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  1. ballpeen


    I don't disagree. I like Higgins Ok, but he isn't any kind of long term answer. He is just a guy IMO.
  2. ballpeen


    I think Higgins has some problem we don't see or read about. The guy is a pretty solid player, and when pressed in to action he shows up, but with every coach we have had he seems to find his way to the bottom of the depth chart.
  3. ballpeen

    Forgive me but....

    It is illegal to drink out in public. That has always been city policy and they have to maintain that policy everywhere. They can't allow that area to be free from public statute. So yes, you can be cited for drinking. But...everybody knows people are going to drink. As long as you aren't forcing the cops hand by walking around with cans of beer, and aren't acting like a moron...which many do...you're cool. So if you get arrested by a cop for being a dickhead and you have a beer or something, you will get charged with that as well. So the moral of this story is don't act like a dickhead and you won't have any problems. Pour your beverage in to a solid colored cup and enjoy your time in the lot. If you start puking all over the place, start pissing on cars, start fighting or harassing other teams fans past the point of good nature, feeling up strange women and so on, then you will go to jail like you should.
  4. ballpeen


    Anybody else have that fear??
  5. ballpeen

    Where to Watch - KC Game

    Thanks for the zoom. I already did that. Like I said, I should be good. Chattanooga is on the Ga. line and about 20 miles east of the Ala state line. The TV lists the Browns game, but as I said, until I see it on the screen, I'll be ready to roll out the door. For me, the season starts next week when I start using my season tickets. I'll be road tripping the next 2 weekends.
  6. You aren't supposed to eat the guts my man.
  7. ballpeen

    Where to Watch - KC Game

    Looks like I will get the game at home, but the map makes me a tad bit nervous. I live in Chattanooga, Tn., which is pretty much at the point where Tn, Ala., and Ga meet, so I should be good, but I have been screwed by the map before. I'll be sure to scroll the guide ahead on the TV to see what game is listed there. I won't be 100% comfortable until I see the game on the screen. I can be at a sports bar in about 15 minutes, so at worst I miss the 1st qtr.
  8. ballpeen

    Kicking woes all ready ?

    I do agree. It's not a problem until it's a problem. Right now some just think it's a problem.
  9. No feeling sorry. Feeling sorry for person is nearing sympathy. I reserve that for helpless people, which you aren't, or very young people who never really had a crack at life, which you have. I do however have empathy. It's hard not to, especially as a older dawg who one way to the other is going to have to face the facts soon enough. How soon? Who knows, we don't pick and choose those sort of things. We just go for the ride as long as this journey lasts. Stay strong of mind and hopeful and know there are a lot of people pulling for you, Bubba.
  10. ballpeen

    Defensive Tackle

    I agree. Just because a guy is a draft pick or a fan fav from OSU is no reason to keep him on the 53. If he clears waivers, sign him back. If not, he simply wasn't as good as other players on the roster. Are we running a popularity contest here or are we trying to build a winning football team? There comes a point in a teams evolution that keeping guys based on promise over guys who can do it now need to end. You have to make decisions that balance both of those factors.
  11. ballpeen

    Gameday vs. Falcons: Baker to play

    No doubt it will be scripted to a degree. . We may try a variety of plays and may allow the situation to dictate the play called. My thinking is if you are going to play them at all, you might as well play real. Unlike the old days where my thinking was play starters until they put up at least 2 scoring drives, now it is 2 drives or only 1 drive if it produces points. Overall, I don't see as much value in the starters playing as much as some of you. I am not saying who is right or wrong, I suppose there is no right or wrong. This might be better as another thread, but i would like to see Stefanski conduct practices during the season to coincide with that weeks game. If it is a 4pm start, warm-ups start at 3pm and walk throughs etc start at 4PM. 8:30 start, same thing. If it is a west coast game, get the players on west coast time all week.
  12. ballpeen

    Defensive Tackle

    I don't root for injury, but that would solve a problem. The guy needs a year to develop. If he is capable, he is still a year away. If he makes the roster, somebody better is going to get cut.
  13. ballpeen

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    I agree, we need to keep Davis. I know Higgy is liked by many, but is he so good he can't be replaced?
  14. ballpeen

    Kicking woes all ready ?

    I don't think there is a lack of kickers. There are a lack of opportunities. Teams don't change kickers once they know the guy even if some rook comes in and looks great.. If it ain't broke, don't fix is applies with kickers. There are 32 jobs available and in any given year you might have 2-3 jobs that are really open. Add in that kickers who get established play for 15 years, maybe more and it show just how few jobs are up for grabs.
  15. ballpeen

    Defensive Tackle

    it a shame on the 3 nose players. Billings is a vet who is way out of shape. Well, ok, round is a shape. Togai is a rook, what 4th/5th round pick? He is strong, but I don't think big enough. He shouldn't make the final roster but have a feeling he will. Wilso has a lot of upside and we gave him a large signing bonus for a UDFA player. He hasn;t shown much. The sad fact is 1 if not 2 of those guys are going to eat a roster spot from a more deserving player.