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  1. Josh Gordon

    Kizer sucks.
  2. McCain goes full Progressive

    And I genuinely feel for this guy. He suffered horribly as a POW. He has a brain tumor. But he is so pissed off that Trump won, and he lost to Obummer that he will NEVER support Trump in anything.
  3. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Tia is on her period today.
  4. I met someone

  5. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama supports his Muslim brethren.
  6. I met someone

  7. How many have you seen?

  8. Josh Gordon

    Shit man, I drive at 2.6 normal, shit.
  9. Josh Gordon

  10. I thought this was funny

    Remember the one with O'Reilly a few years back?
  11. Kathy griffin is an awful shitstain....

    Get off my grass you fucks!
  12. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    How about throwing a potato at an Irishman? Or a Kiebasa at a Pollack? Or a piece of Pizza at a whop?
  13. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Man, I loved seeing them pussy faggot antifa getting gassed.