOBs. PostScript. After I wrote my review I checked the critical opinions around the web. Apparently other critics hated and the audiences loved. Post PostScript just an odd and trivial coincidence that there are two Adrian’s and one Adriana listed in the credits. Yo. B WSS
  18. Westside Steve

    I love this guy

    Kevin Smith Responds to IGN Comments: I hope the movie is released around here soon
  19. Westside Steve

    I love this guy

    Kevin Smith Reacts to the Star Wars: The Rise of …: https://youtu.be/xWdYSHkadOo
  20. Westside Steve

    Edward Snowden on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    I think he got a little bit long-winded I kind of lost interest. Sorry. A lot of it was pretty self evident though. WSS
  21. Westside Steve

    Jessie Ventura considering Presidential run

    It is an ill wind indeed that blows no one any good WSS
  22. We can always count on stooges to hyperventilate over the most meaningless things possible. Thank you again for proving that Axiom. WSS
  23. I was a big supporter I'm very disappointed. WSS
  24. Westside Steve

    Jury Duty

    I called, showed up was interviewed and sent home with most of the other prospective jurors WSS
  25. Lol I actually find her less offensive than most of them. WSS