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  1. Mike H

    Hillard moved to active roster

  2. Mike H

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 4

    Annoying, not one person I know in LA watches the Chargers.
  3. Mike H

    Nike Commits Brand Suicide

    Kneeling has nothing to do with troops or patriotism. He was initially sitting until a Green Beret convinced him kneeling was more respectful. the reason he is kneeling during the anthem is because America is not living up to the ideals the anthem represents as a symbol. There are plenty of veterans and active duty military who support him—most that I know—and I am one of them. You are allowing emotions sparked by divisive rhetoric to cloud the reality of what is happening, and ignoring the reasons for the players to demonstrate in the way that they are, a right I served to protect. Police brutality, unwarranted executions, and systemic incarceration of POCs is a real problem with many underlying causes. It is a complex societal issue with repercussions reaching the very fabric of our nation. I admit, it’s much easier to view the issue superficially in a black-and-white way, but we can do better. As a veteran, and man from a patriotic military family, you should be equally as offended that this country is not the beacon of hope, equality, and freedom that it aims/claims to be.
  4. They told me they’re wrapping right after final cuts. Finale is Sep. 4.
  5. Mike H

    Who Plays LT?

    Saw Corbett up close, he looks like a LT. Was in at second team LT every day after Greg’s concussion. LT is a scary weakness right now. I don’t understand their plan. I agree with Tour about Corbett potentially moving to center. Talked about that a lot with Petrak last Friday.
  6. I am surprised people still read/respond to it. I read the first sentence and laughed, then continued on with my life.
  7. Did anyone read this horseshit? Hahaha
  8. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    Dee Milliner
  9. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    This is totally the insomnia’s fault, but I read the comments. Seeing someone refer to Brock Osweiler as a “way competent” backup gave me a way-too large grin.
  10. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    Insufferable child - blocked.
  11. Mike H

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    I forgot there are ignore features on this forum. If everyone could stop quoting Viking, I won’t have to ever see his posts again. Thanks
  12. Don't care for Ratley or Thomas from what I've briefly seen.
  13. Mike H

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    Exactly, the last two 4th round WRs the Browns drafted have never contributed and one was cut before the season started. Let's not pretend 4th round players becoming key guys is the norm. Callaway's potential > risk.