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  1. Who speaks words like 'loathe' or 'heart of hearts'. Only some fat assed basement dwelling loser.
  2. I remember one time, just met her, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and my false teeth came out with her tongue. Funny as Sheet. Banged her later.
  3. Well, according to Slick Willie, if all your friend got was a b l o w j o b, he would pass the test!
  4. I wonder who okayed this particular sculpture

    Is that Cleve kneeling?
  5. I was really surprised that Lawsons are in Japan (still there): I used to eat Obento (lunch box) from them quite often.
  6. The Process Poll

    Polls are great and all, but I sincerely doubt that Haslam reads TBB and would base his decision on the poll.
  7. Muchas gracias POS

    Selfie? Cowardly faggott! MAGA!
  8. Muchas gracias POS

    How's the c o c k hunt going faggot? LMAO!!!!!
  9. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    Unwanted 'hug', lmao. I guess you could call anything 'unwanted'. Unwanted stare. Unwanted feeling, etc. What a bunch of cowpoop.
  10. Muchas gracias POS

    Cleve is getting yeast infections from his dug out pussy and hormonal injections. LMAO.
  11. Best outcome for Roy Moore

    A kid from 'Strongsville' thinks he is superior to someone from Alabama? LMAO.
  12. David Cassidy

    He'd probably rather be dead. I heard Liver and Kidney failure, requires dual transplant to survive.
  13. And another one!!!!!!!

    Dude, I hate to clue you, but we all know you suck d i c k.
  14. And another one!!!!!!!

    I think the **Mask** are trying to take over by claiming bs.