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  1. Kamp Kizer

    ND fan here. Watched every Kizer game. The guy isn't very good. He won't be in the NFL for very long. Hate to break it to you... .bad decisions, bad arm. He is mobile, but sometimes would get afraid to take off and run. Does not compare to Watson at all.
  2. The Curse Has Been Lifted

    Ghoolie best part about this forum. Oh, and 0-8
  3. ***Official Browns @ Eagles Game Day Thread***

    Eagles will regret losing Bradford after watching Wentz today against the Browns. He's the kind of QB that we can attack all day long. We should easily have 4 sacks, and with the way he telegraphs his throws, a few picks too. I'm liking the Browns chances today and I think Crow will end up over 100yds. Excited for RG3 and hope Coleman can bust out in a huge way
  4. ***Official Browns @ Eagles Game Day Thread***

    Living in Erie, out of my distribution map. Anyone have a link to some sites for streaming?
  5. Falcons Game Thread

    Anyone have a stream to this?
  6. Will Smith R.I.P

    Where did you learn that, the Bible?
  7. Urban Meyer High Praise To Pettine And Browns

    Was this an April Fool's joke?
  8. Farmer in trouble. We could lose draft picks.

    Awesome -- enjoy living in a fantasy world.
  9. Farmer in trouble. We could lose draft picks.

    Got another Browns forum like this that provides updates to current news and has other posters giving opinions? I'll gladly leave if you can find me one.
  10. Farmer in trouble. We could lose draft picks.

    Do you know why that is? Because I care.... I care to not have the same craptastic team put on the field year after year. What good moves has this organization made? I'll tell you two... Dansby and Whitner. First thing this organization has done right in a long time.
  11. Farmer in trouble. We could lose draft picks.

    A fancy scoreboard gets you excited? And for some reason I always thought putting a good football team together was first priority. Maybe I need to just give up on this NFL football thing
  12. Farmer in trouble. We could lose draft picks.

    You said it best man.... "We are our worst enemy." Boycott
  13. Dysfunction

    Have no fear, Mariotta is the savior. LOL