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  1. ballpeen

    Steps for next year

    Just on mans opinion.
  2. They could, but would that be the best pick for the team. Since Williams and Kitchens took over, our LT play hasn't been a problem. I look to add more pop on the defensive front or a bookend corner to Ward.
  3. ballpeen


    It is hard for me to warm up to McCarthy. I am hoping for something a little fresher.
  4. ballpeen

    targeting the secondary in the draft....

    Sometimes being only satisfied with is what you get. Look at Gerrard Warren. We drafted him at #3 overall? Nope,he wasn't a Warren Sapp, but he did go on to play maybe 13years as a starter in the league. Had we drafted him at #20, people would think he had a good career as a solid tackle. It's not his fault he was drafted early.. You don't play 13 years and not be pretty good.
  5. ballpeen

    targeting the secondary in the draft....

    I agree. While he shouldn't have been selected when we did, that doesn't make him a bad player just because he doesn't measure up to peoples expectations.
  6. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I feel the same. I wanted to be there. We sent a plant, but that isn't the same.
  7. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Well said. I know first hand. I am just bummed out.
  8. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    You will, and you will smile
  9. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I thought about going....I really did, but couldn't..I did send flowers by FTD. t...
  10. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    We might need to have a memorial
  11. ballpeen

    Wishbone formation

    Very innovative install by Freddy. I like it. Inverted wishbone attack.
  12. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    We might need to have a memorial Lot service next year. I will be up for my final game in Dec....the Panthers game. I will wander in to the Flatiron and hopefully see Ed, Don, Todd, and whoever....I can usually find them in there. It's where I talked to Stanley for 30 or more minutes the last time I saw him last season. I wish I could see Stanley pull up in his "chick magnet" van one more time. I always called him Stanley
  13. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    To the Lot!
  14. ballpeen

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I don't get in here as often as I once did. Came in to share the win, and see this. Horrible. Stan was as nice a guy as you could ever want to meet. We bonded over baseball as both he and I coached the game. I remember attending functions where he and his league were raising money. All the tailgates. He and his wife driving me to a Cavs game that Ed hosted. Got to see him at 1 game last year. He was at the Flatiron and we talked for 30 minutes. Just a chance meeting, but one I will remember forever. Sometimes life really sucks, and this is one of those moments. My prayers and thoughts are with Kathy and his family. Wow. Sad indeed.
  15. ballpeen

    A Case For Hue

    Was it Dorsey. We had 2 kickers in competition. I forget the other guys name, but maybe the coach had a lot of input, or maybe even said he wanted gonzo because he had the experience. As for Hue, I don't like him either. As long as we win, I don't care who coaches the team.