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  1. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    I wonder why so late? Do they just air once or multiple times? I've never watched.
  2. Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Good for Johnny. I hope he plays well, has grown up and gets another NFL look.
  3. Penis LeBeau

    Why would you call him Penis LeBeau?
  4. Baker Mayfield Thread

    The more we read, there were a lot of teams that wanted Baker Mayfield. Some people act like he should have been a 3rd rounder.
  5. Season Tickets for sale

    If any are available.
  6. POLL: When will Baker start?

    I don't see it that anything was said about Bakers sitting the whole season. Where did you read that? My understanding is there is no camp competition. TT is going to start from the get go, Stanton is the back-up. If things are going well, Baker might not get in, if not, I'd say late Oct, early Nov. might be about right. Baker might not even be active the first 3-4 weeks.
  7. Season Tickets for sale

    That isn't true my man. People who move in to PSL seats like yours are ticket holders seeking a upgrade or people who aren't ticket holders and but them and want better seats then what the Browns are going to offer.. People off the street get way uppers to start if they don't buy from a PSL holder.. Plus, you should have never thought that a PSL was going to gain value. I bought mine maybe 12 years ago....from another PSL holder. I have since moved to the club section. My section is 2 seats away from being sold out. We start winning, it will be sold out. I am pretty sure I can make my PSL fee of $2000 for my two seats back, plus a premium. If we don't get better, that $2000 was spent over a decade ago. I don't really care if I get it back or not. I've enjoyed my run. Sorry man, you sold low.
  8. Mayfield is no Brees

    Ok, so you don't like the guy. Ask me if I care what you like. If Baker was a inch or two taller, the only QB discussion the last few months would have been about who was going after him. Mayfield was clearly the best choice we could make. No doubt we are going to have to structure some things that play to his strengths. That is why we traded for Tyrod Taylor. He and Baker are similar. Looking back, Tyrod was signed knowing we were going to take Baker. Add in the fact we don't have dimwit Hue calling plays in his vertical O and have Haley who is more flexible in molding the O around the players on the roster, this is going to work out well.
  9. Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    Or we can take calculated risk to gain a 1st round talent in the 4th round. 4th round receivers wash out all the time. Does it really matter why?
  10. Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    I can't say I dislike any of the picks though there are a few I don't know anything about. I love the Mayfield pick, as well as Chubb, Ward(thought I had to mull that over for a day after) and Calloway. Calloway has had his problems but as a 4th rounder, there is little risk. 4th round receivers wash out all the time. Does it really matter why a player washes out? I don't think so. If he doesn't, we got a top 15 receiver in the 4th round. Well worth the risk IMO I really like the Corbett pick. The scouts love the guy...not just our scouts...and call him NFL ready. Add in he can play anywhere, all the better. Avery is another i really like. I think he will be a heck of a backer.
  11. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I wanted Baker. Go Browns!
  12. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    No, Hue did that. Get it right.
  13. Baker Mayfield Thread

    If we want Mayfield, take him at #1. The odds are much better that any of the other players are still there at #4.
  14. A Prudent Solution

    You are still hung up on CBS. Some time back you questioned me about Calvin Ridley, that he wasn't listed as a top prospect by CBS sports. Have they figured out who he is at this point?
  15. Browns Schedule Thread

    My games are set. In Cleveland I will go to the Steelers, Jets, Ravens, Chargers, Chiefs, and Cincy. My away game will be Cincy. That falls Thanksgiving weekend. A few years ago we spent Thanksgiving in Lexington and had a good time, so we will do it again. Thurs. and Fr.i in Lexington, Sat. and Sun. in Covington.
  16. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 4

    I think we are about ready to rock and roll.
  17. Positions we need to cover with the 9 picks

    Other than QB, I don't think we should draft to cover positions. It will work out early on that we can draft good players and still cover some positions.
  18. What I would consider a perfect draft

    Best QB in the draft.
  19. Giants at #2

    I agree. I would take Fitz at #4.
  20. Latest Pluto

    My feeling is if Mayfield was a inch or two taller, the only QB discussion would be which QB gets selected after Baker Mayfield. I don't let a few inches keep me from selecting the best QB.
  21. What I would consider a perfect draft

    Baker Mayfield at #1. Fitz at #4. We have quarterbacks on boht sides of the ball.
  22. Browns Schedule Thread

    I just have to wait for the schedule dates. I am already doing 5-6 away games when I go to Cleveland, but do plan at least 1-2 real away games. New Orleans is always doable. Our favorite American city to visit. Been to 3 games there to this point. Denver, Houston, and Cincy are other options. Tampa is as well. We have a home in Venice, and I have a brother who lives in the TB area, but we go down there 4-5 times a year. We just spent 5 weeks down there. It would have to be a late season game. I don't want to go for a September or October game when it is likely to still be pushing 90 degrees. No wonder Gatorade was developed a few miles up the road.
  23. Pluto this week

    Especially when you look at the depth of the class.
  24. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Trading Hogan was the only thing we could next to cutting him. Hogan asked for the ability to work a trade. It sounded then like his agent already had a buyer. Moving up 16 slots in whatever round it was was a good deal. We just signed TT to start. We just signed Stanton to back-up and be the mentor for whoever we draft at 1 or 4. No way we were going to keep 4 QBs. I like Hogan. I felt we should have been playing him over Flattop, it is what it is. I knew since we signed Stanton that Hogan was toast.