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  1. So you never stated you were voting for Biden? (Not that I wholly trust word that comes out of your beak but...) And frankly as bombastic as Cal can be I think you're possibly worse because at least he looks up some of this shit and for much of the time your only opinion is whatever you think will piss him off. So did you or didn't you say you were voting Biden? You could probably lie and no one would ever know the difference. WSS
  2. Westside Steve

    The vaccine

    Yeah ridiculous to think that thousand of people from the dregs of societies of third world shitholes would be more prone to carrying infectious disease as they swarm unrestricted across the border. Woodrow that's has to sound stupid even to you. WSS
  3. Says the Biden voter. Please. WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    No Doubt. But their overhead is now just about nil and Pluto is making a bunch of money because he's a draw for Cleveland. Com. And they still sell advertisements. I'm sure they can do what they want but if Terry Pluto his all I read then it's probably not worth buying the subscription. C'est la vie. By the way it opens up from my Google account page it just seems to be the link that sends you to the subscription hook. WSS
  5. I support Trump because I support most of the stated directional policies. Many of the things I don't like about him I bitch about. Many things I defend him for are bulshit that those on the left have made up, and or things I don't care about. But even though I'm not 100% in lockstep doesn't mean I throw a fit if somebody calls me a Republican or a trump supporter. Vote for Gary Johnson again and I will apologize for calling you a Democrat. I prefer to vote for policy rather than personality. And in this race personality is kind of a wash. WSS
  6. Westside Steve

    Mask lovers

    Wait a minute seems like the Panic is starting to subside a little bit... Okay then take this https://www.ketv.com/article/updated-cdc-guidance-says-coronavirus-can-spread-through-the-air/34089940#
  7. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Shit I hope this doesn't turn into another pay-per-view site looks like they want eighty bucks for a subscription
  8. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  9. Does anyone believe did the Democrats would wait until after the election if they had both houses and the presidency? Come on. WSS
  10. By the way I know everybody likes to feel that they're strong and independent thinkers. But when you cast your vote you're casting your vote to have that particular political party whichever one it is implement their policies and directions and serve their base. No matter how hard you pretend it's otherwise. You're embarrassed and now you're mad. Spin it however you see fit but the fact remains. WSS
  11. Exactly, because it's true. You're the kind of guy that would jerk off to pictures of Brad Pitt and then get mad if somebody says you're queer. If you were voting libertarian Green Party socialist or Whig you might be able to pretend that you had an independent streak But... WSS
  12. Sorry Woodrow. You staked your claim; told us you're voting for Joe Biden. But, to coin a phrase, that's typical Woody. Bitching when you were called a liberal even though you said you were a Bernie Sanders supporter (the most liberal candidate in decades.) If the shoe fits just man up and wear it. WSS
  13. This would actually be hilarious. https://babylonbee.com/news/trump-nominates-himself-to-the-supreme-court WSS
  14. Westside Steve

    The vaccine

    I have no problems with any vaccinations. That being said there are many educated people who are anti-vaxxers and their arguments are not without Merit. And of course what I'm talking about here is being a guinea pig for potentially deadly , in many people's opinion, virus. That's all. WSS
  15. Elections have consequences. That's why you people , the Democrats since you are now a Biden guy, forced through Obamacare without waiting for the next election to see if the House and Senate would flip. Maybe you complained loudly about that if so I don't remember it. WSS