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    BB Draft, Picks by Team

    I like some of the drafts. I think Cleveland has a biased Big 10 slant. It's good, but not knowing who else was available it obvious that person only follows the Big 10. Then again, maybe those were the only good picks. I do like Willie Gay in round 4, though he probably goes earlier than that, but hey, he was there in this draft, so good pick. I just don't think the Winfield pick in round 2 could have possibly been the best choice. Seems like a needs choice to me, and I am not big on needs selecting in the draft. But, that's me. I only care about the Browns in the NFL. I kind of follow the Titans, Falcons, and Bucs for various connective reasons, but it is mild. Carry on
  2. ballpeen

    What would you consider acceptable?

    Thus far I am pretty happy with what Berry and crew have done. We jumped out of the gate and got a RT, a TE, and a quality back-up QB who can start. Then we sat a while to let the market settle a bit and grabbed a pretty stout interior D-line player and a pretty good DE. I don't know much about the safeties, but they are vets who should be at lest decent. As has been said, let's see what happens in the draft. It looks like the strategy set by Depo was to finish off the O since it was the closest to being a finished product, so I suspect that will hold in the draft and we take a LT prospect at #1 unless Simmons and maybe Derrick Brown fall. I am concerned with the D. Our D line looks pretty good and corner seems to be in good shape, but there are big questions at LB and deep secondary. I see us pretty much going D after that except maybe drafting a running back in a latter round to push Hilliard. Maybe even a AJ Dillion in round 3 if he lasts. The guy is a beast. Think Derrick Henry. Nothing says we are going to keep Hunt after this year. Got to have somebody to team up with Nick because as you know, backs are one hit away from the DL. As for being satisfied, it's hard to put a number on things. I know I am not a playoffs or bust type. I just have to see how things play out. Lucking in to a few wins doesn't ease my mind, nor do losing several tight, tough games make we think we are losers. One also has to consider a new coaching staff and FO. Things aren't going to start off like a finely oiled machine that has been plugging away for several years. There is bound to be some fine tuning along the way. A NASCAR driver doesn't jump in to the car and on the first lap or two and decide everything is a perfect fit for the track and at the wheel. They add a wedge here , take a wedge away there, adjust tire pressure, add some tape here or there to refine air flow over the car. Same with a football team even if it is a slower process. Lets just see what happens, but in reality, I doubt we have a season this year. I hope we do, but right now we have bigger fish to fry. My hope and expectation is we are ALL back here next year to talk about the new season. If we are, I will cook up some Cajun shrimp and feed you like I did maybe 15 years ago when you were coming in from Conn. Yep, good time buddy, just like you fed me a time or two at your tailgates. Take care Ice.
  3. ballpeen

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Maybe he and his agent are smart. Very possibly the re-worked deal is better than what he could possibly get as a FA.
  4. ballpeen

    Berry Bashers?..GO TO HELL!!

    Actually we did fix RG. With Conklin at RT, we can move Hubbard to RG which he played well when with Pittsburgh.
  5. Sorry to say, maybe years. Nothing is written we will find a vaccine for this. We have never found a vaccine for the common cold, and it's been hounding people since the beginning of time.
  6. ballpeen

    untradeable Browns

    We have a lot of untradeable players.
  7. ballpeen

    Trying to move OBJ

    They won't, but Williams and a 2nd, sounds good to me.
  8. ballpeen

    Christian Kirksey Released

    They aren't creating holes where holes already existed. Kirksey was a hole. He was on the roster and never played. They didn't cut Schobert. He became a free agent just as he would have had Dorsey been here. The reality is the money spent didn't equal the production provided. If you argue it was, I'll call you a idiot, and I don't want to call you that. As has been said, we have holes all over the D. John was a offensive GM. He took a shot on a O lineman who hurt his plan in Corbett. That happens. We need 2-3 O-linemen and the O is good, assuming Baker works and becomes a NFL QB. The D? We have holes at all three of the main position groups. On the line we need a edge and a DT. At LB, we need 1-2 players, and that was even before Kirksey news. In the secondary we are weak in the deep secondary. We aren't going to be able to fix that in one draft, but we do need to accumulate more dollars because Garrett and a few others we DO want to keep contracts are starting to rise above the horizon. Yep, lets keep Kirksey and not be able to keep Garrett. That's a plan. A bad plan, but it is a plan.
  9. ballpeen

    Christian Kirksey Released

    And I am glad we aren't either. I like the guy and he was decent when he played, but he didn't play enough.
  10. It shouldn't. The stadium isn't very good. It was built in haste and on the cheap. It's kind of like a medium level builders spec home. It's OK for 20 years, then things start falling apart.
  11. I know. To me the stadium issue should become a multi-county issue. The stadium doesn't benefit only those who live in the county of it's location. I got it, find a spot on a county line. Stadium in one, all the parking and restaurant development in the other.
  12. ballpeen

