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  1. What Do We Have Here?

    Wonder why their is a 'stereotype'?
  2. Another school shooting

  3. A whore is a f u c k i n g whore whether legal or illegal.
  4. Well that's just great

    With Obammy's ex Chief of Staff elected Mayor, what would you expect from that crime ridden s h i t hole.
  5. Another school shooting

    They should start strip searching kids before they enter the buildings.
  6. Black man harrassed by Cheesecake Factory employees

    They should give him free cheesecake FOR LIFE.
  7. Best Conceal Carry Pistol

    If it's a genuine Nazi weapon that thing is worth thousands.
  8. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/388174-trump-donates-quarterly-salary-to-department-of-veterans-affairs
  9. Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
  10. Another Trump Accomplishment

    Trump didn't make any deal with the Iranians. Hussein Obummer did. But regardless, this Sheet with North Korea will never happen. He may act like he's complying for awhile, then change his tune and accuse the US of secretly planning to invade. Been going on A LONG TIME.
  11. Another Trump Accomplishment

    North Korea will never honor any agreement. They have been psycho for decades. They can change their tune in one day.