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  1. cambridgeho

    Nick Chubb - emerges as leader, inspiration

    Different times now. One could say that the athletes are better now them they ever were. One could say Browns did most of his damage is 12 game seasons. It really don't matter, we had Jim and now we have Nick. If gets over 1600 yds a year for the next 6 years, he will beat Him Browns record. Does it mean he is better, no. Does it mean is is not better still no. Just enjoy the man run the F over people. Back on Patrol soon and won't be able to read all this. Love you guys.
  2. I hope Baker and Odel have no reply. I hope last year was a humble experience and we get to showing it on game day.
  3. cambridgeho

    Saints release Warford

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/08/saints-release-larry-warford/ Do we go after him? Probowler last 3 years.
  4. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    These are in order of things that let me down.
  5. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Yes, by the countries.
  6. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Sorry, meant disrupt. I have been stationed on the great lakes, Lorain and buffalo. Right now I am stationed out of Portsmouth VA. 270' life.
  7. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    It's normal ops still.
  8. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    I am in the coast guard. We save lives daily. We are just making sure that we all are in good health. I guess a certain temperature means we may have some kinda something. In the last few months we have saved many people and disputed many drugs coming into the us. We didn't get a port call on a 90 day patrol, but everyone is safe and healthy.
  9. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Being dealing with this for 2.5 months now. I have had to get my temperature taken everyday before I go into work and it is effective. If they sold tickets for half the capacity and set everyone with a seat between them, ensured everyone was not actively sick, then it would be a problem. Those who are scared of catching something will stay home. Those who wanna go tailgate before will do so. My ass will be there sporting the free browns facemasks they will be giving out.
  10. cambridgeho

    Browns Roster Moves 2020

    Do we sign Clowney now that we won't be adding an impact one in the draft?
  11. cambridgeho

    Draft rounds 2 and 3

    Traded out
  12. cambridgeho

    Trade Pick Scenarios

    Gip, this wouldn't be a money ball pick up. This would be adding a perineal probowler at age 30 to the left side. If we traded for him we make a new deal for him probably 5 years annual around 16-18mil a year. I'm not a GM, just spit balling a scenario of picking him up and giving up OBJ money. Being a a tad older then obj and having more probowls and being the anchor to our O line, I think Williams all day. At the end of the day, we get Chase or Simmons at number 2 and both would help insanely, plus Williams protecting Baker for the next 5 years. It's all just a thought. We are in a win now mode and rookie tackles, especially ones who will convert from right to left just scares me.
  13. cambridgeho

    Happy Easter!!

    Happy Easter to everyone.
  14. cambridgeho

    Trade Pick Scenarios

    Wouldn't be a bad idea. What would you think of a 2nd for 8 time probowler Trent Williams sign him to the money what clowney is asking. The guy is only 31 and has at least 5 years left. Then on draft day, like the other topic, we trade OBJ, Hunt, our first and a second rounder. We free up money by dropping Vernon and get Chase for 5 years on a rookie contact. We are in a win now mode and need the talent and experience right now.
  15. cambridgeho

    That 10th pick

    True story