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  1. ballpeen

    Season opt out

    Kind of my feeling. If they do play, I have told my wife we will go up for a few games. Just to have a bit of normal. I may not tailgate. I have been doing less of that the last few years. I tend to just go to a restaurant more to have brunch, then head to the stadium. I will still want to go up....I grew up there. We have restaurants we like. Even if simply watching the game in the hotel room, I'll feel some normality in the process. Who doesn't like to take a 600 mile road trip? For years I have told my wife we need to travel through Amish country. This will be a good year to do that. She just retired so we won't be in any hurry to get back and can start a day early. Two days early. I always go straight up I-75 through Kentucky to Cincy, then 71 north. I have always wanted to go east out of Knoxville on I 40 to I 77 through Johnson City.. Go up through Virginia and West Virginia. It adds about 80 miles to the trip, but that is what you do when you aren't on the time clock. If played, it won't be a totally lost season. I have always been pretty good at turning lemons in to lemonade.
  2. ballpeen

    Season opt out

    I thought of that. First, I don't see a price increase headed off a no game season. If so, Ok, I'll owe a few hundred dollars.
  3. ballpeen

    Season opt out

    That is my feeling. This thing is spiking again. How do you play any kind of a season if some team is missing 5 key players? For that matter, if a few players on a team come down, wouldn't the whole team have to isolate for 2 weeks? How do you handle that? There is no real way to make up games. If a QB comes down with COVID, the whole QB room would have to isolate. Now the team doesn't have any QB's on game day. I think it folly to think this season will happen. In baseball you are seeing players opt out. How many NFL players will opt out? I know we all want the games to go on, it just isn't safe. Until we put a lid on this virus, it isn't going to happen.
  4. ballpeen

    Season opt out

    I understand. Sometimes I wonder myself, but it is what I do. I enjoy going to Cleveland and watching games. I drive up singing the Sinatra tune High Hopes. I drive back cussing in combinations never before heard. lol
  5. ballpeen

    Survey Tuesday AFCN and beyond

    I don't know, the Titans are pretty good. Could be. The Bengals could hold him back, but they have pretty good receivers. It's their survey
  6. ballpeen

    Season opt out

    The Browns gave season ticket holders the opportunity to opt out of this season. I chose that option, so no Browns games for me this year. Kind of sad. I have been making the 600 mile trek 6-7 time a year since 04, and usually 3 times since our return. The up side is my 2021 tickets are now paid in full, so assuming I make it that far, it will seem like a free season. I know we have several season ticket holders on the board. What are you guys doing? Holding or opting out?
  7. ballpeen

    Walter Football Early 2021 Draft Look

    I don't see us taking either position, at least early. Probably not a QB at all. We are pretty deep at QB. I can see a mid round OL selection. I almost want that every year. Depth and eventual replacement for guys like Bitonio. He's not going to play forever.
  8. ballpeen

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    I agree. Add in David isn't going to get a big contract from us. You can't afford to have 2 TE's on big contracts. I doubt we would have signed him again. Get what you can get and move on.
  9. ballpeen

    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    No....baseball is the perfect game. People who understand the game, understand that. There have only been a few big rule changes over the last 150 years. After the 68 season, mounds were lowered from 15 inches to 10 inches. I think that year, the year of the pitcher, Bob Gibson had a 1.something ERA, Denny McClain won 31 games, Don Drysdale pitched maybe 55 inning of consecutive scoreless baseball. Too bad, it took out some of the great shorter pitchers like Whitey Ford. After that, I guess the DH in the American League. Those were the major changes league wide. Teams fooled around. If you had a slugging team, you moved the fences in 15 feet, if a pitching team, backed them up 15 feet, but everything has remained the same since the beginning. Today, sure, strike zones have been reduced, you have replay now, relief pitchers have to pitch to 3 batters or whatever it is, but the basic rules and dimensions have remained the same since the 1800's. Football on the other has changes their rules every friggen year.
  10. ballpeen

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    I agree Cube. He has to get out of here to have any shot at a big payday. I don't blame him or his agent. I don't think he is a malcontent. You have to try to protect your interests and being here isn't in his best interests.Between Hooper and Hunt, they steal 85% of David's targets. Guys catching 20-30 balls a season don't get big money. They live on 1 year deals at minimum pay plus a few incentives.. When you are a pass catching TE with questionable hands, it isn't a good combination.
  11. ballpeen

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    Maybe not Cube, you can't either. Maybe it wasn't a year. Maybe since the end of the draft and free agency.
  12. ballpeen

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    What changed is we signed Hooper, a pro bowl type player and drafted a TE in the 4th round. David knows he is a pass catching TE with bad hands. He needs to try to bluff someone else.
  13. ballpeen

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    We won't get a 1st rounder. Maybe a 4th or 5th.
  14. ballpeen

    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    I wonder if Indiana will have to change names?
  15. ballpeen

    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    I say change it to the Savages