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  1. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    Dee Milliner
  2. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    This is totally the insomnia’s fault, but I read the comments. Seeing someone refer to Brock Osweiler as a “way competent” backup gave me a way-too large grin.
  3. Mike H

    Denzel Ward

    Insufferable child - blocked.
  4. Mike H

    Antonio Callaway

    I forgot there are ignore features on this forum. If everyone could stop quoting Viking, I won’t have to ever see his posts again. Thanks
  5. Don't care for Ratley or Thomas from what I've briefly seen.
  6. Mike H

    Antonio Callaway

    Exactly, the last two 4th round WRs the Browns drafted have never contributed and one was cut before the season started. Let's not pretend 4th round players becoming key guys is the norm. Callaway's potential > risk.
  7. Mike H

    Antonio Callaway

    This is my favorite pick other than Baker. I am a huge gambler and risk taker. Love it. Callaway looks like Stefon Diggs to me.
  8. Eq St Brown is still on the board because he’s a passive, soft player. Looks the part, but is not a guy teams want.
  9. Callaway had a diluted sample at the combine.
  10. Mike H

    Nick Chubb

    That’s fair. I thought that about Corbett at first. But learning more makes me OK with the spot. Jamarco Jones and Tyrell Crosby being still available makes me want them to take another OL in RD4. “Steals!” Haha
  11. Mike H

    Nick Chubb

    8..3..and 1. Wow. That cut on 3 back against pursuit was beautiful.
  12. Mike H

    Mayfield is no Brees

    True. We have their numbers for those throws from the combine (drill is intermediate out routes), was my thinking. I wanted to see what they had behind a ball they’re trying to drive down the field, with timing. And the result was pretty much the same. Like I said, I don’t doubt LamJax can physically throw a ball faster, but I don’t think he can do it as functionally.
  13. Far from an exhaustive list, saw some others they did not catch, but here’s who’s left from Browns pre-draft visits: Jeff Badet, WR, Oklahoma (WOR) Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida (PRI) Martez Carter, RB, Grambling (PRO) Chris Hardeman, FS, Houston Baptist (PRO) Heath Harding, CB, Miami (Ohio) (PRO) Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia (PRI) Quadree Henderson, WR, Pittsburgh (WOR) Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan (PRI) Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State (COM) Afolabi Laguda, S, Colorado (PRO) Montrel Meander, CB, Grambling (PRO) Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM) Darius Phillips, CB, Western Michigan (SR) Da'Mari Scott, WR, Fresno State (PRI) Tremon Smith, CB, Central Arkansas (PRI) Arrion Springs, CB, Oregon (PRI) Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (LOC) Simeon Thomas, CB, La.-Lafayette (PRI) Charvarius Ward, CB, Middle Tennessee (PRI) Malik Williams, RB, Louisville (PRO) Deon Yelder, WR, Western Kentucky (PRO)