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    The Browns...For LIFE!!! Mopars(thats Dodge,Dodge Truck,Plymouth,Chrysler,Jeep) for those who didn't know! My Family,My Wife Tammi, shes AMAZING!!!! Large Dogs(Saint Bernards we have 4) and doing large breed dog rescue! Jesus,Yes I'm saved and proud of it!!! Did i mention the Cleveland Browns...Love em! The Indians,Cavs,O.S.U,also the N.O.Saints got to have a NFC team right?)

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  1. Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    I would like to move back into the 1st rd and take Darrius Guice from LSU! It would be better if he slipped to us at rd 2.1
  2. Bradley Chubb #1

    Chubb #1 Minkah #4 !!!!!!!
  3. Bradley Chubb #1

    Have to really consider Bradley Chubb at #1....he wont be there at #4!
  4. This day 31 years ago...

    I was 22 years old and I was there in the upper deck! Never forget!!!...GO BROWNS!!!
  5. Whooaa Nellie

    Yes Indeedy Duty
  6. DEADline.....unfortunately

    Love theBall cap please and ditto on cost!!!!?
  7. Fantasy Football

    Great job Tour!!! We did our best to come get you and fell short! Congrats on in my opinion the best league Championship to win! You earned it! Thanks to the rest! What a great race,and finish! Right to the end! GO BROWNS!!!
  8. SEASON'S OVER! On to 2018

    I am sad and disappointed our Browns went 0-16! They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can start the climb out. For me as a fan we hit bottom when Cory Coleman dropped that pass! Until then there was HOPE we could win! I truly expect the Browns as a whole to get better. Despite themselves! I appreciate haveing The Browns Board folks to vent,ramble, and Rant to!!! Without this dysfunctional (BROWNS)family to voice my humble opinions to, fan life would be boring! Thank you all for being awesome,loyal,and long suffering with me! Happy New Year GO BROWNS!!! Godspeed
  9. DEADline.....unfortunately

    I would love anything you want to send!!! Would love a hat! The london broil shirt is now one of my FAVs!! Thanks!
  10. DEADline.....unfortunately

    Baseball Brother! So sorry to hear of your hardships! You are so deserving of better! Thanks for your generosity and friendship! Godspeed!!! GO BROWNS!!!
  11. Chef salad,Fried red potatoes w/onions and mushrooms ,and a two inch thick medium RARE Ribeye!!!
  12. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    My Mom is 84 and a cancer survivor,as am I!!! R.I.P. Momma Ghoolie! Prayers for you, your family and Mom. The Browns will be here when your done grieving,and somehow maybe a better team! Especially with Mom chearing from UP yonder! Godspeed Ghools!
  13. I have to disagree completely!!! The second interception was ALL Britt!! He gets paid to catch the ball! That pass was behind,yes but completely catchable!!! Britt SUCKS!!! If I have an offensive complaint its with our receivers and coaching!! We had 4 offensive pass interference calls, TODAY! WOW!!!
  14. a tease

    Im a 3xl....Ok Im a 2xl but 3xl would work!!! 😎