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  1. Orangenotbrown

    How Far Off Are We?

    last all pro qb was Derek Anderson. yeah
  2. oh joy a loser parade. Each click makes one more depressed and/or whatever that german word is for being happy to see people fail. By the way, IF Brady quinn is not in that list he should be. EDIOT: IF Brady quinn was ever considered a top 50 anything i will be ashamed at the world.
  3. Orangenotbrown

    Bama v Clemson

    but need to make sure he has no Brian Bosworth in his background.
  4. Orangenotbrown

    Bama v Clemson

    i think last night just answered the question of whether a college team can beat a pro team.
  5. Orangenotbrown

    DeShaun Watson needs to be BROWNS PRIME TARGET

    exactly. RGIV never sniffed any kind of a championship. Watson got his ass kicked in that first half against a defense stocked with NFL talent. He could have just packed it in. But he stayed calm, took what they gave him and when Billybama started getting tired he started taking advantage. sure i was being sarcastic. No qb can save the browns. BUT THIS IS THE GUY!
  6. this guy will be the messaiah for C-town!
  7. Ola! season is almost upon us and i thought would share a few plays I thought up during the offseason that can help the Browns (or any team) if they are smart enough to read this fantastic site. So here goes: Play 1: The Fake Go For It on Extra Points Team lines up in the offensive formation with quarterback behind center but the center snaps it between the quarterback's legs to the running back who goes into the holder position and places the ball for the man in motion to kick the extra point. This is for that situation where our team is up by a point (or down by a point for that matter!) and there is extra pressure to make the extra point with little time on the clock. This play GUARANTEES to keep em guessing. And guessers cant block extra points! Or not very easily. Play 2: The 9 man Wedge instead of forming a pocket for pass protection the front seven retreat 15 yards to join forces with the wide outs in a v formation. If its not illegal they should lock arms and rush forward in an impenetrable wedge ballcarrier safely nested within, quarterback providing rear protection. I know it sound wacky but so did the forward pass! Play 3: Kicker fake siezure. Pull this one out only when possession means a win and a win means Playoffs Baby! And dont forget to tell the Ref before the play that the kicker is an epileptic but has it under control and not to blow the whistle, its normal. The kicker drops to the ground right as he is going to kick the ball and fakes convulsions. The other team relaxes and thinks there cant be a kickoff because the kicker is spazzing out, on the ground foaming at the mouth and jerking his limbs But wait one of his legs accidentally kicked the ball! Did it go ten yards? why yes it did! Browns recover the ball! Man i cant wait for this season.
  8. Orangenotbrown

    Derek Anderson Blasts YOU

    I was surprised that DA said that. He took heat from fans at OS too and never did much more than shrug. Sometimes a guy's personality comes out later in life in stressful situations. He should have kept his mouth shut. Its not the fans fault its the organization. In this case its an organization that is half baked, with no tradition (expansion teams rarely do have tradition) and that tries to fill seats with roster moves rather than winning. I think what DA was trying to say is its a situation that brings out the worst in individuals. But its still on the guy or the coach to do his job as a professional and not give in to a culture of give-up. DA never reached his potential in CLE. He showed he could have lights out accuracy and make good decisions for one game at a time but not the next one. That shows he has talent but no consistency. He made find that at another site if he gets playing time and its a better situation where there is a system in place and not just a bunch of half-ass ideas. I think its weird that Browns have a winning streak going and DA had a part in it and he got cut. But its not surprising he got cut. Holmgren wants to cut out the taint so he started with the visible position. Holmgren is no genius. He failed at being the GM in seattle and sorta burned out at coaching. Its his ego that's bringing him back. Behind that stache is the cold blooded certainty of a man who thinks he knows more than you and gets off on trying to prove it. Like every other coach in the NFL. He gravitated to this, the most impossible situation in the league because it offers him control. He's going to need that egomania to survive, he will need every ounce of it. Going to be very interesting to watch. One thing you all didnt know about Seneca Wallace, he was an Oregon State Beaver at one point in his career:-)
  9. Orangenotbrown

    Lums was right

    speaking of running backs Adrian Peterson was there for the taking but nooooooooooooooo... peterson would be the franchise. He would have brought the browns back. I SAID TAKE HIM but no it was clear that choosing an offensive tackle to be the franchise was the wise move. Again: Told you so. But now im done with the told you so stuff. Next Im going to name the one thing that could actually get this team a winning season THIS year: narrow the fooking SPLITS on the line. Ridiculously wide. splits that look nothing like any other offense in the league. The browns linemen spend their whole time trying to react to their gaps and lose leverage right away, never fire off the ball. NO WONDER THEY CANT RUN THE BALL.
  10. Orangenotbrown

    Lums was right

    Brady. Sucks. Told you so.
  11. Orangenotbrown

    Lums was right

    I came to laugh at the losers over here but now i feel kind of dirty. Its like the time i was walking through the portland zoo and saw the monkey playing with himself. This might be the most pathetic place on the interweb. LUMBERGH! WHAT THE FRUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?!? oh yeah I forgot. You stayed here just long enough to say TOLD YOU SO! your work is done. you may leave here now. Instead of waiting to read your next post the 16 remaining members should be home taking the Brady posters off the walls of their mother's basements now.
  12. Orangenotbrown


    Rifferx- you are right man. Cant fight a superhero moderator with a super powerful keyboard keeping the world free of posts that he doesn't have to like. But here's one post you probably wont want to delete, because you can use it against me should I ever return, its my resignation as a member of this board: Cyber Cro Bar? In fact what Front Desk Security Agent Rifferx deleted was a couple of LOLs and a flippant remark about a comment that a poster made regarding Lumbergh screwing them in the ass. But whatever... Lumbergh has this elevator full of onanists completely handled now and my presence is not needed any more. Its too bad because this used to be a hilarious and madcap and no holds barred collection of would be bad-asses but also knowledgeable fans some of whom just happened to be long time Browns fans. I first wandered in there over a couple of years ago and politely introducted myself as a fan of the third string quarterback who had only played a couple of snaps and got cussed out and mocked to pieces. I loved it! Finally a message board without a bunch namby pamby sissy censoring hypocrites on it. And oh yeah even then Derek Anderson was as popular as the last piece of cake at a leprosy victims support meeting. But that was back a couple of address changes. Atenears did his best to warn about the change but it still seemed like a lot of the best posters (posts) stayed at the old site somehow. That and the second move seemed like somebody had just packed the moving van at midnite and carted off all the stuff under cover of darkness just as it was getting more familiar. Again, probably not Stan's fault, its his collection of people . And again he can decide what he wants that collection of posters to look like and make sure that some turkey deprived government worker isnt shotgunning posts justs because DA sucks, as fun as that sounds. Anyway thanks to Stan and thanks to some of the posters who have made my day with the funny or provided some good insight into the subject at hand. Special Ensign Lummy, I am handing the directorship of this colony off to you now, I know that you will treat the unwashed natives here with all the respect they deserve. God forbid them the day you leave, there would be quite nothing left. Good day all. And go Browns!
  13. Orangenotbrown


    Dillusional- from the Latin: Dillweed Loser.
  14. Orangenotbrown

    Corvalis PD baffled by loud "sobbing" noises

    ehh, make sense please. If you are trying to insult please make sense so we can all enjoy the ribaldry.