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  1. Lumbergh

    A Very Sneaky 7th Round Prospect

    Very similar player to mariota. Team was the same with either qb in the game.
  2. Lumbergh

    Jaws: Sources saying Mariota will go #1 to Tampa

    I think he's a career backup. He can throw well, but he is slow and he has an elongated throwing motion.
  3. Lumbergh

    Jaws: Sources saying Mariota will go #1 to Tampa

    Jaws is a fucking Retard with no contacts or sources.
  4. Brian Hoyer wouldn't sign a contract here.
  5. Lumbergh

    Tweets and Speculation about Uniforms

    Oregon STATE Beavers If it was u of oregons unis it would look like a yellow highlighter with clear plastic numbers and some shiny bits.
  6. Lumbergh

    NFL to hire female ref

    I'm fine with it, at least she's hotter than Violet Palmer.
  7. Lumbergh

    Jameis Winston

    Colt Brennan mastered his system too. So did Eric Crouch. Mariota is a lot like them. Can't make NFL throws but never needed to.
  8. Lumbergh

    Jameis Winston

    No, 90% of playing QB in the NFL is being able to throw. Mariota is a poor man's Jake Locker in the throwing department. Winston's ability smarts and maturity are a mirror image of roethlisberger.
  9. Lumbergh

    Sean Mannion

    You don't want Mannion or Halliday, trust me. And no, neither of them compare to Anderson.
  10. Lumbergh

    Trade up for Danny Shelton

    Shelton is good but the best player on washington's team was shaq Thompson.
  11. Lumbergh

    Suh Me

    Reminds me of when the Browns dumped a bunch of cash on Shaun Rogers and then he didn't do shit.
  12. Lumbergh

    Marcus Mariotta?

    Now that the Browns hired mccown they won't be drafting a qb anyway.
  13. other than the mistake of starting Johnny Rehab against the bungles he did a hell of a job.
  14. Lumbergh

    Fanspeak draft simulator (You make the picks)

    I saw Nate orchard play in person last fall in Corvallis. he was unstoppable. i can still hear the announcer calling his name over and over and over.
  15. Lumbergh

    Fanspeak draft simulator (You make the picks)

    When jake fisher was out this year the ducks nearly lost to the Washington state Cougars. He really deserves to be at the top of the boards, unlike mariota.