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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    I'd like to join, can you send me an invite
  2. Open Letter *from* Josh Gordon

    I have friends like josh. U wanna believe there excuses but after so many times the only way they'll change is let them hit rock bottom. Stop helping him and hope he helps himself
  3. Belichick's Deflated Balls

    Tom Brady should be suspended since it was his preference to have a deflaited ball.
  4. Yea let's change our defensive scheme based on who's available in free agency. Good god that sounds like a brilliant idea.
  5. The Defense thread...

    i dont think its he doesnt trust his corners. i think he dont trust the pass rush. it dont matter how good urcorners are if the qb has all day in the pocket...
  6. Guess we gotta root for the Steelers next week?

    our luck we need cincy to lose to make playoffs and denver rests there starters for the playoffs
  7. ***Official Browns @ Bills Game Day Thread***

    i'd be weary of a guy that suddenly wakes up in a contract year. there prone to go back to sleep once they get paid....but then again maybe he didnt fit indys scheme.
  8. Browns scouts were at Texas a&m game to watch Manziel

    whats so bad about what johnny does off the field. certainly no worse than what josh gordan has done, and u guys are all over his nutsacks.
  9. Cundiff sucks dick

    a tee shouldnt make that much of a difference. it props the ball up maybe 2 inches. i dont see how that can make u kick it 30 more yards
  10. Cundiff sucks dick

    i dont understand how u can kick it out of the endzone from the opposite 35 on kickoffs but cant make it to the goalposts kicking a 55 yarder
  11. Browns scouts were at Texas a&m game to watch Manziel

    he came in 12 mins left in 4th quarter, that wasnt second string or prevent. it was same dfense hoyer seen the previous drive... and the browns being down let the bills pinthere ears back and all out rush the qb, makng his job actually harder...you guys that have blind loyalty to hoyer or manziel make this board unreadable at times...
  12. 2015 draft.

    arizona, ucla and unc have stud mlb i'd loce to have on the browns. not sure which are draft eligible....wr jalen strong from arizona looks like a top 15 pick. natural ball catcher with out of this worl athletic ability, speed and size
  13. Week 13: @ Bills

    i caught on the radio that fred jackson is running his mouth that he has no respect for dontae whitner because of something he tweeted over the summer......anybody no what was said between the two"
  14. Serious Question

    what exactly did the coaches do wrong?
  15. This Week in The AFC North

    thats rediculous. you dont sign a short term contract an have an opt out clause after the first year if ur planning on retiring. he's chasing titles for atleast the next 5 years. wether its cleveland or somewere else thats the only thing on his mind. he knows bringing one to cleveland is whats gonna make his legacy.