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  1. cambridgeho

    Wishing you guys the best for tomorrow

    Please just pit Brady out of his misery.
  2. Awesome, that's all I can say. Its one game, but feels like a lifetime of agony watching has ended and we are fielding a great team.
  3. cambridgeho

    No more Indians

    Could be simple and just call them Tribe, since that's what most fans use anyway.
  4. cambridgeho

    No more Indians

    Cleveland Spiders here we come.
  5. cambridgeho

    The Tavern is set for whatever is to come...

    Feels like it's been forever since last season.
  6. cambridgeho

    Protest Thread

    This is a subject worth discussing. Each and everyone of us have our own opinion on this and we may disagree on it. Me personally, I still serve our country and will always stand for the flag. However, I also do what I do to ensure an individual's freedom.
  7. cambridgeho

    Kareem Hunt Contract Extension

    Damn good deal! It's going to be fun watching our 2 rbs run over people.
  8. cambridgeho

    Ravens Week

    Their wrs are not scary. The running game is. We have a pretty decent team as well. I bet they are wondering how the hell are we gonna stop chubb and hunt. Also, look for myles to be dominate this game.
  9. cambridgeho

    Top 5 RBs of all time

    Tough to name a top 4 after Jim Brown. Many will argue that Barry with Emmits line would have destroyed every record possible, but he didn't have it and he did what he did. And is top 5 the same as the greatest 5 rb of all time? Top 5: Jim Brown, Emmits smith, Barry Sanders, sweetness and Frank Gore. Greatest: Brown, Sanders, Sweetness, Smith, Bundy
  10. cambridgeho

    Nick Chubb - emerges as leader, inspiration

    Different times now. One could say that the athletes are better now them they ever were. One could say Browns did most of his damage is 12 game seasons. It really don't matter, we had Jim and now we have Nick. If gets over 1600 yds a year for the next 6 years, he will beat Him Browns record. Does it mean he is better, no. Does it mean is is not better still no. Just enjoy the man run the F over people. Back on Patrol soon and won't be able to read all this. Love you guys.
  11. cambridgeho

    Bungle Week

    I hope Baker and Odel have no reply. I hope last year was a humble experience and we get to showing it on game day.
  12. cambridgeho

    Saints release Warford

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/08/saints-release-larry-warford/ Do we go after him? Probowler last 3 years.
  13. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    These are in order of things that let me down.
  14. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Yes, by the countries.
  15. cambridgeho

    How many of you would go to a game?

    Sorry, meant disrupt. I have been stationed on the great lakes, Lorain and buffalo. Right now I am stationed out of Portsmouth VA. 270' life.