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  1. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    I don’t wish anyone hurt, but Kizer sucks and Hue won’t pull his “guy” any other way.
  2. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    There are a lot of issues on this team, and Hue just makes it worst with his play calling and the lack of clock management. 2 play calls today were the worst I have seen in a long time. The pitch play in the red zone, there is so many things that can go wrong on that play and one of them did with the fumble. The 2nd, I was ok, with going on the 4th down and 2, but running the ball up the middle, really? Also, him staying with Kizer over Hogan has been an terrible decision. i know going to another coach is just overly frustrating, but this guy doesn’t know how to win and will not with this team
  3. dawg08

    ***Official Browns @ Dolphins Game Day Thread

    This game was "fixed"! How do the refs throw two flags and then pick them up? and then Miami WR fumbles and no one signals anything immediately, and all of sudden the back judge comes running in 20 yards up the field to play and calls it an incomplete pass!! Why no replay? And then the coach wins the toss and elects to kick, really?? Browns should have won and didn't and something smells "funny" here! Moving in on the #1 pick, in which they have no idea how to draft, so it's useless to this team.
  4. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread***

    They put 26 pts up against the Bears. Next week should be interesting
  5. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread***

    Where has this defense been all year long?
  6. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread***

    For the many years this team has stunk, the kicker has always seem to be the bright spot, but this guy sucks as well!
  7. I was somewhat impressed with the guy until he started the Manziel imitation after the TD, and then sliding way too early and not getting out of bounds (and probably could have gone another 3-5yds up the sideline) was pretty pathetic. If he was a rookie I would have maybe understood, but 2 or 3 yrs in the league, pretty stupid. Also, why the hell are they paying this guy $4 million for the next 2 yrs.? For god sake he was brought in as a 3rd string QB. They were saying during the game last night, that most teams don't even dress 3 QB's for a game. Wasn't he coaching a high school team when they picked him up(or was he just cut by the Rams)? Just another dumbass move by an incompetent FO.
  8. Not sure how you can call these "immaterial" calls?? If he is offsides, then we add another 5 yds and instead of a 51yd FG, it's 46yd FG. and if he stepped out, we are going to overtime. Although both of these may have not changed the outcome of the game, which we could have still lost, but it give us a better/ or another chance at winning the game.
  9. Seemingly not 1, but 2 blown calls on the last play of game. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/12/1/9825602/ravens-browns-ending-block-kick-six-refs-blown-call
  10. dawg08

    I wonder?

    Well when you don't have f-cking decent coach who knows what he is doing that's when the problem comes into play!
  11. dawg08


    Believe me, i'm not going to blame this loss on our weak-ass kicker, when you have a dumbass coach who can't manage the clock at the end, and calls stupid plays to boot, but how many teams out there has a kicker that can't kick a 50+ FG?? Even 40 yr old Viniteri can kick 50+ FGS. These type of players just tells us how bad this team is. Maybe we need to look at long range kicker if we are going to keep this guy??
  12. Are you serious?? I understand the consistency this team needs with coaching, BUT Pettine is a joke of a coach. Tonight's coaching snafu's weren't his first or even his 2nd. This is his 2nd year and the guy still has no clue what he is doing!
  13. Let add the "up the middle" play call with 9 secs. left in the game! What the hell call was that?? I've seen enough of this loser
  14. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread***

    Arizona wants to give it back, but our effen offense Oline couldn't block against a high school team. And we keep a QB in that can't throw an accurate ball 5 yards because he's injured! But who cares, right Petitine? Just keep throwing little short passes that that gain nothing!
  15. dawg08

    ***Official Browns Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread***

    So dumbass Petitine is going to stay with a hurt QB! WTF!