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  1. Something still very suspicious about that Las Vegas Shooting.
  2. DieHardBrownsFan

    so how would u guys have reacted if obama did this?

    He's an ugly fkr isn't he. She needs to get a good Trumpster as a husband and dump him. MAGA.
  3. DieHardBrownsFan

    so how would u guys have reacted if obama did this?

    Geez Tex, you have to list everyones 'special forces', former 'secret service' etc. I can list the same but what does it matter. I guess you Texans are just more 'sensitive'.
  4. DieHardBrownsFan

    so how would u guys have reacted if obama did this?

    Memorial day is for well, memorial. Laying Wreaths. Veterans day is not. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEMORIAL DAY AND VETERANS DAY May 21, 2018 | By Teresa Verity Categories: Blog, Home, Uncategorized Memorial Day and Veterans Day are both patriotic holidays honoring the military, but there is a significant difference between the two aside from when they land on the calendar. Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday in May, honors the men and women who died while serving in the military. This solemn occasion is a time to reflect on these American patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and defending the country they deeply loved. Veterans Day, observed every November 11, recognizes all who have served in the Armed Forces. You may wonder: What is the proper way to acknowledge each holiday? On Memorial Day you can honor the fallen by attending memorial services within your community or laying flowers and planting flags on graves at your local Veterans cemetery. Veterans Day is an opportunity to do the same, but it is also an appropriate time to show your appreciation to Veteran friends and family. You can also recognize Veterans Day by flying the American flag outside your home, visiting or volunteering at a Veteran facility, attending a local event, and, of course, thanking Veterans and their families for their service. You do not have to wait for a national holiday to show your gratitude to Servicemembers. Any day is a good day to support Veterans either through a charity or giving a heartfelt “thank you” to those who served.
  5. Count on Woody to always go on the side of fags and trannies.
  6. DieHardBrownsFan

    The Democrats Are the Threat to Democracy

    Change the date a decade or two and it could be accurate.
  7. DieHardBrownsFan

    globalist cowardly marcon is just ignorant

    The rise of the 4th Reich?
  8. DieHardBrownsFan

    Collection for Stan's Family

    Do you know what cemetary he is being burried at by any chance? I won't get to go to the funeral, but would like to pay my respects at his grave.
  9. DieHardBrownsFan

    so how would u guys have reacted if obama did this?

    I go to the local VFW. No one was offended there, we all thought it was a big fake news story.
  10. DieHardBrownsFan

    Migrants reach the Border

    LGBT, is cccjwh included?
  11. DieHardBrownsFan

    so how would u guys have reacted if obama did this?

    You must be in a very small minority of vets who are 'offended' by this. I and everyone I talk to doesn't think this means anything. He is doing right by veterans and active duty.
  12. DieHardBrownsFan

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    Mayfield is far superior. Chiefs will fizzle out and not make it to the AFC Championship. Bank on it.