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  1. ballpeen

    2021 Browns Board Draft

    Seems like way more work and effort then it is worth guys, but hey, have at it.
  2. ballpeen

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    I just said joint....I figured it was a cigarette.
  3. ballpeen

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    You are back left. Steve has the joint in his mouth.
  4. ballpeen

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    Didn't see it I think the pitching can keep us close.
  5. ballpeen

    Revenge against Opt-Outs?

    I don't think teams are going to cut players who they think can help the team. Seems counter productive to do so. As an example I don't think we are simply going to release Billings because he opted out. Now if Billings spent the last year heading down to the local Waffle House every morning to scarf down a couple of waffles with extra maple syrup to start his day and he now weighs 370 lbs, sure, we will probably cut him.
  6. ballpeen

    Browns Draft Needs

    In a nut shell, speed and size. They don't have the size to hog offensive linemen and don't have the speed to cover modern tight ends or track down the modern QB. When you think about it, we were on the trend with the drafting of Peppers. People complained that he wasn't big enough for what then was typical of linebackers and not really fast enough to be a true DB, but today, he is the perfect linebacker.
  7. ballpeen

    GOATs by Uniform Number

    Don't consider the use of the word stupid as pointing fingers. Substitute the word pointless.
  8. I agree on Johnson. I think he can be super if given the chance. hey, I think I said that to a old girlfriend many years ago.😁
  9. ballpeen

    GOATs by Uniform Number

    That is why these type of polls are stupid. Much can be said for many of the numbers. Very few are just stand alone, no question.
  10. ballpeen

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Watt 4-5 years ago...no doubt. Today he is a broken down player on his last leg. I pass unless we are talking 2 years at 9mil, plus incentives to get him up to maybe 12 mil total. My theory is sign players for who they are, not what they were.
  11. ballpeen

    GOATs by Uniform Number

    I disagree about Lou. Pace was better IMO and so was Bob Brown, who wore the number. Oh....Marion Motley worn the number.
  12. ballpeen

    Browns schedule next year

    I am pretty sure the additional real game makes the reduction in exhibition games a given.
  13. ballpeen

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    Maybe we wanted to keep him but not at what he was making. If he wasn't keen on a reworked deal, cut him, if nobody claims him, his attitude about a new deal has changed.
  14. ballpeen

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    Is that all the time, or when you are correct?😁
  15. Screw you guys...I won't fix it just to mess with you. I'll type these comments in white... Tell me what you think about that.