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  1. Westside Steve

    Pluto again

    https://articles.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2018/10/cleveland_browns_talkin_trades.amp Saturday WSS
  2. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals

    By the way what prompted refugees to bring the flag of their third world shithole Nation to wave as they illegally march into the United States? By the way fear? Fear as in fear of crabgrass, or dry rot or Cokroaches. WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals

    Nice try? More like a swing-and-a-miss. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2018/03/20/veterans-health-care-reform-hits-roadblock-jeopardizing-one-of-trumps-legislative-priorities/ WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals

    Facebook. Not exactly sure where it is I just know that there are thousands in the Caravan from some third-world shithole making their way through Mexico. Which by the way would be a great place for them to relocate. They speak the language etc etc But here's a spot from CNN if that's good enough for you. https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2018/10/19/drone-video-caravan-mexico-guatemala-mh-orig.cnn WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals

    Missouri... The blow me state. WSS
  6. Well that's not very clever but yes to all of those things I guess. Except for the how many loads I can swallow, which as I recall, has nothing to do with the gloryhole unless I forgot my terminology. WSS
  7. Since you're interested sure. Remember this is a public forum so... Not that I care what you say but aren't you one of those privacy whiners? WSS
  8. Plus he no longer has to worry about don't ask don't tell. WSS
  9. Don't worry, after the midterms we can forget all about it. But just in case your anger can't be controlled... https://m.goarmy.com/ WSS
  10. Hey there's an Army Recruiting office at Akron probably not too far from you. Go sign up to fight the Saudis. WSS
  11. Westside Steve

    Death threats you say?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/19/man-arrested-for-threatening-to-kill-senators-over-kavanaugh-support.html WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    Donate and win a authentic autographed MAGA hat

    One disappointing aspect of either the Trump campaign or some ancillary campaign-esque groups is is selling autographed items. One in particular I saw was an autographed picture of the president, hand autographed mind you, made out to whatever your name might be. Close reading of the advertisement never says that Trump autographed it only that it was hand signed. Don't know if this hat is the real thing or not. WSS
  13. Eat me. You guys don't give a rat's asss about this. You just wanted to put up some pictures of guys with towels on their heads and wring your hands about people with money. Stupid? Sure but that's your base. Unless you Trump hating fools have all of a sudden grown a conscience and want to stand up against evil in the Middle East. That might be true and also monkeys might fly out of my butt. WSS
  14. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals

    I should have put this in Old Browns fans illegal Caravan thread. WSS
  15. Westside Steve

    Caravan of illegals