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  1. steel88

    Jon Gruden to the Eagles?

    http://espn.go.com/blog/nfceast/post/_/id/...on-gruden-rumor DALLAS -- At about 2 a.m. this morning, a sportswriter pal of mine asked if I'd heard anything about Jon Gruden replacing Andy Reid as head coach of the Eagles. Apparently while I was hammering out a Troy Polamalu story, there were rumors floating around that Philadelphia was about to make a shocking announcement. It finally got to the point Monday morning that the Eagles felt the need to release a statement: "Early this morning we have received several inquiries regarding the rumors regarding Andy Reid and Jon Gruden. This was simply a rumor and there is no basis to it at all. It is simply not true." The problem is that almost anything seems possible in the aftermath of the Eagles naming their longtime offensive line coach, Juan Castillo, defensive coordinator. But I will say that Gruden to the Eagles seemed like an unbelievable stretch. I'm certain my Eagles beat-writing pals were not amused as they were chasing this thing down at their Dallas headquarters, aka Idle Rich Pub in Uptown. Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer believes that former Eagles fullback Kyle Eckel started this rumor on his Facebook page. And really, it just goes to show that you can't trust former Eagles fullbacks on Facebook anymore. Leonard Weaver at least has the good sense to simply post every inspirational thought that pops into his head on Twitter. I couldn't imagine Weaver planting a rumor as part of a grand social experiment. Perhaps Eckel has too much time on his hands. I'm having trouble recalling his on-field work right now, but he's always been imaginative online. OK, now I have to get back to reading about how awful my city was this past week. Go in peace.
  2. steel88

    Herschel Walker Thinking Comeback in 2011???

    http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2011/1/24/19528...ll-live-updates bam 4.38 at 47 years old
  3. Ive been thinking about this a lot recently. Can he become a #1 wr in the wco? He seems to have all the tools that the great wco wr's have; strong hands, great tackle breaking ability and break away speed. it would just make sense if this is the route we go plus getting a WR in FA. Thoughts?
  4. steel88

    Is this what we can expect

    Holmgren said it him self. Gil brandt was talking with him on NFL radio.
  5. steel88

    Is this what we can expect

    Watching that video the similarities between McCoy and Montana are uncanny. Im getting excited for next season already.
  6. steel88

    Pat Shurmur Hired As New Cleveland Browns Head Coach

    Put it this way, If MH thinks Shurmer is a better fit than HIMSELF as head coach, thats good enough in my book and that speaks volumes of this guy that no one on this board has a clue about other than his history of coaching football.
  7. steel88


    Gips doesn't ever reply man
  8. steel88

    Shurmur Emerging as Frontrunner

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81d9...inweg-interview Browns haven't sent an interview request to Mornhinwheg looks like were only interviewing 3 coaches Shurmur, Mularkey and Fewell My guess is unless something huge happens Shurmur is named HC by thursday.
  9. steel88

    Andrew Luck Returning to Stanford

    they have other boards set just in case something like this happens still no big deal...unless of course were the Carolina panthers.
  10. steel88

    So were going to have a new coach

    So youd definitely fire a coach who went 6 and 22 in his first two years then, right?
  11. steel88

    Andrew Luck Returning to Stanford

    Good for him. Not everyday you get a chance to study at a school like stanford. Doesn't really effect the browns though, we have our QB.
  12. Its cool its just that reb's been trolling everyones post's since about week 10 with his in gruden we trust stuff. Its about time he had some of what hes been dishing out. BTW does anyone know where the good trolls went? Wheres lumbergh when ya need him?
  13. I was joking too lmao. I really don't know who I want as coach Im sure the walrus will get us back on the right track though. and WRREBEL totally did say that personality is what makes a great coach.
  14. So you think having a good personality makes you a great coach? Then lets hire Pat Sajak away from wheel of fortune to coach for us. He has been able to motivate Vanna to turn the letters all these years he should totally be able to motivate our players to score TD's and destroy the steelers
  15. steel88

    Browns Fire Eric Mangini

    Well guess I gotta eat my crow now lol I just hope the second course of this meal is better tasting then the first Lets go browns 2011 is our year