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  1. Note writing and scutwork monkey for the moment.
  2. I was in a patient's room, and he had Fox News on the other day. The pundits were all talking about AOC's green new deal and how naive and Retarded she was. Apparently her office had released an unofficial document that included stuff like providing for those who were "unwilling or unable to work." The thing is... I never would have heard of this green new deal if it weren't for all the conservatives talking about how stupid it was. And I realized, this is a page directly from Trump's playbook. I read the rest of her green deal, and I think there are some decent ideas with respect to climate change that aren't terrible goals to be aiming for. That being said, I think her economic ideas are terrifying. I said a few month ago that Trump's election was going to change the playbook when it came to politics. She is the first person on the other side of the fence who is using his tactic of getting the people who hate you to spread the word. She is going to play a huge role in the direction the Democrat party takes.
  3. VaporTrail

    Saudi Arabia

    Lindsey Graham is a neocon piece of Sheet. While his defense of Kavanaugh was unexpected, his views on the Middle East are exactly what we thought they were.
  4. VaporTrail

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

  5. VaporTrail

    Trump wants tp "test" warren personally?

    I pray to christ he brings out a big clearinghouse check to his next rally and writes it to elizabeth warren for 1/1024th of 1 million dollars.
  6. VaporTrail

    This Elizabeth Warren thing is hilarious.

    The issue I have with it is that they present the headline as "strong evidence." It clearly is not. Anyone who bothered to read what the Boston Globe reported would have seen that this was a stupid move by Team Warren. The media had the numbers when they posted the story, and it bugs me that their paramount objective is to make Trump look bad instead of just presenting facts. It's Sheet I'd expect out of CNN or NPR, but to see it reach all the way to BBC irks me.
  7. VaporTrail

    This Elizabeth Warren thing is hilarious.

    Media changing their tune on this story. A day late, a buck short. Gotta get those smug clicks to show everyone how stupid Trump is. Yesterday: Today:
  8. VaporTrail

    This Elizabeth Warren thing is hilarious.

    No, I wouldn't. But you can believe that if it makes you feel better. I think you're missing the forest for the trees, here. Trump used name-calling to get a favorite for 2020 nomination eliminated from the race in 2018. Warren could have kept her mouth shut, but instead stooped to his level to make a point and ended up looking like a dunce. These people aren't trolls like Trump. He's goaded Jeb, Rubio, Cruz, Hillary, and Warren into stooping to his level, and he's beating them with experience. There's only been one single person who has handled Trump's attacks well, and it's a shame that he isn't allowed to run for president, that person is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  9. VaporTrail

    Presidential portrait

    He isn't holding a bottle of scotch, so probably not Grant.
  10. VaporTrail

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    It's clear to me that nothing is going to be done. Trump has already demonstrated he has no issues working with authoritarian leaders. 50% of his campaign is on jobs, and the job market right now is his golden egg. I hate that we're taking money from these wahhabi exporting pricks, and I was hoping Trump would take a harder stance against them, given that he's from NYC and lost friends in 2001. It's probably not going to happen, and it's one of the things that disappoints me with this presidency.
  11. VaporTrail

    Trump wants tp "test" warren personally?

    How is that the conclusion you come to? She literally got disowned by the Cherokee Nation. She misled admissions committees about her heritage and used that to get affirmative action bonus points for Stanford Law and become a professor at Harvard Law. Do you not find that offensive? And please explain how Trump is incorrect. Warren's DNA test has the tiniest fraction of DNA consistent with Native Americans of both North and South America. If you're going to use that to prove Warren is Native, then the average white male is more African than Warren is Native American. How is 1.6% (at the most liberal estimate per Boston Globe article) shared genealogy with Americans proof that you're a Cherokee? Did you actually read the Boston Globe article or are you just taking MSM headlines at face value that it counts as "strong evidence." Heard them say that on NPR on the way back from work, too. They failed to mention the actual numbers of her test. Who's doing the mental gymnastics, here?
  12. This has got to be the funniest case of someone BTFOing themselves. The day starts out with my liberal buddy posting about how Trump made a bet with Warren and how he won't pay up now. Turns out she took a test that showed she had American DNA in her. The insecure assholes in the media can't hold back from pointing out how stupid Trump is and publish stories suggesting that Trump is BTFO: However, upon actually reading the article in the Boston Globe, with whom she shared this DNA test result, we see this: Okay. Now, I'm totally confused as to what Elizabeth Warren was thinking when she posted this. The only thing I can think of is that she felt this would be a great "gotcha, 45" moment. Little did she know... I can't stop laughing at this. And if you check out these twitter posts, they're full of liberals shaming the Cherokee for not taking Warren's side. And then there's this article. https://thinkprogress.org/elizabeth-warren-is-not-cherokee-c1ec6c91b696/ And then there's also this: Lol. God damn, this is the culmination of butt-backwards practice and encouragement of affirmative action. It starts out with everyone trying to prove how much smarter they are than Trump, but in the end, they just BTFO themselves. Trump just eliminated one of the people standing in the way of re-election by calling her pocahontas.
  13. VaporTrail

    Potential trades

    Josh Gordon?
  14. VaporTrail

    Potential trades

    Do you think we could trade for Josh Gordon?