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  1. Jets trade up

    I would love to know which quarterbacks these three teams had their sights on. Is Darnold the safe pick? Has Rosen got the best chance? Does Mayfield have the highest ceiling? Will Allen be the next Roethlisberger? Or the next Kizer? WSS
  2. The Disaster Artist review

    I didn't love the movie but I liked it okay. His performance was certainly worthy of a nomination. WSS
  3. Why I won't review all the money

    Woody Allen never had a sexual relationship with soon-yi until she was an adult. And they have been married ever since . They are also not blood relatives even if that were illegal. So their choice is really none of our business . Dylan Farrow made accusations that were investigated thoroughly and found to be bullshite. Kevin Spacey swears he has absolutely no memory of the incident. And there is absolutely no proof. Roman Polanski moved to France where only recently have they even ever considered a minimum age for a sexual relation. And that was 13... Beyond that the whores that had sex with Harvey Weinstein wanted prrts in the movies and when they didn't get what they wanted decided to call it rape. Having sex for financial compensation has its own definition. WSS
  4. Oscars 18

    But it any rate except for call me by your name which you disagreed before even watching it I sincerely appreciate the fact that your disagreements are based in thought. WSS
  5. Oscars 18

    Oh well. I guess if you see call me by your name and disagree with me then that's how it goes. The whole thing is opinion-based there isn't any objective criteria that makes one piece of art better than another piece of art and I stand by my opinions of all these films. Sure there may have been a little politically correct undercurrent in the shape of water and I have no doubt he gets extra points for being Mexican from this liberal bunch in the academy. On the other hand the homosexual aspect gained a lot of points for call me by your name. And whoever said it wasn't sexual is out of their mind. Didn't I admit Phantom thread was extremely well-crafted? I just found out solutely no entertainment value whatsoever and in this particular case didn't care that the story was offbeat or quirky or avant-garde. I just didn't like it. WSS
  6. 2018 Mock Drafts

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-jets-land-josh-rosen-after-trade-cardinals-move-up-for-qb/ I kind of agree with his concerns about Sam darnold but worried a little bit more about Josh Allen. I would think if you want a good arm and accuracy Baker Mayfield might just be your guy. But anyway doesn't it seem like a bad deal to trade for 4 down 11 spots for a middle third and a middle fourth pick? One of you value experts got a grip on that one? Unless we also get next year's number one... WSS
  7. Beginners guide to Rum (Tex?)

    Nope, one of my themes as I get older. I was just inspired to write a sad cowboy song coming home at the end of a long life. WSS
  8. Beginners guide to Rum (Tex?)

  9. Beginners guide to Rum (Tex?)

    Thanks Tex! If you get a chance check out my Texas connection, a song called Abilene. I actually wrote it back in the 80s when the band was playing in Lubbock but that name just didn't sound romantic enough... WSS
  10. Barkley at #1?

    The Cleveland Browns aren't exactly known for giving anybody a five - 7 year leash. WSS
  11. Beginners guide to Rum (Tex?)

  12. Jets trade up

    "Shock the World..Take Barkley at #1 and Chubb at #4 then trade up to grab whichever qb falls. I think the floor is Miami for the top 4 at #11. This would take a ton of balls, use up lots of draft capital, and have a lot of faith." uhh..... I call that the syrup of ipecac plan. WSS
  13. Jets trade up

    http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/03/how_will_the_browns_be_impacte.html WSS
  14. I'm with you, that way when the Steelers and Bengals want to play dirty... We got that covered. WSS