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  1. Westside Steve


    In what ways do the purposes of the CIA and the purpose of the KGB differ? WSS
  2. Westside Steve

    I think the russkies are on to something

    Conservative media is marginalized. I don't think they carry much weight except with the base. Fox News is the closest thing to conservative media in the mainstream. And they are only the mirror image of MSNBC. Sadly CNN ABC CBS and NBC and just about every major newspaper are liberal. I don't count the blaze or ammoland or conservative talk radio as the mainstream media. And those are the places most of the great unwashed get their capsulized new. WSS
  3. Actually policy-wise I don't see much problem. If the Republicans could hold together like the Democrats I think we'd be further along. On the other hand he is something of an a-hole. Of course no matter what he says, does or proposes it's going to go through the Beltline of the mainstream media and come out smelling like shite. Which of the policies or policy proposals do you find to be troubling? Tax cuts? Deregulation? Crackdown on illegal immigration? Support of the Second Amendment? Personally I don't like the budget compromise but imagine that he'd held firm and we close down the government. Imagine The Wailing and gnashing of teeth then. WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    Sound the Alarm Maxine!

    Maxine Waters warns supporters of possible 'armed protests' against her https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/maxine-waters-warns-supporters-armed-protests/story?id=56681915 Shared from my Google feed Armed protest? Probably law enforcement officers. WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    I think the russkies are on to something

    Unfortunately he really should expect this kind of backlash no matter what is said on any subject ever. WSS
  6. That makes a good deal of sense. Personally I don't see that this nickel and dime meddling, and God am I getting sick of the word meddling, was really a priority for Putin probably not much more than some basic vandalism and Im sure it went both ways. I also have no doubt that the intention was this ridiculous investigation and firestorm. In that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams at are probably rolling on the floor in laughter. Still at the end of the day it's just another non issue that the folks in the USA have gone completely off the rails over. And everything the Russians have been accused of, hacking into both parties accounts spreading fake news stories etc, are being done by just about everybody in the world and in the US just because the technology is there and social media is the underserved king of new. WSS
  7. It just underscores the futility of voting in the first place. Republicans could have approach this from an austerity angle and really tightened up the US economy debt and deficit. But they compromised. Now it stinks worse than it did before but not as bad as will stink a few years from now. WSS
  8. Westside Steve

    Trump and Putin

    Ha I don't think speeding actually made any sense in that context anyway. WSS
  9. Westside Steve

    Trump and Putin

    That's true Woody. I don't think my post is outrageous, do you? WSS
  10. Westside Steve

    Trump and Putin

    Huh. Speeding was a typo. Sorry. WSS
  11. Or something good happens while your guy is president but it's actually the policies of our guy in the previous administration that made it all happen. WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    Trump and Putin

    This will probably turn into a shouting match soon enough but hopefully not. Just a few points that I think are not unreasonable. The outrage over the meeting really does seem excessive. I realize we switch hats with changes Administration but isn’t having better relationships with the adversaries of the US a positive thing? There wasn’t anything like this when the previous administration lifted sanctions on Iran and opened up to Castro. The only outcry was from the hardcore Obama haters. Does anyone think Putin poses more of a danger to the United States then the Middle Eastern Warlords? Actually what threat does Putin pose to us? Russia has basically nothing but some oil and weapons which are not as good as ours. Remember those who feared that bombastic language from Trump to Kim Jong-Un might start World War 3 but now they expect that exact kind of rhetoric against the Russians? Also hasn’t the United States been tougher on Russia than previous Administrations? It was not under the Trump Administration that they invaded the Ukraine and Crimea. And those who preached we should get along with others now are calling this an act of War? Please. Is there anyone here who truly believes that countries have not spied and interfere. With each other for centuries? And how many of us at previous times had a healthy distrust of the CIA? And if some are upset that it seems like the president is disrespecting the intelligence organizations remember how many members of those organizations or actually out to derail the president. Yes the president has offended the intelligence organizations and the press as well. I understand why they circle the wagons but I would hope that both those organizations would do a better job of trying to be independent. Don’t you? And I think we all admit that whatever went on for the russkies was done to both parties. They hacked the Republicans too. They were fake news stories on both sides and it was the DNC but actually colluded by paying, through a British go-between, for the fake dossier from the Russians. And even the intelligence organizations admit whatever went on did not change the outcome of the election. It certainly seems that if there was emotive on the part of the Russians it was to create turmoil in the United States which has certainly been successful. So even if you are an anti Trump person what do you propose that he would do in a meeting with Putin? Take a swing at him? Call him a cork Soaker? Flip him the bird? And don’t you think that if he was more bombastic, as he usually is, that the opposition would be outraged by this Behavior too? WSS
  13. Westside Steve

    I think the russkies are on to something

    Would you rather none of the Dirty Deeds of the DNC had ever come to light? WSS
  14. Come on guys let's be fair. In his own third world shitthole he wouldn't have had the money for a chainsaw and would have had to hack her up with a machete. WSS