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  1. Kosar_For_President

    website - Is it staying open?

    Hello Gents, First time I posted here in a while. How are my old peeps doing? I would like to see the numbers first, but I would be happy to host this on my server for free. This could be cleaned up A LOT using a leaner version. Let me know. Peace.
  2. Kosar_For_President

    This is how much I hate the steelers

    I know your joking....
  3. Kosar_For_President

    This is how much I hate the steelers

    This is the second post in a year. Ghoolie is going to die before all of us. He prides himself to being an anti everything because he needs to justify his life and short death from ass cancer from a Farrah Faucett slow death. By far the gayest, untalented musician, homo i have ever had the displeasure to converse with in my life. Have a great last laugh my friend the time is close.
  4. Kosar_For_President

    Camp Goff

    E.J. Manuel, 10 3/8 in. Tim Tebow, 10 1/8 in. Mark Sanchez, 10 1/2. Christian Ponder, 10 1/4.
  5. Kosar_For_President

    Dear Hue, THANK YOU for RAY HORTON !

    BS. I know Krugers' neighbor. They were NOT using him right, plain and simple. He admits he is not a side to side player. The Browns brought him in and they said that to him directly, we expect you to put pressure on the QB...vertically. Que Ray Horton, who is going to do just that. Watch for a 12-14 sack season.
  6. Kosar_For_President

    Hue Jackson Hired

    Dude who knows both sides of the ball. Prior was quoted saying "he made playing fun, you wanted to go out and play for him". Good hire.
  7. Kosar_For_President

    Live Feeds

    Yea I know I live in the dark ages. Only have internet until tomorrow, moved in a new place and only have an antenna that does not get the game. Anyone?
  8. Kosar_For_President

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

  9. Kosar_For_President

    Chip Kelly fired

    He just bought a house in Strongsville. My cousin is his realtor.
  10. Kosar_For_President

    Browns locker room is a mess (twitter report)

    How so? Having fun while losing. No?
  11. Kosar_For_President

    Bernie wants the job.....

    Come on guys, sign this. SHARE. https://www.change.org/p/jimmy-haslam-bernie-kosar-for-cleveland-brown-s-general-manager
  12. Duke Johnson will have 1,500 yards of offense this year. Done.
  13. Kosar_For_President

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    At a golf outing and was accused got it. Totally his fault. He is doing everything right.
  14. Kosar_For_President

    Another dog killing falcon

    This conversation is why I come here once in a blue moon. WTF. Grow up.