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  1. I don't eat ribs that are all slathered up with sauce. I like a Memphis Dry. Maybe take a squeeze bottle and put a little sauce on the outer edge. My attitude is if you have to put sauce on them to make them good, you didn't make them right in the first place.
  2. ballpeen

    Duke Johnson traded

    I wouldn't want a 1 year rental for a high pick. I don't see how we could sign him, the start signing all the guys we currently have who will be coming due. We are probably going to lose a few of them as it stands.
  3. ballpeen

    What did we think of Hilliard in game 1

    It doesn't take a genius to know Duke is a better player. The fact is Duke wanted out so I don't see value in keeping a guy like that. I am glad he is gone, wish him well, and am thrilled we will probably get a 3rd round pick out of the deal. As for Hilliard, he will be fine. Dorsey seems to be fine with the guy. If he thought that Hilliard "sucked" he wouldn't have made the deal because Hilliard wouldn't even be on the team.
  4. ballpeen

    Duke Johnson traded

    I agree, and we will see how the deal turns out. Lets hope Duke is active for 10 games and we get a 3rd round pick. The 3rd is a big pick when it comes to a deal if not a player.
  5. ballpeen

    Mack The Knife

    Only time will tell. He will have to keep on keeping on, which I suspect he will because his production did drop his last season at Bama. Not sure why....maybe other teams gamed for him a lot more because he was a very dominate player the year before.
  6. ballpeen

    Callaway suspended for substance abuse

    If there is any good in this is it opens a roster spot for Guiseppi if he keeps looking good. At least a 4 game opening. At that point we will be better able to decide on who sticks and who is gone once Calloway comes back. I doubt we will cut him.
  7. ballpeen

    Callaway suspended for substance abuse

    I agree. I don't think it will be on the list of banned substances.
  8. ballpeen

    Browns Sign Joe Kerridge

    That is why we brought him in....to find out. Orson is the only FB listed on the roster and we want to create competition. The guy looked pretty good to me and evidently he caught the eye of Dorsey. My question is why shouldn't we have brought him in for a look?
  9. ballpeen

    Browns Sign Joe Kerridge

    All that aside, he looked to be a very solid blocker.
  10. ballpeen

    If you're going to the Game Thursday

    And some type of cover over where they scan. I can see a problem if it is pouring rain.
  11. ballpeen

    What games are you attending?

    Allegiant fly's to Cleveland. I know they have flights out of Clearwater/St. Pete, and the Orlando area....a round trip might cost you $150
  12. ballpeen

    What games are you attending?

    Never know, it might be the game in which we clinch the division.
  13. ballpeen

    What games are you attending?

    Cool man....so you are a Bengals fan. There was a day I had to beg people to give me something for my extra ticket. Have fun rooting for the Bengals Sorry man, don't feel sorry for you. If you want a nice seat, I'll sell you one for $400
  14. I will attend all but the Buffalo game. I didn't want to be up for the Sunday game, then turn around for the game on Thursday night against the Steelers
  15. ballpeen

    Agree or Disagree?

    Maybe. If we start getting leads, I see us getting run heavy. It's just been so long since we actually built up decent 2nd half leads, we haven't seen it much.