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    The Browns...For LIFE!!! Mopars(thats Dodge,Dodge Truck,Plymouth,Chrysler,Jeep) for those who didn't know! My Family,My Wife Tammi, shes AMAZING!!!! Large Dogs(Saint Bernards we have 4) and doing large breed dog rescue! Jesus,Yes I'm saved and proud of it!!! Did i mention the Cleveland Browns...Love em! The Indians,Cavs,O.S.U,also the N.O.Saints got to have a NFC team right?)

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  1. BrownsnMopar

    Happy birthday Z

    Happy Birthday Z! Many healthy and blessed more!! GO BROWNS!!!
  2. BrownsnMopar

    JC Tretter Elected New NFLPA President

    Well deserved! Congrats J.C.Tretter! GO BROWNS!!!! ✌🍻😎
  3. BrownsnMopar

    2020 First Pick Game Drafts

    My 1st draft for 2020 ...
  4. BrownsnMopar

    Adored Browns mascot Swagger passes away at 6

    R.I.P. Swagger. Sad part about big breeds. Their life expectancy is at best as said above 8-10. My wife and I have rescued Big breeds for 22+ years. We specialize in St Bernards(one of the reasons we are Saints fans as well.) Right now we have a 11.5 year old Saint. He is the oldest one to date. We have lost them as early as 1.5 years. He had addison's and had a tumor in his nose rupture. We have 5 Saints now... here are 4 the only one missing is our newest rescue Baker he turned 9 months 2/6!!! GO BROWNS!
  5. BrownsnMopar

    Survey Thursday January 22

  6. BrownsnMopar

    Roll Call

    Alive and well in Stark county!! GO BROWNS!!!
  7. BrownsnMopar

    Survey Thursday January 9

    From what I see mostly just nerrdy old you Gip! 🤔😎🤣
  8. BrownsnMopar

    Survey Thursday January 9

  9. Happy Birthday one and all! Many healthy and blessed more!! H GO BROWNS!!!
  10. BrownsnMopar

    McDaniels next coach possibly...

    Happy Birthday Nickers!!!! I turn 56 2/28/20
  11. BrownsnMopar

    McDaniels next coach possibly...

    If I read this correctly!? Happy Birthday Gipper! Many healthy and blessed more!
  12. Ahhh Nope! He had intent! If you use a gun in a robbery, you get added time EVEN if you don't shoot someone with it!
  13. BrownsnMopar

    Happy New Year you MOFO'S

    Happy New Year's GO BROWNS 2020
  14. BrownsnMopar

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Same here....WTF...
  15. BrownsnMopar

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas one and all! A 10 lb standing rib on the new Pit Boss pellet smoker! Thanks Wifey