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    The Cleveland Browns Finally Have A Head Coach

    Nope. I write for a hobby right now, but I will take that as a compliment, as my writing is up to par with the media around here anyways. I am just your friendly Browns Board moderator and poster Carry on...
  2. Another article I wrote for Houndsports.com. Please click on it and post a comment if you will! I will post the text below as well: http://houndsports.com/cleveland-browns-finally-head-coach/ It was a normal Thursday morning and the Cleveland media was in Berea for another daily press conference. The likes of Mary Cay Kabot, Tony Grossi, and Scott Petrak have been there many times before, reporting the same gloom and doom that is the Cleveland Browns. However, this day was different. A new sense of optimism was spreading around the campus. Players were laughing and coaches were half-smiling. As the media is getting ready, a figure opens the door, walks up the stairs, and sits on the podium. Before he gets on the microphone, he shares a limerick or two with some of Cleveland’s veteran reporters. Normally, he would begin his press conference with an injury update for the likes of Jordan Cameron, Barkevious Mingo, and Ben Tate. Instead, he starts off with a tribute, or as he put it, a “shout out” to one of his former players, Raven’s Defensive Lineman Ma’ake Kemoeatu, who donated his kidney to his brother, effectively ending his football career. He spends roughly five minutes talking about how great of a player and person Kemoeatu was and how he truly appreciated his time with him in Baltimore. This is Mike Pettine. Coach Pettine is something the Cleveland Browns haven’t had since they came back into the league in 1999. He is a straight shooter. His “coach speak” is to a minimum and he tells it like it is. He is stern, yet friendly. He has a sense of confidence when addressing any issue, and he is well received by the Cleveland media, which is something that hasn’t happened in Cleveland in a very long time. His journey to the North Shore is a surprising one. In the 2014 offseason, The Browns not only were struggling to get a coach, but were struggling internally with their power structure. In one of the best moves of his ownership, Jimmy Haslam decided that it would be more effective to streamline the process. In the early offseason, he terminated the contracts of both GM Mike Lombardi and President Joe Banner. These moves were revered around the fan base and time has told why. Ray Farmer is much more fit for the position and has already had one of the best Cleveland Browns drafts in a decade, finding gems such as Terrance West and Joe Bitonio. But enough about that. Let’s continue. The Browns looked everywhere for a head coach. The rumor mill was in full focus, with names such as Jim Schwartz, Ken Whinsenhunt, and even Greg Schiano sprouting up. Local boy Josh McDaniels was even rumored to be talking to the Browns front office. He grew up a Browns fan and even so, declined a job with the team. This alone shows the state of the Browns prior to the new regime. Things got so desperate that they were going to resort to trading for a head coach. A plan was in place to trade a first and second round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for Coach Jim Harbaugh. Rumor has it that the trade never went through because Jim’s wife didn’t want to relocate to Cleveland. Honestly, who can blame her? So now imagine being Mike Pettine. The Browns completely exhausted a list of candidates and trades and still didn’t find their guy, so they gave you a call. It’s like you are the booty call of the team. They had all of these dates they could have went out with that night but were shut down. It’s 3 AM, and your number was called, Pettine. Call it fate. Call it Calvinism if you must. But something in the stars made this happen. Most coaches, if passed on 14…yes 14 times…would come into the building with a lack of confidence, planning, and possible resentment. To make matters worse, Coach Pettine’s daughter Megan even posted a tweet while her Dad was interviewing with the team, saying “It’s the Browns. But still, pretty cool!” Coach didn’t waver. His opening press conference exuded confidence and someone who had a mission. He wants to build this team on toughness, and his motto “Play like a Brown” has echoed throughout the halls of Berea. No one has ever come into the building before and acted like they have been here for years. He has moxie. He pulls it off. Mike Pettine isn’t the “sexy” or “stylish” coach that you expect when hearing these things. He isn’t the Rex Ryan or Jim Harbaugh type. He gets down to business. He doesn’t shy away from provocative questions. He has a plan, and a smart one at that. He knows how to make competent decisions. Let’s be honest. The bar is set pretty low in Cleveland. Chris Palmer, our first coach since coming back in 1999, was a coordinator pretending to be a head coach. Butch Davis was just a college coach trying to make it work in the NFL. Romeo Crennel hid behind his Belichick-earned Super Bowl rings and had no idea how to speak to the media. Eric Mangini was the king of coach speak. When Pat Shurmer was here, I swear I could see members of the media sleeping in the background of his pressers. Rob Chudzinski…well I am still a little angry about that, but let’s move on. At least I don’t have to spell that last name for the rest of this article. So as you can clearly see, Mike Pettine is something exhilarating. He knows what to do, and when to do it. He can properly do his job, and that is the only thing Cleveland fans want out of a head coach. We don’t need the high profile name. We don’t need the previous Super Bowl winning, experienced guy. We don’t need the college dynasty maker. We have had all of those things. We just want a hard nosed, blue collar, football loving guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring a winning team to the Mistake By The Lake.
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    2014 Full In-Depth Schedule Analysis