    2020 First Pick Game Drafts

    I agree. I think Kinlaw would be a outstanding pick. Think Aaron Donald. Same type of player. Near clone.
  13. I did say except for iconic places. I have been to both Wrigley and Fenway. I wouldn't want to see them torn down. The reality is besides the history, they aren't good places to see a ball game. Even by the corner bags you are looking left or right. The further out the lines you get, the further left or right you are looking. The seats all face straight as built along the foul lines. I attended a Browns game in Chicago. Courtney returned a fumble for a TD. We won the game, until we didn't in a OT pick 6 by Couch. Ols Solider was a great place, but then I had 2 seats on the 50, I think 14 rows off the field. Even there you couldn't see above the players heads on the sideline plays to your side. You know, a true bowl. Seats go from pretty close but pretty low to not so high but a mile away. I don't mind staying where we are if we can get a retractable on the thing. As has been said, I don't think the footprint is large enough and getting the HVAC system would be almost impossible. You have to be able to cool it down in the summers for concerts and such, and you have to be able to heat it up once the temps start to look like 40's, or rain in any season..
  14. Not only that, if they financed the deal and has little to no public money involved, owners aren't stupid people. They are mega good at business. They aren't going to risk several billion if there isn't a payback that makes sense.
  15. I was just reading a Cowboys message board at it said $30-$60, though I am not sure it was in a premium lot next to the stadium. Some said if you can walk a mile or two it wasn't bad. My wife doesn't like to walk far. When she comes I don't park in the flats for $15...I think it went up to that this past season. Just up top, at least early in the season I paid $50. It dropped to $40 later in the season. It had been $30 for years. I read somewhere the Cowboys were getting $100 for the Superbowl...well, why not? Parking is probably relative to ticket prices. If you can really afford a ticket to the Superbowl, you can fork over another $100 to park the car.
  16. We have a course in Ooltewah, just north of town where using a caddy is mandatory. The Honors Course. It's a little steep for my blood to be a member...$35,000 to join. Never asked my friends about the monthly. One did let out he was buying lunch because he was behind on his $4500 a year club dining fee. Each member has to spend $4500 a year in the dining room. Not just buying beers and things in the mens lounge. They maintain a good chef and staff. If they don't spend it, they get a bill for the unused portion. I do have several friends who are members so I get to play out there maybe 10 times a year. The recommended minimum tip to the caddy is $80 per bag.
  17. I get. The person living in Avon Lake might say the same if it was developed in Stark County. As a season ticket holder who lives in Hamilton county, Tennessee., on the Georgia border, I don't care where they build it. I already drive 600+ miles to go to 6-7 games a year.. What's a few more? For me, build it between Columbus and Cleveland. Mansfield would work for me.
  18. We have to face facts. The days of stadiums, unless they are iconic, don't last 60 years anymore. Even if iconic they get torn down. Old Tiger stadium...Yankee stadium was as iconic as it gets. Stadiums these days have a 30 year shelf life if they were built on the cheap like ours.. Ours, which is far from iconic, is what, 21-22 years old? It's time to start thinking about it. From planning to development takes 5 years. If you build a really nice development, you might be able to go 50 years,
  19. Why? Avon Lake is Lorain county. That is maybe a 15-20 drive from downtown on I90
  20. I agree. To make it viable as a development for a owner financed deal, you are looking at 80 or so. You have to understand that is you move out to a somewhat remote location, you will need parking spots available.
  21. Is the Akron Zoo all that viable? It's a pretty good parcel ..50 acres. I am sure you could buy up 20 more. I don't like evoking immanent domain laws, but I am sure Akron would like the business and would do what is best over the long haul. Medina county has several locations. Avon in Lorain country is pretty wide open in spots. The Atlanta Braves have a beautiful complex north of Atlanta. That is the script teams want to follow. Own the land, lease to those wanting to be near by. Sure Mr. Marriott, I can land lease you 5 acres for 20 years with 5 year options after that to build a beautiful hotel. That is how you pay for the thing as a private development. A owner isn't going to simply build a stadium unless he or she has a way to make money on the deal. You guys aren't children or stupid. None of you are going to build a house that you aren't going to get your money plus some back. At least knowingly. They want it to be a gathering spot above the 8 crappy home gams a year. Make it the place people want to go year round. Akron isn't the best example....Avon in Lorain county is where I would look. I see lots of land on 90 just past the Westlake line.
  22. ballpeen

    Browns Roster Moves 2020

    I think it more a poster ranking needs as they see them. No doubt you have to see who is available. If Simmons is there when we pick, it would be hard to pass on him to take the 3rd or 4th best LT. That is why scouting and the FO have to have 2nd tier and 3rd tier guys laid out on the horizontal draft board. One also has to consider what happened in free agency. That is where you address needs. At least to me, the 2nd round pick is where you might lean on your horizontal board a bit more, but even then, if you have to drop more than 2-3-4 slots on the vertical board, you are probably making a mistake. The only real exceptions are early if you need a QB and late if you need a kicker of some sort or a long snapper.
  23. ballpeen

    Browns Roster Moves 2020

    I don't think we release Hurt or OBJ. We will tag Hunt. If he gets a offer we don't like, we will take the pick. OBJ is at most trade bait. We will listen to offers, but I don't think Stefanski wants him to go. Vernon is the interesting question. We might release him. $15.5 is a lot for a guy who hasn't played much the last 2-3 years. That doesn't mean he won't be able to this year. That is the tough decision of the off-season. We don't have anybody behind him unless you are related the Chad Thomas.
  24. ballpeen

    did grossi just call Baker

    I hope so. The guy is becoming a fat ass like me. He is a professional QB and about 40-45 years younger than I am. I have an excuse. Age tends to do that to people. Lazy tends to do that to a 25 year old. As for Grossi, I don't find anything wrong with saying Midget.