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  1. Garrett Hurt Already

    Looks like Hue ran one contact play too many. Stupid.
  2. Josh Woodrum newest QB

    He looks pretty good from whay I can see.
  3. Haden ....RELEASED

    I think we might be trying to trade him for a receiver.
  4. The CTE Thread...

    I agree. I firmly believe if you put guys in equipment like was worn in the 50's, you'd see far less head injuries. Players today feel emboldened. Put a 1 or 2 bar facemask on them and you'd see way more arm tackling instead of these head shots. They also need to increase the fines. Don't just set a fine in dollars. Set it as a percentage. Make it hurt. I like grass fields, but that isn't always possible with a dome, but you can add a padding under the turf to make the surface softer. There is now soft helmet technology. The outer shell gives on impact,. NASCAR has been in to soft walls for a good while now. It makes sense to me. Lessen the shock before it gets to the body.
  5. Fantasy Football

    Fuck dealing. Pick your guys and ride it to the finish. Do it like the NFL. You don't see many mid season trades. Hell, you don't see many off season trades.
  6. Gerbil Peppers Signs

    We don't know if they were. In the end, I don't think that Peppers ever intended to holdout. His agent milked it for all he could, maybe they got something, maybe not, but Peppers wasn't going to hold out.
  7. Gerbil Peppers Signs

    I agree, unless something happened.
  8. Gerbil Peppers Signs

    No Woody. It was a little more than that. I am beginning to wonder if he isn't clean yet and is holding off on signing the contract to avoid a drug test at this time.
  9. Gerbil Peppers Signs

    I like Peppers. I think he can be a great player for us. I don't care that he played for Michigan. It's stupid that anyone does. If he holds out more than 1 practice day, I am going to question his decision making.
  10. Single Game Tickets on Sale

    I am sure they hold out those few months because they are still trying to sell season tickets. As soon as they sell a open seat for a game, they are unable to potentially sell it as a season ticket. The pre-sale allows season ticket holders a chance to pick up some extra seats for family and friends. One of the perks.
  11. I Will Fistfight Ghoolie on Oct. 1st 2017

    How about this? One will give up before the other....would be fun to watch.
  12. Otto Graham's 1954 Contract

    The average wage in 1954 was $3100 per year, so he was doing pretty good for the times. Especially considering it a half year job. Those guys did other things in the off season, and probably got paid better than the average Joe by selling cars, or pimping beer, or whatever.
  13. Corey Coleman Participated in Beating

    Funny thread. The article seems to indicate that Corey wasn't involved.
  14. Camp News

    Maybe they cut Powell so Sgt Peppers could get the number!!