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  1. Browns2405

    Mangini sending a clear message

    I like the idea of bringing in fresh guys to help push those left on the team. Competition is nothing but positive. I do believe that Maurice Jones Drew was quoted in a sporting news magazine as saying "When you are satisfied with where you are, imporvement stops" and I like that quote a lot.
  2. Browns2405

    This Team Lacks Talent

    I really don't get how you can slam the panic button on one quarter of starters. The right side of line bothers me a little with hadnot being out b/c mangini really likes him and I see him starting. I didn't really see any of Mack so I can't judge on him and he is a rookie give it time. Braylon dropping balls is a little worrisome but then again he does that. David Bowens didn't even make the trip and SHAUN ROGERS DIDN'T PLAY. If we are looking like this into game 1 of the regular season then you can start questioning the preparedness of the team and whatever else you want. Until then please relax.
  3. What would serve the Browns better is one of these guys to come out and dominate the other in this so called "competition" and put this Qb controversy to bed for the next 10+ years...
  4. Browns2405

    It was reported wrong!

    Or he's saying "Don't mess with the bull, You'll get the horns"
  5. Browns2405

    It was reported wrong!

    Just hope I have something to bring to the table and contribute to this board...
  6. Browns2405

    PreGame Thread: Browns Vs Packers

    Well that blows...
  7. Browns2405

    It was reported wrong!

    I must have missed the Browns Board discussion of Kenyan Nazis and death panels... Guess my invitation got lost in the mail AHHA!!! me thinks I gets it now
  8. Browns2405

    It was reported wrong!

    I'm callin the airport, that one missed the runway....
  9. Browns2405

    Peter King on the Browns

    Peter King says we are horrible, then give me the Browns being 7-9 or better cuz I'm betting we surprise and he called for us to be bad in 07 and we surprised. This way we can all be in line to be first to say "I told you so"
  10. Browns2405


    Will the real Lumbergh please stand up... I've hear Riffer being accused of it so who really is lumbergh??
  11. Browns2405

    Browns sign OL Fred Weary

    This is a really strange signing. I understand bodies but with the whole microfracture surgery, kinda makes me wonder.
  12. Browns2405

    Possible starting offensive lineup

    If they did I missed it, I was on vacation at disney so I've missed alot of time on here... Sorry if i'm innaccurate
  13. Browns2405

    Possible starting offensive lineup

    I agree that they will be stout but I thought that both the Williams' are suspended for the first four games...
  14. Browns2405

    More Classy Steeler Fans

    On a side note I just got back from vacation at DisneyWorld and I was in a bar and I'll be damned if a Steelers fan didn't sit down right next to me. The bar was airing Espn News and we started talking about sports. After a long discussion it was apparent that I had encountered a real fan of the Steelers. He knew about their history and wasn't just a bandwagonner. He also said our beloved Browns should be much improved with Mangini and wouldn't be surprised if we won a game against them this year as he thinks we will be much improved in discipline and game preparedness. Although I dislike his team choice, I do respect the man for having good football knowledge and being a class act guy not out to just bash the Browns.
  15. Browns2405

    Cribbs a Holdout? - NFL.Com

    What I don't get is what is the sense of sitting out games and getting fined if the point you are trying to make is you want more money? I understand that you want to show them your serious and your teammate understand why you are doing it, but sitting out only hurts the team and teammates. I hope it doesn't come to that.