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  1. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    In what way and what difference does it make to you? Seriously? I think we are pretty familiar with your opinion of religion in the first place so why does one offend you and not the other if that's the case? WSS
  2. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    Why? WSS
  3. Let the hand-wringing begin

    Yes. We shall see. By the way it's good to have a civil discussion about this crap. For myself I've never seen Trump has being a crazed right winger. Which is why so many of the never trumper's seem to hate him. I was more angry with the freedom caucus, or whatever they call themselves, for blocking the legislation most of which I agree with wholeheartedly. WSS
  4. Let the hand-wringing begin

    Yet in truth you have no idea what was included in this bipartisan agreement or how either party may or may not have changed it at the last minute. Nor do I. This is my guess. And only a guess. They were close to an agreement Trump said something mean about shiteholes (of which Haiti and many African nations certainly qualify as) and Senator Schumer took that opportunity to try to force a poison pill DACA provision into it. WSS
  5. Let the hand-wringing begin

    This is CBS News, not exactly The Blaze. WSS
  6. Let the hand-wringing begin

    First of all I believe what Chuck Schumer says about as much as you believe what Donald Trump says. Also the deal on the wall came after the impasse. It also included the continuance of the immigration Lottery as well as chain immigration which the president has always being against. How about you? WSS
  7. Let the hand-wringing begin

    All I'm trying to do is get a straight answer out of you. I'm not being insulting. But if you're going to claim that the president made a deal and then reneged that's one thing. If you're going to hedge your statement by saying that you don't know because you weren't in the room that's quite another. What's say I'm not even holding you to an exact accounting. What would be your guess as to the president's promise and which Provisions did he change after making it? Just a guess would be fine. WSS
  8. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    That's understood, probably a bad idea to lend money to a friend that you can't afford to lose. The money or the friend. WSS
  9. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    Ironically it was Ken Blackwell versus Ted Strickland and Strickland is a Methodist Minister who also believes the only way to go to heaven is, well you know... WSS
  10. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    For the record he s really not practicing and I was asking him for his own opinion not to speak for all Jews. WSS
  11. Let the hand-wringing begin

    So another question for you Tex. In your own words, and to the best of your recollection, what was the specific deal that the president made as accurately as you can recall and how was it changed at the last minute? WSS
  12. Let the hand-wringing begin

    He hasn't given his word about anything and I asked you a simple question. As a matter of fact Chuck Schumer's offer to fund the wall has nothing to do with it. WSS
  13. Let the hand-wringing begin

    So after all this superfluous typing... DACA should not be linked to the budget agreement. Fine. Nor should any other immigration policies be tied to it. See how simple that was? WSS
  14. Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    That's the Gippers MO. The way I see it the Patriots are probably the greatest team in modern football and my Cleveland Browns the worst. Our job is to dig out of that hole no matter how long it takes. WSS
  15. Let the hand-wringing begin

    Tex, I like you just fine. But you are no more of an independent thinker than Cal. I can't tell from reading your posts what particular conservative ideals you support but it certainly seems like your entire political perspective is based on a personal hatred of the president. Let me ask you a straight question. Do you think the resolution to fund the government should be tied to amnesty for the so-called dreamers? Plus could you answer that question without unnecessary comments about tax cuts for the rich or the Russians? WSS