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  1. Scraping the bottom of the Partisanship barrel

    Actually that's what should matter. You vote for people who will carry out your wishes as far as running the country. WSS
  2. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    You can read the article. Without the second screw up you have been walking back into the family soon enough. If you don't think so then fine. WSS
  3. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/08/29/anthony-weiner-just-blew-his-a-second-chance-at-a-second-chance/ WSS
  4. Why is it always anti LBGT republicans peepee smuggling?

    So I didn't read exactly what he did against gays? Did he want them locked up say they were going to hell beaten up? Was he just opposed to gay marriage or separate bathrooms, or something worse? Does anybody have any idea? WSS
  5. And another one!!!!!!!

    I fukked her right in the pussy? That Jameis Winston? WSS
  6. How many have you seen?

    Best? That can't be determined I just said which one was my favorite. WSS
  7. Art Garfunkel

    Could be. I never mix my politics and my artistic taste. WSS
  8. The Wine Bar...

    Like I said not a problem. I drink a little Cabernet I like it okay just don't know much about it. Much more of a beer snob. The Gipper fancies himself a wine cunni sewer but I think he likes local Ohio wines. Of which the Wolf Creek Winery is one of the worst IMO. WSS
  9. Why is it always anti LBGT republicans peepee smuggling?

    Hard to say. Would someone prefer to vote for a conservative homosexual or a liberal straight? Like a republican hating hardcore union supporter staunch Democrat who hates black people as bad as a klan member would still voted for Obama. Tough call ideology over sexuality or ideology over race. WSS
  10. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    There was photographic proof so it was more than a money grab. And he did get a second chance and screwed up again. Specifically talking about Bill and Hillary. But you knew that. Think Franken is going to face the music? WSS
  11. The Wine Bar...

    Okay with me as long as we keep it on this one thread? Id guess that barber shop might be a little more appropriate since there's already been similar stuff posted there. WSS
  12. New name for ghoolie!!

    Just a reminder, we know the guy likes to piss people off but it's probably a good idea, like it's been mentioned before, to save the smack talk until after the Browns win a game. At least one? WSS
  13. F-uck the steelers

    It's a good idea to talk shjt after the game. WSS
  14. Sen Al Franken accused by TV host of sexual misconduct

    Actually there's a lot of Truth to that. I think the only reason that people are flipping out is that for so long that Democrats have been pounding everybody over the head with the women women women thing. A huge part of Hillary's campaign was accusing Donald Trump hope being a sexist and a misogynist and a Serial sexual harasser. Even when it turned out but those accusations weren't true the echo chamber never stopped. Now that it turns out that the Democrats the Liberals and Hillary's staunchest supporters are just as guilty or worse of actual misdeeds you can hardly blame the right for going nuts. Like when the Hellfire and brimstone preacher gets caught with a hooker. I'm sure you understand that. On the other hand a lot of these accusations, in my opinion, don't come close to any kind of actionable offense. Regardless of the political persuasion of the accused. And the fake news, despite their left-wing agenda, does love to print salacious material. Profit and ideology go hand-in-hand with these people. WSS
  15. Yep. I already posted this one but I think that's one of the big reasons for the flurry of accusations these days. Those looking to make a little bit of profit for something that never really bothered them smell blood in the water. WSS