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  1. What we should be hearing from theese 2 clowns is, Umm we just got fired.. To many non fixible problems with this wholw regime to even discuss so we unfortunately get to start over again..
  2. Outside of the first two picks, none.. All undersized, underspeed and or mediocre prospects.. Farmer traded down and left a lot of good talent at 43 to go dumpster diving instead..
  3. As a fan this was a seriously disheartening move that requires further explaination as to why they brought in McCown over Hoyer, we all know hoyer was not the answer but he had the teams respect and proved he could win some games but now we are stuck with a consummate loser and 2 less than impressive journeymen.. It may be hard to stomach watching any games this year especially with the new uniforms likely featuring loser shit brown pants and an over the hill QB that has never been a winner..
  4. Hoyer is mediocre at his best but that was enough to keep us in the playoff picture until the O-line collapsed, bringing in someone elses secondhand trash at QB like say cutler isnt going to improve the browns any at all but is garuanteed to set us back and JF nor shaw will be able to get it done.. My honest evaluation of the situation is the brass needs to find a way to bring hoyer back in the fold, afterall he is technically the rightful starting QB and the best we have had in a long time until someone can "legitimately" beat him out.. Getting some WR talent and a durable TE around hoyer would be a good start, along with replacing scwartz..
  5. Gips

    This Team Is Worse Than 1999

    Blame should go where the bonehead is at.. Ray farmer sucks..
  6. Glad to see im not alone in my rather harsh but honest "early assessment" of coach Pettine.. Hopefully he will eventually get it but i really would not count on it.. Possibly the worst coach the browns have ever hired.. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/08/cleveland_browns_mike_pettine_10.html
  7. They dont have time to get the first team ready let alone adding johnny packages... After the stoolers lay hoyer out for the year compliments of mitchell schwartz we will get to watch an unprepared johnny rook run for his life and trying to avoid the same fate....
  8. I think pettine is a goner, one and done unless he magically gets it by week 8 and starts turning things around.. Thusfar my early impression of coach pettine is far worse than RAC, Mangini or Shurmur and that is a mouthful.. The QB derby has to be viewed as a boneheaded decision by most fans regardless of if you are a manzielot or a hoyer homo, by not making an ironclad decision to go with one guy and stick to it rather it be his dynamic but raw rookie or brian hoyer, Pettine has created a mess for himself and everyone else.. If the trajectory of this coach does not change only a fool would want this guy for a coach for more than a year..
  9. Gips

    Pettine needs to just zip it

    Instead of zipping it up he needs to pack it up.. Possibly the worst coach we have ever had and that is saying a mouthful.. He seems to lack about everything you want to see in a head coach.. No fire.. No guts.. No future.. As pissed as haslam looks one has to wonder if pettine will survive until the bye week..
  10. Gips

    This Offense Really Sucks

    Honestly it would not bother me if haslam fired pettine today, the guy appears to have all the makings of an absolute turd.. He has no fire on the sideline and winning does not seem to be important to him.. He is like RAC with a streak of mangini stupidity and less football acumen than them both..
  11. Gips

    Hoyer named starting QB

    No surprise here, its just what you expect and are use to as a browns fan..
  12. Gips

    Is Schwartz that bad or Kerrigan that good?

    Schwartz and Greco are the weak links on the offensive line.. I am far from impressed with either of them..
  13. Gips

    Jordan Cameron being UNDERUTILIZED

    Jordan Cameron lacks durability and injures pretty easily so i do not consider him an underutilized player but rather a fragile player that has to be utilized less often.. If they try to use cameron like winslow as a hybrid WR he will not last long..
  14. Delaying a choice until next week is delaying a starter from getting reps and building a much needed rhythm regardless of the choice.. While they both stunk it up last night manziel thusfar has performed very slightly better with far fewer reps with the first team throughout training camp.. I am of the opinion pettine should give johnny finger the start, imo neither of them have earned the job but johnny finger has managed to catch up and has slightly better game stats showing that he will likely bypass hometown hoyers abilities when given all the first reps.. The worst thing that happens in this scenario is johnny rook cant get it done/gets hurt and hoyer the 6 year veteran backup takes over doing what he has always done.. If brian gets the nod and then gets hurt we would be back to square one with johnny rook not having enough work with the ones to have a rhythm possibly losing even more games..
  15. Gips

    No Huddle Bubble

    I am betting that the browns will name hoyer the starter not because he is better than manziel but because he is better groomed, has more poise and is less spontaneous than JR.. Hoyer can work with the no huddle as well but he does not possess the true dual threat that manziel does and if our running game isnt broken he shouldnt need to..