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  1. ballpeen

    I fear this will be the case

    I agree that Grossi is a little closer to reality than most. We see it play out every year, and this year there are legit reasons. Players haven't been able to practice as normal. No pre-season games, where players and coaches learn how each other reacts during a game situation.
  2. Good move. For a 5th rounder, no real risk.
  3. ballpeen

    Pro Pick'em!

  4. I like simple. That isn't simple
  5. ballpeen

    Saving Logan Ryan

    That is why I would do things differently this year. Once the Thursday results came clean, I would lock the guys down in a team hotel until game day. You stay there and eat there. Bus to the practice field for walk thoughts, etc. Team meeting would revert to remote, both team and group. Same on the road. Get there on Thursday rather than Friday or Saturday.
  6. ballpeen

    Jon Toth to join the Cleveland Browns

    I liked Toth when he came out of Ky. We obviously signed him to provide some depth in the event Treeter isn't ready to go.
  7. ballpeen

    Browns Proposed Plan For Fan Attendance

    I don't use a wallet. I never had trouble pulling up my tickets.
  8. ballpeen

    Schedule Released!

    I love that. Breakfast Burrito and the Browns. A wonderful combination.
  9. ballpeen

    Browns Proposed Plan For Fan Attendance

    I also gives a time window to enter so everybody isn't entering at once. Mobile tickets do discourage scalping, but you can still do that. It's just harder. It's more to prevent fraud. Those print at home tickets, you could print all you wanted. You could sell them to 10 different people. Then first person to get to the gate gets in, the rest get locked out holding a useless piece of paper.
  10. ballpeen

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    I don't know. Now you are asking questions of me I can't answer. I suppose it boils down to part gut and part how much he trusts Depos information. Depo and his staff are the ones who break things down in to 15 layers. I think their information is most useful in the scouting evaluations. You have 2 players you like, you don't know where to place them on the board. Depos department might have that tidbit of info that tips it one way or the other.
  11. ballpeen

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    No, I think he will take in to account all them. Obviously if the WR runs a 5.0 40, he isn't going to dig much past that. What I am saying is Berry is a respected talent evaluator, and isn't just some geek looking at spread sheets of stats. It also includes old time scouting. Watching players practice and play. Watching tape. Talking to the players, those around the player. Talking to players and coaches is a form of analytics. You are digging deeper than simply the tape. Every "traditional" stat is still going to be examined as it always has. It's just that today there is a lot more information to be broken down.
  12. ballpeen

    Browns claim Damion Willis

  13. ballpeen

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    In your altered reality, and no, it isn't fair to say.
  14. ballpeen

    Ravens release Earl Thomas

    It doesn't matter what solution you see for him. It only matters what he thinks, and right now, he isn't thinking right. I wouldn't sign him for anything.
  15. ballpeen

    Browns Sign a LB

    I was talking more about getting to the and play the linebacker position any longer. He is more a standup edge rusher.