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  1. cambridgeho

    WR position

    I guess because it's more spread offenses out there. That's a good point though.
  2. cambridgeho

    WR position

    Gordon, Landry, Calloway, Janis, Higgins, Ratley. I really wanted Coleman to be great, but just not seeing it.
  3. cambridgeho


    He is going to be a beast for us for years to come.
  4. cambridgeho

    Unreasonably tough schedule?

    Just win baby!
  5. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

    Yes she is.
  6. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

    Tac 870 pump with red dot.
  7. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

    Haha. I should.
  8. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

    Back in my vertical delivery days. To old to do it now.
  9. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

  10. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

  11. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

  12. cambridgeho

    Boring Times - New Era

    This time of year sucks. Luckily I will ne underway on my cutter for 90 days missing the 1st 2 months of games. You better believe though, I will have my Salute to Serice Myles Garrett jersey on every Sunday on the Boat.
  13. cambridgeho

    Mark Ingram 4 game suspension

    Mark Ingram. I think Melvin plays for the chargers.
  14. cambridgeho

    Antonio Callaway

    Callaway resets dumbass mode and he is the steal of the draft. If he doesn't, he was a 4th round pick. Its as simple as that. With the new vet additions the locker room will be where he lives and dies. A place where we won't hear anything about. Its been over a week since the draft and we have who we have. We cant control what these guys do. Lets get some positivity in this mofo.
  15. cambridgeho

    Pluto on the draft

    Ward will be a staple for years to come. You cant teach that speed. I am hoping Wilson is healthy. He was a very good coner back. I just hope there isnt a safety 35 yrds down field anymore. It just looked weird.