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  1. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Simmer down now Tia.
  2. I met someone

  3. Garrett Hurt Already

    Haha. Oops. But I can't believe Hue Jackson has no say in the matter at all and if he decided to go to the wall for his boy... anyway we aren't picking that high. Because I get the feeling Kizer was Jackson's pick. Maybe not. And again even though he wasn't my guy I'm not ready to close the book on him. I need to be convinced ofJackson's legendary, or is it mythical, quarterback mentoring ability. Six more games and I'll have a stronger opinion. WSS
  4. Josh Gordon

    Follow the money. WSS
  5. Garrett Hurt Already

    I bet not. The best prospect will be gone. Plus I think Hugh Jackson is infested in Kizer unless he really really flames out. WSS
  6. Kathy griffin is an awful shitstain....

    Basically I hate kids and I hate noisy neighbors. I also hate barking dogs. WSS
  7. Haha, trump trolls kim hard at the u.n

    So what's your take on the United Nations? Is it just an automatic anti-trump position or have you thought that they were a problem for the last 9 years? Or Beyond? Also do you think the policy of North Korea has been the proper one?
  8. How many have you seen?

    65 here. 67 but I didn't count a couple that I wasn't sure of. WSS
  9. Josh Gordon

    And if he can't it costs us what? That we have to go back to one of our overpriced and under-producing free agents? I'd rather Kenny Britt fired one up on the sidelines then to drop passes stone cold sober. WSS
  10. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    So let's say that's true, and that the banana is now elevated to the same status as the Confederate Battle Flag or a statue of Robert E Lee.. And remembering the admonition to read this shit story we know there were no Witnesses. And yet someone made the proclamation that this Nazi threw a banana. Not at a negro but supposedly at the white person who assaulted him. Just asking any of you guys who are so skeptical about most shit if that rings true with you? PS was there any evidence of that on the video? WSS
  11. http://www.listchallenges.com/100-of-the-best-cult-films
  12. I thought this was funny

    I don't like this guy but this really has nothing to do with his politics. It's always fun to see these kind of meltdowns when somebody thinks the tape isn't rolling. And frankly I kind of understand his frustration but still... WSS
  13. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    I have no problem with a site that has a political slant as long as the reporting at least sounds credible. This particular backstory did not. Did you read the disjointed slapdash account of somebody with a banana on a bus? That sound like solid reporting to you? For instance if somebody posts a video I assumed that the incident actually took place. Even if what led up to it is conveniently missing. WSS
  14. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    1 Me? 2 LOL yeah that's a dandy. WSS
  15. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/43awzg/seattle-neo-nazi-punched-after-throwing-banana-at-man This is your source? I think I rest my case WSS