    Just my job as a journalist!
  4. TheClevelandSound

    2014 Full In-Depth Schedule Analysis

    Hey guys...I'm back! Sorry for the absence. A lot has been going on over here but I will be back posting and modding as usual. 'Tis the season. I recently accepted a job as a Cleveland Browns columnist for Hound Sports Live. There is an article I definitely need to share with everyone, as the season is about to commence. http://houndsports.com/cleveland-browns-2014-season-prediction-depth-analysis/ If you are too lazy to click on the link, and please click, as I get credit for shares and hits, I will post the general texts of the article below. Let me know what you think! --------------------------------------------------------- The season is now ready to begin. The schedule is out, the preseason is over, and the final cuts have been made. As a life-long Browns fan, this time of year brings unwarranted optimism and hope. However, the final result is always disappointment. Now, I will take you through an objective week-by-week analysis of the 2014 Cleveland Browns season and predict how our beloved Brown & Orange will fair this upcoming year. Enjoy! Week 1: Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Ben Roethlisberger Team Stud: Antonio Brown Head Coach: Mike Tomlin 2013 Record: 8-8 (T-2nd AFC North) Last Matchup: 20-7 loss, 2013 Week 17 Analysis: The Cleveland Browns had a rough preseason but finished on a high note with some signs of fluidity from Brian Hoyer and the first team offense. The defense has struggled at times, but Joe Haden and Buster Skrine were not in the lineup, changing the whole complexity of the defensive backfield. Expect the Browns defense to be as solid as ever come opening day. This will be a low scoring game, but the Browns inept offense will inevitably allow the Steelers to prevail. Conclusion: Steelers 21, Browns 13 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints, 1:00 PM, FOX Opposing QB: Drew Brees Team Stud: Jimmy Graham Head Coach: Sean Peyton 2013 Record: 11-5 (2nd NFC South) Last Matchup: 30-17 win, 2010 Week 7 Analysis: The Browns have never faired well in home openers or season openers. This year doesn’t look much easier, as the always potent offense of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints travel to town. Not only are the Saints always dangerous through the air, but their defense stepped up tremendously last year under the direction of former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Last time the Browns and Saints met, the Browns prevailed 30-17 at the Super Dome in 201o, so anything is possible. However, barring a miracle, this game belongs to the Bayou. Conclusion: Saints 28, Browns 16 Week 3: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Joe Flacco Team Stud: Haloti Ngata Head Coach: John Harbaugh 2013 Record: 8-8 (T-2nd AFC North) Last Matchup: 24-18 win, 2013 Week 9 Analysis: By now, the morale of the fan base is down but the hype to get Johnny Manziel in the fold is as high as ever. If Brian Hoyer doesn’t step up to the plate in Week 3, his starting role is in serious doubt after the Bye Week. Hoyer, known for his competitive smarts, steps up to the challenge. His chemistry with his receivers is finally there and he is ready to take the 2014 Browns to their first win. The Ravens are coming off a disappointing year and their defense is a far cry from what it was a few years ago. Their offense is strong but Joe Haden has one of those games and locks down a speedy Torrey Smith. Conclusion: Browns 24, Ravens 20 Week 4: Bye Week Week 5: Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Jake Locker Team Stud: Kendall Wright Head Coach: Ken Whisenhunt 2013 Record: 7-9 (2nd AFC South) Last Matchup: 31-13 loss, 2011 Week 4 Analysis: With a young and injury prone QB in Jake Locker and an unproven team, the Titans are a big question mark this season. Their defense is their strong suit with veterans like Bernard Pollard, Kameron Wimbley, and Jason McCourtey. However, their receivers are extremely young and still learning the ropes of the NFL. The Browns will be able to shut this team down for most of the game, but will also struggle to score points themselves. The Browns will come away winners in a close thriller. Conclusion: Browns 13, Titans 9 Week 6: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Ben Roethlisberger Team Stud: Antonio Brown Head Coach: Mike Tomlin 2013 Record: 8-8 (T-2nd AFC North) Last Matchup: 20-7 loss, 2013 Week 17 Analysis: For some reason, the Browns tend to play the Steelers like a completely different team when they are at home. The dawg pound will be loud for this one and Hoyer will yet again, have one of those games where he shows what he learned under Tom