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  1. A tragedy ringer?

  2. A tragedy ringer?

    The News organizations in this country are Shmucked up. Although it looks like Trump is beginning to show his liberal side.
  3. Something We Can All Be Proud Of

  4. Something We Can All Be Proud Of

    Chinese tourists are the worst. Extremely rude. I remember at the National Gallery of Art they would have busses of them pulling up and they would all run in and start touching the paintings. The guards told them to stop, and then some kids grabbed a wheel chair and started pushing each other all over.
  5. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    She's my youngest....
  6. A tragedy ringer?

    Shmucking snowflakes. You will not get my weapons. MAGA!
  7. RIP Billy Graham

  8. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    The left's ultimate goal is confiscation like in Australia.
  9. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    He was on CNN insisting he was not a paid actor.
  10. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    I think banning bump stocks would be a good idea. Making mental health records part of a national database that would be included in a background check would also be a good idea. Requiring BI at gun shows would be a good idea. That's as far as I would go. Raising the age limit would be of no value. If you're old enough to put on a uniform and fight for this country, you should be old enough to buy a weapon.
  11. RIP Billy Graham

  12. RIP Billy Graham