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  1. cambridgeho

    What week does TieRod get injured/Mayfield Start

    Drunk port call post. We have some damn good weapons on offense. Tyrod hasn't had this talent to throw to in his life. Not to mention the bell cows we have carrying the rock. I usually love Ghollie posts, but it it has this one. I dont see anyone scaring Tyrod. He has been smart and he has been accurate. Like everything else Cleveland though, who knows, acls are like flarp anymore. I will say this. When my boat pulls into port on the weekend of Sep 9th, I will be rocking the Sheet out of my 95 salute to troops jersey and I will be finding a bar and not giving a fly kcuf about who is talking Sheet or who our qb will be. I will just be happy to watch our team whoop some butt. Ghoolie love ya, gip love the weekly trivia, which I show my shipmates who are also fans. Just enjoy the suck and let's watch some football.
  2. cambridgeho

    CB Howard Wilson now out 2018 season as well

    Each team deals with injuries or suspensions. When it used to happen to us we were fd. Now we have some pretty good depth for once. Man I wish the iron Man played just a few more seasons to see what we could do.
  3. cambridgeho

    CB Howard Wilson now out 2018 season as well

    He didn't reinjure anything. The Browns Drs opted to try intenseive physical therapy instead of surgery. That clearly didn't work so now they wait another year.
  4. cambridgeho

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    Real chance we throw a 2nd rounder out there now.
  5. cambridgeho

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    For sure. Maybe the FO will try it out.
  6. cambridgeho

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    Well worth a 3rd rounder. A 2nd would be a alot with the size of our db room right now.
  7. cambridgeho

    Duke Johnson, Browns agree to 3 year extension

    This upcoming year will be his 4th. He has Lesean McCoy talent with the ball in his hands. Resgning him could give us so many options on the field at once. No more 8 men in the box Sheet. Because if they do, number 12 or 29 will be taking that quick slant to the house.
  8. cambridgeho

    WR position

    Teams will fear our wrs for once.
  9. cambridgeho

    Tank Carder Question

    Thanks for your service Tank! We loved you like we loved Cribbs. Your name was great, but after hearing Sam Darnolds grand father's name, there is no greater name is sports. If only "finger Hammer" played Safety.
  10. cambridgeho

    Mychal Kendricks Signed

    Just seen that he said he does not have a deal with the Browns.
  11. cambridgeho

    Cleveland in the Finals

    Insane, but hill could have made both free throws, and Jr could have used his head and knew the damn score and called a time out. He also let curry hit a 3 to end the half. j.r. hasn't been good since 2016. We also missed so many open looks. love has to be able to connect, he is an all star but fades away when the going gets tough.
  12. cambridgeho

    WR position

    I guess because it's more spread offenses out there. That's a good point though.
  13. cambridgeho

    WR position

    Gordon, Landry, Calloway, Janis, Higgins, Ratley. I really wanted Coleman to be great, but just not seeing it.
  14. cambridgeho


    He is going to be a beast for us for years to come.