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  1. ballpeen

    A Case For Hue

    Was it Dorsey. We had 2 kickers in competition. I forget the other guys name, but maybe the coach had a lot of input, or maybe even said he wanted gonzo because he had the experience. As for Hue, I don't like him either. As long as we win, I don't care who coaches the team.
  2. ballpeen

    Jim Houston

    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the memories Jim.
  3. ballpeen

    Landry returning punts

    Stupid move. I hope we don't do that again.
  4. I think more than that. Ogunjobi looks to be a stud in the making. Calloway has an extra gear and good hands. I think he can be a super player. Avery is flashing.
  5. ballpeen

    Which game is this year's big tailgate?

    I'll try tp stop by for a while. I am staying downtown that game. I assume some people might be down there at 3-4 PM?
  6. ballpeen

    hue jackson

    I don't look at it in terms of how many wins Hue needs. I look at it in terms of losses. If we lose double digit games, Hue better be fired. That is being fair. Personally I don't like Hue at all. He is a insecure little punk who I would have punked some time back.
  7. ballpeen

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Hue doesn't have to try to look stupid. It comes naturally.
  8. ballpeen

    Clay Matthews & Doug Dieken H.O.F. worthy?

    Clay is borderline IMO....probably just shy but might get in with the old timer vote. Games played doesn't count for much. Don't get me wrong, I loved the guy and hope he does. He is close....if 100 was the score you needed to get in, he might be at 97-98 Diek....no...he was a solid player, but not one of the best all-time.
  9. ballpeen

    Cory Coleman Traded

    I agree. CJ Board is also having a good camp. It seems pretty clear that Coleman was going to have a hard time making the team.
  10. ballpeen

    Pro pick'em legue

    Hey guys, how about a link to the pro pick'em league. I thought I had registered for it, but apparently not as it's not showing up om "my teams" Thanks
  11. ballpeen

    How is your excitement

  12. Hue hasn't delivered anything other than 1 blocked kick win in 2 years. Don't give him that much credit.
  13. ballpeen

    Jimmy Garabaho

    If you dated or married a porn star, I would think you would be allowed a few "freebies" a year. Something to be said for that. No?
  14. ballpeen

    RB Position

    I don't know. Most kick-off guys never even get to return kicks. Plus we can go Calloway or Peppers or anybody. I read where Hilliard returned kicks and he is a Dorsey pick-up. If Dayes makes it IMO it is because he makes it as a back. In the end we probably keep 4 backs and Vitale at FB.
  15. ballpeen

    RB Position

    I think we will keep 4 backs. 3 seems thin. Dayes or Hilliard make the team.