Brady. Miles Austin and Jordan Cameron will play major roles in this game and the Browns will play a high scoring, close game. The wait for Johnny Manziel continues. Conclusion: Browns 31, Steelers 28 Week 7: Cleveland Browns @ Jacksonville Jaguars, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Chad Henne Team Stud: Toby Gerhart Head Coach: Gus Bradley 2013 Record: 4-12 (3rd AFC South) Last Matchup: 32-28 loss, 2013 Week 13 Analysis: If there was ever a game the Browns should dominate, this is that game. Jacksonville is in a total rebuilding mode. Although their defense shows some promise, their offense has a tremendous lack of playmakers. For some reason, no matter how good or bad they are, they always play the Browns close. However, the Browns will run the ball effectively against this lackluster team. Ben Tate will have the game of his season. Conclusion: Browns 16, Jaguars 7 Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland Raiders, 4:25 PM, CBS Opposing QB: David Carr Team Stud: Sebastian Janikowski Head Coach: Dennis Allen 2013 Record: 4-12 (4th AFC West) Last Matchup: 20-17 win, 2012 Week 13 Analysis: The Raiders always bring their A-game when playing the Browns, and this is no exception. David Carr has looked impressive so far in the 2014 season and the Browns defense has a bad day. Buster Skrine gets beat throughout the day by speedy receiver Denarius Moore and the front 7 fails to get in the Raiders backfield. The offense plays well, but it’s not enough. Conclusion: Raiders 26, Browns 15 Week 9: Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccanneers, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Josh McCown Team Stud: Vincent Jackson Head Coach: Lovie Smith 2013 Record: 4-12 (4th NFC South) Last Matchup: 17-14 loss, Week 1 2010 Analysis: The Buccaneers, with new head coach Lovie Smith, have been predicted to be the surprise team of the season. I will continue with that status quo. This team has a stout defense and a prolific offense that many teams will find hard to beat. Hoyer will commit a few turnovers and chants of “JOHNNY, JOHNNY, JOHNNY” will ring out through First Energy Stadium. This one will be ugly. Conclusion: Buccaneers 28, Browns 10 Week 10: Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals, 8:25, NFL Network Opposing QB: Andy Dalton Team Stud: AJ Green Head Coach: Marvin Lewis 2013 Record: 11-5 (1st AFC North) Last Matchup: 41-20, 2013 Week 11 Analysis: The Browns seem to always play well on primetime, and this is no exception. The Browns play the Bengals tough, without exception, every single year regardless of both teams records. Joe Haden has had AJ Greens number for their entire careers, so you can count him out as a factor in this game. Hoyer manages the game well but is clearly still rattled from the previous week. The Browns prevail in an OT thriller, making this a possible turning point in their season. Conclusion: Browns 21, Bengals 18 Week 11: Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick Team Stud: Jadaveon Clowney Head Coach: Bill O’Brien 2013 Record: 2-14 (4th AFC South) Last Matchup: 30-12 loss, 2011 Week 9 Analysis: The Houston Texans are in an extreme rebuilding mode and the Browns easy season schedule is boding well for their confidence. This game is all about the defense and Ben Tate showing his old team what they are missing. Simple enough, Browns win. Conclusion: Browns 30, Texans 21 Week 12: Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Matt Ryan Team Stud: Julio Jones Head Coach: Mike Smith 2013 Record: 4-12 (T-3rd AFC South) Last Matchup: 20-10 loss, 2010 Week 5 Analysis: The Atlanta Falcons are not the same team they were in 2013. They have Julio Jones back and their defense is finally healthy. This team will play as the Falcons have always played in the 21st Century and the Browns will be overmatched on all fronts. Chalk this one up to a loss that is expected around the fan base. Conclusion: Falcons 24, Browns 14 Week 13: Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: EJ Manuel Team Stud: Sammy Watkins Head Coach: Doug Marrone 2013 Record: 6-10 (4th AFC East) Last Matchup: 37-24 win, 2013 Week 5 Analysis: This game is all about Mike Pettine coming into Buffalo. The Bills will have a chip on their shoulder with Pettine leaving them after such a good performance last year. Not only that, but Sammy Watkins will have that same chip with the Browns trading down in the draft and passing on Watkins. If EJ Manuel is healthy, the Browns could be outmatched. Hence, I am giving the Bills the upper hand. Conclusion: Bills 14, Browns 12 Week 14: Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Andrew Luck Team Stud: Reggie Wayne Head Coach: Chuck Pagano 2013 Record: 11-5 (1st AFC South) Last