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  1. ballpeen

    Fixing The OL: A Long-Term Approach

    Ok....how about trading OBJ and whatever to the Skins for Trent Williams. Maybe trade Hospital Ward and a pick or two for the guy.
  2. ballpeen

    Electing to receive?

    Why not? To me it is six of one, half a dozen of the other.
  3. ballpeen

    Fixing The OL: A Long-Term Approach

    The reason is the NFL isn't a developmental league without a minor league system. The NFL relies on the colleges to develop their players. Lets see how well guys like Corbett develop. My guess is they probably won't.
  4. I don't know. If I was in charge we would have left on Friday after practice. That said, it is harder to adjust going east.
  5. ballpeen

    Jim Donovan is awesome

    I like Deke, but feel it is about time for him to retire and put Joe in as the color guy.
  6. ballpeen

    Cowherd takes more shots at Baker

    Right now he can say that because Baker isn't playing all that well. I think Bake let his initial success fatten his head a bit. Hopefully a few servings of humble pie shrink it back to normal.
  7. ballpeen

    ***Jets VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    I don't like to say it, but the season hinges on this game. If we lose this one, 0-4 becomes a real possibility. At that point, we can stick a fork in it.
  8. I watched the Titans v Indy. Good game. Caught some of the Rams v Saints.
  9. ballpeen

    The Browns Board Tailgate 2019

    Sorry I missed you. Glad I got to say hi to some of the group, even if it was just as short as saying hi. My wife started experiencing intestinal issues as we were walking down. We walked to the Flatiron, but they were closed. On the way back I had to stop for 5-10 minutes, but had to get her back up to the warehouse district to find a restroom. When she started walking away without me, I knew it was my que to get going. Sorry I couldn't stay longer or say proper good-bye's
  10. ballpeen

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    He had the opportunity handed to him. Not the job. The opportunity. Lots of cut players never get that type of chance. The guy looks to be a stumble bum. It's like his shoes are made of lead. Herman Munster had better moves.
  11. ballpeen

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    On Corbett...the only thing worse than making a bad pick is sticking with a bad pick. We will soon find out if Dorsey allows his ego to interfere with making sound football decisions.
  12. ballpeen

    Front 7 didnt really show much yesterday...

    I like 18 games, but feel you still need 2 exhibition games. Not so much for the top vets, but for the bottom vets and rookies. Those games are important to them. 18 games. All but 8 teams go on bye week after 6. The 8 who don't play the 4 national games, 3 on Sunday and 1 on Monday. No Thursday game that week. The teams that play bye the following week. The do it again after week 12 and 13.
  13. ballpeen

    Front 7 didnt really show much yesterday...

    In my old age i have come to the conclusion that exhibition football doesn't mean shit.
  14. ballpeen

    Pro Pick'em!