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    The Browns...For LIFE!!! Mopars(thats Dodge,Dodge Truck,Plymouth,Chrysler,Jeep) for those who didn't know! My Family,My Wife Tammi, shes AMAZING!!!! Large Dogs(Saint Bernards we have 4) and doing large breed dog rescue! Jesus,Yes I'm saved and proud of it!!! Did i mention the Cleveland Browns...Love em! The Indians,Cavs,O.S.U,also the N.O.Saints got to have a NFC team right?)

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  1. BrownsnMopar

    How is your excitement

    I am very hopeful they will get WINS! They really look alot like the Kardiac Kids of old! The defense looks good! The offense needs to gel and operate without JG! I liked Zane Gonzalez till today. NOT ANYMORE,HE NEEDS TO GO! Turn in your spikes and kicking shoe! No need for anyone to show you out, the doors are right, and left! GO BROWNS!!!
  2. BrownsnMopar


    I'll never smoke weed with Willie again! 😑😎
  3. BrownsnMopar

    Browns News Illustrated

    Sure how much!?
  4. BrownsnMopar


    I tuned up Willie's Jag when I lived in Colorado! Took me along for the test drive. As down to Earth as they come!
  5. Some of us here are old enough to remember the Browns winning,and winning alot! We will conduct ourselves as we have always. ANY WAY WE F U C K I N WANT!!! as for barking... I am a Cleveland Browns DAWG and always will be, win or lose! I have earned that!!! Unlike some Douchebag attention whhooors here! GO BROWNS!!!
  6. BrownsnMopar

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    Thank you for your hard work and due diligence!!! I wouldn't want to do it. GO BROWNS!!!!! 😎
  7. BrownsnMopar

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    Some of us have more than one email......
  8. BrownsnMopar

    Kapernick Lands A Job!!!

    Thanks...there are just some things you cant unsee!! WOW😝🤢🤮🤬
  9. BrownsnMopar

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    I am in and sent messages in each league to verify! Many thanks to all the Commisioners!
  10. BrownsnMopar

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Dish gave me a 3 month free trial!!! I to will drop as soon as Hard Knocks is over!!! GO BROWNS!!! 😎
  11. BrownsnMopar

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    I cant get in league V Says I'm not part of the league! I'm Mopower to ya/ Gerry.....LMK
  12. BrownsnMopar

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    This is Gerry Im in again! 😎
  13. BrownsnMopar

    Bye Folks .....

    Booo. BOOOOO BOOOO Hey Commish have a great time!!! GO BROWNS!!!
  14. BrownsnMopar

    Our Draft CHAT Thread

    Oh hell NO!!!
  15. BrownsnMopar

    Our Draft CHAT Thread

    Thank God thats over 😜