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  1. Another school shooting

    "Woodpecker nonsense" is that a thing? WSS
  2. Another school shooting

    Happy about it? Probably not exactly but at least encouraged by more violence because it gives them Steam with which to pursue their dream of a gun-free America. And I would imagine they are at least somewhat disappointed it wasn't an AR-15. WSS
  3. I doubt it. The idea is to keep it going at least until the midterms with or without substance. WSS
  4. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Baker Mayfield on Josh Rosen's '9 mistakes' remarks: 'You don't want to be scripted like that' https://search.app.goo.gl/6ADgW Shared from my Google feed
  5. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Yes I heard on the radio that the guy from the Texans said it was no big deal and you actually hardly notice them being in the building so... I would imagine that most of the drama Etc is going to come from the editing room. Kind of like Bar Rescue for professional sports. WSS
  6. Another school shooting

    He is an actor. You saw the coaching video. Why is that so hard for you? WSS
  7. Pluto talks Mayfield

    But never mentions Beachwood or Highland Heights. Cleveland Browns: Talking Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor & Hard Knocks -- Terry Pluto (video) https://search.app.goo.gl/LD9dU Shared from my Google feed WSS
  8. Another school shooting

    Actual quote from the thread Woody posted. "Never said the kid was not a student. I said that the CNN producer gave him his lines and coached him through his speech. " which is true. WSS
  9. Darn. Late to the party again. 😔 WSS
  10. Johnny Manziel Signs Hamilton Tiger-Cats Contract as He Pursues NFL Comeback https://search.app.goo.gl/isP7v Shared from my Google feed Next stop, Cleveland. WSS
  11. Another school shooting

  12. Another school shooting

    He is, and was a ringer. Selected by the media and groomed for the spot as spokesperson for his class. Selected for his experience and rehearsed for his on Camera scenes. What is incorrect about that? The fact that he was a student is no big deal. Also One might surely question whether or not he was on campus at the time of the shooting let alone a witness, because he said he rode his bicycle home and back to get his camera a 6-mile trip that should take at least a half an hour. Right? WSS
  13. Another school shooting

  14. Another school shooting

    Of course you are making that up so why should I care? He is a grandstanding turd who deserves a little ridicule now and again. WSS
  15. Another school shooting

    Uh, seems like he's under your skin amigo. Uncorroborated nonsense? Okay I'll admit I've never seen actual video footage of you jerking off to his picture. WSS