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  1. DawgPound4Life

    Rashard Mendenhall Is Retarded

    On behalf of the Troops in Afghanistan, xxxx RASHARD MENDENHALL
  2. DawgPound4Life

    New 2 Round Mock Draft

    We NEED a Matthews boy on our team. If we can get him in the 3rd-4th round, they better snag him. I would like to see the Browns take WR Cecil Shorts out Mount Union. Dude is definitely NFL ready and a huge sleeper
  3. DawgPound4Life

    2011 Schedule: Predictions

    I was stoked as hell to see this schedule! You have to take into consideration that 9 of the 11 losses we had last year were less than 10 points with an extremely tough schedule. There isn't a whole lot to fix. If we can run a successful West Coast and make a smooth transition to 4-3, I don't see any reason we can't get in the playoffs. Baltimore is the only team I see as a threat in the division. Shittsburgh's defense is too old and their corner's are garbage, last year was their last playoff run for at least 5-6 years. *crossing fingers*
  4. DawgPound4Life

    Peyton Hillis On The Cover Of Madden!

    does anybody know the results of the voting right now? it's killing me. I need to see the Ragin Caucasian on the cover of Madden!
  5. DawgPound4Life


    There is a good possibility that I will be there
  6. DawgPound4Life

    Is Race a factor While drafting a Running Back ?

    Mike Alstott!
  7. DawgPound4Life

    Jared Allen bar Incident

    I would do the same thing. I don't blame him. On a side note, I met Jared Allen when he came on a USO tour with Larry Fitzgerald and a couple other NFL players out to Iraq. He's a funny ass dude, but he's huge. I wouldn't f-ck with him!
  8. DawgPound4Life

    Sh**head Steeler strikes again!!!

    steelers = the new bengals
  9. DawgPound4Life

    Brodney Pool signs with Jets

    Adam Schefter reports Brodney Pool signs 1 year $1.3 million deal with New York Jets http://twitter.com/Adam_Schefter
  10. DawgPound4Life

    Big Ben Accused of Rape... again

    won't be surprised if cincy makes a move for him.
  11. DawgPound4Life

    Our 2010 roster

    Update: Ryan Tucker retired
  12. DawgPound4Life

    What A Day

    so you're saying a fake football team beat the shit out of your precious stoolers and shit on their playoff dreams? good one. now go back to xxxxing your sister you goddamn inbred bastard.
  13. DawgPound4Life

    Survey Monday on Tuesday

  14. DawgPound4Life

    Will Holmgren go after Hasselbeck?

    i think refs love doing squealers games because they are either going to come away with a ton of cash or going to get several handjobs/blowjobs at halftime
  15. DawgPound4Life


    -From DawgPoundMike Browns fans Josh needs our help. Let's show Josh and the Browns what he means to us!! Let's get a "PAY CRIBBS" billboard in downtown Cleveland. This billboard will be up till Josh gets his deal. Josh is a Browns fan and his dedication to team and community is the best I have ever seen by a player. He represents all fans and he gets it!! His performance on the field, in the locker room and in the community is outstanding!! WE Can't let this happen!! Please let's all get together to get this done! I am asking for donations from .25 to $1.00 max from Browns fans to get the billboard done and up. I will show you the invoice of the billboard and I will post locations and artwork ideas to be approved by you the fans before this goes up. If the billboard does not go up for any reason...the money will go to Josh and his charity foundation. If there is more money collected then the billboard costs...that money will also go to Josh's foundation. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cm...e5690493691c049