Matchup: 17-13 loss, 2012 Week 7 Analysis: This is another game of reunions with Rob Chudzinski, D’Qwell Jackson, and Mike Adams making their returns to Cleveland. However, all eyes will be on Andrew Luck. At this point in the season after some bad loses, Johnny Manziel has been given the keys to the car and two young quarterbacks will square off in an old fashion showdown. This will be a high scoring affair as both defenses will be tired come the end of the season. However, with the obvious abilities of Luck, the Colts will prevail as Johnny Manziel will lose his first start in the NFL. Conclusion: Colts 34, Browns 27 Week 15: Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Andy Dalton Team Stud: AJ Green Head Coach: Marvin Lewis 2013 Record: 11-5 (1st AFC North) Last Matchup: 41-20, 2013 Week 11 Analysis: At this point in the season, the fans are looking forward to the 2015 draft and some fans are stupidly wanting the team to tank for a good draft pick. The Browns morale is low. Just like last year, the team gets off to a good start in this game but eventually collapses in the 4th quarter and the Dalton-Green connection will once again conquer the Browns in crunch time. Conclusion: Bengals 26, Browns 13 Week 16: Cleveland Browns @ Carolina Panthers, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Cam Newton Team Stud: Greg Hardy Head Coach: Ron Rivera 2013 Record: 12-4 (1st NFC South) Last Matchup: 24-23 win, 2010 Week 12 Analysis: The Panthers and The Browns have the same offensive problem in the 2014 season: they have no proven receivers. The Panthers lost their long-time veteran Steve Smith to free agency (signed with the Baltimore Ravens). They picked up marginal free agents such as Jericho Cotchery and Jason Avant and also drafted first round pick Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida State. However, they do have something the Browns don’t have: Cam Newton. The former Auburn QB shined last year and took his next step forward into becoming a franchise QB. 2014 is a year to prove that he can swing with the big boys, and this game will show that in action. Although the Browns will put up a fight, it won’t be enough. Conclusion: Panthers 23, Browns 20 Week 17: Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens, 1:00 PM, CBS Opposing QB: Joe Flacco Team Stud: Haloti Ngata Head Coach: John Harbaugh 2013 Record: 8-8 (T-2nd AFC North) Last Matchup: 24-18 win, 2013 Week 9 Analysis: By now, Cleveland Media has spurred rumors of yet another coaching change, but smart fans won’t have it and neither will the team. The players are completely behind Coach Pettine and although the record may not show it, Pettine has done as much as he could do with the roster he was given. He also turned the team into a Top 10 defense and built momentum for the 2015 season. The team plays strong in the finale, but once again, the ghost of Art Modell strikes and Baltimore wins on a game winning field goal, sending them to the playoffs. Conclusion: Baltimore 20, Browns 17 2014 Record: 6-10 (4th AFC North)
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    Mccoy Traded

    I like this trade a lot. Why wouldn't you?
  6. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Rubin and Sheard are staying. No need to start rumors.
  7. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Deal is 5 years, $34 million.
  8. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    He looks like he is choking on his own tongue.
  9. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Love the Desmond Bryant signing. Excellent run stopper.
  10. TheClevelandSound

    The Official We Officially Signed Paul Kruger Thread

    ESPN giving the Browns mad props for this.
  11. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Alright alright just seemed like your new thread about Kruger was mocking me but so shall it be.
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    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Your fine lol I was talking to Zombo, an apparent fellow moderator. I unpinned it again so he wouldn't get steamy.
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    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Whats the beef? Just trying to make things more efficient.
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    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    Honestly I like Kruger but I really like Avril more. If we could get both, that would be solid.
  15. TheClevelandSound

    Official Free Agency Activity Thread

    I know 4pm hasn't hit yet but we are going to start this thread for all talk regarding the free agent frenzy set to hit here in a few hours. Talk about speculation, activity, and reactions here. Thanks guys.