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  1. Legacy Fan

    Greetings from WSS

    Dang buddy. All the best and prayers for a quick and complete recovery. Godspeed.
  2. Legacy Fan

    Flynn resigns.

    Resigns?? Doesn't this guy know he's supposed to accidentally shoot himself in the back of the head? Or accidentally drop a barbell on his throat when he works out? Or.. Allegedly.
  3. Legacy Fan

    A principle of islam i do find appealing...

    I was.... but I can dig it brutha. Noah was around 900 years old. Universe in 6 days? My concept of time doesn't jive with my creator's. I'm okay with it.
  4. Legacy Fan

    A principle of islam i do find appealing...

    Man, that's like over 2000 dog years. Dedication
  5. Legacy Fan


    This. What happened to "better to be safe than sorry"? I don't recall any of these protestors putting their home address on the posters with the inscription "mi casa es su casa" - so honestly, they can fuck right off. This isn't a humanitarian effort, folks. It's an opportunity to demonize an adminstration and a large segment of the population that you hate because they're "racist bigoted rednecks."
  6. This might fit here. https://youtu.be/YY-V-Bl7GU8 "Ageless Iraq" - a British documentary about the "cradle of life" back in the 1950s. Two 10 min reels. Ignoring the "travel agent" feel/propaganda, it's still a pretty glaring difference between where it found it itself 25-30 years later. Whaaaaa happened?
  7. No "gotcha" I just remember you being against largely inaccurate, broad sweeping generalizations. Maybe I was away from here longer than I thought. When in Rome I guess.
  8. I take it you sleep in on Sundays then?
  9. Thunder road is his only good tune.
  10. These guys will get "disciplined" behind closed doors by their xo. Which will consist of a few beers and some PS4.
  11. Legacy Fan

    about this forum

    Ha. Perhaps. Was just saying that "same book, different chapter".
  12. Legacy Fan

    about this forum

    Thanks fellas. I see things have um, shifted.
  13. Legacy Fan

    about this forum

    Still don't understand his disrespect either. Comms are, were, always will be critical to any mission. The boys in the air continue to maintain that. Thank you.