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    The Browns...For LIFE!!! Mopars(thats Dodge,Dodge Truck,Plymouth,Chrysler,Jeep) for those who didn't know! My Family,My Wife Tammi, shes AMAZING!!!! Large Dogs(Saint Bernards we have 4) and doing large breed dog rescue! Jesus,Yes I'm saved and proud of it!!! Did i mention the Cleveland Browns...Love em! The Indians,Cavs,O.S.U,also the N.O.Saints got to have a NFC team right?)

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  1. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    My Mom is 84 and a cancer survivor,as am I!!! R.I.P. Momma Ghoolie! Prayers for you, your family and Mom. The Browns will be here when your done grieving,and somehow maybe a better team! Especially with Mom chearing from UP yonder! Godspeed Ghools!
  2. I have to disagree completely!!! The second interception was ALL Britt!! He gets paid to catch the ball! That pass was behind,yes but completely catchable!!! Britt SUCKS!!! If I have an offensive complaint its with our receivers and coaching!! We had 4 offensive pass interference calls, TODAY! WOW!!!
  3. a tease

    Im a 3xl....Ok Im a 2xl but 3xl would work!!! 😎
  4. Great Zomboni on the run

    Godspeed Z!!!
  5. Fantasy Football

    Thats me Gerry AKA BrownsnMopar. And Im in!!!
  6. Honest no fanboy discussion about our front 7

    Took the words right outta my mouth! I could not have said it better!! Looking like a real defensive UNIT!!
  7. Fantasy Football

    Thanks Im in finally! Three differant sign ins,but Im in!!!
  8. Fantasy Football

    I need invites!!! Went to yahoo and no leagues available! Nothing was autoloaded from last year! I was in 3 or 4 leagues!!! HELP!!!!
  9. Fantasy Football

    Finally sent my email too! Been incognito driving Amish here in O-H-I-O and Pa.!!! Crazy day indeed,and I'M supposed to be retired....at the least PART TIME! LOL
  10. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    I want to take this opportunity to apologize for not participating in this draft! I signed up for it. To those of you who have carried on Thank you! Life is my only excuse! Thanks Gerry aka BrownsnMopar......
  11. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    For what its worth it was Rice or Butkis. So YES I am ok with it!!
  12. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    I ASSumed the jerry rice pick was recorded!!!!!!! Hence why when posting I did not pick.....grow up Aint saying sorry again!
  13. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Sorry guys pt job driving Amish has me working 12-14 hour days and in Pennsylvania's no signal zone....my bad, but retired with money is better than the vicey versey!!!
  14. Prediction for osweiller

    Book em Dan-O
  15. Gerbil Peppers Signs

    Woody I may buy one also! He is our biggest upside player! I believe he will be a steal where we drafted him! His work ethic and love of the game is off the charts good!! He is not a school from up norther anymore...He is a kid from Toledo playing for my/our beloved BROWNS!!! We need some SALT to go with our Peppers!!! GO BROWNS!!! :-》